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I would like to hear your Ruby nicknames!

Ace (Doc) - she’s the main captain of the group and Literally The Boss, at face value alone she seems like the kind of gem to have a name like that.

Rook (Navy) - she’s got a fuckin talent for scamming people out of information with her feigned innocence and ignorance, is actually one of the sharpest of the group!

Tank (Army) - she’s physically the toughest rube of the group and she loves to tussle, but she also doubles herself as a protector of her ruby friends.

Vet (Eyeball) - she’s got more experience in her left foot than the rest of them do in their whole forms! when it comes to facts and checking out unfamiliar territories, even the leader checks with her first before barrelling in.

Newby (Leggy) - she’s the newest of the group and still a little uncertain of this whole “mission” thing, but she’s trying her best! and with the guidance of her new friends and crewmates, she’ll be just fine!

Dinner and Dessert

So I herd that it’s @things-all-love‘s birthday today and I wrote her a little Saezuru birthday ficlet. Just something smushy and happy because she deserves all the smushes and happiness.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  Gurl I hope you have a great birthday!

This is very AU and basically happens sometime during Volume 1.

“Hey,” Nanahara poked his head around one of the cabinets in the file room. “I think tomorrow is Boss’ birthday." 

Doumeki looked up from the shelf he’d been sifting through. Although Yashiro ran a front for the Shinseikai group, his business actually made money, which meant that some of their yakuza duties included office work. Doumeki and Nanahara had been assigned a large box of miscellaneous papers that needed sorting, and early on Doumeki noticed that Nanahara was easily distracted. 

"You aren’t sure?” he asked quietly. 

Nanahara scratched the back of his head, walking out from behind the cabinet into full view. “Well, Sugimoto overheard the Doc teasing Boss about it when they were there yesterday. He said they’re both old men now." 

Boss’ birthday… Doumeki’s heart lurched. He wanted to do something for Yashiro, buy him something, give him something, show him how much he was treasured. His mind flipped through dozens of ideas, rejecting all of them, and he must’ve gotten lost in thought for too long because suddenly Nanahara was snapping fingers in front of his face. 

"Hey, we need to get back to work!” True to his word he jumped back to his filing, then stuck his head out again only a few seconds later. “Should we get him a gift? Take him out? I know he likes…" 

Sex and sex toys. 

It was amazing how unspoken words could echo through a room. 

Both of them stared at each other, Nanahara wide-eyed with realization, and then they quickly snapped back to their tasks. 

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Guzma Therapy Finale Session

The confused grunts began to whisper to one another. Guzma had called them all together twenty minutes ago, he was now sitting on his throne staring at them. The boss took swigs of his flask in between grumbling, he tried to start speaking before stopping to have a smoke. He looked like a complete mess. Plumeria was sitting off to the side staring at the floor. She was sure she knew what this was about.

Finally, Guz stood up, cleared his throat a few times and began.

“The way I am is not exactly who I could be
But who I would be was stomped by the opponent I thought I never could beat”

He looked around nervously at the grunts.

“I threaten you guys all the time with some ass beatings but I’m past beatings because i know how it was like when my ass was receiving.
What I mean to say, and why I called you here today, I need to put my fear away so help me wipe this tear away.”

He smiled slightly. This was an emotional moment but he felt proud of himself for thinking up that last line on the spot. He then crouched and continued.

“I know you think reckless, what I want to get off my chest is, I have a huge problem and need y’all to help me best this.
Except this, and some enemy on my checklist. If it was a fucking person I wouldn’t talk, I’d wreck it.

But this is a game of the mind, this shame of mine, hunting my from past and kickin my ass from time to time.
So with this pain of mine I thought I wouldn’t explain the crime that made me who I am, inches from the danger line.

If you knew what I had to say you would say this way is crap, and I’m okay with that, how I deal away with shit is to spit my feelings in freestyle rap.

