Let’s see who we got here…

  • arlequinmiroir - I like this guy! Of everyone I met, he’s my favourite.
  • staring-scout-wazzer - This bloke’s real nice, if a bit odd.
  • docintheredsuit - He didn’t seem too bad to me but he kinda looks like a bit of a grump.
  • adelinarobinson - Adelina, I believe her name is. I think I made a bad first impression with her but she seems swell anyway.
  • ametalmerc - Oh! The robot!
  • actualcanadianfemmesherlock - [ooc: Someone I accidentally followed and liked some posts of because I thought I was on my main, don’t mind them…]
  • zodiaccity - ‘Ey, sometimes I like to check my horoscope! I’m a Cancer.
  • ladymakowski - Little doc on my team. She seems friendly enough.
  • fructusauctumnales - Damn do I love the autumn…