For the football fandom: Name one (active) player you wish you could bring back to your favorite club 🤔

It’s not about hating Sidney Crosby. It’s about hating the NHL’s bias toward him and other big named players like him. It’s about the danger that comes along with protecting the NHL’s golden boys. In the eyes of the Refs, players like him can’t do any wrong, and because of that, players like Methot get seriously injured. This isn’t necessarily Sid’s fault. He didn’t ask the NHL to protect him unnecessarily, but he needs to be held accountable for his shitty actions. He got away with two dangerous moves, two games in a row.

If you think that it’s okay for someone to take part of someone else’s finger off with no repercussions, just because “Well, he’s just really good at hockey,” then you’re part of the problem.

one of those things that i highkey know is never gonna happen in canon but i think about constantly is Rey doing the human crutch method to carry an injured Kylo

like, he gets his hand cut off as per tradition and he’s all beaten up and she’s tryin to get him out of somewhere bc damn it you piece of garbage you will be brought to justice even if i’ve gotta drag ur ass there myself and she’s strugglin under his dead weight

Worried (Peter Parker x Reader)

(can you do one where you also fight at the airport and you get injured and peter (who you kind of just met) is worried about you?

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“(Y/N), are you sure you’re okay?” Peter insists.

“Peter, I’m fine. I’m a Stark, I can survive anything,” you say with a cheeky wink before blasting off with your father.

“He has a crush on you, ya know.” your dad, Tony, says.

“I know,” you say, “Maybe I have one on him too. Haven’t decided yet.”

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Hey! After reading your Andriel amusement park prompt, I was wondering if you could do some Neil whump? Where Neil gets sick, or injured, and andrew takes care of him? Cheesy, but soothing for my soul \(^_^~ thanks!!

Listen, Anon. Soft fluffy Andreil is what I live for! So please enjoy this sick Neil drabble featuring mother-hen-Nicky and the very real flu death experiences of @irishrainbownjh

It starts with a tickle. Right at the back of the throat. It grates with every swallow, and despite how many times he clears his throat, Neil can’t seem to shake the scratch. He pulls himself out of bed, has a long hot shower, and downs two glasses of water, but it’s still persistently there.

By the time Neil is halfway through his morning lecture, his head has started pounding as well. It’s a constant pressure behind his eyes that throbs in time to his heartbeat and cries out at the flash of each new slide. The scratch of a pen on paper to his right and the smack of gum to his left only make it worse.

When the class finally ends, Neil drags himself back to Fox Tower. His body feels both sluggish and sore, like he’s just run five miles then slept ten hours cramped up. Even the smallest movement sets his muscles aching and his joints creaking.

It takes considerable effort to make it up the hill to Fox Tower, so Neil opts for the elevator over the stairs. The doors open on the third floor to reveal the hallway bustling with a group from the soccer team. One of the players has an arm full of pizza boxes, and the greasy scent wafts down to Neil. It makes his stomach bubble and churn, and the striker braces himself against the wall and breathes through gritted teeth to get it to settle.


Neil whips around at the sound of his name, but the fast movement causes lights to pop behind his eyes. It’s like a bad case of vertigo, his whole world tilting, and Neil stumbles back against the wall again. He blinks a few times, and when his eyes come back into focus, he finds Nicky’s concerned expression. It takes another moment to register that Nicky’s hands are gripping his elbows and holding him steady.

“Jesus, are you alright? You look awful.” Nicky raises his hand and presses it against Neil’s forehead. “And you’re burning up. Let’s get you inside.”

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How to Fairy Tail:

You’re a force of seventeen wizards and three cats trapped on an island with two incredibly powerful forces you have no hope of taking down: Zeref, the actual Black Wizard aka Most Evil Dude Ever, and Grimoire Heart, a force of wizards all of Wizard Saint strength and beyond who are mopping the floor with you and have already near-fatally wiped out half your members, including all of the strongest ones. You are essentially broken and do not have strength enough to protect your wounded, let alone fight off Grimoire Heart. You also have a third threat in the form of the Magic Council, who in order to take Zeref and Grimoire Heart out of the picture, are planning to fire Etherion, a city-destroying nuclear satellite laser, at the island you’re on, and they don’t give a shit whether you’re still on it when they fire it. The dude who works for these people has a handy teleportation ability that can get you and your wounded off the island without Grimoire Heart or Zeref being able to catch you and before Etherion is fired. He is being a hero right now and extending this offer, which is essentially your only hope of survival.