Let’s get it over with…

So half of you already know. My dad hit me.
And you know I never spoke about. I kept it with me
But now the shit is bottled up inside, I feel sickly

So I figured I’d get at this bitch before it gets me

I don’t know what I did that first set ‘em off, I let him off the hook cause I figured I was better off,

accepting the punishment for not trying harder, it went farther and eventually it was life that I’m a part of

He always had a temper, never tried to hone it

And that’s affecting me so I’m trying to own it


He paused. Despite the intensity of emotion he was more upset that he had missed his next rhyme. He took a deep breath and a long drag from his cigarette.

“When something went wrong he’d talk like it was all about me

Whatever I’d say he’d doubt and again he’d beat the shit out me.

He made me doubt me.

He’d make me feel bare inside

Ya boi seems tough but back then I was terrified

There was nowhere to hide

At home I felt dead inside

At school I felt free yet the future kept me petrified.

One time when I was told to clean the bathroom, he walked away

Said that he’d be back soon

I met him in the back room, I was done I thought he’d enjoy it

When he saw a spot I missed he bashed my head through the fucking toilet

Once when I was ten or so, he grabbed by my little throat

Held me up to his level, I was scared my pants were soaked

He looked at me with those crazy eyes I grew to abhore

Then he slammed me down and my head broke through floor

I remember a time when I was lying on the ground

With my hands and feet up, he just kept being me down

I tried to block my face but my attempts were useless

He kept me outta school a week to hide the bruises

I could tell stories like these ones all day

But I’d rather skip ahead to the point where i wasn’t afraid

I grabbed his favorite nine iron, the one he likes to use on me

Then when into his room to show him true brutality

It was the fucking moment I waited for, I was hyped the day before

I had planned to do this LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE ME FOR





I took care of him, that pain will never come again

But now I look in the mirror and realize I’m becoming him…”

Guzma had put everything into that. He fell to his knees and stared down at the floor, watching teardrops form below him. The grunts were silent, having no idea how to take all of this. Until one spoke up, “but … that’s bullshit! You’re nothing like that!”

Then another. “Bro he was hitting a little kid, you wouldn’t do that!”

“My mom was like ya dad and that’s why I’m here, I feel safe here!”

One by one the grunts chimed in; a few said they were abused as well. A few said they wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the boss. Emotions flooded the room as people reassured Guzma and shared their past experiences; what they did to escape and the times that they couldn’t. Sadness turned to happiness as drinks were poured and light hearted stories were shared. There was a brief awkwardness when the boss showed them the bent golf club he had kept, but this too turned to laughter when one of the grunts shouted, “here’s a joke! Guzma walks into a club….”

The rest of the night went on like this and slowly ended up with the grunts and the boss all sleeping around the throne. Guzma had fallen asleep on Plumeria’s lap. She was stroking his hair looking down at his awkward half open mouth. She frowned, picturing this goof as a small child, ragdolled by life. She leaned down slowly towards his ear and whispered, “It’s ok… You’re safe now. You’re not there anymore..” A tear fell down her cheek, landing onto his.


Two grunts found themselves trekking through the woods far behind skull mansion. They stayed low and made their way out into a clearing.

“We shouldn’t be doin’ this!”

“We has to. It’s not right. He shouldn’t be goin’ to that doctor; they’re messin’ up his head!”

“But he’s been feelin’ better and shit. This is good for him!”

“Yeah but it ain’t natural!”

They kept walking until they came across a small shack. Slowly the two of them crept up to the window and peeked in. Inside sat a grunt in the corner and two chairs. Guzma was sitting on one of them and an Alakazam was sitting on the other.

“Sheesh how much of this homework shit do I gotta do doc? Do you write this shit to torture people?” the boss said to the Pokemon.

The spoon in the alakazams hand bent slightly.

“FINE but when is it done. I mean i’m glad I started going to therapy but i don’t wanna turn into no wuss.”

The small grunt shot a glance at the two outside, causing them to duck under the window.

“See, there like brain controlling him or some shit,” one whispered.

“But he’s happy now. Maybe he wanted this…”

(thanks for all who read this it was fun as hell to put together. thanks again to @supersquiddle for putting it together! at best this whole thing has been a fun way for me to talk about shit ive been dealing with and use real examples in order to, hidden blatently behind the guisse of fan-fiction. fun shit.)

