dobby dog

Harry Potter does, whatever the fuck Harry Potter wants

I met a dog that worked in a clothing store on the beach the other day, he was small and white and gray and fluffy and okay ready for the best part

His name was Dobby


I lied, the actual best part is that his name was Dobby because he was a rescue, and when his owner first adopted him the only thing he would play with (after a long period of being too timid to play and explore) was a sock

I teared up a little honestly sorry I don’t have pictures of this perfect and wonderful dog named Dobby

hellaacedragon  asked:

Speaking of pets, my family has a dog named Dobby because we're Harry Potter nerds and she looked like a little house elf when we got her. She's now a lot less tiny and can bowl over a small child by getting too excited. (Standard dachshund-miniature pinscher mix. Long legs, long body, lots of energy.)

AWWWW! What a GREAT mix. And a fantastic name, holy shit. She sounds like such a little joy!!! Please tell her we love her and give her some belly rubs from us!!!! <3 <3 <3 (But don’t give her a sock! She’ll run away!)