Instead of taking that offer, deny it against all logic and reason because you’re too stubborn to admit when you’re beat, and when he tries to talk sense into you, respond by threatening the lives of the Magic Council–those dudes that he literally just told you are holding Etherion over your heads and who already don’t like your sorry asses. After all, pride and the ability to flex your muscles even on your deathbed are far more important than actually surviving!

See also: How To Completely Remove Any Ability To Feel Sympathetic Towards You 

Old love never dies

(A/N): I suck at titles so bad

Request:  I know requests are closed but I have to write this or I will forget. Can you do one where Steve gets injured during a mission and about to die and don’t want to be saved but the reader tricks him into treatment(w/ Peggys lipstick) bc she loves him?

Warnings: angst, almost death, swearing

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   You had noticed the resemblance between you and Peggy but you had thought it was a crazy coincidence, maybe Steve just had a thing for “Peggy-esque” kind of girls but you slowly began to realize that you were wrong. Steve didn’t  like “Peggy-esque” girls, he liked Peggy and unfortunately for you and your feelings you were the best candidate for that. 

   You realized you looked just like Peggy, down to the bed of her nails, you talked like Peggy given that you came from the UK, and you had even realized she had the same strong-willed, stubborn personality that you had. Steve Rogers wasn’t attracted to you, he was attracted to Peggy Carter, and you just had to be the embodiment of his deceased lover. 

   You often found Steve talking to Nat and Sam about Peggy like she was his entire world or something. The way his eyes would shine brightly and how that smile would rise to his lips had your heart aching because you weren’t the one to cause that twinkle and smile, it was the image of long gone lover. 

   To say it hurt was putting it lightly. For months you had thought Steve liked you for you and in return you gave him your everything, he knew every secret, every little detail about your life. But that’s not what hurt the most, what hurt the most was that you had fallen in love with him, so completely and utterly in love and he didn’t reciprocate it. 

   Some nights you could hear Steve murmuring in his sleep, Peggy, peggy, peggy,” when you were right there, not even a foot away from him. Other times he’d not so blatantly be staring at old pictures of her, stroking over her face as though she was some porcelain doll that needed to be protected. 

   You knew you should spare yourself the pain, leave Steve and find someone who loved you for you, not some image of the woman he once loved and yet you couldn’t bring yourself too. Something about the way he’d hold you, kiss you, tell you he loved you, it felt all too real to be fake. So instead of leaving, like you so should, you stuck around, dealing with all the pain Steve Rogers dealt upon you. 

   Things had been worse for the wear for awhile now but this- this topped the cake. You’d been on a mission when everything suddenly turned to shit. One minute you were on the way out and the next you were being ambushed on all sides. 

   You had been in no way prepared for the fight which then led to this- this whole incident all together. 

   You had been fitting these Agents left and right when suddenly a shot ran through the air and within a moment you had been knocked to the ground, skidding across the dirt as the battle around you raged on. 

  Something deep within your gut was telling you that something had happened, something was wrong and as you slowly sat up you could definitely see why. Your gaze had immediately locked on the writhing form on the ground, all clad in his patriotic uniform. You sprang from the dirt, rushing to Steve’s side as he rolled around a bit, groaning in pain. 

   “Oh my god Steve,” You breath out as you attempt to hold him still, trying to get a good look at his wound or wounds. 

   “Hurts.” He hisses through gritted teeth and you could already see the sweat forming on his brow. 

   “Oh god, it’s okay,” You smooth your hands over his abdomen, stopping when he groaned in pain. “Is this it?” You ask as you gently prod a bit further only to be met by another groan of pain. “Okay, oh god, it’s okay Stevie, I’ve got you, we’re gonna get you out of here, get you some treatment and-” 

   “I don’t want to leave,” Steve whispers, “I don’t want treatment, I don’t wanna get better,” 

   “Steve, you don’t mean that, come on-” 

   “(Y/N),” Steve breaths out, gently cupping your cheek as he does so. “This is the end of the line for me, I don’t want to go on,” He gives you a sad smile and you know as you stare down at it that there would be no convincing him. He wanted this, wanted to die, wanted to be reunited with Bucky and Peggy. And who were you to stop him? After all, you didn’t really matter to him at all. 

