Guardians of the Galaxy


Andy Dwyer as Peter Quill/ Star Lord

Neytiri as Gamora

Batista as Drax

Dominic Toretto as Groot

Phil as Rocket

Thranduil as Ronan

Merle Dixon as Yondu Udonta

Amy Pond as Nebula

Ajihad as Korath

Dale Doback as Corpsman Day

Cruella De Vil as Nova Prime


Darth Maul as Denarian Saal

One more weekend (Alex Standall)

A/N: So this one is based on the song “One more weekend” by Against the current (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH).

I’ve wrote some of the lyrics as you’ll see when you read it and I just hope you like it and also I think this one could have a second part, but let me now if you’d like it.

Warnings: English is not my first language and also I don’t remember if they mention the name of Alex’s brother so I just used a random one.

Words: 1.851


Enjoy! and remember REQUESTS ARE OPEN

One more weekend (Alex Standall x reader)

“It’s been a minute

Everything’s the same but different

Everyone moved on or stayed too long

Doing the same things”

It’d been almost two years since the last time I had put a feet on my house, two years since the last time I had been in the space I used to call my room for almost twenty years.

The mid-afternoon sun came through the window making it all feel warmer. I looked around me like I had never been here before. Everything was in the same place I left it, but at the same time it felt different, like all those things weren’t mine.

I stopped in front of the wall where I had all the photos with the people who used to be my friends at high school and now the only thing I knew about them was through their social media. A lot of them left this town to follow their dreams, I did it, but there were others that stayed here, doing the same things, like if time didn’t pass for them.

“I’ve got our photos in a drawer

People don’t keep those anymore

But I did, can’t get rid of who we were before”

I saw a particular picture that brought me the best memories, it was in that wall, between all that common ones because before Alex and me were something more we were friends, but after we became more than friends I saved a special spot for all our captured memories together.

I open one drawer in my desk and there they were all those photos that we took during those three wonderful years we spent together before they came to an end although we thought we would be together forever.

I used to have all this pictures in the wall behind my bed, when someone came to my room they reacted in a surprised way because they weren’t use to know someone who printed pictures like people did before phones existed, but I liked to have all those memories around me all the time, that way I knew I’ll have them forever.

Nevertheless when Alex and I broke up before we left to college I took all our pictures down the wall and I put them in a drawer and now, after two years, I found myself sitting in my old bedroom floor looking all those pictures and remembering those moments together.

I hadn’t spoken with Alex since we broke up, but I usually think about him. My mom used to keep me posted about the life of those who didn’t leave for college and also she told when one of my old friends came back to visit their families. Alex’s named popped up some times.

Suddenly my door opened and I turned to see it was my mother, she was going to say something, but when she noticed what I was doing her expression softened.

“You know Alex arrived yesterday to visit his family over the weekend, right?” my heart skipped a beat thinking about running into him by chance or finding him at Monet’s “You should call him, I’m sure he will be happy to see you” I knew I would be thrilled to see him again, we didn’t break up because we didn’t love each other anymore but because we were going to different colleges and we didn’t want to make things bad between us due to the distance.

An even though we did it to save our friendship it was a waste of time, because as I said we haven’t talked since then.

I gave her a smile and nodded, I did it just to be alone again, I knew she would have insisted if I said no because she always were a fan of our relationship and Alex as an individual, but when she closed the door I thought that it wasn’t a bad idea, so I reached my phone and looked for his number, hitting the calling button before I regretted it.

“I’m back home for the weekend

Called you up but you were sleeping”

After a few tones someone picked up the phone, but it wasn’t Alex, I knew Alex’s voice so well to know that it was his brother on the other side.

“Hey (Y/N)! How are you? It’s been so long since the last time I saw you”

“Hey Josh, I’m fine, thank you. Is Alex there?” I didn’t want to waste my time talking to him, I needed to hear Alex again.

“Yes, he is, but he is sleeping, do you want me to wake him up?” I wasn’t a surprise at all hearing that he was sleeping, he loved sleep.

“No, I’s not necessary, just… say hi for me”

“No problem”

“Thank you, bye”


I was so excited with the idea of spending time with him again and in a matter of seconds everything was ruined.

