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im writing this at 1am someone send me help

also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a quick guide for reference

Bass: v low and deep. they have a dark tone [im funny i promise] and the typical range is F2-E4
Baritone: low but not as low. most common. typical range is A♭-A♭4
Tenor: highest of the common voice types!!! my fav tbh. typical range is C3-C5
Countertenor: the highest. basically like the lowest female voice types. Typical range is G3-F5


Dark would be a Bass definitely!!!!! Because,,,,,,,,,,, i w a n t  it. another reason: “dark tone”,,,,,,,need i say more,,,,,, also damn have u heard marks low notes in the fnaf musical night 2 because HOLY FUCK MARK

Wilford: hands down a Tenor. i just imagined him singing death of a bachelor. b/c can u imagine?? whooooo boy WILFORD SINGING WOULD GIVE ME LIFE!! LIKE!!!!!!

wtf was that


Google?? Baritone. I feel like he’d be able to hit high notes but also hit those smooth low notes. OH MYG O D PATRICK STUMP,,,,,,,,,, i bet oliver will play a fob song on the piano and google will sing the vocals and omg can u imagine the pHEONIx???? im ded lol bYEEEE


Oliver??????? um?? as if i didn’t know the answer to this immediately?? he’s SUCH a countertenor. like. its the only thing that makes sense.. ive never heard a countertenor but im sure if i did i would D I E !!!! because im all about those fucking high notes like,,,,,,,, HIGH NOTES MAN!!!! they make me happy and thats why its so fitting for my smol sweet son

Edwin is a toughie tbh. [thats the red goog btw]. going off about who i think he is he’s like an angry little bastard. like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Angery 24/7. but like??? how would he sing??? i think he’d be a bass because men w/ low vocal range can sing angry/furious REALLLLLLY well. [according to me, anyways.]

Leon [the green goog] is p hard too b/c whO IS HE??? i need to focus on edwin n leon more. i love oli and goog but cmON REBECCA GET WITH THE PROGRAM. i feel like he’d be a baritone????? i mean it is the most common type so why the fuck not

The Host is suCH A COUNTERTENOR!!! imagine his smol high voice, soft in the midst of everything!! oliver just gets up and becomes giddy because!!!! another countertenor!!!! aaaaaa this is the cutest thing ever omg!!! but honestly!!! imagine the host with high notes that are quiet and oh mu god!!!

Dr. Iplier is def a baritone? idk why but that range for him really sticks out to me??? i don’t know honestly???

Bim!! Trimmer!! Is!! A!! Tenor!! This man with his fine-as-all-hell suit and nice-ass hair just fucking sCREAMS the range T E N O R to me!!! like I just imagined him singing “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story and fuck!! He would make the B E S T Tony for WST!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Bing would be secret about his vocal range which is, respectively, a bass because he’s an [b]ASS. that was bad why. anwaYS leon would tell google [b/c he’s a little shithead] and,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well lets just say that google needs a new update

i wrote this at 1am someone help me

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Is Doc gonna be alright? Is Green gonna forgive himself for the virus causing him to attack Doc?

“There now,” Oliver says softly. “With a little rest and some attention from the fans, you should heal up nicely.” He watches the Doctor’s face, all the cues that something might be wrong.

Doc is still staring blankly up at the ceiling, either in resignation or silent terror, Oliver can’t quite tell. “Doc, can you talk to me?”

Dr. Iplier doesn’t answer for a bit, but finally he blinks and gives a shallow sigh. “Oliver, I…” Tears well up in his eyes, and he starts to shake again, mouth open but no breath filling his lungs. Oliver recognizes it immediately as a panic attack and begins coaching Doc through the breathing exercise. “In… hold… out…”

Once he’s calmed down again, Oliver fiddles nervously with the hem of his shirt. “Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?” He wishes he could take Doc’s fear just like he could for his brothers, but it doesn’t work that way.

Dr. Iplier shakes his head. Oliver reaches down to a spot on the floor where Doc’s little dragon, Nurse, has been watching dutifully. He places the lizard on Dr. Iplier’s chest and Doc relaxes a little when he does.

With that taken care of Oliver quickly heads down to the quarantine cell where Green is still huddled into a corner, his hands on either side of his head. Blue watches from the other side of the glass with his arms folded over his chest. “He wanted to be deactivated. Still does.”

Ollie shakes his head. “He’s just in shock, Blue.”

“I still don’t like it. I’m afraid he’s going to do something…” Google’s words die away as Oliver reaches up and places a hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Thanks, Ollie.”

The yellow droid smiles. “It’s what I do.” He slips into the quarantine cell, holding his breath.

Eye Contact: The Third Time’s the Charm

My shot at Prompt #2 Eye Contact for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon organized by @thebookjumper! I’d like to thank @tdgal1 for her help with this one. Also available on AO3.

First Meeting

Felicity Smoak had been working in the Queen Consolidated IT department for just over a year and she knew she had already become their most valuable employee.

Queen Consolidated had decided to go Google. This was a big deal for the IT department. For years, the company had used different software for emails, calendars, sharing information and Google would bring it all together and make it easier to share information in real time. Definitely a move in the right direction. But like any change there was resistance.