   “Steve, please-” Tears begin to form in your eyes as you cradle his head in your hand, the other applying bits of pressure to his bleeding wound. You swallow thickly, going over your words in your head. “If not for me, do it for Peggy,” Steve slowly cracks one eye open to look up at you, his lips parting as he goes to answer your question. You stop him before he can say anything, leaning down to press your lips against his. 

   Recently you’d gotten a new lipstick and you had realized it was the same exact shade as Peggy’s had been. You were going to stop using it when you realized it made Steve happy and if he was happy well then, you were happy. And he was especially happy when he kissed you, no doubt relishing in the way you nearly- nearly tasted like Peggy. 

   “Steve please,” You pull away slightly, just enough to breath and talk, “Do it, please,” Steve is quite for a few moments, just staring up at you through hazy, half-lidded eyes. “Steve, Peggy would want you to,” Those words, those damn words mentioning Peggy seem to trigger something within him because he nods, grimacing slightly as he does so. An almost smile overtakes your features as you smooth your hand over Steve’s hair, just appreciating him for one moment before you start barking orders at everyone, demanding they get Steve out of there and to safety. 

   You watched as Sam and Tony carried Steve away, leaving you and the rest of the Avengers to battle the Agents. Your heart raced as you fought valiantly but it wasn’t do to said fighting, your heart was pounding in your chest because Steve, your Steve, was on the near brink of death and the only thing that had convinced him to stay was the thought of Peggy. 

   As soon as the fighting stopped you and the rest of the Avengers rushed to the hospital that Tony had said Steve was being treated at. It wasn’t too far and with the Quinjet you got there in no time. You realized it must have been silly to see all these supersuite clad adults running through the hospital, after all who ever saw such a thing? You did happen to note all the strange stares you had gotten but at the moment it wasn’t your primary focus. Right now all you needed to focus on was Steve and getting to his room before it was too late. 

   You come to a skidding halt beside the room door, the rest of the Avengers following right after. Immediately your eyes trained in on Steve’s body lying in the bed, motionless but breathing. You sigh in relief as tears begin to pool in your eyes, 

  It’s okay, he’s okay now, he’s alive and breathing and-

   Tony sighs a bit, shaking his head as he stares at the new party of people. 

   “Kid’s been out of it since he came here, doctors are thinking it’s just exhaustion,” 

   “At least he’s alive,” You breath out as you take a tentative step towards his bed. Your fingers graze over the material of his blanket and you could’ve sworn you saw him jolt at your touch. You go to open your mouth to continue your statement when Steve’s quiet, broken voice cuts you off. 

   “Peggy? Is that you?” 

BTS Reaction to their s/o getting injured

@marie-sarah said: “Hello love! I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a reaction to bts s/o getting injured or something like that? I recently sprained my ankle and could use some fluff!!”

I’m so sorry about your ankle! I hope you feel better soon <3 Thank you for the request, and I hope you like it! <3 

Seokjin: The first thing he did was scold you. The idea of you getting hurt at all was a scary thing to him, and he would ask you a million questions as to how exactly it happened. “Is this someone else’s fault? Did someone do this to you? Are you sure you’re okay? Who should I call the cops on?” 

You laughed at how dramatic he was unintentionally being. “No one, silly. It was just an accident.” 

“Oh.” He said. “Well in that case, do you want ice cream? It always makes me feel better.” He would spend every free minute doing his best to cheer you up and keep your mind off your injury until he was sure you were better. He would bring you flowers and balloons, along with cheesy cards filled with dad jokes to make you smile. 

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Namjoon: “So can I sign your cast?” He asked, after making sure that you were otherwise okay. He was used to injuries himself, and knew what a hindrance they could be to everyday life. “Don’t worry, I’ll help out with anything you can’t do until you get better. I’ll even come over and do your dishes.” 

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Jimin: Even though he always treated you well, he would treat you like absolute royalty if you were injured. He would insist that he do everything, because you had to rest so you could heal. “What are you doing up?” He complained as he saw you walking across the room. 

“Um…Getting water?” 

He scooped you up in his arms, placing you back onto the couch. “You’re supposed to tell me when you want something.” 

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Jungkook: “So does that mean we’re not going jogging tomorrow?” He joked, knowing it was out of the question. Seeing you hop around on one foot or limping made him feel bad though, and he wanted to do something to help. So he took the opportunity to show off his strength and carried you around every chance he got until you were fully healed.

