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Son, You've Got a Condition (Bruce Banner x reader)

Request: fanaticfangirl001 said:“ I never wear cutoffs. How do I keep waking up in cutoffs?” Bruce banner x reader and Bruce needs to have those adorable glasses.

“(Y/N),” came the telltale whisper over your comm, “(Y/N) how far out are you?

“I’m just over the ridge to your north, doc.  I’m almost there…why?”

“Um, well, I need…pants.”

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Finding Fela at Sundance 2014 (3.14 min)

Finding Fela is a doc by academy award winner Alex Gabney


Our new Amazon Prime docu-series débuts today. Watch the first episode, which features a doc from Oscar winner Jonathan Demme based on Rachel Aviv’s article “A Very Valuable Reputation,” a sketch from Simon Rich and Alan Cumming, poetry read by Andrew Garfield, and more.

New challenge!!! The beat @chrisontherun challenge. I want him to feel like Eli, and not the 2011 Eli.

This was his idea by the way. I’m not picking on him. Exactly. He said he needs a challenge. I have challenges.

I want YOU to join me. Share, run, join.

The deal: I’ll be posting a shared spreadsheet on google docs with space for run, bike and swim miles. I’ll do some conversions and we’ll get total miles. Run miles are 1:1, bike 3:1, swim 1:4. So if you run 3, bike 15 and swim ½ you’d get 3, plus (15/3) 5 and (.5x4) 2 for 10 total miles.

Enter your monthly miles on the doc. Or message me. Let me know if you have issues with the google doc.

After 12 months winner takes all. Glory and a bonus prize (TBD).

Tag your posts: #beatchris2016 #runmoremiles