One of the strongest resistor was actually the current CEO. He liked things the way they were and while he may have approved the change, he was not adapting well.  Which was why Felicity wasn’t exactly surprised when her boss asked her to go up to the executive floor to help Mr. Queen.

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Doc, Wilford, Bim, Oliver one of you should go check on host, an anon was mean to him

Dr. Iplier pinches the bridge of his nose. “He’s locked himself in the library and won’t let anyone else inside–even with Wilford trying to ‘poof’ in there. I’m afraid there’s no reaching him until he decides to come out for himself.” Doc shakes his head. “He has a hard time dealing with this sort of thing.”

ill leave you with the memory

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(yall know that episode of spn where dean is taken by the Jinn and sees this alternate universe where mary never died? and he has his family and things are nice and stuff? this is basically that) 

au in which 10k gets the booster shot, and hallucinates a world where the zombie apocalypse never happened. 

When 10k wakes up, he finds himself in a bed.

Not just any bed. A comfortable bed. One with clean sheets, and nice smelling pillows.

He opens his eyes, and sees a white ceiling above his head. To his left, a nightstand with a small lamp on it. A bottle of water, half empty. To his right, a bundle of pillows and blankets.

When it moves, and a head pops out from underneath, he nearly pulls the lamp from beside him and brings it down onto the moving object.

You push the covers off of your face, giving him a sleepy smile.

“What are you staring at?” You murmur, blinking the sleep out of your eyes, dropping your head on the pillow beside you.

“What?” He asks.

“You’re staring. And tossing and turning. Bad dream?” You ask.

His brows furrow, and he sits up.

This doesn’t make sense.

The last time he saw you was in the bar. You pressed a kiss to his forehead, and told him you’d see him again soon.

The last thing he remembers is plunging an injector into his leg.

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I have somehow grown this very vivid image in my brain of Gerard in black skinny jeans with ripped knees, dark maroon (almost black) doc martins, and an olive green silk jacket with his danger days hair and I thought I would share it cuz it feels like it needs to be drawn idk

like this? (turn up your screen brightness…. it looks….. Better)

so its been forever since i opened my nessa and oliver doc and i couldn’t remember the last thing i wrote for them?? so i just checked and:

“No,” she whispers. He allows his hands to trace the edges of her body slowly as he searches for her face in the dark. His fingers find damp trails across her cheeks, and he frowns, wiping away her tears. “I - I asked Renald to marry me.”

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*shrugs* some people just want to fight things they're much too small to fight. But the egos seem like they've got it on lock. Poor guys though. Bim really loves his plants and Host makes himself sick with how much he puts into his work. But I'm sure Doc could sew Oliver's little otter back together. He is a doctor after all

Doc does, in fact, sew Otterver back together. “Good as new,” he says, presenting the stuffed animal back to a sniffling Oliver.

“Thanks, Doc.” Oliver goes to hide Otterver away from the mean anons.

The Googles are currently searching through their backups for Host’s lost work as he currently rages in the corner of the room with a punching dummy and his old baseball bat.

And Poppy uses her dragon magic to bring bag Bim’s dead plant. “Such a good girl,” Bim says, petting her smooth scales fondly.

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Prompt: 5 times Felicity doesn't believe Oliver when he tells her that he loves her and 1 time she does? :)

This one was kinda difficult.

Thanks to Molly for the help.


The first time he told her was when they were trying to beat Slade.

“I love you,” Oliver whispered, and her heart nearly stopped. “Do you understand?” he continued, taking her hand, pressing a syringe against palm. And Felicity did understand. Slade would come for her, and she would be close enough to inject the cure. She would be the one to turn Hyde back to Jekyll.

Her heart sank a little at realizing his words weren’t true; he was so convincing. She nodded and watched him turn and walk out the door.

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Helena's Promise

A bit late to share but what the heck! 

Nung una di ko masyadong type itong panuorin dahil hindi siya primetime at patay patay nnman yung kwento.. But for no reason.. isang araw bigla ko nlng siyang pinanuod at tuloy tuloy ko na tong pinanuod until the end.. And the story was just great.. I am expecting that Helena would die in the end and it will make me cry while watching pero nabitin ako sa ending tlga..

Pero mas maraming kilig moments dito keysa iyak moments.. yung iyak moments ko lang is yung noong namatay si Cheska (dunno the spelling. sorry) at nung nalaman na ng nanay ni helena yung condition niya.. those were just so tear flowing!

On the other hand, yung kilig moments nman, boto ako either kay doc oliver at c william.. their both gentlemen and were both good looking..Ang hot ng katawan ni LEE DONG WOOK Ah! MY GIRL pa lang crush na crush ko na yan! mas naging HOT siya ngayun…! Cute si doc oliver!

Seeing the ending, I realized that sinabi dun sa last episode ang moral lesson of the series.. Swerte tayong mga health pa at wala sa kalagayan ng tulad ni helena kaya wala tayong karapatang magalit at sayangin ang ating buhay dahil sa mga walang kwentang problema. And habang sa tayo'y healthy at may lakas pa. pilitin nating mabuhay ng walang takot sa mga pagsubok na dumadating at dadating sa atin.

Helena’s Promise is a series/story of inspiration, hope, and just enjoying the happiness energy of your life.