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Yoongi: While he didn’t seem outwardly concerned at first, all of the little things that he did for you made it clear he was. He would text you to remind you not to strain yourself and get plenty of rest, because if you weren’t careful your injury could get worse. He also brought over food whenever he could, telling you that it was important to keep your strength up. “You know you scared me when you said you were injured.” He pouted. 

“I told you it was just a sprain.” You pointed out with a slight laugh. 

“Yeah, well…” He pulled you close, as though trying to reassure himself that you were really okay.

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Hoseok: It would take him a while to believe that you were really alright. Yeah it hurt, but you’d live. Once he finally listened to you and stopped freaking out, he went back to his usual self. “Oh my god, don’t die on me, we’ve only just found each other!” He gasped for extra dramatic affect, and you couldn’t help but laugh. He seemed satisfied once he saw you smile, and made it his personal mission to make you laugh as much as possible, especially while you were injured.  

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Taehyung: Like Hoseok, he would try to distract you as much as possible. “Do you want to play a board game? Or we could watch a movie, whatever you want to do.” He kissed your nose, and you grinned at him.

“Anything? Like, you’ll even sing to me?” He nodded enthusiastically, and the two of you spent the rest of the afternoon singing along with songs and trying to rap all of the cyphers. He made sure to keep you positive by sending you memes, or taking the most ridiculous selfie he could and texting them to you at random times.

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When Can I See Him? // Jack Maynard

​Hey can you do an imagine where jack gets badly injured, and his girlfriend y/n has to find out off Anna, and isn’t aloud to see him at the hospital? Sorry for the bad wording just do your thing hahah

“Hey gorgeous,” Y/N answers Anna after the first ring.

“Y/N,” she pauses, responding to someone in the background.


“Sorry, look there’s been an accident. Jack’s in the hospital but—“

“What?!” Y/N yells, causing Anna to flinch over the phone. “What happened?”

“He got hit by a car. It’s doesn’t look good Y/N, he’s unconscious.” Anna then starts sobbing over the phone.

Y/N struggled to catch her breath, but managed to ask Anna which hospital they were at, to which she then rushes to her car with her wallet in her hands. The whole drive her mind is instantly thinking the worst possible scenarios.

Y/N parked her car, mind racing and forgetting to pay for a ticket at the ticket machine and just rushed into the building. There she saw Jack’s parents and siblings along with Josh and Caspar.

“Where is he?” she asked instantly, forgetting to say hello.

“They won’t let us see him yet,” Conor replied, putting his hands on her back to try and calm her down. “We’ll have to wait till he’s out of the intensive care unit.”

“What do you mean they won’t let us see him?” She turned to face the boys and Anna, disregarding what Conor just said. “I have to see him now.” She could feel tears running down her face.

“Take a deep breath Y/N, they said—.” Y/N cut Josh short as she made her way to the front desk.

“I need to see Jack Maynard,” she told the receptionist sternly.

“Sorry, he isn’t allowed any visitors yet, please have a—” she cut her short.

“Well, when can we see him? I need to make sure my boyfriend is okay,” she pleaded.

“Please have a seat with his family, we will inform you with any news straight away.” She responded. Giving up in defeat, Y/N sat down next to Jack’s mum, who put an arm around her shoulder.

“He’ll be okay, love”, she whispered into her ears.

For the rest of the time waiting, Y/N didn’t respond to anyone who tried talking to her. Her eyes were glued to the floor, blocking out all the noise surrounding her. She then felt a hand on her shoulder, startling her.  

She looked up and her eyes met Joe’s. “Hey, when did you get here?” She spoke quietly.

“About fifteen minutes ago. How are you holding up?” he asked her, while giving her a smile. She shrugged in response, unable to form a sentence at how she was feeling.

“Maynard party?” The doctor called out, eyes scanning our little group.

“Yes, that’s us,” they responded.

Everyone stood up, hoping they’d all get a chance to visit Jack.

“We can take only take a small amount of people at a time, possibly groups of three” the doctor informed them.

Jack’s parents walked towards the door, then turning around to look at Y/N. Y/N turned her head to Jack’s siblings, making sure it’s okay with them that she would visit him first. They both smiled at her, reassuring her it’s okay. The doctor then lead his parents and Y/N to Jack’s room, stopping in front of the room he was in. Feeling impatient, Y/N allowed herself in, eyes watering at the sight of her boyfriend, who had bandages wrapped around his head. He looked over at her and immediately started smiling.

“Hey babe”, he said. “Why are you crying for?”

