There’s a little voice in my head that chimes in from time to time, usually when I see another girl do something I’d love to try or is inspiring in some way, that just says ‘but you can’t do that, you’re trans. you’re not like them.’ and for the longest time it’s always had the last word on that. But you know what, noone is like them because noone is like anyone.

You see something you really wanna do you fucking do it, and don’t let anyone stop you, not even yourself. You aren’t like anyone else - you’re you. And that’s perfect.

Just fucking do it, for you.


I see swimming pools and living rooms and aeroplanes ♪

I see a little house on the hill and childrens’ names

I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray

But everything is shattering and it’s my mistake

Only fools fall for you, only fools

Only fools do what I do, only fools fall♪

Just my favorite song for sheith

# lyrics

This is going to be long and boring (and hopefully helpful) so let’s goooo!!

1. Things to keep in your backpack

  • One or more binders for handouts and such
  • 4 notebooks (or how many ever classes you’re taking - in Canada, it’s 4 per semester) 
  • A large pencil case; lots of people will tell you that you only need a few supplies, but I’d agree to disagree (see below)
  • Makeup kit (see below)
  • A planner; I recommend because it’s just too cute
  • A laptop; some teachers talk so fast you need to type what they’re saying
  • Plastic folders; okay, these saved my life. Some teachers dislike this because they’re boring and annoying (haha) but many love them! Spice up your project or just multiple homework pages by sticking them in a folder
  • Phone + charger
  • Calculator
  • Money; you never know when you’ll need that $$$

2. Things to keep in your pencil case 

  • At least 4 pens; (I have 6 however - 3 black, 2 blue, and one red) Muji is excellent, I personally find them very smooth to write with
  • 5-10 pencils; that might sound like a lot but thEY JUST DISAPPEAR
  • Some type of fine liners; I’m not artistically inclined by any means but I use my Staedler Triplus fine liners to make my notes pop and doodle some bad (but colourful) diagrams
  • At least 4 highlighters; I recommend the Muji double ended highlighters because the clear tip lets me see what I’m highlighting and where to stop as well as it has a marker on the back which I’m obsessed with using in my planner
  • A black sharpie; some surfaces aren’t easy to write on with pen or pencil or even highlighter markers so keep a Sharpie in case you need to do some labelling!
  • An eraser; sorry homie, you can’t be perfect all the time
  • Sticky notes + page flags; I don’t actually see how it’s possible to not use these in high school. I have a pack of 500-page flags that I am fanatic about. Guys!! You’ll read more below but I cannot stress how important it is to mark up important pages in your notes, textbook, or lit book!!
  • Flash cards; you may not be a flash card person but I recommend still carrying them, because if you can spare 5 minutes to write some important key terms and definitions, flashcards are much easier to tote around for on-the-go studying than a notebook
  • Graph paper sticky notes; so useful!! bc what’s more annoying than having to always keep our graphs on a seperate piece of paper - oh yeah! nothing.
  • Muji weekly stickies; these. are. amazing. it’s a very small weekly spread with adhesive on the back. You’re probably like “why would you need that if you have a planner???” WELL - what I like to do is to stick this on the front of my planner (I change it every week and write only the quizzes or tests I have. That’s it. Nothing else. No assignments or homework or clubs blah blah blah. Only tests. My monthly planner spread can get super busy or overwhelming so keeping track of my tests is beyond easy with those stickies
  • A mini stapler; it sounds really unnecessary but I find myself using this on the go SO MUCH. I really recommend you get one!

3. Things to keep in your makeup kit

Obviously, this is only for those who want to wear makeup to school; I am in no way implying that you need to because tbh I’m fresh faced most of the time!

  • Lip balm; your lips can be hydrated and sleek whenever, super important!
  • Mascara; my lashes are soooooo short so I like to keep a mascara to touch up at lunch
  • Nail brush (to clean under nails); ok guys be honest with yourselves; if you’re not wearing nail polish, it’s really easy to see any dirt or food that gets stuck under your nail (I know it’s gross but just use the nail brush and deal with it!)
  • Ibuprofen; cramps? headache? any form of pain? A low dosage of ibuprofen is super helpful. Sometimes my cramps are intolerable but I can’t let that get in the way of my education!
  • Pads/tampons; ladies. just keep some. there’s nothing worse than the panic of not having one or having to ask a bunch of people for one
  • Hair spray (or product); this one might be more just for me because my hair is curly and big so I need to put some shine spray or product to calm it down (I pray for whoever sits behind me sometimes)

4. How to take good notes

Note taking is a crucial part of student life here are some tips!

