Listening to this song, hell, any song from the Cars soundtrack, after the new Cars 3 trailer is making me so f&cking nostalgic and emotional. Cars 3 has already WRECKED (Yes, pun intended, sorryyy.) my emotions and the movie isn’t even out yet. At this point, i’ll be bawling like a baby at the theater when this movie drops, and people are going to think i’m f&cking nuts, but it’s all worth it.

Despite my mixed feelings about Anna-Maria and Otto’s relationship, I love her so much. 

Like? um? yes? she’s so spunky and confident and she IS perfect. 

I’m so upset with how the writers set up the situation and make Otto the usual creep that ends up being with his romantic relationships (yay, status quo), instead of like…Idk…have some sense of self awareness…but nah bro, he can’t have any memories that indicate he actually put her needs in front of his own-multiple times-, something that rarely happens for him as a character. 

Nah, he can’t keep those memories that made him grow as a character or lead to why he gave up peter’s anyway. 

But you know, what the fuck ever. I’m just saying “Otto, I get you, I do…she’s top notch, but BACK OFFF PLEAZE?”