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No More Evil Dads

Gamora shuts the water off, hesitating for a second before turning to face Peter. “The worst part of it is that our fathers aren’t the real monsters to us.”

He looks at her curiously as she takes his empty mug from him, briefly averting her eyes with a small, self-deprecating smile.

“The most dangerous monsters are ourselves,” she murmurs, turning his mug over in her hands, “because we were raised to be just like them.”

Starmora Week 2017, Day 5: Hurt/Comfort

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Tendrils of light emerge from the ground and wrap around Peter’s wrists and ankles, preventing him from moving forward. He cries out, trying to pull against them, but it’s no use; the grip of the light tightens, squeezing his limbs.

“Stop fighting, Peter,” Ego advises oh-so-helpfully from a few feet ahead of him, looking down at him with a smile. “This is your destiny!”

“I never asked for this,” Peter says with a huff, falling to his knees.

“It’s what you were born to do, son,” Ego says, walking closer to him. “It was never a choice.”

Peter fights against it, anyway, trying to break free. He pulls his arms up as much as he can, grunting through the burning sensation in his shoulders, but the light doesn’t give. It reminds him of quicksand—the more he struggles, the harder it is to escape.


His head snaps up at the familiar voice. He turns and spots Gamora in the doorway of Ego’s hall, leading the ragtag group of the Guardians, Nebula, and Yondu. Before Peter can call out to them, Ego sends more light in their direction, scattering the group.

Gamora jumps and dodges whatever light springs up in her path to him as gracefully as ever, and along with the little burst of hope in Peter’s chest is some admiration, too.

(Fuck, he loves her so much.)

She finally reaches him, kneeling before him. “Peter.”

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” he says quickly, pushing himself up as much as possible. “I just—the damn light—”

She’s already one step ahead of him on that one, the Godslayer leveled to the tendril attached to his wrist, but before she can cut through, Ego appears behind her with a smirk. Gamora quickly turns to face Ego, but a tendril of light emerges from the ground and wraps snugly around her wrist, forcing her hand to drop the Godslayer. She reaches out to punch Ego, but her other wrist is quickly restrained.

A sudden spike of anxiety over this “rescue” stabs through Peter as he watches Gamora struggle. Ego steps around Gamora to face him.

“The first lesson I had to learn as a celestial, Peter,” Ego says, almost teasing, “is to let go of the ones I love, because they would only hold me back from reaching my true potential.”

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This is incredible.

RVB fandom let's have a idea

Let’s imagine the fight shall we.

As door is about to be open, Doc shoots two rockets at the door. Blowing it open and creating a large cloud of smoke in front of them. Sarge and Caboose move out to cleans out any guys who are left standing to make way for Grif. He fired a couple shots at heavier reinforcements, that are coming up.

Lopez takes lead walking towards the enemy, duel wielding his weapons firing at any who are in his ways. He’s taking a lot of shots, but he’s a robot, he can take those bullets like a tank. Lopez’s weapons over heat, that’s when Simmons and Donut goes ahead of him running and gunning there way through the hallway.

And finally Tucker. When Simmons and Donut reload Tucker leads the charge, he’s in the Meta’s armor, those bullets would just bounce right off him. Tucker is hacking and slashing, clearing the way for his friends, no for his family.

They are all fighting their way to the hanger as one, as a team, cause it doesn’t matter if it’s red or blue, cause they’re still going to kick your ass

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roxasconan  asked:

I see your upgraded Blaster, and all I can think of is that the mechanical part looks like a jet rocket. Like Doc Gaster accidentally put it on backwards, and it's supposed to be a speed boost type thing. Sans is standing behind the Blaster to test it, Gaster realizes his mistake and is like "No wait Sans DON'T-!" And it just ROCKETS backwards, bodily picking up Sans as they hit a wall. And that is why Sans is a 1HP monster XD

It’s actually a magic amplifier.

But your theory is funnier.