dock bug

Moonlit [Lafayette x Reader]

Pairing: Lafayette/Reader

Genre: Smut 

Words: 4.8 k

Synopsis: You’ve been working at summer camp, Camp Rochambeau, as a counsellor for a while with your closest friends and boyfriend. One night, you and Laf can’t keep your hands off each other… so you’ll have to find a way to sneak something in in the dark of his bunk.  

Warnings: Daddy kink, oral sex, fingering, dirty talk… I think that’s it, lol. Enjoy the sin! 

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Pharma feels bad, which is a very rare thing. He had to work the whole day on his favorite holiday when he intended on spending it with Lockdown, but emergencies are emergencies and they always came first. 

He had also not seen the mech in a maybe a week and this seemed like a dumb enough reason to sneak out and go find him.

Until he actually got to where the ship was docked and some stupid bug stopped him outside. The jet proceeded to shout profanities and threats to kill but this only seemed to get him deeper in trouble. But he did not care. He only became angrier and louder and it just attracted more bugs.


I met this character on the island. I wore my crown (not very smart nowadays) and she obviously wanted it. She then “trapped” me on the island (started a tour, didn’t go on it) and demanded I give her my crown. She claimed she had 3 million bells in her abd but wouldn’t show me (of course). I politely said “bye bitch” and flicked the switch. 

If you meet this person on the island, block her and get out!! And if she-or anyone else- traps you, make sure to put your goodies in the basket and flick the wifi switch. You do not need to turn the power off! If you flick the switch you’ll end up back home on the dock, with your bugs, fish, flowers, etc. in the basket.

Be careful out there!!

Making Plans

Merry Ficmas Day 21

“Dr. Shepherd?”
Her blue eyes darted up from the brain in front of her to the nurse who’d called her name, “Yes?”
“It’s Dr. Hunt again,” the nurse said, holding her pager up for Amelia to see, “he says it’s urgent.”
“Is it about the wedding?” Amelia asked, rolling her eyes. She knew every time he said the word ‘urgent’, it was most likely for the wedding and nothing actually urgent.
“Let me ask,” the nurse informed her. A few minutes later, the same nurse said, “It’s about the wedding. He wants to know what colour ribbon to wrap around the chairs at the reception.”
Amelia sighed deeply. Owen was testing her patience.
“He also sent a picture of two colours,” the nurse added, “one’s lime green and the other is lavender. I personally like the lavender one, it’s-”
“Whichever colour you like,” Amelia interrupted, growing tired with the conversation already. Planning for extravagant things like dinners and parties and weddings was not her forte. She’d much rather getting shacked up in a crusty chapel in LA, surrounded by her real family, but she couldn’t tell Owen that. He’d think she 'didn’t care about their love’ or 'didn’t want her family to witness their marriage’, of which the latter was true. A fancy wedding meant everything to him but nothing to her, not anymore.

“So I see you picked the lavender one,” Owen said to Amelia when he caught up to her down the hall, “you hate the colour purple and it’s variations so I’m going to assume that a nurse sent me that answer instead of you.”
“I don’t hate purple,” she grumbled, taking her scrub cap off of her head as she trudged towards the desk to update her patient’s chart and then to the nearest on call room.
“You don’t like purple,” he countered. He was right, though. She would’ve chosen the lime green, if she cared. She simply shrugged at him and grabbed a tablet from the charging dock. The disinterested answer bugged Owen and he ended up dragging her into the nearest supply closet to get a real answer out of her.
“Hey,” Owen said, grabbing her chin and lifting it to his eye level, “what’s really going on here? Why aren’t you excited about this, or at least stressing over the details of our wedding?”
“Owen, you know I love you. And you know I am overjoyed about getting married to you, but right now I’m working, and I have a lot of thoughts in my head, and I can’t really think about our wedding or the future of me being married to you while my hand is in someone’s head. It’s just a lot more than I expected.”
“Aren’t you excited?” Owen asked, a sad softness in his voice.
“I am excited,” she assured him half-heartedly, “I’m just trying to deal with the fact that Derek’s not going to be walking me down the aisle and you’re just better with this stuff. I hate stressing over things like who’s coming and who I don’t want to come, for example, Nancy. Can’t we just elope in the depths of Abu Dhabi or Phuket?”
He grinned at her, “We can have two weddings then. A big one for family and friends, and then a small one just for you and me. I’ll walk you down the aisle, okay?”
She nodded and smiled at him, pecking his lips, “You’re too good for me, Owen Hunt.”
“I know, Amelia Hunt,” Owen replied teasingly.
She pushed him away and punched him on his shoulder, “You call me that again and there’ll be no aisle for you to walk me down.”
“Deal,” he chuckled, rubbing his now tender arm.