Elena Gilbert | 18 | FC: Nina Dobrev | Human | OPEN

”I made it through the day. I must have said “I’m fine” 37 times”

Elena Gilbert was raised by Miranda and Grayson Gilbert alongside her brother, Jeremy Gilbert. She is the biological daughter of Isobel Flemming and John Gilbert. She’s the second Petrova doppleganger, identical to both Katherine Pierce and Tatia Petrova. She used to date Stefan Salvatore until he left town with Klaus, since then she’s gotten closer to Damon Salvatore. She’s been living with Alaric and Jeremy in the Gilbert house, following the Death of Aunt Jenna.  Alaric to fight, following the return of Klaus and a humanity-less Stefan. Elena spent the night with Damon, in bed the night both vampires returned, and although they didn’t have sex she has been avoiding him. More vampires and other creatures are in town, somehow she is afraid they’d hurt her friends. So she is exploring the area by the vampires, what Damon dislikes and is scared for her safety. 

  • Ships: Elena/Damon, Elena/Stefan, Elena/Matt, Up to player