Things to happen before Sherlock season 4
  • Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar
  • Benedict Cumberbatch got an Oscar nomination, married, and became a father for the first time
  • The United States Supreme Court affirms same-sex marriage
  • NASA confirms the presence of water
  • A new Star Wars film comes out
  • Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed his role as Doctor Strange and filmed the whole movie already
  • My Chemical Romance are possibly doing a comeback tour to celebrate the 10 year anniversary since The Black Parade
  • Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Hamilton
  • A new Ghostbusters film came out
  • The Sherlock special came out
  • The Pope came to the Americas
  • Obama went to Cuba as well as the Rolling Stones
  • Did I mention Leonardo DoCaprio finally got an Oscar
  • Donald Trump somehow became the official Republican Candidate for the 2016 Election
  • Kanye for Prez 2020
  • Zayn left One Direction to start his own career
  • Steve Harvey at the Miss Universe finale
  • Pokemon Go became a thing
  • A second Zoolander film came out
  • Benedict Cumberbatch did Hamlet
  • Scientists are considering to make Pluto a planet again because of new data
  • Uber became a really huge thing

Yeah. All of this happened before season 4 and so so much more