doc ratchet the ambulance

I had an… interesting dream this morning.

Team Prime was on a journey in space. They encountered a stronger and hostile robot race on their strangely organic native planet. Team Prime and their ship had to hide somewhere in the wilderness because the ship was severely damaged. The Dinobots went on a patrol in a nearby area and were found by the hostile robots, and they engaged in a fierce battle. The Dinobots caused a lot of damage to the hostile robots, but eventually were brutally defeated, dismembered, and deactivated.

Ratchet found out that the Dinobots were still alive, so he snuck out alone to the Dinobots’ location everyday and tried to fix them little by little, while Team Prime focused on fixing the ship and staying alive. This went on for two weeks until Ratchet was found by a small group of hostile robots. In order to save his skin, Ratchet pretended to be a mentally unstable drifter that would unpredictably throw tantrums and have sad emotional outbursts. The hostile robots took pity in him and took him to a psychiatry ward in an experimental hospital.

An enthusiastic intern doctor was assigned to take care of Ratchet. During the course of “treatment”, the intern fell deeply in love with Ratchet and couldn’t tell that Ratchet was fake, and in fact, an alien. 

Ratchet would still sneak out to fix the Dinobots at night, and would talk and rant to the comatose warriors as he worked on them. He would go “can you imagine all the scrap I have to go through just to help you? Pretending to be a mad bot and acting like a ninja, living in a badly managed hospital full of unprofessional staff. My ‘doctor’ is so smitten with me, ugh, that kid ain’t normal. Everything there hurts me on a professional level. I can’t wait to get you all online so we can all get outta here.”

Days went by. Eventually, the Dinobots recovered enough to go back to the ship on their own. I can’t remember the details towards the end, but there were some dramatic rescue and a final battle between Team Prime (plus Dinobots) and the hostile robots at the hospital. In the end, everyone got to leave that planet in one piece. Grimlock said “Me Grimlock king, but you Ratchet best” and it was all a happy ending.