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This is incredible.

RVB fandom let's have a idea

Let’s imagine the fight shall we.

As door is about to be open, Doc shoots two rockets at the door. Blowing it open and creating a large cloud of smoke in front of them. Sarge and Caboose move out to cleans out any guys who are left standing to make way for Grif. He fired a couple shots at heavier reinforcements, that are coming up.

Lopez takes lead walking towards the enemy, duel wielding his weapons firing at any who are in his ways. He’s taking a lot of shots, but he’s a robot, he can take those bullets like a tank. Lopez’s weapons over heat, that’s when Simmons and Donut goes ahead of him running and gunning there way through the hallway.

And finally Tucker. When Simmons and Donut reload Tucker leads the charge, he’s in the Meta’s armor, those bullets would just bounce right off him. Tucker is hacking and slashing, clearing the way for his friends, no for his family.

They are all fighting their way to the hanger as one, as a team, cause it doesn’t matter if it’s red or blue, cause they’re still going to kick your ass

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