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You can’t just sneak behind people’s backs like that, Gabe. Or use other’s emails, Sombraaaaaa

Some of you may know that I also have Gency comics. The comics are not related in any way! Since I ship Mercy with Genji, Gabe and Phara, I have AU for each. Sorry, I just can’t pick a ship, I love them T.T

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Honestly, with the exception of some of the mains, Skaikru is so damn selfish. There are teenagers on this show who saved the human race repeatedly and yet there’s always that middle aged white guy who thinks he deserves to live cause he makes a mean panini. Like no, sorry Greg, but you’ve been chopped.


Alexander Skarsgård as Sgt. Brad Colbert in GENERATION KILL (Part 7 - Bomb in the Garden) #71 of GK Tuesday

Also pictured:  Marc Menchaca as Gunnery Sgt. Mike ‘Gunny’ Wynn,  Jon Huertas as Sgt. Antonio “Poke” Espera, Langley Kirkwood as Sgt. Steven Lovell, Sydney Hall as Cpl. Teren ’T’ Holsey, Jonah Lotan as Naval Hospitalman 2nd Class Timothy ‘Doc’ Bryan, and Rudy Reyes as Sgt. Rudy ‘Fruity Rudy’ Reyes.

sources: HBO’s Generation Kill Blu-ray, my screen caps

The secret behind Reaper's mask?

Yes, Reyes was horribly injured, but Talon rescued him, and took him to their best medical facility.

Unfortunately, those willing to work for Talon are few, so the docs they do have are a bit… eccentric.

Reyes’ face had been mangled, but you can’t see any scars now. But… the doc didn’t restore Reyes’ face. No, he got… creative.

Under that mask is the most bishimon pretty boy face outside of an anime. And Reaper ain’t letting ANYBODY see it if he can help it…

anonymous asked:

What if on one mission Talon almost kidnapped Mercy (who at this point has control over the devil) but thwarted by Reaper and Widowmaker.

Ohhh. Ohhhhhhhh. OOHHHHHH.


Talon!Mercy AU. Gency. WidowReaper. Devil!Mercy. Angst. Fluff. 

It was a brutal battle to say the least. Overwatch is throwing everything they have at Talon. They in turn throw countless soldiers back at them. The chaos bleeds into the ground, into the hearts that still beat.

And in the middle of it all, three agents approach Reaper with the Overwatch medic in their grasp. Dragging her unconscious body to lay at her feet. 

“They said to bring her to you if we ever got her. Knocked her easily out when she was too focused on helping one of her own.”

One of the agents nudge her body with their boot.

“Do you think they really want to bring The Devil back?”

He’s frozen still behind his mask. She has her blonde hair back now, and The Devil hasn’t been heard of since Overwatch got her back. Yet, here she is, offered up to be tortured all over again.

He still sees the smiling, brilliant seventeen year old girl ready to help the world. How eager she was to assist on the battlefield, watching his and Jack’s back.

“I’ve got her from here.” He growls, lowering himself to pick her up and throw her body over his shoulder. 

The agents disappear back into the gunfight, but Reaper is only listening to the sound of her breathing. Knowing that underneath her closed eyelids remains the stain of Talon’s touch. He wonders if the violet irises are as bright as when she was the Devil.

He shifts, before activating his ear piece.  

“Widow, I need your assistance.”

He only waits for thirty six seconds before she’s dropping down beside him. Her grappling hook recoiling back into her device on her wrist. Her golden eyes widen in the slightest when she sees Mercy in his grasp.

“What are you doing?” She asks.

“I’m getting her back to them,” He jerks his head towards the direction of the enemy. He begins walking past her but she faces him sharply.

“Why? She is not our problem.” She snaps, her eyes reflectively darting around the dark alleyway they hide in. 

“I’m not giving her up to Talon.” He answers, turning back around to face her. “I shouldn’t have let it happen in the first place…”

Widowmaker stills at this. Her gaze softening in the slightest as she steps closer to him.

“You know what they’ll do to us if they find out.”

He does. 

“Please, arañita. She has children now.”

She searches his mask, eyes trying to see through it and into his. A moment later, she leans forward and presses her lips against the corner of his mask.

“I’ll guide your path,” she says, pulling away and launching her grappling hook onto the roof. 

He shifts Mercy’s unconscious form, and behinds slipping between streets and buildings. Widowmaker’s voice directs him to change paths or even stop still. Sometimes shots echo from her sniper, but neither comment on it. Their focus is on making it around the outskirts of the battle field. They finally get close enough to the Overwatch agents.

“I’ll get their attention,” she says. 

Reaper gently sets Mercy upon the ground. Her blonde hair covering her face as she lies still. 

“I’m not a child. I’m a doctor and you need to respect me as such.” She had called him out on this after their first mission where both he and Jack where hovering over her. 

“Lo siento doc, but your still a kid.” he had answered. Her face morphing into a pout but as time went on, she accepted him calling her doc.

Widowmaker’s voice brings him back. 

“Tracer is after me. Get out of there, Reaper. I’ll lead her to Mercy.”

Reaper steps away, but only hesitates one moment more.

Lo siento, doc.” 


Mercy is just opening her eyes as the last of his shadowy figure disappears. The next moment Widowmaker swings over the area. She makes it to the next rooftop easily for Tracer has stopped at the sight of Mercy.

“Guys! Guys! I found Mercy, she’s alright!” Tracer chirps into her ear pierce, leaning down to check over the doctor.

“Yes, yes, she’s fine, Genji. We’re on the west side.”

Reaper disappears through the dark alleyways while Widowmaker slips along the rooftops. No one discovers their act that night. Mercy has suspicions of it, but they are never proven.

For the first time in a while, Reaper and Widowmaker fall sleep easily that night.  

Sometimes, I Believe

Synopsis: Ana Amari speculates on her daughter’s future. Thirteen years later, on the eve of Angela and Fareeha’s wedding, Jack and Fareeha have a moment. [I legit wrote this 72 hours ago and it’s now obsolete, but here you go anyway! The timeline is mad goofy, so plz ignore the timeline.]

Pairing: Rocket Angel/Pharmercy (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

“They are going to get married,” Ana said, flicking a lock of hair back from her face. 

“What?” Jack said. 

“What?” Gabe echoed.

“Them.” She jerked her head at the 26 year-old Angela Ziegler, already a Chief Surgeon and now being considered for a position in Overwatch, and her own daughter, 21, an officer and already the recipient of her first Military Star and a Medal of the War Wounded from the Egyptian Armed Forces. 

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