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Fashion for a light green feathery Dragon (anon)

Feather Headband: $12.99 It might feel like feathers down your back! 

Loose T-Shirt: $13.45 Made from cotton and polyester! 

Feather Cape: $23.99 How pretty! 

Blouse: $10.54 It comes in a few different colors, so check those out! 

Feather Necklace: $5.00 + $3.88 shipping. It’s plated silver and doesn’t fade easily! 

Dragon Necklace: $2.99 + $4.85 shipping. I view this necklace as unisex, although it says it’s a men’s necklace. 

Dragon T-Shirt: $19.95 It also has a wolf in the design! How beautiful! 

Green Bracelet: $19.99 Inspired by Chinese dragons! 

Dr. Martins:  It depends on your size, but these things are not cheap in general. Approximately $130.00