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so im absolutely obsessed with @skyesentinels ‘s youtube au and i got an IdeaTM (pls read the voltron youtube au frfr it’s s o good)

-For april fools, Keith and Pidge make a new channel for ‘supernatural hunting and alien spotting’
     -The video they post is just them running around Keith’s apartment while lance chases them while wearing a bedsheet
          -there are many gifs of lance tripping and face planting because he can’t see
-they all think it’s just an one time thing they did for a funny april fools thing but no
     -the fans won’t allow it
-the channel somehow gets to 100,000 subscribers, and keith and pidge get sent an actual silver play button from youtube for a channel they made as a joke
      -then they realize that they can’t just let the channel die now
-So they continue making videos
-they start out mostly the same as the first video, just obviously fake ‘paranormal activity’ while someone chases them
     -there are also many gifs of shiro dragging keith away while being the ‘ghost’
     -also many, many audio clips of keith’s high pitched screaming as this is done
-Lance is a fan favorite in these videos because he always ends up screaming and falling into keith’s arms
     -the klance shippers l i v e for this channel
-shiro is the worst to have in these videos unless he’s the ghost
     -shiro: maybe the real ghost was the friends we made along the way
     -keith: sh u t up shiro this is s e r i o u s
     -”yea i’d punch a ghost. I’d fight every single ghost in the astral plane. im not scared”
-there’s a video of keith filming lance in the middle of his morning routine and yelling “look guys! It’s a ghost, and it’s hideous
     -the rest of the video is the camera shaking while keith runs for his life
-there are x-file memes everywhere
     -every single video there are new clips on tumblr with the x-files theme playing
-g h o s t  a d v e n t u r e  m e m e s
     -”My name is Keith Kogane. I’ve never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Pidge Holt and our equipment tech Hunk Garrett. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures.”
     -this leads the fandom to make memes about zak bagans being keith’s boyfriend
     -lance doesn’t realize that it’s all a meme and he’s??? So confused?? Like i thought keith and i bonded???? Who is zak and what does he have that i dont???????
      -”zak bagans is my boyfriend and i would die for him” -keith probably
      -keith does have a lowkey unironic crush on zak bagans and the only one that knows is shiro
-then they start making other videos of them doing things like looking for aliens/bigfoot/mothman ect
     -everyone likes these videos too because keith almost always starts ranting that mothman is r e a l.
     -pidge does the same but with nessie
-this leads to them making videos about conspiracy theories
     -these are basically just 30 minute long unedited videos of them screaming about cryptids
-they also start doing those cursed games like the bath game and midnight game
     -they get the whole gang together to play the midnight game but it’s basically just them sitting in a dark room with candles pretending to feel stuf
     -except lance who claims he’s actually feeling things, but in reality its just keith messing with him
-their videos sometimes end with the police showing up one way or another
      -once they had to pause making a video because keith screamed so loud that his neighbors thought he was dying so now there’s footage of keith awkwardly explaining to a police officer what they were doing
      -the fandom has started making bets to whether or not the police will show up in the next video or not
-theres a compilation of videos from pidge’s snapchat that are just a slow zoom of keith’s face as he does something with the caption ‘caught a cryptid on video!!!!!!!!’
     -keith tried to get her back but he’s much less sneaky about it so most of keith’s video’s usually end with pidge tackling him
-the fans get ‘#cryptidkeith’ treading on twitter and keith wants to die
     -most of it is edits of keith’s face of bigfoot or screenshots of keith in the background of a shot with that red circle and zoom in of him (see: @keithsightings)
     -theres also a lot of keith x mothman
     -keith has never been more impressed and also disgusted by his fandom


Miscellaneous Back to the Future (1985) promotional stills.

Unexpected (Harry Hook)

Tag List: @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash

Warnings: Um… I’m sure there might be something, but I’m not 100% sure. You may want to make sure you have some tissues handy, it does get seriously fluffy lol. Also, I wasn’t sure about the ending, hopefully it’s okay.

Summary: You and Harry have always been… close, but nobody knew you were this close. After you get hurt, both you and Harry are in for a big surprise


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murinecorpz  asked:

Doc's reaction to King's crash was pretty sad and pained me but imagine if Doc was still alive durin Cars 3 and saw Lightning crash


oh my GOD he’d be so heartbroken, though. seeing his own failure play out in front of him in painful technicolor, in a generation where this could’ve been avoided. He knows it’s a dangerous sport, but as he sees Lightning fly through the air, the only thing he can think about is how he could have trained him better. How this could’ve been avoided.