Still figuring out exactly how I want to draw male Kasaeda specifically testing with this guy.  He’s the one I showed a while back.  One of the big guys/berserker/army Kasaeda.  Still figuring things out with him and his story but basically he’s one of the big soldier guys.  Lost an eye and a few hairthings along the way but despite that he’s pretty chipper.

He was paired with Kajout when they tried to get her to join the soldiers before she went nah no thanks that’s not for me.  Despite her leaving he kept visiting her which for whatever reason she put up with/he put up with her grumpiness.  His love of animals I think is one of the reasons she puts up with him.  Kajout is the Jungle’s vet so she’s used to dealing with Adult/kid Kasaeda but only for as long as she has to so she knows how to socialize she just prefers not to.  If you asked her she’d say she prefers the kids over the adults because they’re so eager to learn about animals.

Initially he was going to be around her age but he’s older.  She’s grumpy and acts like an old woman, he’s older, happy and ready for adventure.  Kajout wants to kinda idly do things and he’s like sunshine 24-7.

He learns her patterns and kinda knows when she’s good for company versus when she’s not.  She even starts to wait for him some days before she goes for her walks.  Kinda of like if you’re willing to put up with me I might as well put up with you.  And he likes rockbirds so when he sees Kajout has one he’s way to excited.  That is one animal you don’t normally have ever as a pet.  Kajout’s circumstances for having one is because it was abandoned and even she won’t leave a rockbird chick by itself.

Also the ear thing is still me deciding.  I think it may be a recessive trait.  But Jungle and Aquatic Kasaeda are least likely to have them.  Mainland/Beach Kasaeda may have the ear trait more often.  Jungle Kasaeda split off from the mainland area long ago so their ancestors might have mostly been the non visible ear variety.

Also thinking of his name and trying not to pick a K name because I somehow have named all my Kasaeda over the years with K  names.  Even Fire Hazard has a K name which is Kelelanu.  I didn’t even mean to do that.

Kasaeda reside with me

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  • wipe off and polish docs
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  • soup for dinner w/ cheese rolls 🙌🏼
  • write my junk free june goals in my journal 
  • write my goals for the rest of the week in my journal
  • creative journaling :) 
  • Finish the Indica, Life of Alexander and Harpalus chapter. 
Befuddled and Bewildered Ch 11

Summary: Daryl gets his punishment. 

Warnings: Blood, Violence, Swearing

Tags: @negans-network @namelesslosers @miiraal @imaginesforthepeople @isayweallgetdrunk @toxic-ink @mwesterfeld1985 @talina-boyaci

Negan’s POV

I walked down to the cells. Simon was standing outside one door. I heard Daryl pounding on the door, screaming his damn head off.

“You could have had Arat keep watch.” I told him.

“This one is important. Figured you’d want it to be me.” He said.

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[This imagine was requested by @mainstreamed-maddythank you all for your patience, requests, and love. All requests are accepted. I hope you all enjoy! MILD TRIGGER WARNING: THERE IS A DELICATE SCENE IN REGARDS TO AN ACCIDENTAL/SOMEWHAT ON PURPOSE SUICIDE ATTEMPT]

