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Hi! Is the HighSchoolAu ready for an update? If not then what about jock Derek Thanks you always kill it!😁

nope high school is def ready

Just Pretend by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 1,845 | PG13)

Stiles tells his dad he has a boyfriend. The problem is, he doesn’t actually have one.

All I Wanted was You by dobrien (1/1 | 2,035 | G)

High School AU based on this tumblr post in which Stiles is a nerd and Derek is a jock with a little crush. (The blog the post is on has automatically playing music.)

Beacon Hills High School by Almaie (1/1 | 21,568 | NC17)

Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski come from two different worlds: Derek the Basketball God and Stiles the Smart, Stunning Geek. When they meet at New Year’s Eve they instantly click. When they meet each other again at Beacon Hills High School, they accidentally audition for their high school’s musical. The social cliques they belong to don’t approve of this new friendship and try to separate them. At the same time, drama queen Kate Argent and her sister Allison, the co-captains of the Drama department, try in every way to prevent Derek and Stiles from winning over them in the callbacks. Can Derek and Stiles lead their friends to a more open-mind thinking and acceptance of one another? Or will their friends win?

It Was An Amazing Date, Stiles. by brandileeder (1/1 | 2,002 | G)

Derek smiles at him warmly, like he doesn’t mind one bit that Stiles is sitting across from him and Stiles brain melts a little so instead of his grand date proposal he just says, “Date. Us?”

And okay, wow.


But Derek for his part just sort of sits there, eyes wide and he stares, mouth hanging open a little so Stiles can see his two front teeth, just the slightest bit longer than the rest, “Huh?” Stiles just groans, goes to bang his head on the table only to hit the soft warmth of Derek’s palm where he placed his hand so Stiles would hit it instead, “Did you just ask me out?”

Stiles just shrugs, forehead still pressed to Derek’s palm. He doesn’t look up until another hand starts running through his hair, but then it’s only to open one eye and peer up at Derek, “Are you sure?”

And that startles Stiles enough to sit up, “What?”

“Are you sure? That you, uh, want to date me?” Derek says the last two words in a whisper, like it’s a secret between the two and Stiles just furrows his brows a little and frowns.

“Uhm, for the last eleven months, yeah.” Stiles admits.

We Got Together Thanks to the Dunk Tank by gremlins-came-and-got-me (Scared_Beings_in_the_Dark) (1/1 | 2,564 | G)

During the high school’s annual sports fair (when the sports teams, especially the lacrosse team, raises funds for the next school year), Derek decides to actually do something brave his junior year (not that he doesn’t have the support of his best friend Boyd and his older sister Laura, stop laughing) and ask out his longtime crush Stiles Stilinski.
It could have gone better.

five times derek is protective of stiles and one time it’s the other way around by skylarisafail (1/1 | 2,353 | PG13)

Yeah, okay, so maybe Derek was a tad too protective of Stiles. So what? Sue him for worrying about his best friend, whom he totally does not have a raging crush on.

Okay, so maybe he does.

Shut up.

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Is young/teen Derek up for an update?


Dude! I Met Him At A Bar! by Regret Fox (MeLeFangirl) (1/1 | 1131 | NR)

Sterek Week Day 3 - Meet Cute

Stiles meets Derek a week before school starts.

The One Who Helps You from Your Knees by gremlins-came-and-got-me (Scared_Beings_in_the_Dark) (1/1 | 10,093 | PG13)

Derek Hale was cursed at age fifteen until such a time that his true love could break open the glass encasement and kiss him. seventeen years pass until Stiles Stilinski, recent high school graduate, figures it out.

Sleeping Beauty sort of.

All I Wanted was You by dobrien (1/1 | 2,035 | G)

High School AU based on this tumblr post in which Stiles is a nerd and Derek is a jock with a little crush. (The blog the post is on has automatically playing music.)

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I am feeling like crying today over some angsty fics so could you update any angst/sad tag of your choice?

how bout just our angst tag

Back Home by ColetheWolf (1/1 | 1,357 | PG13)

Following another villainous Beacon Hills showdown, Stiles & Derek feel some kind of way about things…

Careful by dobrien (1/1 | 2,126 | G)

Unknown hunters are in town and Stiles just wants to help.

Prompt no. 4 from this list.

When Two Hearts Beat As One by CelestialVoid (1/1 | 2,832 | G)

Stiles has a huge crush for Derek Hale, that’s pretty obvious. But when his heart pops out of his chest, he risks being outed to the whole school and faces heartbreak.

