These last two sets (today and tomorrow) still aren’t really in an absolute order, but they are my all time top favorites.  First up here we have Kendall sending all kinds of thrills rippling throughout Logan’s body when he can’t resist touching him as he tells the reporter Logan gets 2 hours of sleep a night on tour, and who would know better than his bunkmate, er, busmate?  Logan’s smile and bow of the head-LOVAHS!  Next, that completely natural arms about each other as they stroll-if there’s a world where they can walk thru life like that, that’s where I’d live, I’d live, I’d live.  In the next set, outside meeting the press during the Big Time Movie premiere-that was at the end of the first tour when they had their own bus, and if Kendall doesn’t look completely and helplessly in love with Logan-especially after Logan takes off-Kendall just looks completely overwhelmed with what he’s feeling.  The next one, the usually deferential Kendall takes a risk and teases Logan about his dance moves, but has to make sure Logan gets it’s just a joke with that shoulder bump, and Logan lets him know with that slight head movement and smile that everything’s still and always okay between them (also?  I bet Kendall bought Logan’s necklaces, every single one).  And finally, the moment in that interview where accidentally and unplanned, they both made the same sex noise and KEPT making it in perfect sync.  And the looks they’re sharing?  Mmmm.  (and Kendall has the cutest cowlick there)  And then the last day in the booth hug-I will forever wonder what would’ve transpired if Logan hadn’t noticed he was being filmed (but then I guess he’d never let Glickman post the video if he kissed Kendall or Kendall kissed him, so…)  Anyway, Logan doesn’t want to let go, those lingering pats on Kendall’s torso even after Kendall’s reluctantly let his hand slide away from Logan’s arm…sigh.

(gif sources: 1: itzelery, 2-3: moveslikecurt, 4-5: doc-potterywood, 6: thilia, 7: unknown-I relocated it from an email-I want to say it’s doc’s or itzelery’s or thilia’s but I don’t know for sure, 8-10: kogchella)


More of my favorite gifs.  The first one is unabashed flirting where Kendall started off saying some video game was “the shit” but somehow turned it into a compliment for Logan; the shoulder rub gives us a peek at the intimacy they share; Logan in the 3rd one could not look more enchanted and that slow southern smile inspired Kendall to change a line in covering Lonely Night In Georgia; Logan’s so concerned about his well being in the 4th; the intense loving stare of Logan’s is on full display in the Build-A-Bear gifs; Kendall breathing his love’s name directly into his ear from mere inches away is more intimacy; and the drying Logan’s face on stage is one of the cutest things Kendall ever pulled :)

(gif sources: 1-6: doc-potterywood, 7: benjaminmckenziee, 8: bigtimewho, 9-10 kogchella)


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