Why I love DOAD:

He’s not your average DaddyDom. He is an amazing man that deserves more credit. He’s WORTH so much, and I don’t need to know his name to know that. His blog is an outlet for some of the depression and anxiety he’d been feeling, and some stupid anon tried to ruin a good thing for him. I’m so happy he’s still here. DOAD is such a brave man for continuing his Daddy blogs in the face of degradation (on the anon’s part). He realized how much help he’s doing by staying around. His presence is a constant reminder for all Littles for how a Daddy ought to be.
I admire him.
He won’t reject you based on your self-harm scars, or murky history. He won’t give you the cold-shoulder for having little experience, or lack of it. DOAD helps Littles differentiate between a real DADDY, and some scumbag who just wants your nudes and the title of a “Daddy”. He doesn’t just blog about DD/lg, either. He really tries showing his followers that any depression, self-harm, eating-disorders, or body-image issues you have don’t make you an ugly person, or less deserving of love than anyone else. He doesn’t just want a Little to fuck, or to send him nudes. He wants to take care of her, be affectionate with her, and love her endlessly.
I idolize him.
I wanted to tell DOAD, if you’re reading this, you deserve to feel comfortable in this community, and whoever tries to bring you down for your sexual desires has no right. You aren’t hurting anyone (the distance from you is painful though). I want to thank you for sticking by your followers and risking exposure of your blog (by that anon who knew your name) just for us. You help me and your followers as much as we help you heal from bad experiences. 
I adore you.
It’s easy to feel like you know someone just by their personal blog, because they write so many intimate things on it. From your daddy blog alone, I set my heart on you. But it wasn’t until we started talking that I saw you in a better light. And I’ve tried searching synonyms for “I love you” that better explain my honest feelings for you, but nothing is so strong and definite. “Mad for” is what I settled on because it’s absolutely illogical what I’m going through… 

I’m mad for you.

He helps those who need it, and some that didn’t think they did. You helped me realize I put too much trust into guys before they’ve given me enough reason to. I don’t expect you to ever feel the same way. I don’t expect you to pry through my blog for scraps of insight into my life, like I do with yours. All I expect is that you will always be the most sweet, amazing, gorgeous, cute, humble, generous, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, sexy, funny, honest, and perfect Daddy that I’ll never meet. 

I’ve succumbed to you

And that’s why I try not to expect too much anymore. Expectation leads to disappointment, and disappointment leads to seeing someone negatively. I never want to see you in a harsh light as a result of my own dimwitted expectations of you. So I no longer expect replies… I miss you, but I’m done wondering what girl in your inbox you’re stuck on.. why her asks, submissions, distract you from my own. You are far too perfect in reality to crush with my imagination. But my heart still shakes in anticipation, regardless… So what is this? Check the title.

Sorry Anon.

Ugh so sorry anon. I accidentally deleted your question. The question was who is your tumblr crush and why.
My tumblr crush is diary-of-a-daddy. Eeeep lol. The reasons are quite a few. I’m an audiophile he has got a voice to make a girl shiver, his jaw does the thing, he seems like a really sweet person, ummm…yeah he’s gorgeous in and out. ^_^ oh gosh this is embarrassing I kinda hope he doesn’t ever see this lol. Oh well. There ya go darling.

It’s been like two days since DOAD has been fully active on his blog; hope he’s doing okay :3 I know he’s been working harder lately (10 hour shifts sound awful! and illegal in the US I think :p) Too bad he isn’t here in California so I could rub his achy feet after work and have a bubble bath ready for him when he arrived. He’d make me all squeaky clean (and dripping wet, not that he’d know from the bubble water ;3) and then dry me off gently… And help me into my feetie pajamas. Maybe he’d even read me a bedtime story or sing me a lullaby if he wasn’t too tired! Though just letting me curl up next to his bare cock in bed would suffice

Aaaaaah. I can’t sleep now 

It’s not fair. I’d basically worship the ground he walked on if I could walk on it myself HAHA.