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There’s a big Google Docs email scam going around. Here’s what to do if you received it.

  • Many people — namely individuals in media — are reporting that they’ve received emails that appear to be sent from someone they know, addressed to “” with a link to a Google Doc and the recipients blocked, according to Motherboard.
  • If you received a similar suspicious email, someone you know has been been phished, my friend!
  • If you receive an email like the aforementioned (or any suspicious email or text ever), do not click the link. I repeat: Do not click the link.
  • Before deleting the message, you should first report the phishing scam to Google, as EFF’s Director of Cybersecurity Eva Galperin tweeted.
  • You should also check authorized apps in your email account, as well as enable two-factor authentication, as ACLU technology fellow Leigh Honeywell tweeted. Read more (5/3/17)

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do you know how many gross comments and men blocking me i had today because i was excited about the female doctor on twitter. it’s funny how immature some people are 

Greatest Kpop Songs of All-Time [Male Edition]

In order to qualify for ‘Greatest of All-Time’ the song must be older than 5 Years old (released before 2012)

Just a fun game for Kpop Fans 🙌
Here’s My Fave Songs:

DJ DOC - Run To You.
Seo Taiji and Boys - Nan Arayo.
H.O.T - Warriors Descendant.
Shinhwa - Yo!
g.o.d - Friday Night.
Shinhwa - Only One.
1TYM - Hot.
TVXQ - Mirotic.
Big Bang - Haru Haru.
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry.
U-KISS - Neverland.
SHINee - Lucifer.
Big Bang - Lies.
Shinhwa - Perfect Man.
B.A.P - Warrior.
Beast - Beautiful Night.
INFINITE - The Chaser.
Super Junior - Don’t Don.
Shinhwa - Hurts.
2PM - 10 out of 10.
TVXQ - Catch Me.
MBLAQ - Cry.

Rumor come out: Does Tumblr staff is not care about deleting pedo blogs

On Thursday, June 22, 2017 10:30 PM, Tumblr <> wrote: Hello, Thanks for bringing this to our attention; we really appreciate your efforts to make Tumblr a safer place for everyone. We do strongly suggest you block this user. You can find out more about how to do that here: Blocked users can’t follow you, can’t see your posts on their dashboard, reblog your posts, like your posts, or do anything else with your posts. You also won’t get Asks or Messages from users you’ve blocked, and you won’t appear in their search results. We recommended blocking any user whose content you don’t wish to see. If you are actually attempting to report a privacy violation in which you have been featured, please use the following link: Sincerely, Tumblr Trust & Safety The person I had reported is a pedophile. Blocking them really isn’t gonna change that or the fact that they’re actively harming minors on your site.

Yes, tumblr staff legit just confirmed that they don’t care about protecting people from pedophiles on their site.

Friday, February 03
 Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior Block**
 Mickey and the Roadster Racers “Ye Olde Royal Heist / Tea Time Trouble!”
 (9:00 – 9:30 A.M. EST)
 "Ye Olde Royal Heist" – Mickey and Minnie celebrate their “raceversary” in London, but things get complicated when the Queen’s stolen Royal Ruby ends up in Mickey’s roadster.
 *Jane Leeves guest stars as The Queen of England.

“Tea Time Trouble!” – When the Happy Helpers are invited to tea with the Queen of England, their meeting is put in danger when the duo must help fix Big Ben.
 *Jane Leeves and Peter Serafinowicz guest star as The Queen of England and Dr. Crutchley, respectively.

Friday, February 03
 Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior Block**
 Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital “Mole Money, Mole Problems / Yip, Yip, Boom!”
 (12:00 – 12:30 P.M. EST)
 "Mole Money, Mole Problems" – When a toy mole is having trouble getting around without bumping into everything, Doc diagnoses her and calls on Stuffy to find her a guide pet.
 *Gabourey Sidibe (“Empire”) guest stars as Hilary the mole.

“Yip, Yip, Boom!” – During the light show finale, Squibbles gets scared and runs amok through McStuffinsville.

Friday, February 10
 Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior Block**
 Mickey and the Roadster Racers “Abra-ka-Goof! / Happy Birthday Helpers!”
 (9:00 – 9:30 A.M. EST)
 "Abra-ka-Goof!“ – Goofy thinks he’s used his magician skills to turn Gordon Gear into a rabbit.
 *NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon guest stars as Gordon Gear.

"Happy Birthday Helpers!” – The Happy Helpers go on a wild ride as they chase down a wagon carrying a birthday cake.

Friday, February 10
 Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior Block**
 Sofia the First “The Princess Prodigy”
 (11:00 – 11:30 A.M. EST)
 Sofia becomes concerned after she learns that Princess Vivian’s music teacher plans to magically steal Vivian’s musical talent.

