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Name: Méline
Nickname(s): Mel, Doc, Doccy
Gender: Neutrois (gender neutral)
Star sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′2 / 157cm
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Hogwarts house: No idea
ssbb character: Is that Super Smash Bros or something? ‘Cause I never play this game so… Idk, maybe the robot (yeah I saw there is one), or maybe Yoshi.
Favourite band/singer: Daft Punk
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite animal: Lynx or crocodiles/alligators
Time right now: 22:14
Average hours of sleep: I sleep too much these days.. Maybe 9 or 10 hrs?
Cat or dog person: I love both but since I have 2 cats, I guess cat person?Favourite fictional character: Fox Mulder, Deadpool, Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor
Number of blankets i sleep with: Usually one, sometimes 2
Dream trip: Scotland or Iceland
Dream job: Character designer
When did you make this blog: March 2011
Current number of followers: 811
When did your blog reach it’s peak: What do you mean…?
What made you decide to get tumblr: I was in sort of a RDJude phase and I kept seeing gifs that led me to Tumblr I think. 
Character I’d date: K-2SO! I’m in love with this salty robot. Or maybe Mulder? It would be cool to date someone as obsessed in conspiracy shits and aliens as me.
How many blogs do i follow: 426
What do I post about: I mostly reblog things that makes me laugh, animals, robots, scifi stuff, tv shows/movies, ufo/aliens, but I also post shitty art I make. 
Do I get asks regularly: Sometimes 
Aesthetic: Neon, Scifi, things that are appealing to me idk..

Ok so if you guys don’t wanna do this stuff it’s all fine. @mytaxidermia @mighty-platypus @lilyeva @arekisandaa @aigislovesrobots