doc browns

Somebody said Humans would be the Mad Scientist species to aliens- like, aliens watch Back To The Future, and they see Doc Brown, and they think yes this is a human scientist, they’re all that crazy, these humans do such insane things with science.

I would like to offer an alternative.

Humans are tough. We can shrug off plenty of injuries, and we recover pretty fast from most others. Hell, we find minor injuries amusing (Don’t tell me you’ve never laughed at someone getting hit in the balls).

Humans have a skewed sense of danger. We think baby anything is cute- tigers, lions, alligators, whatever, no matter how scary they grow up to be- and even then there’s people that would happily cuddle up to a grizzly. Even less adventurous humans keep vermin as pets, or snakes, or dogs, that apex predator sub-species we made.

We are fascinated by morbid and scary stuff. We have a whole genre designed to terrify people. Tons of fantasy revolves around deadly monsters, plenty of which involve romance with said monsters. Lots of grim dystopias in sci-fi. Even children’s stories involve grandmothers getting eaten or witches getting cooked in their own oven.

And if you’re on this site, you know all the jokes we make about depression or social anxiety, or joking about wanting to die.

We aren’t the Doc Brown species.

We’re the Addams Family Species.

Humans are Weird

So I’ve been reading a lot of those “Humans are Weird” posts having to do with us and Aliens, and I really love them.

But there’s one thought I’ve had that I haven’t seen other’s talk about before. So here goes.


Humans have developed a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the universe before being able to send themselves to other planets. Now that doesn’t seem strange to humans, because, well, they did it.

But what if an alien race didn’t have the same kind of geniuses humans have? What if there was no equivalent to Einstein, to Reeman, to Gauss, to Newton, even Euclid. 

Humans have explored the universe with just their minds. Imagining first 4 dimensions and then 7, 8, even 10. They’ve developed string theory. quantum mechanics, have scientific theories that are decades, even centuries away from being testable. But they keep exploring, keep thinking, keep imagining, keep yearning to know more. They even developed nuclear fission AND fusion before space flight!

And what if this TOTALLY weirds an alien species out? They’re basically the opposite of humans. Yeah, sure they invented interstellar travel, but for completely different reasons. They were simply hungry for resources. They mined their systems asteroid belt, they built great cities but they didn’t ponder the beginning of the universe, they didn’t figure out it’s age until centuries after they first reached for the stars.

Imagine a human trying to explain their species fascination with the unknown to another species that doesn’t have that same yearning.

For all we know it might be something we might never be able to understand about each other.

We may be the Doc Brown’s of the universe, but it may be only for the sheer fact that we ask, “What’s beyond? How far can we go? Where does the universe start and end? How did we get to here?” And other species aren’t nearly so curious about the universe.

Half of the discoveries made my mathematicians about how geometry works is them going “I wonder if….” or physiciscts going “Hey, what about…?”

And I think that’s really amazing.

So I just got done watching GANGSTA. and… WHY IS IT NOT SO POPULAR??? I mean, you get a racially diverse group of characters, awesome female characters, a deaf protagonist, a female protagonist that suffers from PTSD… and yet it only has one season and the show may never go on… it’s a shame really.

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