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In Fear: Movie vs Behind the Scenes
scene: Tom, drive as fast as you fucking can. I have a knife to the back of her head. 

“The scenes are getting more and more emotionally tough, for all of them. Allen (Leech, the only actor working with a script) got out of the car and said, ‘Wow, that was tough, I think I need to have a little cry somewhere’. He really felt what he put them through, the emotional turmoil.”

kiku-pyon  asked:

I remember that you told us how, in the apartment au, iwa-chan is slightly afraid of aliens! I kept thinking of what if he's afraid of that small percent of there being other life forms on other galaxies? And all the docs & movies they watch is real

it’s probably because Oikawa watches the worst b movies out there. Iwa-chan just sits there clutching the ugly alien plushie.