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How They React to You Joining The Battalion

Anon: Hi, I love your blog. Can I ask for headcanons of reactions for you (a female) joining the companies as a sniper with an impressively high kill count. Specifically for generation kill, with Nate Fick and Doc Bryan and Ray Person, and BoB, with Gene,Toye, Guarnere, and others if you want?

Brad “Iceman” Colbert: He tries to drag you until you loose your determination to make it in the Marines, but you stay strong. He talks behind your back, makes snide remarks to the other marines about you. When he finally realizes that you aren’t backing down, he begins gaining a bit of respect for you. He still keeps his distance, but he’s not nearly as mean as he once was.

Josh Ray Person: Ray-Ray’s so cute around you. It’s obvious that he’s got a thing for you, and he actually tries to hide it, much to your amusement. He doesn’t really understand Brad’s treatment of you, and it actually kind of pisses him off. He gets along with you really well and never tries to bring up the kills you’ve made, because he know’s that it affects you and he doesn’t want to hurt you.

Harold “James” Trombley: He acts really weird around you, like he’s not entirely sure what to think of you. Most of the time he stays away, but from time to time the two of you actually get into pretty deep conversations. You usually walk away from these conversations feeling like you’ve just had your soul scientifically analyzed, and it takes the two of you a while to talk to each other again.

Evan “Scribe” Wright: The two of you get along really well. You’re both outsiders to the battalion, so you both share experiences with one another. He also loves to interview you and get your stories down on paper, because you’ve got a lot to tell and you’re actually fairly open to questions. He does get a bit nervous around you when you talk about the specific shots you’ve made.

Tony “Poke” Espera: Despite being an obnoxious, loud-mouthed ass, Poke is very protective, especially with you. He won’t admit it but he cares a lot about what is happening to you and what you’re doing. He always gets a bit nervous when he sees you get ready for a shot, but he knows that you’ve got it handled.

Walt Hasser: He’s so sweet to you. He hates the way you’re treated by some of the guys, so he tries to treat you as best as he can. It’s just a matter of time before he starts saving some of his MRE’s for you, just so that you can eat a bit more. He won’t admit it, but he’s got a bit of a crush on you and he loves it when you sit on top of the Humvee just to talk to him.

Rudy “Fruity Rudy” Reyes: He takes care of you like a big brother takes care of his little sister. He glares at guys who try to hit on you and he pulls pranks on you all the time. You two fight a lot, though, because being a sniper tends to put you at risk and he hates it when you nearly sacrifice yourself for the safety of the rest of them.

Larry Shawn “Pappy” Patrick: A blessed angel around you. He doesn’t swear, he doesn’t say anything vulgar, he doesn’t even check you out. He tries to treat you just as he would treat all the men. However, he slips up from time to time when he sees you struggling with something and rushes over to help you as fast as possible.

Anthony “Manimal” Jacks: He’s going to be a perverted asshole that makes passes at you from time to time. He sees you walking anywhere near him and he makes some kind of gross joke. However, one day you call him out on his bullshit, and you shut him up for quite some time. Then, out of the blue, he starts acting like the two of you are best buds. You’re still not sure exactly what happened.

Mike “Gunny” Wynn: He’s the Dad of the First Recon Marines, and that includes you. He likes to work with you on your aim, and you’re more than receptive to his lessons. Overall, the two of you are close, but when he sees some of the younger guys hitting on you, he shuts down and lets you deal with them so long as they don’t try to pull anything.

Nate Fick: He respected you from the second you stepped foot on base camp. Ferrando had briefed him on your many accomplishments and he was highly impressed. The first time he met you, he let you know that you were needed in the Battalion, despite how the other men may make you feel. He is a bit closed off around you because he doesn’t want anything romantic to evolve from this relationship.

John Christeson: Ever the dork, this boy sings to you whenever you come near him. Like, full blown singing of whichever songs he knows that you like. There are times when it’s embarrassing as hell and other times where it gets annoying, but when you’re feeling down he likes to make you feel better by softly singing until you fall asleep.

Evan “Q-Tip” Stafford: If ever there was a time where you weren’t whistled at while walking past this boy, you can’t recall one. You know he means well, but it gets irritating from time to time. Eventually, once he sees your skills on the battlefield, he tones his flirting down a lot. He actually ends up gaining a lot of respect for you and begins to look up to you.

Timothy “Doc” Bryan: He doesn’t mind having you here. You’re capable of dealing with the guys and you don’t take their shit, which he likes. The two of you get along fairly well, in a purely professional way. It’s acknowledged that while he is in charge of healing the wounded, you are in charge of killing the enemies. Your professions do not mix well, and your personalities reflect that to a degree.

Craig “Encino Man” Schwetje: He acts like the typical jock. He will, on purpose, flex his muscles around you in an attempt to impress you. He also likes to try to be a “savior” and “protect” you from harm, but the reality of it is that he gets in the way a lot. You’re irritated by him and you try not to entertain his advances but at times he doesn’t seem to realize that you’re not interested.

Dave “Captain America” McGraw: He does not like you in the slightest. If something goes wrong, in his eyes, you’re the one to blame. You’re a distraction and you’re weak and therefore should not be out in the field. He doesn’t actually say any of this to your face, but it’s fairly obvious when he’s screaming about you over the coms.

Stephen “Godfather” Ferrando: He knows that you are completely qualified for the job at hand. He has no problem with you joining the battalion, and he was a supporter of your work before he even knew you. This causes him to have a lot of respect for you and he expects the men to treat you the same way he does.


Alexander Skarsgård as Sgt. Brad Colbert in GENERATION KILL (Part 7 - Bomb in the Garden) #71 of GK Tuesday

Also pictured:  Marc Menchaca as Gunnery Sgt. Mike ‘Gunny’ Wynn,  Jon Huertas as Sgt. Antonio “Poke” Espera, Langley Kirkwood as Sgt. Steven Lovell, Sydney Hall as Cpl. Teren ’T’ Holsey, Jonah Lotan as Naval Hospitalman 2nd Class Timothy ‘Doc’ Bryan, and Rudy Reyes as Sgt. Rudy ‘Fruity Rudy’ Reyes.

sources: HBO’s Generation Kill Blu-ray, my screen caps