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4, 18 and 23 :)

4: What I think of when someone says “home.”

It really depends on context. Home is my house with Jeremy, but if I talking about going home for Christmas or something, then I mean my parents’ house where I grew up.

18: A gif that describes me best:

23: What someone would find in my bag:

My purse has so much in it: my phone, my little camera, my little Bible I got when I graduated preschool, about a dozen lip glosses, powder, gun gum, wallet, calendar, minibrush, receipts, mini Swiss Army knife, lotion, various colored pens…

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aw why didn’t you want to sell cookies?? I went to girl scouts for a day, they were making tootsie rolls and I brought my teddy bear with me. They made fun, so i quit! I was always jealous of the boys. boy scouts looked like wayyy more fun!

I always hated selling cookies… or anything, really. I’m terrified to ask people things. The only year I sold a lot was 6th grade because a phone was one of the prizes, and my dad said he’d install a phone jack in my room if I earned the phone. I did, but he didn’t put the jack in for another 2 or 3 years.

Aww… :( I got along pretty well with my troop except for 6th & 7th grades because that’s when I was the most withdrawn. They weren’t mean or anything. It was just like I was invisible.

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you were in girl scouts? So lucky!

Yeah, from kindergarten through 8th grade when I refused to sell cookies any more, and my parents said that if I didn’t sell cookies then I couldn’t stay in it, so I stopped.

My dad was my brother’s den leader for cub scouts, so I got to do lots of stuff with them, too. I had more fun with the boys a lot of the time. and definitely learned cooler stuff.