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100 reasons to ship Doccubus

To celebrate my 100th post on here (YAY!) I tweeted that I might make a ‘100 Reasons to Ship Doccubus’ list. So…here it goes! 

Note: There’s no real order nor will this list make much sense. But enjoy it anyway. Was just a list that I thought would be kind of funny to make.

1.Anna Silk.

2. Human & Fae = Forbidden love! (Who doesn’t like a little bit of that huh?)

3. Two sexy ladies.

4. Mind-blowing chemistry. (You thought I was gonna say something else weren’t you? Get your mind out of the gutter.)

5. Eye-sex and lots of it! (Baby making eye-sex).

6. Jaw porn.

7. Arm porn.

8. Hair porn.

9. Raw, unadulterated passion!

10. Emily Andras refers to them as Juliet and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet). 

11. Lots of cute flirting.

12. Doccubus playfulness.

13. Cleavage pizza toss.

14. Geek speak.

15. The way Lauren says 'Stat’.

16. Bo’s smile whenever she see’s Lauren.

17. Lauren’s smile whenever she see’s Bo.

18. They both want the same thing. The white picket fence and babies. I mean come on, Lauren already has names chosen!

19. Angst and lots of it. (The good kind!!)

20. Lauren’s slo-mo walk whenever Bo sees her.

21. Lauren 'taming’ Bo’s inner beast/Succubus.

22. Lauren takes Bo’s breath away.

23. Bo gave Lauren the Freedom to love. 

24. Bo helped Lauren get Nadia back (Spoiler alert: It’s Lauren’s ex that Bo…y'know…anyway) ON her birthday! If that’s not love I don’t know what is! (I assume it is. I don’t know what love is.)

25. Lauren helped Bo out right from the get go even though she wasn’t allowed. Lauren pretty much breaks every rule for Bo and she doesn’t give one single fuck. 

26. The Succugames - Lauren invented it. She obviously wins all the Gold medals in that =P

27. They balance each other out. Bo is impulsive, Lauren is not. That’s just one example. This is a list guys…I do have a life.

28. Lauren knows the biochemical anatomy of her girlfriend. (They’ve obviously been playing 'Doctor’)

29. Sex Marathons.

30. Lauren stayed in the Dark for Bo.

31. The feels. Oh yes the feels. When there are intense moments…you can guarantee that you will either want to cry, laugh and/or kill a bitch. (Please don’t kill people. It’s not right.)

32. The way Bo calls Lauren 'Doctor’. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when she calls her that in that sexy voice of hers…I’m just in the corner melting.

33. Bo is Lauren’s 'To-do’ list. (Who wouldn’t want a 'To-do’ list like that?)

34. Lauren knows where to look for Bo’s lost phone. (Check out episode 3x03 - ConFaegion, you’ll know what I mean if you haven’t see it yet.)

35. Lauren understands Bo’s biological imperative. She’s willing to let Bo feed off of others because she knows it’s what Bo needs even though I’m pretty sure it kills her inside.

36. Lauren’s lack of facial hair. (Obviously, duh!)

37. Even in Bo’s subconscious she’s thinking about Lauren. 

38. Remember that time when this happened?
             Bo:“It’s time.”
             Lauren: “Time?”
             Lauren: “Really?”
Can we just talk about how cute Lauren sounded when she said 'Really?’.

39. Bo constantly fought for Lauren’s freedom right from the beginning. 

40. After hours Lauren. Apparently this only really comes out when she’s with Bo.

41. Lauren feels safe enough to run to Bo. (Please refer to 2x05 - Brother Fae of the Wolves)

42. According to Bo, Lauren’s Foreplay is always 'top notch’.

43. Bo wears Lauren’s humanity like a shield.

44. We all know Bo really wanted that Lobster dinner and back rub when Lauren asked for extra credit. (I know that’s not really a reason but I just wanted to put it out there.)

45. It’s unlike any other relationship I’ve seen portrayed on TV/Film albeit same sex or not. They just draw you in like a moth to a flame.

46. They’ve pretty much ruined every other ship that I’ve ever shipped in my entire life. So be warned. They set the bar bloody high!

47. Their relationship has the ability to make you just sit and stare at them. Best way to do this is via GIF’s. Thank you so much Tumblr for all the pretty.

48. Bo’s overprotectiveness. Remember the Ticklebang? Oh I’m sorry…Tikbalang.

49. We will no longer be friends if you don’t ship them. I’m just kidding. That’s a horrible thing to say. I love all my Lost Girl Faemily equally. 

50. Remember that one time when Lauren was in a lab coat and nothing else?…Oh wait sorry, that’s for Bo’s eyes only. 

51. All the UST. So much of it between them!

52. They’re just two women in love with each other.

53. Even the Lich saw what they had. 

54. Bo couldn’t stay away from Lauren even if she tried.

55. They’ve both said 'I love you’ to each other. They’re pretty much married after that.

56. Bo is very…er…chivalrous? Whatever…point is, she offered Lauren her bed while she takes the couch. Remember that? Also…UST.

57. There is a Bo and Lauren journey.

58. Nadia saw and was suspicious of Lauren and Bo’s relationship. 

59. Once you go Doccubus, you never go back!

60. No matter how many times you watch them, you could never EVER get sick of them.

61. Lauren bought Bo a necklace. Once again, they’re pretty much married.

62. Lauren is yummy when she’s being professional. You can take Bo’s word for that. 

63. Bo notices the little things with Lauren. Example: Lauren’s lack of sleep when the Ash was in a coma. Or the fact that she made Lauren a plate of food knowing that she probably hadn’t eaten anything after researching. “Sit. Eat. Defer your imminent coma” That ring a bell?