I had been in the guest bedroom (that has never once been a room to any guest) for a little over two hours. Mister J rarely came in here so it seemed like the opportune place to be alone for a while, then again, he wasn’t even home so I was alone anyway. I lay curled up in the faux fur lined hanging egg chair, silently crying while wrapped up in my fuzzy pink blanket with a few empty bottles of wine and a box of chocolates. 
Now as a rule that Mister J and I both oddly saw sense in, we don’t drink. We can serve alcohol, we can hold an alcoholic drink just for show, but we never take even a sip. There was a method to our madness, you see. Alcohol only made my voices more prominent, they only made us more unstable and unpredictable. The reason why we worked, the reason why he had gotten so far is because he was crazy, I was crazy, but we were the smart kind of crazy. We were reckless but our risks were calculated for the most part, there was always a plan. Give us any sort of narcotics and the whole world burns.
I’m not one for breaking, I can take more hits than most, but sometimes it’s not the physical blows that break you. So, there I was, sobbing into a pillow, completely pissed drunk with little whispers in my ear… and then he walked in. 
He was on the verge of saying something about the club and in the middle of unbuttoning his shirt when he stopped in his tracks. 
Nonchalance wasn’t going to fix this, but my drunken mind thought otherwise so sniffling, I wiped my eyes and sat up.
“H-H-Hiya P-P-Puddin’, what’s wrong?” 
His eyes flicked to the few bottles of wine I had with me and his eyes narrowed, “Those better be sparkling water, Y/N, or we’re going to have a problem,” he growled. 
I crumpled then, my sobs coming out heavy and fast and I rose gripping one of the bottles by its neck. 
“We already, have a problem, Mister J,” my speech was mumbled and slurred.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” 
I scoffed, throwing the bottle at him and he sidestepped, watching it hit the wall and shatter before his cool blue-grey eyes focused on me. 
“I don’t like you drunk,” his tone was clipped, angry. 
“You don’t give a damn about me, don’t even gimme that, Mister J,” 
He has never cared, you’re just his toy. There are thousands more just like you. Batman knows it, Mister J knows it, but poor little Y/N can’t face the music. The voices whispered and I smacked the side of my head with a violence, yelling out for them to stop. Mister J looked at me in a way my brain couldn’t process and he shut the bedroom door. 
“I want you to tell me what this is all about, doll.” 
He knows, he is just playing with me now. Always playing, always playing, always fucking playing. I stumbled a little, still holding my head because the voices wouldn’t shut up and Mister J began again. 
“Who made you cry?” 
Who? Who? “You silly, but you don’t care.” 
He rolled his neck, cracking it, a tick that always meant he was angry, irritated, or feeling something. 
“Careful, doll. Now I don’t recall saying anything genuinely rotten to you tod-” 
“That’s right! That’s right, did you hear that?” I giggled, a sad and twisted little giggle when I realised he wouldn’t have heard what the voice in my head had said. “It said, you wouldn’t give a shit if I fell off this here balcony.“ I backed up, pulling the door open and he advanced slowly. 
“Now why would it say such a thing, why would you think such a thing?”
He said it in a curious way… in a way that made me even more sad because why would I question him? Why would I think such bad things about my puddin’? Always in your head Y/N he is always in your head, mixing you up, but now you see. But I don’t want to see!
“You can make a thousand more of me,” I felt empty now, tapping my forehead gently, and my back hit the guard rail. 
“I don’t want to make another one, I want you, do you understand? Aren’t you happy? Don’t you love me? Why are you doing this?” He asked in a voice softer than silk, he was trying to calm me I think. Or trick you. The voices whispered.
“I fell for your stories… for your lies… The Bat made me see, don’t you understand? The Bat, told me how stupid I was for thinking you could ever,” I lifted myself so I was sitting on the guard rail.
“Y/N,” he growled. 
Ever. Care about me.”
I let go of the railing so all I would have to do is tilt my body backward and that would be it. Do it, Harley. Jump. Jump. Hitting my head I screamed again for the voices to stop, my voice hitching as I fell back. Oh! 
But he had me, his hands curled around my ankle and I stared down at the little cars and realised I could have just been a mangled heap all the way down there. Leaning up I grabbed his arm and he released my leg, yanking me up and over the rail and we fell back. He clutched me to his chest and I sobbed, I held onto him for dear life and I sobbed into his chest while he stroked my hair. Whether from exertion or… something else his heart was beating hard and fast. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I whimpered. 
He didn’t say anything for a moment, he just lifted me into his arms and carried me back inside, yelling for Frost who entered promptly. 
“Yeah, boss?” 
“Grab the Doc, she has been drinking,”
And with that he was gone and I was still crying but I felt weak, tired, my head lolling and in a moment of tenderness his lips brushed the heart on my cheekbone. 
“We’ll fix you up Y/N… we’ll make it right.”