Friday, February 24
 Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior Block**
 Mickey and the Roadster Racers “Guru Goofy / Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!”
 (9:00 – 9:30 A.M. EST)
 "Guru Goofy" – Goofy tries to teach Donald mindfulness in order to relax before the Roadster Games.
 *Jay Leno recurs as Billy Beagle.

“Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!” – When Clarabelle assists the Happy Helpers run a bed and breakfast, her eagerness creates more problems.
 *Patton Oswalt and Fred Willard guest star as Mr. McSnorter and Mr. Doozy, respectively.

Friday, February 24
 Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior Block**
 The Lion Guard “Ono’s Idol”
 (10:00 – 10:30 A.M. EST)
 When Ono meets his idol, the legendary eagle Hadithi, he learns that his hero isn’t what he expected.
 *John O’Hurley (“Seinfeld”) guest stars as Hadithi.

Saturday, February 25
 Original Series – Episode Premiere
 Elena of Avalor “Olaball”
 (9:00 – 9:30 A.M. EST)
 Elena helps coach Gabe when he joins Avalor’s royal “olaball” team despite being a terrible player.
 *Echo Kellum (“Arrow”) recurs as King Joaquín and Marsai Martin (“black-ish”) guest stars as his daughter, Cat.

Monday, February 06
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Raid the Cave”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Star tries to rescue Glossaryck and the Book of Spells from Ludo.

Monday, February 06
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Atomic Puppet “Erlenmeyer’s Revenge / Mole Men”
(3:00 – 3:30 P.M. EST)
“Erlenmeyer’s Revenge” – Ms. Erlenmeyer returns with a plot to brainwash Joey and his schoolmates.

“Mole Men” – When buildings around Mega-City begin sinking, Joey and AP must take on the malevolent Mole Men.

Tuesday, February 07
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Trickstar”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Star sets out to prove that party magician Preston Change-O is a real magician.
*Al Yankovic guest stars as Preston Change-O.


Wednesday, February 08
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Baby”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Star must show her fairy godmother, Baby, what she has learned about magic.
*Melissa Rauch (“The Big Bang Theory”) guest stars as Baby.

Monday, February 13
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Mathmagic”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
When Star refuses to solve a problem in math class, she learns that avoiding her least favorite subject may have cosmic repercussions.
*Jim Gaffigan (“The Jim Gaffigan Show”) recurs as Father Time; Carl Weathers (“Rocky”) guest stars as Omnitraxus Prime.

Tuesday, February 14
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “The Bounce Lounge”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
When Star discovers that the Bounce Lounge is closing, she and Marco enlist their old Bounce Crew to make sure the party continues.
*Constance Shulman (“Orange Is the New Black”) guest stars as Milly and Dana Davis (“Franklin & Bash”) recurs as Kelly.

Wednesday, February 15
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Crystal Clear”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Rhombulus is convinced that Star is the source of a universe-wide magical glitch and brings them before the Chancellor of the Magical High Commission.

Thursday, February 16
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “The Hard Way”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Ludo forces Glossaryck to teach him about the Book of Spells.

Monday, February 20
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Heinous”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Ms. Heinous shows up at the Diaz house and Marco must make amends for all the terrible things he has done.

Tuesday, February 21
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “All Belts are Off”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Marco wants to prove to Sensei that he’s more worthy than Jeremy.

Wednesday, February 22
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Collateral Damage”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
Star must restore Echo Creek High’s spirit after destroying the Possum statue.

Thursday, February 23
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Just Friends”
(7:00 – 7:15 A.M. EST)
When Star invites Jackie to a Love Sentence concert with her and Marco, she tries to make sure Jackie doesn’t feel like a third wheel.
*Nick Lachey (98 Degrees) guest stars as Justin Towers.
TV-Y7 .

Monday, February 27
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Face the Music”
(7:00 – 7:30 A.M. EST)
On Star’s Song Day, Star and Marco work with principle songstrel Ruberiot to create a ballad for the event.
*Patrick Stump (“Fall Out Boy”) guest stars as Ruberiot.

Monday, February 27
Original Series – Episode Premiere                              
Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Starcrushed”
(7:30 – 8:00 A.M. EST)
Hoping to help her forget about her strained friendship with Marco, Star’s friends convince her to ditch the Diaz’ end-of-the-school-year party for a more dangerous bash.

Medical Mystery

We had Aro meet another famous vampire, what if a couple of famous fictional doctors met Carlisle?

“Shouldn’t you be working?” asked Dr. Wilson.

“I don’t have a case.”

“Surely you could be doing something more productive than watching what I have to assume is porn on your office computer? Don’t you have clinic hours to make up?”

