Tae Takemi, aka Doc, is here to heal your wounds whether you like it or not! She specializes in using surgical throwing needles and wields a sniper rifle that doubles her crit chance. Her skills include Ice, Curse, and a multitude of healing spells.

Her persona, Metrodora, was an author from ancient Greece who wrote one of the oldest living medical texts in history, On the Diseases and Cures for Women. Aside from her work, however, very little is known about the woman, her personal life shrouded in mystery. However, the legacy she left behind is still being referenced to this day, and it must be stated that she was a physician who was well read and studied during a period that predominantly centered around men.

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What are Bendy’s powers?

 Shape Shifting 

Bendy has a kind of shape shifting ability. He’s liquid, so he possesses the properties of a Newtonian fluid, but he also has some preferred, pre-set shapes. His default shape is the little, chubby one, of which he has learned some semblance of restraint and self-control for all his wanton desires.

His ink demon form is a lot more unhinged; the buffer of sanity that stops Bendy from murdering everyone when he’s a bit angry is laxer in this form, because of which he is extremely dangerous in this form.

His most unstable form is the huge beast. This only occurs when he’s almost lost control entirely and is more pure demon whose only goal is to slake his many thirsts. Bendy is quite chaotic and wildly emotional. In his more extreme negative states of emotion he’ll transform into his beast form. He can enter any of these forms freely.


He’s able to take control of and reform himself out of any ink. As much as he jests, he is an ink demon, or God of Ink as some call him. Luckily for him he is able to summon ink from the Other Side, which means he can essentially go wherever he damn well pleases.

Demon Aura

 Bendy exerts pressure. People used to his company have grown accustom to this, but it leaves folk with a sense of dread and foreboding. For revellers in the Devil’s Roost this gives a thrilling adrenaline boost that helps fuel their carousing for the evening. If Bendy’s mood darkens the pressure grows to oppressive levels, and it can drain you of all hope, joy and energy. A hopeless and lethargic prey is easier to catch. He is a soul eating apex predator after all.

This is especially true for those of angelic leaning; His draining effect happens twice as fast. The more pure the soul the faster his demonic aura will exhaust you.

In moments of very extreme emotion his demonic aura can shatter glass and move objects ambiently.

The source of his power

 Sacrifice and ritual. As a fairly weak demon he required the energy given from sacrifice to bring him to life. Any sacrifice and offerings to him greatly bolster his power. Of course, since the event of The Bad Thing, he has devoured many toons souls, and he isn’t going to give them back…He’s horribly powerful right now because of all the residual soul power he’s got reserved like a battery pack. He loves a good ritual too. With the correct incantations he can be summoned, in which case he will perform any task for you, for a price….