***Y/N P.O.V

I woke up feeling better, there was an I.V in my arm that was pumping me with fluids to eradicate the alcohol in my system. Mister J was sitting beside me, absently playing with his hunting knife. 
“I don’t like it when you’re presumptuous,” he said. 
Licking my lips I sat up, cupping the side of his neck with my hand and he looked at me then. There was an angry, frustrated, and confused look in his eyes and I brushed my nose against his. 
“I know… I’m sorry… he got into my head. He… he found my weakness,” 
Mister J’s confusion grew, and I squeezed his hand, “You. He made me doubt-” 
“Don’t you ever do anything like that again or I’ll kill you myself,” 
He left me then, moving towards the door but he paused for a second, turning his head but he didn’t look at me. 
“The Bat will hurt for this, for you.” 
And with that he was gone, it was the only thing I needed. It was his way of saying I do care about you, whatever he said was wrong. It was his way of telling me that I mattered to him in the only way he knew how and that was more than I could ever ask for.

[I might make this scene longer for fun or recreate it in Mister J’s point of view further down the line but I am not sure. I am happy with it, I hope you guys are too. Feel free to message me with requests, feedback, or even if you just want to chat.][I also sincerely ask that none of my work is posted elsewhere and in the event that it is please at least credit the author. Thank you]

I need help, advice, solutions, anything anyone can give me.

My early morning interview went really well today. So well, in fact, that though I was told they’d be selecting two candidates to move on to round two next week, I got an email at 4:30 saying I’ve been selected. They want me to set up an interview time with the boss early next week, between the hours of 9 and 5.

Guys. I’m doing full time all next week as I’m still in training! I told my boss I had a doc appt today, which gave me a little wiggle room in my start time. I can’t have ANOTHER doc appt on Tues when I haven’t even been working there a week!!

What do I do? I’m honestly considering partial honesty. “It’s a job I applied for over a month ago, but I can’t pass by the opportunity for full time at a fantastic wage. I may not get the job, in which case I am happy to stay here and continue training, but I understand if you don’t want to take that chance.”


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Please do a McKirk 'I got in my car and you were sleeping in the backseat who the hell are you and how did you get into my car?' AU

I didn’t mean for this to turn out into like an action movie plot, but here we go:

  • It’s been a long day and all Leonard wants to do is drive home from his shift in the hospital and drink beers while taking a hot bath. That’s a thing, and it’s wonderful. Who says only wine is appropriate for hot baths? But his anticipation is short lived when, right before his apartment, Leonard becomes aware of groaning in his backseat. “What the– what?!” Leonard says, looking over his shoulder at the stranger in his car. There’s literally a guy in his backseat. “What the fuck!” Leonard curses, slamming the breaks so the guy almost slides off his backseat. Good. “Watch out, Jesus,” the guy says. Leonard parks his car and gets out, yanking the backdoor open and dragging this stranger out of his car. “Ow, ow- ouch! Hey, careful!” “Who are you and what are you doing in my car?” Leonard demands, hands on the man’s leather jacket. “Jim, I’m Jim. Just… let me sleep for a while, please?“ 
  • Jim is hurt. He passes out after that, and so Leonard -against better judgment- carries Jim up up to his apartment and he puts Jim down on his couch. Jim should really go to the hospital, because he’s pale and judging by the bullet hole in his side - he should definitely not be on Leonard’s couch. Leonard rips open Jim’s shirt and grabs his instrument kit, quietly getting to work. He grumbles softly under his breath about how his bath time has been ruined by this stranger in his car. 
  • When Jim wakes up again, Leonard is sitting on the free chair, quietly sipping his coffee. “Where am I?” “No longer on the backseat of my car, that’s where,” Leonard replies. Jim’s hand moves to his wound, finding it taped off by bandages, and he looks down. “How did you…?” “I’m a doctor,” Leonard explains. “Tell me something, though. I work in a hospital. My car was literally in the parking lot of said hospital. If you were shot, why didn’t you just stumble a few more feet and went inside?” “I was shot in the hospital, I was trying to get out,” Jim explains. “What? No, that doesn’t sound right,” Leonard says. "If you got shot in the hospital, people would’ve heard.“ Jim shakes his head, slowly trying to sit up straight. “It’s a long story,” Jim explains, like he doesn’t really want to explain it any further. 
  • Jim’s gone a few hours later, despite Leonard advising him not to move. Leonard doesn’t think he’ll ever see Jim again, and he’s fine with that. He just wants his warm baths after long shifts. Maybe read a book, or watch Netflix on his tablet. He doesn’t need anything else. But a few days later, when he slides into his car again, Jim’s back on his backseat. “What the f– damn it, Jim!” "Hey, doc,“ Jim says. He’s sitting up straight this time, legs stretched out over the backseat, laptop on his lap. “What are you doing here?” Leonard asks. “I’m hacking into the hospital’s security system.” “What?” “It’s a long story, and it’s classified. I’m starving, I’ll treat you to tacos, let’s go.” “I’m not going to go get tacos with you.” Leonard says.
  • Jim still doesn’t look completely healthy, though. He sits down gingerly in the booth of Ricos Taco Place while he’s holding at least three different tacos, french fries, a salad, and a large coke. Leonard just has a small wrap, and he’s honestly amazed at how much Jim’s eating. “Care to tell me what you’re doing with my hospital?” Leonard asks, and Jim sighs. “I’ve been tracking the hospital’s financing,” Jim explains, “each year several millions disappear to various accounts in the Caribbean and Switzerland. I’m just trying to find out what exactly’s going on.” “So someone’s committing fraud and it got you shot?” “Yeah,” Jim explains, “it was a merc, though. I don’t know who’s behind all of this.”
  • Leonard finds Jim in his car at least three more times. It startles him every time, because it’s not like Jim actually announces it. He’s just there, on Leonard’s backseat, making very little noise until Leonard’s almost home. And Leonard yells at Jim for a little while, and Jim lets him, then Jim treats him to tacos or other fast food.
  • And then Leonard overhears his department head literally talk about shifting money. He just happens to walk in his office at the wrong time, and he tries to play it off like he’s heard nothing. He smiles, subtly, asking his question, and then he turns around to leave. Quick paced. He’s definitely followed. Using the fire escape, Leonard rushes to his car and slides behind the steering wheel. He reaches out for his phone to call Jim, but then Jim is already sitting in his backseat. “What’s up, doc–” “Jesus, stop doing that!” Leonard says, “it’s my boss. It’s the head of surgery department, Jim.” “What?” “The swindler guy.” "Are you sure?“ Jim asks, and he sits up straight. A few seconds later, a bullet breaks the glass of Leonard’s car, and Jim ducks down. “Jesus. Okay, yes, I guess you’re right. Drive.” He orders, climbing to the passenger seat as Leonard speeds away. 
  • Come nightfall, Leonard is fairly sure he’ll never sleep again. He’s been shot at, his car is totaled, and his hospital is under federal investigation. Jim looks fine, though. All detective-like with a badge in his hand, talking to his colleagues. Leonard watches for a while after he’s been questioned himself, but then when he’s free to go, he stops a taxi and slides in the back seat. “Hey, doc-” Jim says, apparently right next to Leonard in the back seat. “Wha-for fuck sake, Jim!” Leonard groans, slouching down in his seat and pinching the bridge of his nose. “How are you always in the same car as me?” Leonard asks, and Jim laughs. “I was just wondering if you wanted to get drinks.” “I’m going home.” “We can drink in your home, too,” Jim shrugs, and Leonard turns to look at Jim with a frown. “Are you saying you’re gonna join me in bath, too?” He asks, sarcastically, but Jim looks at him with such interest that Leonard immediately regrets that question. “Yes! Absolutely I will join you.” Jim says, and Leonard laughs. “You’re not joining me.”
  • Leonard can feel Jim smile smugly behind his back, but he’s really not caring right now. Jim’s chest is warm in the hot water. His hand is leaning just outside the tub, lazily holding his bottle of beer. “This was a very nice idea,” Jim says, and Leonard shivers when he feels Jim’s hot, wet fingers run through his hair. “I don’t remember saying you could join,” Leonard says. “You’re not complaining now though,” Jim says, and Leonard huffs. “I just need to relax a little,” Leonard says, his hand dipping under the water and resting on Jim’s leg. “I know other things that’ll help you relax a little,” Jim says, lips brushing over the side of Leonard’s head. And when his hand dips down over Leonard’s chest and into the water, sliding between Leonard’s leg, Leonard is definitely not complaining.
Switching Places Chapter 15: I'm not in love with Eisuke

