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Spider-Man Unlimited #3

No but don’t you see how clever this is?

Doc Ock basically became a bad guy because he had a warped version of Aunt May.

Aunt May molly coddled Peter but Mary Octavius downright smothered her son.

Aunt May gave Peter love and encouragement but Mary instilled within Otto that he was honestly better than everybody else because of his intelligence.

Aunt May was sickly but selfless woman who didn’t want to be a burden on Peter, and tried to ensure her son’s happiness but setting him up with a potential future partner. Mary Octavius was selfish and hypocritical who demanded her son give up his chance of a future filled with romantic/emotional fulfillment for her sake. 

And the biggest irony is that Peter lived his life terrified he’d kill Aunt May by a heart attack and accidentally this is exactly what Otto did to his mother.

This is Tom DeFalco scoring slam dunks and further developing the dark reinfections between Peter and Otto.

And he does it a shitton better than Superior did.

Concept art for the BACK TO THE FUTURE comic I’m writing and drawing!

Juuuuuust kidding.

Not long ago I asked myself what I would do if I were going to make a Back to the Future comic. I came to the conclusion that I would want to do a story focused a bit more on Jennifer, maybe dealing with her family lineage in some way. It could pick up after the events of part III. The Doc is gone and blah blah blah. I got a lot of sketchy ideas about it that I will never take any further. One of the ideas was 1955 Doc creating a time machine out of a 55 Gullwing Mercedes. How that makes any sense I’ll never bother to figuring out.

Anyway, in honor of Back to the Future Day I decided to sketch this up real fast.

Can I get two things straight please.

Recently I heard a certain..boisterous shall we say Spider-Man fan make two statements that boiled down to

a)      Ben Reilly was a carbon copy of Peter as evidenced by his sacrificing his life for him in Revelations


b)      Doc Ock is probably Spider-Man’s greatest nemesis because he killed Peter in Superior.

Here’s why one statement is illogical as a criticism and the other is straight up bullshit.

So starting off with the first one, Ben was not merely a carbon copy of Peter. But yes in sacrificing his life for Peter in Revelations he  did something Peter would’ve done.

And that was the fucking point.

Ben Reilly, whilst believing himself to be the real Peter Parker and Peter a clone of him, a clone who’d lived 5 years of what should have been Ben’s life, willingly gave up his life to save Peter.

He made a heroic sacrifice, the kind of which Peter has been willing to make countless times.

Only he wasn’t the real Peter Parker, he was a clone.

The point being that the nature of his birth was irrelevant. He was as much of a person and as much of a hero as Peter was, making the fundamental point of the Clone Saga that how you live your life is more important than where you come from.

As for the Superior thing, I’ve said this multiple times before (although this particular Spider-Man fan refuses to listen) but Otto neither killed Peter nor is he his greatest foe.

Call me crazy but surely Spider-Man’s greatest villain should be the most VILLAINOUS person to him personally, since the series is you know…about his life.

I get how you might argue that taking over his body would be the worst thing to ever happen to someone so that villain should take the crown.

But as should be bloody obvious to anyone who’s read enough Spider-Man, peter cares much more about others than he does himself. The suffering of innocent people, let alone his friends and family is all much more important to him than any pain and suffering visited upon himself.

So we have Doc Ock taking over his body vs say, Norman Osborn killing Gwen Stacy, faking Harry’s death, faking Aunt May’s death, convincing him he’s a clone, rendering Flash Thompson brain damaged, maybe killing his kid, killing Ben Reilly, causing emotional pain for his wife and also literally torturing him for over a week with trippy drugs to turn him into his son…and sending him out to attack his friends whilst doing that. And then Peter has to live with that crap afterwards, in particular having to live with the pain of losing his loved ones.


Hmmmm, I wonder which MIGHT be worse from Peter’s point of view????????????


Yeah…Otto doesn’t even come close to the top spot, even if he did kill peter.

Which by the way, he didn’t.

Despite reading and commenting upon stories which make this point explicitly clear, this particular Spider-Man fan continues to act as though Doc ock killed Spider-Man in ASM #700 when that never happened. The Peter who died in otto’s body was a copy of Peter’s mind, not the real deal. The real deal remained in his own body, hence Ghost peter and so forth.