“I wanna do those things we used to do

Back when we ran these neighbourhood streets

Wrote our names in the wet cement

We can’t go back again

But we can pretend for one more weekend”

The fact that I couldn’t see him and remember the old time together didn’t mean that I couldn’t do it by myself, so I stood up, I put away the pictures, I put a jacket on and I left with my bike.

The first place where I stopped was Monet’s, I looked through the window and I saw all those boys and girls, doing the things I did once, enjoying their drinks and the company of friends or partners.

When I felt I was smiling like a fool I started pedalling again and I got to my old high school, I didn’t stop there, it wasn’t a place I wanted to remember specially I was just happy to leave all those years and people behind me.

The next place I stopped by was the park Alex and I used to go every summer night, when no one could bother us, but right now it was full of children playing and screaming and mothers sitting in the banks talking with each other.

I kept going and when I realized it I was in Alex’s neighbourhood, it wasn’t my intention to come here, but at the end of the day I spent a lot of my teenage days in that place and there were something special I wanted to see too.

I left my bike in Alex’s fence and I sat on the floor, studying something that once I thought it would bring a lot of trouble.

I touched our initials, which we wrote one day when the cement were wet and now it was there until someone decide it was time to put another cement layer.

I had been so absorbed by my thoughts that I didn’t hear Alex’s door opening and closing and the footsteps behind me.

I didn’t realize until I saw someone sitting on the other side of the initials and I lifted my sight to find Alex looking at me.

We looked at each other in silent for what it seemed an eternity, but despite all the time we have spent apart the silent weren’t uncomfortable; it was like if we could talk just looking at each other.

“Hey” he finally said giving me a shy smile.

“Hey” I answered, looking at him all the time.

My heart was beating so fast that it made me remember the first time Alex asked me to go out and I froze.

“I didn’t know you were coming back” he said again, breaking the silence.

“I’m just back for the weekend, I’ve arrived today”

“My father told me this morning and then my bother said you had called” so he knew I was here, even before I knew he was here. I just could think if he had the same feeling I had when my mom told me he was here, in the same place at the same time.

“My mom told me you arrived yesterday, that’s why I called” I answered not looking in his direction anymore

Silence was back again, it was like if both of us were thinking what to say next.

“How is college going?”

“You know, a lot of studying, a lot of people, a lot of parties” every time I talked about college I was excited, just the thought of my future made me feel that way, but now I was talking to him about it and I couldn’t help to sound like it was the worst thing ever. “What about you?”

“Same… I guess” He sounded as disappointed as me, but I didn’t really know if it was always like that or just because he was talking to me.

We remained silence again, looking in every direction but to each other and I couldn’t handle it anymore so I stood up and went to my bike.

“I should go home, it’s getting late” he turned in my direction and stood up as fast as he could.

“No, wait” I was just about to start pedalling when he said that and I looked at him confused “I can drive you home”

I was going to decline his offer, but I gave it a second thought and since my mom told me he was in town all that I wanted was to spend time by his side so I’d be stupid if I said no.

I gave him my bike so he could put it in the trunk. I followed him and went to the co-pilot seat.

I looked through the window all the time, watching what was different since the last time, but I got bored and I looked him instead, how concentrated he was and how different he looked.

“It’s weird seeing you with that hair colour” I said after a few seconds staring at him.

He didn’t have his silver hair colour anymore, the one which made him so different from the rest once. He had his natural colour now.

He smiled when he heard what I said, but he kept looking to the road.

“You look different too”

“I hope in a good way” I answered laughing.

“Of course, you always look good no matter what” now I was the one smiling.

“You too Standall”

We were smiling like idiots when we finally arrived to my house. We stepped out of the car and he went for the bike and left it by the garage.

“I was thinking…” he started to say when he turned in my direction, there it was again, my heart skipped a hundred beats, after all this time he still did that to me “would you like to hang out tomorrow? We could go to Monet’s”

“I’d love to” luckily for him I was faster this time.

“Great! I’ll text you and we can talk about the details” he looked so happy suddenly and I felt happier too.

“Perfect” I was smiling so brightly that I must look stupid.

“Bye” he said going back to the car.

“Bye Alex” I answered trying to hide the excitement.


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