Title: Switching Places Chapter 15
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Metro PD: Close To You
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
KBTBB’s MC: Mia SAKATA (reference)
Characters: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota

Background: If you don’t know what this series is about, here’s a quick summary and reference links. MC Mika is the twin sister of Mia- original MC from KBTBB who’s now unconscious in hospital after an attack, Mika who works in MPD goes undercover and soon discovers about the black market auction plus a series of “troubles”-
Eisuke forces himself on her / Walk into Soryu masturbation / Fun time with the boss Kirisawa / One night stand with creepy doc / Sleeping with lazy Mamo & Eisuke’s fantasy  / Or going on a date with Eisuke? / Drinking game with the bidders

Notes: One of the most important scene of this series

Chapter 1: Part 1 Waking Up
Chapter 1: Part 2 Welcome Home
Chapter 1: Part 3A Hell Hole (Option 1 SMUT)
Chapter 1- Part 3 (option 2 ROMANCE)
Chapter 2: Hello Stranger
Chapter 3: Part 1A Someone
Chapter 3: Part 1B What Am I? (Soryu’s ROMANCE)
Chapter 4: Heated Night (Soryu’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 1 Bad Timing (Kirisawa’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 2 Show time (Luke’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 3 Bed time, kid (Mamo;s SMUT)
Chapter 6: Part 1 Morning After
Chapter 6: Part 2 Be Mine, Again (Eisuke’s SMUT)
Chapter 7: Nothing Else
Chapter 8: The One & Only (Soryu’s SMUT)
Chapter 9: Part 1 Behind the Mask
Chapter 9: Part 2 Date Night
Chapter 10: Let The Game Begins
Chapter 11: Make It Right

Chapter 12: Will You Help Me Mamoru?
Chapter 13: GONE
Chapter 14: The More The Merrier

Chapter 15: I’m not in love with Eisuke
4th week Tuesday

A man is strapped to the chair with his bangs covering his brows and eyes. But you recognize him in an instsnt, “Soryu!!” He looks up to find his feet tied to the chairs with just his boxer on. “You’re alive!” Sighing with relief, he quickly sees the cameras and speakers on the walls. “Are you hurt?” You shake your head, feeling a little dizzy. “Gzzz, it’s… hot in here.” He clears his throat, a familiar laugh comes from above. “Oh dearies, you two are feeling the heat? The drug sure works fast!” Hearing the amusement from her voice, it doesn’t sound good. There’s a click on the door and it opens, the woman with scar face enters with a camera in her hand. Yanking you up with the other and pulls you towards Soryu.

“Let’s play, I’m bored!” She smirks, making her looks much creepier than she already is. “What do you want?” Soryu tries reaching his legs but the woman points a gun to your head, “It’s simple, I am only here to watch, you two are the one having fun.” She says and kicks a box to your feet from the floor.
Neither you or Soryu can say another word or understand what she means because your entire body feel like it’s on fire, aching for attention. The woman grins and pushes you onto Soryu, “You know you want it girl, go on, ride him. Then you will be free.”  