“Why am I crying?” she laughed. “Because silly, the boy that I love is sitting in a hospital bed after he’s been injured. Why do you think I’m crying?” She sat down on the chair next to his bed and held both of his hands.

He chuckled, Y/N’s hearts warming instantly to the sound of his laugh. “Well, I’m okay now.”

“Yeah, thank goodness”, Y/N laughed. “Your parents are right outside, and everyone’s hoping for a chance to see you now.” She told him, not wanting to let go of his hands.

“Everyone’s here?” He questioned.

“Of course”, she smiled at him. “I love you so much Jack, even though I’m probably going to get a parking fine because of you” she laughed, kissing Jack lightly on his lips. 

“I love you more”, he said grinning. 

She cupped his face, thanking the above that he’s okay. “I won’t be too long, I’ll be back after everyone’s visited you, do you want me to bring you anything from home?”

“Can you bring me mcdonalds, I’m so hungry” he pouted. 

“Babe, I don’t think I’m allowed to sneak in fast food here”, she laughed. “But as soon as they release you I’ll take you anywhere you want”, she kissed his forehead. 

happy new year guysss!! hope you’re all enjoying your holidays. thanks for the amazing feedback on my last imagine, you guys are amazing!! i hope you enjoy this  xxx

Bonding Over Injuries

First, just letting you know that this is my longest fanfic to the time and it has been a wild ride. At one point I was just thinking about giving up but well, I decided to continue and this is the result. Hope you enjoy it and every type of feedback is accepted! Thank you in advanced!

summary: Evan Lester and Millie Howell have hated each other for who knows how long and so do their dads; until Millie gets injured. How will the two adults adapt to their kids’ new friendship after being enemies for so long?

words: 13.6k

trigger warnings: hospitals, broken bones, descriptive nightmares, mentions of blood

author’s note: i don’t really know anything about medical things and I have never experienced a broken bone either so probably this is inaccurate and i’m sorry

“Dad, c'mon, I want to go on the swings and if we don’t go fast the big kids are going to take them…” a 7 year old Evan Lester said as he dragged his father faster to the park.

“Evan, we aren’t in a hurry, see? We are already here. Now go, have fun!” Phil said walking towards one of the few empty benches that weren’t occupied by parents, relatives or nannies after seeing his son run rapidly to the only free swing that was left. 

He watched him swing carefree and happy for a while and reassuring himself that Evan was fine he took out the book he had brought to read. It was going to be a relaxing day.

He was engrossed on his book when he spotted a shadow next to him, knowing it was Evan. “You tired?” he chuckled, knowing his son was such an energetic child he never got tired.

“Dad, you know I never get tired!” Evan huffed, “just coming here to tell you that I will be playing cops and robbers with other kids and… Millie.” he pulled a disgusted face when he said her name.

Millie Howell was Evan’s classmate. They both had been in the same class since they were babies and never got along well. Phil and Millie’s father, Dan, had often ended up at the principal’s office after his son and Millie had pranked each other in some way or another, getting on a fight that ended up with both of them being scolded by their fathers.

As stubborn fathers they both were, they always thought the fault it was the other’s child, so they often ended up also arguing and never tried to get along either. They were often worse than their children to be honest.

“Oh Millie,” Phil rapidly scanned the park around to spot her father, not really wanting to see the other parent, but relaxed when he didn’t see Dan. He guessed Millie was here with a nanny so he didn’t mind it much. “well, don’t worry about her, okay? now go, be the best cop you can and catch all those robbers!”

And with that Evan ran toward his team, who were probably conspiring on what to do to catch the other kids. Phil put his book aside and decided to follow the game, it was entertaining to see his ginger munchkin run around to catch the other kids. That when he heard a loud sharp cry.

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Reminder to people in school!

Kii says:

We’ve been getting a lot of asks about people wearing binders to school, getting injured or sick, and not having another undergarment to change into.

So, this is a reminder that you should bring your preferred thing to wear when not in your binder (loose sports bra or regular bra) with you to school from now on. Keep it in your locker, backpack, or wherever you keep your other school supplies. It is very unsafe to wear your binder if you feel like you are getting ill or you get injured. Please do not putyourself at risk by thinking this won’t happen to you.

Bath Time

You sit on the couch, reading your book. Sam and Dean are on a hunt and Castiel is at the bunker with you, doing research for the boys while he rests. It’s been a long month. Castiel got his grace back but is cursed by the spell Rowena put on him so he needs rest but yet here he is, doing homework for the two screw ups while they’re off getting injured and fat.

