I don’t understand people who ‘ship’ Dobsley. Shipping Nian for example is fine, because they are actually together. Shipping Dobsley is disrespectful; Nina has Ian, Paul is married. When people say they ship Nian/WesVitto, it’s because they’re together and we love them as a couple. Paul and Nina never dated, & never did. I believe that other than being utterly ridiculous, it is delusional and above all, disrespectful.

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We can't deny the obvious mindblowing chemistry Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley has. Do you ship dobsley romantically? Or do you think there's anything wrong in shipping dobsley romantically?

They certainly have chemistry that can be off the charts, no doubt about that. But my interest is strictly within the characters and what happens on screen. I can’t say I understand the phenomenon in shipping real life people. Not saying there is anything wrong with it. I just don’t see the point. I’m not involved in their personal lives and what they do is their business. But I’m all here for the natural chemistry they bring to the characters and their story.


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whats this photo of stelena thats looks black and red is it new

Dude, I wasn’t sure but it looked nice and I didn’t know if it was Katherine or Elena but it was Dobsely and their chemistry is right on so it got reblogged lol. I want to say it might have been that episode where Stefan saves Elena from Tessa, at the very end when they’re talking back at the boarding house? But I so don’t know lol…nope…I think it might have been the Steferine sex scene—gross, but like I said it was for the Dobsely chemistry.