P: Plane by brokxnharry (1/1 | 5,700 | PG13)

Stiles is supposed to be coming home from his college lookout, when the plane gets hijacked, and he tries to save everyone there, even if it kills him.

Shadow of Death by bountifulsilences (1/1 | 7,405 | PG13)

It is said that the toughest decisions reveal the true character of a person, who they truly are. Their foundations and their principles, their abilities and sincerity. He was as heartless as they got.

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Sterek fics where stiles has a ton of tattoos or piercings (or both). Thanks

Ermagawd yes! - Anastasia

Originally posted by fanblogbmth

ink my skin, with your name. by TheGirlWhoDancesWithAlphas

(1/1 I 1,778 I Teen I Sterek)

“How about Baby, can I call you baby Derek? Would you like that?” Stiles said flirtatiously.


Where Stiles returns from his first year of college- different.

Queer Your Coffee by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I 3,084 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Derek’s just over the city line when he sees a sign for an independent drive-thru place, Full Spectrum Brew. There are three cars in line when he turns in, which annoys him but gives him hope. Not that he really trusts the people of Beacon Hills to have much taste when it comes to coffee (god, he is a snob), but the shop’s popularity does seem to bode well. The line of cars moves way more slowly than he’d like, each customer in front of him seeming to take way too long to order, and then lingering when they get their coffee. He’s irritable from lack of sleep and an even more detrimental lack of caffeine, anxious to get out of the car. Finally it’s his turn and he slowly rolls up to the window, turning the radio down.

For a second, he thinks he must have fallen asleep while he was waiting, because what he sees when he looks in the window surely must be a dream.

Stunning brown eyes like glowing honey and sweet little nose, slightly upturned; a shapely pink mouth, bottom-lip pierced by a thin black hoop that he’s worrying with the tip of his tongue as he smiles a gorgeous hello.

He’s the most beautiful man Derek’s ever seen.

And he’s shirtless.

Once in a Blue Moon by dobrien

(1/1 I 3,773 I Teen I Sterek)

A Coffee Shop AU in which Stiles owns a coffee shop, Derek owns a gym, and Stiles just so happens to be the neighbour living below Derek that wakes him up every morning at the ass crack of dawn.

Hale Storm by iamfrenchy

(1/1 I 4,686 I General I Sterek)

Stiles Stilinski wowed the world when he stepped on stage, he took the world by storm with the help of his band and they were famous, they got to play music and be punk rockers every single day. Derek Hale is in the up and coming punk rock band and when people start calling him the new Stiles, Stiles takes notice.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek are famous and they like each other and write music together.

For Us by day

(1/1 I 7,328 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Parole.” Stiles nods, standing up and stretching once again, revealing a naked and tattooed strip of skin above his belt. “I lied and I haven’t been traveling. I’ve actually been in lock up for five years on charges of attempted manslaughter, harboring a fugitive, and a few other broken laws.”

Scott laughs loudly before he catches onto the tense atmosphere in the room. “You can’t be serious.”

“Well, shit, Scott. I can’t undo the past, so I guess I am.” Stiles shrugs. “Listen to my heartbeat, young werewolves, you will find that I do not misguide you. Officer Hale here took it upon himself to become my new parole officer. How sweet is he?”

Stiles falls off the grid for 8 years. When Derek finally meets him again, it’s as a detective and main suspect in a murder investigation.

Parole by tesha198

(1/1 I 11,189 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles has been gone from Beacon Hills for seven years without a trace, running from the knowledge his mother was murdered and his father covered it up. A lot has changed in his time away. Perhaps most noticeably - himself. After serving five years in jail Stiles’ dad pulls some strings to get him paroled. The only snag, he’s confined to Beacon Hills for the duration of his parole. The second he sets foot into the station he becomes Derek’s pet project. The pack won’t leave him alone, working endlessly to ensure he doesn’t violate his parole and get sent back to jail. But Stiles doesn’t want their help. He has plans of his own - none of which include a heartfelt reunion with the pack he ran from. Will the pack hinder his chances for revenge? Can Stiles find the answers he’s been searching for or will his mother’s case remain cold?

Risky Business by super_queer

(8/8 I 14,624 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles goes to get a tattoo in memory of his mother, and his tattoo artist just happens to be Derek Hale.

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domestic tag pleeeeaseee

From This Moment* by SylvieW (complete | 16,711 | M) *non-con

After discovering Derek is pregnant, Stiles offers to be his “Pregnancy Buddy.” On top of the usual difficulties of carrying a child, Stiles has to navigate Derek’s emotional turmoil from the traumatic event that conceived the baby, and his own feelings that he’s developing for Derek.