You walk by him on your way to the kitchen but stop when you can smell him. “Cas, I think you need a bath or something,” you say, chuckling at him a little and he looks up to you with his bright blue eyes and gives you a weak smile. It looks as if almost all of the energy is drained from him. Almost like it’s hard just to smile, just to try.

“I’m an angel. I don’t require grooming,” he says and you laugh. “Cas, as long as you have a vessel, you need a bath. Even animals bathe themselves. They do a have-assed job but they manage to do it.” You say, sitting across from him. “It would be relaxing too, it would make you feel better,” you add and stand to go back into the kitchen but he stops you.

“Wait-” he says and you turn to him. “Do you think you could help me? I don’t quite know how to bathe,” he says, his eyes filled with what looks like exhaustion and maybe sorrow. “Of course,” you say, feeling guilt for the poor angel. “I’ll be right back, I’ll go get you a few things.” You say and head down the hallway where you grab a towel, a toothbrush, a hair dryer, and a brush and you put those things and a pair of clothes from Dean’s closet on the bathroom counter.

You head over to the dinning room and see that Cas is buried in research. “You ready Cas?” You ask and he nods and he closes the laptop and follows you into the bathroom. You begin to draw the bath water and turn to see Castiel has dropped every single article of clothing. “Oh my god, Cas, I do not need to see that,” you say shielding the, “bad,” parts with his towel. “I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable but aren’t I supposed to be fully unclothed in order to bathe?” He asks and you nod. “Yes, Cas, just give me your clothes so I can go wash them,” you say and he hesitantly hands you his folded up pile of dirty clothes and you run out shutting the door behind you and yelling, “I’ll be right back.”

You can’t help but shudder at that sight. Let’s not lie, Cas has an amazing body but that was a little much.

You stuff his clothes in the washer and add soap before closing it and picking the correct settings and heading back to the bathroom. “Cas?” You call and stand close to the door. “Yes, (Y/N)?” He asks and you sigh and chuckle. “Wrap your towel around yourself okay?” You ask and he responds with a quick, “okay,” and you very slowly open the door to see an amazing sight.

Castiel’s towel is hanging dangerously low on his hips, showing his V line and his muscles tighten and contract under his tan skin as he holds up the hair dryer with a confused expression. “What is this used for?” He asks and you sigh and chuckle. “It dries your hair for you, Cas.” You say and he nods and sets it down.

You quickly run over and grab the bottle of eucalyptus basil bubble bath that smells amazingly like lavender, you poor some in and turn around once the bubbles are formed, instructing Cas verbally on removing the towel and stepping in and sitting into the tub and he does so and once you turn around, you see a lazy smile on the angel’s face and you can’t help but chuckle to yourself.

“You were right, (Y/N), this feels… very good,” he says and you nod and smile. “Okay so I guess I should help you with washing your hair and everything huh?” You ask and he nods. “Yes, I don’t quite know what to do,” he says and you nod and instruct him to lean back a little and you fill up a small pitcher with the bath water, pouring it in his hair and sticking your hand up along the front of his hairline so that none of it gets in his eyes then you squirt shampoo into your hands and run it through his hair, messaging his scalp and he lets out a low hum sound, leaning against your fingers, his eyes closed and a smile still spread on his face.

You can’t help but adore how new he is to all of this and of course you love how much he is enjoying this.

After a while of messaging, you wash out the shampoo and pour in some conditioner, doing the same, using your fingertips to dissolve all of Cas’ worry and stress and finally comes the soap where you sigh and Cas looks up at you with a happy expression on his face.

“Alright, this is the bar of soap,” you say to Cas, showing him. “Now you have to rub it everywhere alright?” You ask and he nods. “Like this?” He asks, rubbing it against his tanned, smooth chest until the white appears and you nod. “Everywhere,” you say and stand. “Now you do that and I’ll be back I’m just going to check on your laundry,” you lie and he nods, happily running the bar of soap along his arms. You don’t really need to check his laundry, there’s no way it’s even close to done yet, you just need a damn break and you definitely don’t want to actually watch him run that soap everywhere. Well, let’s face it, you do, you just don’t want him to find out. So you walk to the fridge and shove a cheese stick in your mouth and eat it, walking to the bathroom and you slowly open the door to find the soap sitting on the rail and Castiel with white soap all over him. You giggle and grab the pitcher, rinsing him off completely. “Alright, Cas, you’re done, do you want to get out now?” You ask and he nods, standing and you quickly turn on your heels, throwing the towel at him. He quickly wraps the towel around himself after seeing you squirming and looking elsewhere but then a look of mischief crosses his face and he laughs a little. “Why is it that you get so uncomfortable with me being unclothed?” He asks, his hand wrapping around your arm. “I- I uhm..” You stutter until he presses his soft lips down onto yours, pulling away quickly. “I- I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I-” you cut him off by pressing your lips up to his and he gladly accepts your lips against his until you need air and he chuckles.

