doc marten inspired

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I’m still alive!! My rips have nearly grown out, so some nail art was in order. I’ll be at Disneyland this weekend and I wanted to have a set that would work even after we leave. Thus these Beauty and the Beast inspired nails were born! Can you spot my super subtle hidden Mickey? I used a tutorial by Chelsea King from forever ago to do the roses (I think she calls them Doc Marten inspired?) and I love this set so much.


Effy Stonem Outfit Recreation 

 Effy wore this outfit in 4x02 when she saw Freddie for the first time after being in Italy. The top, shorts, and necklace is from forever 21. The bracelets are from hot topic. The tights are from urban outfitters. And she paired the outfit with some brown doc martens. Also shoutout to Klara who made the edit of Effy’s outfit you can check out her tumblr here and her pinterest here!


Effy Stonem Apocalypse

This is what I think effy would wear during a zombie apocalypse. She would wear a black leather jacket, the one above is from Zara with some sort of graphic or plain tank top or muscle tee, the one above is from urban outfitters. Pair with some really ripped black jeans, if there is a real apocalypse though I would wear something with less rips lol. For shoes go with any brown boots, to emulate effy’s style best go with docs. Finally, she’d accessorize with black plastic bracelets, necklaces would probably be too much of a hassle during an apocalypse.

Outfit Recreation from Series 3 Trailer!!

Effy is wearing a sleeveless black dress that it pretty flows, there’s similar ones at brandy melville and forever 21. Underneath the dress she is wearing a black lace bra which you can get from free people and other places. She is wearing mesh tights with detailing and it also has tears in it which you can do yourself. I wasn’t sure about her shoes but I would pair this with any black combat boots. She is wearing a red and black flannel which you really can get anywhere. And for jewelry she’s wearing a silver cross necklace (the on I included is from forever 21) and she is wearing a silver chain around her waist and black plastic bracelets that I did not include in the picture :)


Effy Stonem Roadtrip Attire

These outfits are based around comfort and denim. The outfit on the left is pairing a short casual dress and a denim jacket both from forever 21 and paired with black converse. The outfit on the right shows a graphic black distressed tee and ripped boyfriend jeans both from brandy Melville and paired with brown doc martens. These outfits can be worn just about everywhere, but I thought they would be great for a Roadtrip :)