How this was all his fault.

And when Lightning is taken away by the red truck, when Sally is screaming his name, fighting security, trying to get to him, when all the announcers can say is “oh, what a shame”, “that’s a shame right there”, all Doc can do is blame himself.

America: England, you wanna eat some of this too?

England: Wha…? Is it okay?

America: Of course!

England: Well, thank–

America: *winks* So what do I get in return?


England: *blushes* K-keep it, you dolt!

America: Mind letting go of it then?


while we’re replaying consular, though: as of the alderaan close, tharan has flirted with yamé exactly two times, once on nar shadaa and once in a companion conv. she shut him down both times and… that’s been the end of that. he took the hint and moved on. it’s not even a case of ‘not even in cutscenes’, because i dragged him all around alderaan, and the most annoying thing about him was that pacifist line.

which. i know he did, because nisha had slept with him and then been ‘broken up with’ by this point. doc, meanwhile, calls the f!jk beautiful and gorgeous and darlin all the way to rishi, all the while disrespecting every woman the narrative runs across and failing quite entirely to realise that being a lying cowardly scumball is, surprisingly, not actually all that attractive a quality.

like. yeah. his codex entry. and yeah, holiday. but this is the guy who apologised for flirting, when called on it, and shut it down thereafter. who gives up his ‘greatest scientist in the world’ chance and risks it changing his relationship with her entirely to give holiday greater power and true sentience.

i mean i’d have preferred it if holiday didn’t slouch around in a crop top or drape herself across him at every opportunity, but i’m just gonna chalk that one up to the writers being shitters.


Nirea Velaran may be gone, but she is not forgotten, and some people will always be waiting for her to come back. SWTOR fic; set during The Carbonite Years. M!Jedi Knight & Doc friendship.  F!Jedi Knight & Doc romance. 500 words. Mentions of limb loss. Written for Fictober.

Rhese flexes the hand, transfixed by the way light catches on the gleaming fingers. “The response time is good,” he says. “It feels…”

“I hear you get used to it,” Doc says. “Eventually.”

“The new articulations are going to take some practice.” Pinching with the flesh-and-blood fingers of his other—his real—hand, Rhese bends the middle finger of his shiny new hand all the way back until the nail is almost touching his wrist. The joints don’t resist him, but he feels, somewhere in the back of his mind, an echo of pain. Ghosts of feeling from a limb he no longer has.

Doc shakes his head. “Your sister is going to kill me.”

“You? You weren’t even there.”

“That’s exactly what she’s going to say.”

Rhese finds himself smiling. He’s sure she’ll understand, eventually, why they couldn’t stay together, but Doc is right. Rea’s always been overprotective. The second she sees the arm, she’ll be letting Doc have it, two years of separation be damned. For reasons Rhese has never understood, responsibility for their little crew seems to default to him when Rea can’t be there to look after them herself.

“I’m sure she’ll let it go when you point out that she wasn’t there either,” he says. “At least you did something to fix it. What did she do?”


“Please don’t try to comfort me. You’re no good at it.”

“Now that’s just not true. I’m very comforting. Ask anyone.”

“Your idea of comfort is a quickie in the supply closet. I think I’ll pass.”

Doc sighs. “Some people just don’t want to be helped.”

“Speaking of,” Rhese slides off the exam table and grabs his tunic. He slips his new arm into it slowly, hyperaware of how scratchy the fabric feels against it, and of how distant that feeling… feels. He clears his throat and tries not to think too much about it right now. “You have other patients. I’ll get out of your hair.”

Doc looks thoughtful for a moment, opening his mouth once or twice as if to say something but thinks better of it. Eventually, he just says, “Don’t forget your exercises. And you know where I am if you have any problems.”

Rhese nods, puts on his robe and belt, and turns for the door.

He’s half in the hall when Doc calls his name. He turns, swallowing a sudden rise of emotion in his throat. Doc seems to be doing the same, a curious expression on his face.

“She’ll be back,” he says. “I know you already know that, but… Doesn’t hurt to be reminded.”

Rhese swallows again, not even sure which emotion he’s trying to repress at this point. Anger? Sadness? Loneliness? Fear? There’s a maelstrom of it, spinning and twisting together in his belly. Mostly he ignores it, but sometimes…

He chants the Code in the back of his mind.

“She’ll be back,” Doc promises. “And you and me’ll be here waiting.”