64. There’s always this 'Will they won’t they’ thing that happens every time they’re in a room together. 

65. It’s fucking Bo and Lauren. Why not ship them?

66. They will ruin your life…I’m just kidding.

67. They make it so hard for you not to ship them. 

68. You get to see things like this:

(I really wanted this to be a GIF but I don’t know how to GIF to save my life -sigh-)

69. And this…

(Oh don’t you worry…I noticed.)

70. We’re all just a bunch of perves…I’m kidding! We do have cookies though. You like cookies don’t you?

71. Also…Cupcakes (Shout out to RPK2801. You know what you did. Also follow her on twitter: Oh and did I mention Lauren makes really good cupcakes? Just ask Kenzi.

72. There is never a dull moment between them. 

73. Leather.

74. Scientific curiosity.

75. The relationship is portrayed in a very real kind of way. It’s between two women that love each other. What else do you want?

76. Zoie and Anna are the captains of our ship.

77. By the end you’ll want either a Lauren or a Bo or Both. Doccubus sandwich anyone?

78. You’ll never listen to 'Madman’ by Clara Klein, 'Lost it’ by Austra, 'Around the Sun’ by 8mm and 'Keep me High’ by Adaline, the same ever again. 

79. There is always such beautiful lighting…

80. They make you want to cry because they’re just so perfect for each other. Unless that’s just me…

81. You automatically become a member of the Doccubus Army. They/we are unstoppable. You’ll also meet a great bunch of people whether they’re Doccubus fans or not. 

82. There’s just something about them that I can’t quite put my finger on. Doccubus is something special.

83. Another reason to ship them:

84. They’re just so damn adorable/sexy/perfect together. I just can’t. 

85. They want to make each other happy. Both women have made so many sacrifices for each other to keep the other happy. For you Doccubus fans, if you can’t think of one off the top of your head right now, I say 'Shame on you!’ I also genuinely believe that they are happy together, but hey, that’s just my opinion. 

86. How can you ignore  THIS?!:

87. They would both make very cute babies in the near future. One boy and one girl by the names of Charlotte and Ethan.

88. The chemistry is undeniable. Oh I’ve mentioned it before? I’ll mention it again because honestly, they make me want to take chemistry with how much of it they have.

89. It’s Canon. 

90. You get to watch both Anna AND Zoie. Sometimes together in the same room =P

91. Did I mention Unicorns? 

92. Bo and Lauren will never not want each other. 

93. They understand the others predicament. There is no judgement between them. They accept each other for who they are and not what they can do for each other.  

94. I didn’t think I’d be able to think of 100 reasons as to why one should ship Doccubus but I’m almost there. YAY! I probably should’ve asked around. It would’ve made life easier. Oh well, too late now.

95. All the pretty that you will be seeing. It’s just a beautiful couple to watch. 

96. They’ll make you sit back and think 'Hmm…where can I find some of that?’

97. You’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t ship them earlier. 

98. Doccubus is an awesome ship name. Huge kudo’s to whoever it was that originally came up with this ship name. You deserve a pat on the back.

99. Zoie Palmer

100. One word: EPIC

So there it is guys. My “100 reasons to ship Doccubus” List. I’m pretty sure there’s more than 100 but it’s all I could think of from the top of my head. If you have more reasons, I would love to know what your reasons are for shipping them too =) 

If this hasn’t convinced you, then that’s my bad but I hope you enjoyed reading this list anyway lol. If it has, then WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE! Remember to 'Keep Calm and Ship Doccubus’ and if you don’t, well then that’s cool too.

anonymous asked:

Sorry, but after the shit some of the Doccubus fans pulled in the other poll against Faberry, you bet me (and other Faberrians) are voting Destiel.

That poll was about a month ago.
You’re still accusing us of cheating? 
We both lost that one, by the way. 
And I’m not going to assume that one bitter anon is representative of the Faberry fandom. But you, anon, as an individual…….you get special douche points. Voting down Doccubus by voting up Destiel, because of a month old poll. Publishing this to show Doccubus shippers part of the reason why we’re losing. Another reason is actually Captain Swan, who are also voting for Destiel (I get the feeling they just don’t like the idea of two women together). One of many reasons why we could really use Swan Queen’s help right now.
It’s not everyone, but I’m seeing quite a few people.  

Shame on you, anon. You are a disgrace to femslashers everywhere. 

Lauren has a message for you:

Doccubus army………let’s kick some ass. 

It seems the final round will be between Queer-baiting Supernatural (Supernatural) and Canonically-Queer Supernatural (Lost Girl).

First off, my sincerest apologies to Swan Queen. You tried your best, and everyone is proud that you managed to get this far. 


Doccubus Army……it seems we face Destiel in the final rounds. 
You’re either shitting yourself, or lying. 

This will be the hardest ship we have ever had to face. 

We are going to try our hardest, and hope to win.
We’re a gondola, taking on an entire Navy.
We’re small, but we have heart. 

I’m going to plead that our fellow femslashers help us take down this giant. 
Rizzles, Cophine, Vauseman, Doccubus, Valkubus, Copdoc, Swan Queen, etc. 

Show them femslash power!