doa challenge



There was a recent fun Halloween Costume Design Challenge for Dead Or Alive 5. Alot of people were submitting in work, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. There were actually alot of other ideas I had, but in the end I went with this DRYAD DESIGN. Also, I’m a moron because this clearly says “DRUID” which is totally not my intention…….ahhh……wow……..okay……well……already sent in now. *Cringe*

DOA Challenge 6: How was I introduced to DOA? 
(as a fighting game)

Back when I was 11 I used to love to just go on youtube and watch random gameplay videos. I think I was watching some Smash Bros’ Melee strategies, and in the recommended videos there were some DOA videos (the title seemed familiar since I played XBV when I was younger) I was intrigued by the thumbnail so I went ahead and clicked it, and before I knew it I pretty much watched hours (okay, not literally XD) of gameplay vids and all of the story modes (2-4 at the time).