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Photos of the trip thus far! Featuring my friend Stennar, my absolute best friend Taylor-Grace, Doc, Dracula, Spongebob, and Hogwarts! Much love from this lil Slytherin on Munday!

By the way, I got picked to get my wand at Ollivander’s and I’ve NEVER BEEN SO OVERJOYED.

Here is the thing about Ben Reilly in Clone Conspiracy.

Hypothetically the idea of someone who has to an extent led Peter’s life but who’s been so damaged that they are now a villain, but their villainous acts still come from a place of misguided altruism is an interesting idea. It really is.

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My mind immediately went to “Harry Hart does not understand what Eggsy’s on a bout when he’s with his bredren and talking slang and Eggsy making cue cards”

I would love William, Catherine and Harry to create their own blogs, nothing personal. Once they go on a visit they could write about how honoured they were to meet the people they did and help describe the cause. It would hopefully counteract this bullshit vain, pointless, judgmental, gossipy and plain rude to the charities - ‘journalism’ that seems to go around these days.

I want to hear about Harry in Africa and conservation NOT his love life. I want to hear about Catherine and her mental health work NOT her ‘fringe’.

Seen as journalists themselves can’t be trusted to write about the important things we call news, maybe it’s time they did it themselves?