“Okay why don’t you get dressed and I’ll get you some deodorant from Dean’s room or something,” you say and quickly go do that, running out and hiding your bright red face from the proud angel.

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Isn't the number of entries allowed for each fs discipline at the 2018 Winter Olympics dependent on this year's Worlds? If so, with Satoko withdrawing, doesn't that mean tj might have only 2 spots available for ladies singles?

yes, this is a very real concern that has haunted me ever since we found out about satoko’s injury /o\ with how deep the japanese ladies’ field is, it would be a nightmare if they only had 2 spots for the olympics. i feel so bad for them because they all got injured at such a crucial time…such awful luck.

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Hello! I loved your headcanon about how Kanan (badly) handles getting injured/sick and having to be patched up. Could you possibly do similar headcanons for how the rest of the crew deals with getting injured/patched up? Thanks!

  • I think that Hera would tolerate her injuries and be That Person that is literally impossible to patch up because she just hops right up and is like ‘okay! we’ve got work to do! I’m totally fine!’
    • meanwhile she’s struggling to walk in a straight fucking line because she’s about to black tf out
  • Sabine is exactly the same as Hera but sometimes she neglects to even tell anyone she’s injured and then they’re all standing around in a briefing or something and just
    • Ezra: Sabine are you bleeding?
    • Sabine: what?
    • Ezra: your side?? is bleeding???
    • Sabine: ‘tis but a flesh wound
    • it’s a real problem with her
  • Zeb just?? never gets hurt??? and when he does he’s literally healed like four hours later and no one understands at all
  • Ezra knows his limits and knows when he needs to be patched up - but he’s horrible about the actual healing process
    • Hera thinks it’s probably from all those years on the streets ingrained into him - gotta keep moving, gotta keep on your feet so you aren’t caught unaware
    • Kanan agrees with her (he knows from experience that’s exactly what it is)
    • So this kid could literally be bandaged up after a fire fight and should be resting for like three days at LEAST and two hours later Kanan finds the kid wandering around Chopper Base doing chores and Kanan’s certain that Ezra is the reason he’s going to die young
  • Basically this crew does not know how to recover properly after being injured and they should really have a babysitter



shit wait okay

imagine kazuma wanting to learn how to heal so he can help kurama since kurama is just an INJURY MAGNET

Bonding Over Injuries

summary: Evan Lester and Millie Howell have hated each other for who knows how long and so do their dads; until Millie gets injured. How will the two adults adapt to their kids’ new friendship after being enemies for so long?

words: 14.1k

trigger warnings: hospitals, broken bones, descriptive nightmares, mentions of blood

extra tags: single parent!dan, single parent!phil, enemies to lovers, oneshot,

Cancer Crew - You Get Hurt Filming a Video P1 (MAX)

So heaps of people have been asking for me to do one where you get injured during a video and because this turned out so fucking long I decided to do it in parts. So, here’s Max, and I should have the rest of the boys up soon!

The Gentlemen’s Guide
You were helping the boys film a video for George’s channel, and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t one of the funniest ones yet. Especially when your boyfriend, Max wouldn’t keep his mouth shut; curse words flying out from his mouth every split second. They had contemplated wether or not they wanted you or Max to be the female when it was time to film for that part. You said you’d do it and Joji asked if he could film you and Max separately, and see which one he wanted to use. 

So, there you were, holding onto both Ian’s and Joji’s hands, the tarp that was currently covered with shattered glass, mouse traps, and 50 bottles of soap and oil. “You better fucking protect me” You mumble, eyeing the entire thing up, your grip becoming strong on both of their hands. “Protect the lady” Joji repeated in his Frank voice as they both pulled you along with them onto the tarp. You could already feel yourself beginning to lose balance and Ian holding out his umbrella with the handle hitting your leg was not helping. George, wasn’t honestly doing jack shit. You could hear him yelling out things like protect the lady but all that went through one ear and out the other when you saw the boys begin to throw the vegetables. Only, their target was obviously you.