The Biggest What-If by NARKOTIKA (complete | 5,656 | E)

Or the one where Stiles is magically transported from Ancient Rome to the modern day and Derek ends up falling more than a little bit in love.

the banana bread incident by Thealmostrhetoricalquestion (complete | 10,287 | T)

In which there are tiny pink shorts, a kissing gate, a cat called Pumpkin and a plethora of awkward moments.

The (Fake) Baby Project by dobrien (complete | 18,796 | M)

Stiles and Derek are paired to take care of a fake baby for health class.

Good Food & Bad Movies by Inell (complete | 3,121 | T)

Derek and Stiles plan a night in, and their relationship takes an unexpected step forwards.

Kiss it Better by Stilienski (complete | 7,716 | T)

Stiles doesn’t know how to deal with the aftermath of the Nogitsune. Derek tries to help.
By letting Stiles punch his cushion.

Homing Mechanisms by SmallBirds (complete | 3,741 | M)

Stiles returns to Beacon Hills after four years at Stanford, only to find out that Derek has moved back into town. He brings him a housewarming gift. Derek makes food. Things escalate from there.

Garden Variety by Lissadiane (complete | 10,663 | G)

Stiles has a crush and a dog, Derek has baggage and a little girl, and together, they just might make it work.

Timing is Everything series by  ChloeWeird (complete | 61,673 | M)

Nothing had tried to kill them for three whole years. His dad stopped updating the “Supernatural Accident Free for X days” counter. The pack was stable. The timing was perfect and they could totally do this. Stiles just had to convince Derek.

Somehow, taking their relationship to the next level doesn’t go as planned.

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Could you update the biting tag? Also I may have missed it but do you have a breeding kink? If so could you link some of those as well?

we don’t have a breeding kink tag so i’ll make one (below the biting tag update)

The Ultimate Feeling by TamzStripped (1/1 | 7,970 | NC17)

Derek doesn’t have a lot of experience because of Kate and can count on one hand how many partners he’s had with fingers to spare. He really wants Stiles more than he’s wanted anyone in a long time since Stiles went off to college and discovered his sexuality.


That one time the kitchen rug made them do it.

One True Dick by eeyore9990 (1/1 | 1,898 | NC17)

Fifth anniversary: for basic bitches that meant some shit like gifts made of wood. Stiles Stilinski was not a basic bitch.

Which was why Derek was pacing back and forth in the middle of a circle of mountain ash, watching Stiles writhe and moan on their mountain ash-encircled bed whilst painting his well-lubed rim with yet another circle of — that’s right — mountain ash.

What the Hell is a Rinse Cycle? by dobrien (1/1 | 2,671 | NC17)

Stiles is a student who doesn’t know how to work a washing machine, Derek notices him struggling and helps him out in more ways than one and they both get more than they bargained for. PWP.

Can’t Feel My Face by little_luna (1/1 | 7,254 | NC17)

It felt so natural that he didn’t realize it.

Until he did.

Prim(ordi)al by nameloc_ar_115 (1/1 | 6,104 | NC17)

Derek was one of the most taciturn people Stiles had ever met, and yet, he was the one who found himself cursed after back-talking a witch. The universe really fucking hated Derek’s guts.

breeding kink:

Plushwolf by the_ragnarok (1/1 | 2,550 | NC17)

So suppose Stiles slept every night with his plush wolf doll, to ward off bad dreams. Only that doll was Derek under a spell, and he came alive in Stiles’ dreams. Specifically, in the type of dreams that involve coming.

In Treatment by tzzzz (19/22 | 126,005 | NC17)

Derek hires Stiles, a professional alpha sex therapist, to help him through his heat.

Make a Sentence by badwolfbadwolf (1/1 | 2,189 | NC17)

Stiles never feels more like a wrung out slut than when Derek has him spread out and gasping for it, dripping wet and moaning into the pillows. The rough words roll over him, ghosting along the peaks and valleys of bone and sinew, lodging in the base of his skull and the tip of his uncomfortably hard and untouched cock.

“Fuck, Stiles. You’re so tight. So wet. So desperate for me.”

 A nip of sharp teeth along Stiles’ jaw stings pleasantly.

 “You’re mine, aren’t you, baby? Tell me. Tell me you’re my dirty little slut who spreads his legs any time I want.”

finger on the trigger and all fired up by tryslora (1/1 | 6,414 | NC17)

Derek goes undercover to expose a drug trafficking ring running inside of a porn studio. What he finds is Stiles.