doc patch

headcanon where abby bandages kane’s hand after he burned it crawling through the maintenance shaft to save her in 1.11


15th April 2057:
FOUND: rubber, some cords, one tire
Found a kid just sleeping next to a tire. No parents in sight. Looked more underfed than the usual junker kid I see in these parts. His leg was bloody and full of pus. Decided to bring him to the base down in New Bendigo. The doc there patched him up for a few tubes and a bag of destilated water. Said it looked like he got lucky when he stepped on a mine. 
Edit: I decided to bring him back to Old Bendigo tomorrow, maybe look for his parents. I doubt we will find something. Lots of people leave their kids behind for the dingos. It’s less weight to carry.

16th April 2057:
Found nothing and the kid insists on staying. Keeps saying his parents promised to return. I gave in and build a camp for the night. Hope he likes beans.
Edit: He does not.

18th April 2057:
Went back on the road and grapped the kid with me. Next big city is Melbourne. might gonna dumb him there.

22th April 2057:
FOUND: rubber, copper, metal wool, oil canister, screws, a pack of newspapers
The kid has a talent for crawling around in dirt. Tall fella for his age, but moves quick, even with the damaged leg. Found lots of stuff to sell in Melbourne once we get there.

25th April 2057:
Arrived in Melbourne. The little rat made me a fortune. He seems to warm up to me. Finally told me his name: Jamison. Said he wants to go back to his parents. To be honest I can’t really bring myself to tell him they might never come back. I might keep him around for a while.


27th May 2057:
Jamison couldn’t walk for days. The leg started to pus again. Decided to bring him to the doc. Infection. They will remove it. I don’t know if the kid will take the pain.

29th May 2057:
Rummaging through Old Bendigo brought up nothing new. Jamison still needs to get used to his leg missing.
He plays brave little soldier, but I know he’s still crying himself to sleep.


13th June 2057:
He called me Ma today. I never had children, never wanted them. But I feel like he might need this. Kid has potential. I wanna see where this is going.



“What’s Seedo’s story?”

I drew eyebrows on Sparcticus because there would be no other way to convey his pretend emotions

also his head is kinda small sometimes because it’s 11:40 at night and i could be in bed but instead i madre this fUCK YOU



Merry Christmas everyone! 

This is the Skype Cafe, which you may/may not have heard me talking about these last few days.  Basically, when I get on Skype, I picture myself sitting down in a Cafe and people come in and out and talk to you or whatnot.  So I went and drew what I was thinking.

The lovely mods included:

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