doc zombie

Reasons to watch z nation
There’s a dog named pup
A bi Addy
Doc smoking weed with a zombie
10ks gun skills
Citizen Z
Garnett and Warren aka my parents
Zombie bear
Zombie baby
Pup in reindeer antlers
Murphy’s character development
Addys past life
Citizen Zs love for pup
Macks love for Addy
Did I mention Pup?

operation bitemark, in a nutshell
  • warren: *is in charge, and everyone knows it. is bossing murphy around*
  • murphy: *is making snide comments, peeing, and/or obeying warren*
  • vasquez: *warrens guard dog, is a teddy bear on the inside, holds grudges*
  • addy: *is hella bi, hella cute, and hella not feeling your bullshit*
  • 10k: *has no idea whats going on but wants to kill a zombie*
  • doc: *is lowkey a drug dealer, 10ks adoptive father, is very chill*
  • mack: *heart eyes at addy*
  • cassandra: *the butt of all cannibal jokes, somehow ends up with fingers in her hair*
  • charlie: *heart eyes at warren*
  • citizen z: *cant get operation bitemark to answer the fuckin phone, is going stir crazy, loves his dog*
"Braiding" (10k Imagine)

Author: Maddy

Pairing: 10K x reader

Summary: Just a lil Z Nation fanfiction I wrote, this was actually my first one to put on paper!

Word Count: ??

Warnings: fluff?

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