News: Sentencing in Stephen Lawrence case due later today

The two men found guilty of murdering Stephen Lawrence will be sentenced later today after the culmination of an 18-year battle for justice.

In 1993, 18 year old Stephen Lawrence was fatally stabbed at a bus stop in Eltham, London, in a racially motivated attack.

Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris, 35, were found guilty yesterday following a six-week trial that hinged crucially on new evidence brought forward by the prosecution.

Prosecutors presented forensic evidence that showed hair, tiny droplets of blood and minute textile fibres from clothes all belonging to Stephen Lawrence, had been found on the clothes of the two defendants.

Police surveillance tapes were also shown to the jury; one showing both defendants in a house with friends, one of them wielding a knife and making racially aggressive comments. Another showed Dobson refusing to answer police questions about the drops of blood found on his clothing whilst under interrogation. Lawyers for the two men later claimed that their clothes had been contaminated by police after years of handling evidence.

Gary Dobson and David Norris will be given mandatory life sentences and will both be sentenced as juveniles as they were both under-18 at the time. Police have identified 9 other suspects who may have been with Dobson and Norris that night, and are hoping Gary Dobson might now reveal their names following his guilty verdict.

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People want to laugh at your fucking art because it’s fucking awful and just because you hid it behind a paywall doesn’t mean it’s gonna stop people from finding it and posting it all over the internet.

You can try to cover your tracks all you want Dob but people will find your art and then will post it on places like ED, 8chan and Tumblr and laugh at how fucking terrible it is because you’ve completely forgotten the basics of drawing.

And keep crying because if anything this is only gonna encourage people to call you out on your shit and post more of your shitty art all over the place.

Also once you post art on the internet and someone saves it onto their hardrive then it’s there forever. You can delete shit all you want but people will find it.

Plus like I’ve said before you wouldn’t be the butt of every joke if you just listened to criticism. But instead you just block everyone that says anything you disagree with and then you try to gain some sympathy points from your Twitter followers by crying about all the hate you’re getting.

Fuck you and anybody stupid enough to fall for your bullshit sob stories.

Remember when Dobson said he wouldn’t talk about GamerGate again. Here’s him talking about GamerGate again. 

Let’s go over the good and bad of this. 

The good: He finally drew Vivian James in character…at least appearence wise. 

The bad: 

1. Vivian James was created during the Fine young Capitalists fiasco in which a self professed radfem group opened a contest for women to submit game ideas that would be voted on and the winning game would then be created. This group was unfairly slandered by Zoe Quinn (you might have forgotten who she is after all this time. She’s the 5 Guys girl) and vilified by Quinn’s friends. 4chan decided to donate to TFYC’s project (4chan gave more money to women in gaming than any of the turbo feminists Preston worships) and because they donated enough money, they were allowed to design a character to appear in the game. 4chan eventually came up with vivian James (a play on vidya games), a grumpy girl who likes to play video games and doesn’t like video game journalists. 

She wasn’t created to show that gamers aren’t sexist (though it is likely that 4chan intentionally didn’t go with an overly sexy woman to further shit on feminist’s expectations), she was created because a bunch of anons wanted a “daughterfu” or in more general terms, a character they can cherish and be proud of. 

2. No one in GamerGate uses Vivian James to deter accusations of sexism. There’s already the Not Your Shield campaign in which female (and minority) GamerGate supporters can tell SJWs like Dobson to fuck off and stop using them as a shield. 

3. GamerGate co-opts many things. Mostly hashtags started out by anti-GamerGate but at the end of the day, Gamergate hasn’t launched any campaign to co-opt the Confederate flag. 

4. The reason GamerGate would give a shit about the whole flag thing (and this is based on more than a few people’s personal opinions but something that would actually be relevant to a consumer revolt about video games) is because games featuring the flag have been taken off of Apple’s online store. Not even games that support the confederacy, just games saying “Hey here’s the civil war. Here’s the union with their flag and the confederate with theirs”

Apple has since then put some of the games back on but it’s very telling not just to gamers but anyone with half a mind how absurd it is for Apple to self censor in such an appalling way. Let me spell this out to you, Dobson: censoring/banning the flag isn’t going to bring anyone back to life, nor end any racial injustice that exist, nor get the south to realize everyone else views it as a hate symbol, and most importantly of all

it won’t prevent violent psychopaths from having access to weaponry and going out and killing people. No, not just racists, but anyone because at the end of the day, this isn’t a race issue. It’s the same kind of issue behind the Aurora shootings, the Boston Bombings, the Gabriel Gifford’s shootings, and so on. 

But I digress. 

5. You’re legit trying to paint tens of thousands of people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds….as supporters of the confederacy and no, I highly doubt you’re saying GamerGate doesn’t believe the south should have been forced to merge with the north under a single government. You’re implying that GamerGate would use a symbol that supports slavery as if that’s what GamerGate believes. 

Good fucking job, Dobson. 

6. The comic doesn’t make any sense in general because GamerGate already has a well established symbol:

It’s been almost a year now and it hasn’t changed since then.

Don’t worry Dobson, I’m sure Brinna Wu will love you back for this comic. As for everyone else, you’re pretty much in the trash already. I expect to see you bitching on Twitter about “harassment” from GamerGate following this shit comic by tomorrow.