“I shouldn’t be punished just because i don’t have a case.”

“And you haven’t wondered why that is?”

House sat up a little straighter in his chair. “People aren’t getting sick anymore?”

“Oh, they’re getting sick. But someone is treating them before they can make it to you.”

“The new guy? In the ER?”

“Have you met him yet?”

“I’m not exactly a people person.”

“But surely you’ve heard about him? Cameron and Cuddy can’t stop talking about him. In fact none of the female staff can stop talking about him. And a lot of the men, too.”

“He’s an ER doc,” House said petulantly. “A trained chimp with some plaster of Paris and a sewing kit could run the ER.”

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Out Here w/ Timaaj Hassen

Met up with Timaaj at David Crombie Park and talked finding your voice, dealing with writer’s block, taking criticism, taking care of yourself in a corrupt society, fears and hopes for the future

Timaaj Hassen is a spoken word artist and poet, from Bradford ON. For the past three years she has been growing with her art and aspiring to cross the bridge between an emerging and professional artist. Poetry is how Timaaj navigates her way through her surroundings. You can find some of her poetry on YouTube at: Timaaj Hassen.

Find her @flo3ticjustic3

Made by Lu Asfaha

Internet, Media, and Being a Survivor

This guide is intended for people who have recently experienced or remembered trauma, or otherwise found triggers, so they can better understand what pitfalls may await them on the Internet. I know I didn’t expect my triggers to be as much of an issue as they were, or other things to affect me as much as they did, and I’m hoping to help people avoid some of the mistakes and problems I made or ran into. I have no delusions that this will help everyone, I just hope I can help someone. Feel free to disregard as much or as little of this advice as you want.

1) Don’t read comments. Regardless of if you are reading about trauma or something else, there will likely be some kind of rape or assault threat or other mention somewhere, and I’ve found it much easier to just avoid comments altogether, especially on news articles that aren’t on really good, feminist websites (and even then they can get a little icky sometimes).

2) Be careful with Netflix, other movies/TV shows, and media in general. My friends know at this point the first question I will ask about anything they recommend is “is it safe?”, meaning does it have any of my triggers in it. For me personally, my triggers are very common in media that has any sort of violence in it, and being warned ahead of time can and does help me reduce the amount that I panic. I have also had friends watch things with me and skip past parts that could be triggering, or they tell me to look away and mute the volume until the section of the show/movie is over. Some find it less of a problem to read about assaults or other triggers than watching it on a screen, and for others it is the other way around. If you happen to be able to tell which you are (or perhaps they’re both equally bad) factor that into starting a piece of media.

3) A follow-up to number 2: friends will invariably miss things. Trusting people to catch absolutely all of my triggers is a mistake I made only a few times, especially with people that I don’t know that well. I was told multiple times that something was okay, only to have it turn out not to be, and that was not pleasant. I’ve learned to take any recommendation of “this thing is totally okay and trigger-free” with a large grain of salt. Even my partner, who knows me very well, has missed things on occasion. It doesn’t mean they’re bad or that they are trying to hurt me, just that people are fallible and attention isn’t perfect, especially if it has been a long while since the person has read/seen/heard the thing in question.

4) Rape is so often in the news, and that can be very draining, especially when friends try to talk about it with us if they know we’re survivors. News in general can be very tiring for this reason. Something to be aware of. This can go for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds; Tumblr dashboards; etc.

5) If you are on Tumblr a lot, get a way to blacklist tags so you don’t have to see certain content. It will help save a lot of energy. Also, a lot of people on tumblr are absolutely okay with tagging certain kinds of posts for people that follow them—even if they don’t know you personally—so that people’s dashboards are safer for them. It never hurts to ask, and it could make your Tumblr experience a lot more pleasant with only a few words.

6) Speaking of Tumblr, go look up the way the block feature works in case you have an abuser following you that you need to make stop. (; under “Blocking Users”)

7) There is a tumblr that chronicles instances of sexual assault in media so people know what they’re getting in to. I’m not sure how comprehensive it is, but it exists and was recommended by another mod.

A general note on triggers: it is absolutely okay to avoid them. You are not weak for doing so. I alternate between forcing myself through triggering material because I don’t want it to affect my life and staying away from things entirely. It is not a bad thing to avoid triggering material. It is fine to do so for the sake of your mental health or any other reason you choose. While they are something that can be good to address eventually–I am not advocating complete avoidance forever–I am also of the opinion that there is a huge difference between choosing to expose yourself to something or walking in knowing there may be an issue and being blindsided by something that is triggering.

If people have anything they wish to add to this, feel free to send a message when the inbox is open again.

Take care of yourself today, okay?