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May 2

Growing up, May 2nd was always important to me since it was the birthday if my dog (Mysti) Though she passed away in 2010, her birthday remains special to me.
Today is also the birthday of one of my all time favorite characters, Sam Winchester. He is such a huge inspiration to me and I thank him (and Jared) for helping me through some pretty difficult times.
Finally, today is the anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts. The Harry Potter series is my favorite series and I grew up with it. I will forever be a Potterhead.

I haven’t really updated you all so I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing better and getting through things. me and my best friend are good and while things didn’t really happen at school how I would’ve liked them to ideally, I have to accept that I have had a really hard time and am working to move forward. the main thing now is I need to tell my parents that I’m not graduating next week… I’m really scared about that so I could use some encouragement. I appreciate your all’s support so so much.
also, I met a girl and we’ve been hanging out some and it’s been really nice! we met walking and she has a dog named Dobby and she also works at a childcare center and we have a lot of similar experiences and values. we’re going hiking today but after that I’m going to try to get more of your asks answered! and I am sorry if I didn’t get to something in a timely manner, but I hope I can be more dedicated to it now that it’s summer and I’ll hopefully have more emotional energy for that. love you babes 😘💛

im-themoonofyourlife  asked:

I just left the dog park where I usually walk my dog, Dobby. It was very normal until I saw running towards us a dog that had lost his front left paw. He played with my dog. They are like best friends now. And I almost cry when the owner called him. His name was Bucky 😍😭

Omfg no way really??