A former friend really liked Once Upon a Time and got me watching it. I just started Season 4 and my god this is so… unspeakably awful and I can’t stop watching it.  A blogger I once enjoyed described actors as ‘chewing the scenery’ and I am pretty sure everyone on this show is nomming the set.

… but I can’t stop watching it. O.O

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Lmaooo I've just seen the article and really??? «Louis’ loyal followers think he’s jetted off on holiday with Eleanor after he was spotted with his “girlfriend” at an airport and started messaging her fans online»?? The whole let's go on a vacation after 2 years apart, and after I cheated on you, and had a kid it's already super stupid. But what an incredible private romantic getaway, with Louis messaging HER fans online... hahahah how do people find this normal?!

I ask myself this question everyday. How is this in any way normal to people? Unless they’re extremely naive, I can’t see how it’s possible to see this and take it as just normal life things 


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

Character development from Ep 1-8
  • Yuri Ep 1: oh my god I can't believe Victor is here! I don't deserve this! I hope I don't disappoint him
  • Yuri Ep 8: I more than deserve. Tie my shoes and don't you dare look away for even a second, you're mine now Victor

All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

Fleur Delacour

PSA for you nerds about the Voltron Toys at Burger King

If you ask the person at the counter if you can just “buy” the toy they’ll either have their manager sell it to you for like a dollar or just give it to you for free. So you don’t have to buy a kids meal to get your hands on those toys


*wheezes* (Please click for better quality…!!)

Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 


i hate myself part 3 (part 1) (part 2) (part 4)


Gal pals and photo booths


Mistakes were made. And worse is that you failed to keep the subjects contained and recover them after the initial breach. Now we have potentially dangerous individuals at large. Over 30 of them

And currently we only have budget to surveil one