“Ian, put the umbrella in front of me!” You tell him, attempting to dodge the veggies, the cheap, ten dollar dress the boys had bought not helping very much. Then Chad throws a bag of potatoes and thats George down, and due to you squeezing his hand tightly, that mean’t you were down too. As you went to hit the ground, you instinctively put your hand out to stop your fall or at least help it from not hurting as much but your hand makes contact with something other than the tarp. You scream in pain as the rest of your body hits the ground, your entire hand shooting and stinging with pain. As if your scream was a cue for cut, everyone stops and turns to you, obviously seeing your injury before you did because Ian’s eyes go wide and George is pulling that ‘Thats gotta hurt’ face and Max is running over towards you.

Max slips a little bit once you’re in his reach he picks you up bridal style, as Ian comes out of trance and helps to hold Max up so you both don’t go down. You bring your hand in your line of view, and see theres a giant piece of glass from one of the wine glasses in your hand, blood dripping from the cut and onto the ground. You’re surprised you didn’t scream louder, because fuck, the injury looks like it deserved a big scream. Max sets you down on one of the plastic chairs, and kneels in front of you, eyeing up your hand. He’s screaming at the boys to grab him something that you can’t even hear because your minds set on the scene before you. “Baby” You hear his familiar voice ring through your ears and you look away from your hand to your boyfriend, who looks as if he’s in as much pain as you. “I’m fine” You tell him, but you and him both knows thats a lie. “I fucking told you to get rid of the glass before she went on!” Max yelled. You’re not sure who he yelled it to and you’re sure he didn’t know either. You can see he’s beginning to go red with anger, and he’s either about to take it out on the boys or himself, so with your free hand you squeeze his wrist slightly. “Honestly, Max, it doesn’t even hurt that much” You try reassuring him, but Max isn’t one to fall for bullshit. 

Max is about to open his mouth to say something, but Ian comes out from the house with what looked like a cloth, some bandages, and you couldn’t exactly make out the rest. Max gets up from his kneeling position and decides it wouldn’t be best for him to tend to your cut because he doesn’t know shit about what he’s supposed to do. You feel him come around to your side and rub your arm soothingly as Warren takes the supplies from Ian, obviously having a fair idea of what to do. Max rubs his hand up and down your arm before he finally interlocks his hand with your uninjured one. You can tell he just wants to scream and yell, but he’s probably biting on his tongue to keep from doing that. 

“Fuck, I feel like shit” You hear him say beside you, and even though the statement was far from a joke you can’t help but let out a small laugh. “I’m the one with a giant piece of glass in my hand and you feel like shit?”

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Michelle Unwin is villainized too often and easily in Kingsman fandom.

I agree! 

I’m not saying Michelle is the perfect mother (but honestly, what even is a perfect mother?), but to shit on a woman who has been the victim of years upon years of domestic abuse is not right. I’ve seen fics/Discourse where people portray Michelle on the same level as Dean Baker. You know, the guy who held a knife to his stepson’s throat. 

To people who say, “Well, she should have left him as soon as she could and ran like hell with Eggsy (and Daisy) in tow,” have you looked at the statistics? Do you know how many domestic abuse victims get killed/seriously injured when they attempt to escape/do leave? And considering that Michelle had very little (if any money) and (apparently) no friends or family she could seek help from, her chances of survival were very, very low to begin with. Add to that the authorities wouldn’t have given a shit about one woman from the estates, and Dean is their breadwinner, has friends that can track down Michelle and Eggsy (and Daisy, if it’s that scenario), seems to have money (legally acquired or not), and has no qualms about beating his wife and stepson to the point where visible injuries show (i.e. he just doesn’t care because no one is going to report him) - it just seems hopeless. 

And I’m sure Dean didn’t start out as Pure Evil™. I’m betting that he swooped in on a grieving widow with a small child, and once he started slowly showing his true colors, it was too late. 

Also, Eggsy was apparently okay with leaving his mum and sister alone with his stepdad to go try out for Kingsman for a few months. Let’s stew on that. 

(This is going to be touched on in one of my future fics, so I’m going to stop here, but I have a lot of Opinions on this.)

Send me a (insert mug emoji) and an opinion, and I’ll agree or disagree!