doc novak

I had the strangest dream about Omega!Dean in the military who somehow has managed to keep his omega status out of the files.

He gets hurt during a routine training, an injury that would requiere bloodwork to be done, and his commanding officer, one Bobby Singer, sits him down and explains to him that though it’s not at all needed gender designation is routinely checked during such examinations.

Of course, at this day and age, no one would openly discriminate against an omega in the ranks, but the sad reality is that, should such an omega be found in the troops, he or she would get a ‘green mark’ on their file that makes it very difficult for them to get into certain positions or on certain missions.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if his best man, a beta through and through, would somehow be falsely identified as omega and thus be banned from the most prestigious missions? Maybe it would be a better idea to cough it up and deal wth this injury on his own, right?

(The actual dream was a lot more complicated and contained some very icky stuff about the injury, thanks to those trypophobia pictures I carelessly googled, but this is what I choose to take away from the dream)

I imagine that Bobby then points Dean towards a doc, a certain Castiel Novak, who is, let’s say, somewhat lax with the regulations so he can get the meds he needs without any official questions being asked.

But maybe something goes wrong and Novak ends up having to ask questions he really shouldn’t ask and they become tangled in this web of lies, because alphas are, though in this day and age no one would, of course, discriminate against them, not encouraged to go into medical services and so this very beta doctor has a hard time explaining why the hell he’s reacting to his very beta patient the way he is …