“No…” The mobster rumbles, “Is poor Mia not sexy enough for you tough guy?” She teases and slowly rocks you back and forth while you’re straddling him, “Does she not turn you on?” Her voice echoes in your head and vaguely fade away, “Sor…Soryu..” You mumble, not entirely sure if this is real. Your warm fingertips gently lift his face up to look at you, gazing intently into each other’s eyes. You try to breath slowly, to calm your rapid heartbeat. “Mia.” His voice resounds sweetly in your ears, lingering in your head, powering over you like some kind of drug. Wait, but you are drugged.

“We…. can’t.” He hisses, you are now rocking him on your own, leaning in, you press a hard kiss to his mouth. No, this can’t be real. He makes a soft sound but his lips parts quickly. “Mia! No, we..” You growl softly and crash your lips on his, kissing is hell of a way to shut someone up. You’ve always loved doing it, in reality or in fantasy. When you finally break away, his eyes are on your mouth then down to your bra.

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Switching Places Chapter 8: The One & Only

Title: Switching Places Chapter 8
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Metro PD: Close To You
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Smut

KBTBB’s MC: Mia SAKATA (reference)
Characters: Mamoru, Eisuke, Soryu

Summary: The mobster goes back to his empty home with you lingering in his mind- how you smile when Luke kisses you on your cheek and Mamoru takes you back to his place. Oh no, Soryu Oh is not amused at all, far from it so cold shower it is (SMUT) @annamreed @carinecaldre69 @itsmeecupcakelove

If you don’t know what this series is about, here’s a quick summary and reference links. MC Mika is the twin sister of Mia- original MC from KBTBB who’s now unconscious in hospital after an attack, Mika who works in MPD goes undercover and soon discovers about the black market auction plus a series of “troubles”-
Eisuke forces himself on her / Walk into Soryu masturbation / Fun time with the boss Kirisawa / One night stand with creepy doc / Sleeping with lazy Mamo / Eisuke’s fantasy 

Personally, this doesn’t feel like smut, it’s more like an emotional ride for Sor. I struggle between leaving him “guilty and put an end to it” / “making his wants come true”… This chapter wasn’t originally in my head, it just came after Chapter 7. Also, it’s rather short.

Something not so much fun next week, auction!!!! 
Chapter 1: Part 1 Waking Up
Chapter 1: Part 2 Welcome Home
Chapter 1: Part 3A Hell Hole (Option 1) SMUT
Chapter 1: Part 3B What A View (Option 2) ROMANTIC
Chapter 2: Hello Stranger (SMUT)
Chapter 3: Part 1A Someone
Chapter 3: Part 1B What Am I? (Soryu’s Romance)
Chapter 4: Heated Night (Soryu’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 1 Bad Timing (Kirisawa’s smut)
Chapter 5: Part 2 Show time (Luke’s smut)
Chapter 5: Part 3 Bed time, kid (Mamoru’s smut)
Chapter 6: Part 1 Morning After
Chapter 6: Part  2 Be Mine, Again
(Eisuke’s smut)
Chapter 7: Nothing Else

Chapter 8: The One & Only

Soryu’s World


Slamming the door behind, Soryu heads straight for a cold shower to calm the fuck down, to get you out of his mind. He cares for you, he always has, way before your attack. You maybe Eisuke’s girl but you’re the first woman he ever feels comfortable with, he however does not understand how you’ve such influence after only living together for two weeks. Now, he thinks the world of you and it is NOT okay.

Still feeling the anger from witnessing Luke touches you and frustration from seeing you leave with Kishi. You have been staying at his place for the whole week!? Would Kishi see you the same way he does? Would he realize how caring, sweet, beautiful and sexy you are? Did he touch you? No, that perv, he wouldn’t dare to mess with Eisuke, he needs the auction. Water running down from his face, cooling his heated cheeks while his thoughts brings him back to the last time you’re in his apartment, remembering you lying on his bed, drunk and horny.

Isn’t he taking an ice-cold shower to get you out of his head? Why is he still thinking about you? And why is his body yearning for the feel of your soft lips? Imagining how good it must feel to have your hands caressing each and every inch of his body. Soryu Oh, the well feared and respected man in Ice Dragon, yet you are constantly taking over his thoughts and dreams. He never wants anyone but his desires for you is torturing him.

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