  • Write EVERYTHING; often teachers put stuff on the board and I’m like “yeah that’s common sense” but it’s really not and later on, I wish I had that to refer to
  • Highlight, don’t colour; the way I see highlighting, you should be able to look at what you’ve highlighted and understand the concept without knowing examples and details about it
  • Develop a highlighting key; BRO DON’T USE TOO MANY COLOURS - your key should be able to be memorised with ease, I suggest 3 colours maximum (example: pink = important dates, yellow = key info, blue = term, followed by definition)
  • Make sure your titles/headings are bold and noticeable
  • Date your notes; yeah, take them out to dinner lmao. No but seriously, whether or not your notes are already in perfect order (if you’re using a notebook), you still need to know when you took what note for later reference
  • Leave space between different concepts; don’t squish all your info together, it’s much better for our brains to be able to identify one piece of information at a time!
  • Make them pretty IF YOU HAVE THE TIME; I can’t stress this one enough. Yes, making your notes pretty motivates you. Yes, it could be easier to remember the info. But, if you have limited time and are spending it trying to make your notes aesthetically pleasing, NO. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • When taking notes out of a textbook, never copy a definition 100%; the first thing you should do, is write your own definition. This is so important because looking back at past years, the definitions that stick out to me the most are the ones I wrote myself. Textbooks try to make definitions a lot of complicated like it’s not that deep boo

5. Bumping that GPA. I mean, by a lot.

You guys want to know a secret? I’m not an A student. I know I can be but I have not been working myself to my full potential. So take it from one average person to another, bumping your GPA is absolutely do-able. Here’s how:

  • Cut out all social media, except one. If you quit social media cold turkey, you’ll want it more. Leave yourself an app to go to for fun, but you will have to make lots of sacrifices to get to where you deserve to be
  • GO TO CLASS; I ditched a ton of days last year and you know where that got me? Behind.
  • Don’t rely on others’ notes; okay, if they’re your best friend, I get it, but you need to have faith in yourself. You can take awesome notes.
  • Do your frickin homework; If I had a dollar for every test question that was pulled straight from the homework, I’d be rich. Why wouldn’t you do your homework? Want to watch that TV show? Well I guarantee you, it’s not worth it
  • With that being said, also give yourself credit and time; there is no immediate improvement. It’s a lot of work. Respect yourself and your body during the process
  • Know what you want; make a life plan. A lot of people would say that a life plan can stress you out too much but it’s so much easier to motivate yourself if you know what you want. It’s okay not to know, just jot out a small plan! 
  • Ask for help; this is absolutely my greatest weakness. I need to learn to ask for help when I need it. After a year and a half, I’m never seeing these people again. Who cares if it was a “dumb question”, it’s better to know than to not. So let’s make a deal friends! You ask questions when you need to and I will too!

6. First day of classes

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Smell nice. Be early.
  • As soon as I get my schedule, I use the app Phonto to list my classes in order and which room they’re in. Then, I save it and set it as my lock screen so all I have to do is turn my phone on to see where I have to go! (I swear by this)
  • SIT AT THE FRONT; oh my gosh. I sat at the back this year because my friend lured me there and I regretted it so much. Everyone talked, I couldn’t hear, I had trouble taking notes, etc. JUST SIT AT THE FRONT. Being so close to the teacher will prevent you from slacking or going on your phone. Also, you’ll hear them clearly and they’re more prone to like you. ALSO: if you are nervous about asking questions; while the class is working you can simply lean forward and ask your teacher a question! 
  • Bitches get stitches, not good grades; okay lol this is my dumb made up motto, but it’s true. If someone is focusing all their energy on you, let them! Focus your energy on school and grades. They can bitch and spread rumours all they want, but you’ll have excellent grades and be able to get as far away from them as you want. High school drama is childish
  • Befriend some people in your classes if you don’t already know them; get some phone numbers in case you’re sick. You need notes and info and all that so find someone trustworthy and make a lil pact about notes
  • Be nice to your teacher; teachers are human and therefore can’t help being swayed by kind actions. No, you can’t smile your way into getting an A+ but for example, my English teacher and I became friends sort of and at the end of the year, she offered me an assignment that nobody else was doing to bump my mark and it did! Yes, it’s unfair to others but kindness pays off!
  • Don’t use your locker; everyone probably is shook right now haha but if your stuff isn’t too heavy, you should just bring it with you at all times. It’s so easy to forget things in your locker at the end of the day. Just do yourselves a favour and carry your stuff

7. How to stay motivated

  • Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Think of yourself in 10 years
  • Make sure to give yourself study breaks that you can look forward to
  • Study/do homework in different environments; it’s easy to become stir crazy or lazy if you’re always working in the same spot
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a cold shower or splash your face with cold water
  • *IMPORTANT* As a woman of colour, I fully understand that women like me have struggled in the past to even be allowed to get an education and I know that there are places in the world now where that’s still not allowed. I need to remind myself that going to school is not a chore, it’s a privilege that many would kill for
  • Have a non-reliant study buddy; have someone to help motivate you to study but don’t rely on them or else you’ll only want to work with them
  • Imagine how happy your parents will look to see their child succeed 

8. How to properly use a planner

Every planner comes with a monthly view and a daily view. Here’s the way I organise my stuff:

Monthly view

  • Tests/quizzes
  • Assignment due dates
  • Volunteering
  • Spirit days
  • Cardio classes
  • Fun days w/ friends
  • Clubs, councils, etc.

Daily view

  • All the stuff from the monthly view but written smaller
  • Homework
  • To-do lists
  • Time management
  • TV shows
  • Countdown to _______

9. How to get involved

I’m not sure how other countries have it but in Canada, we need to complete 40 hours of community service to graduate. More hours = better scholarship opportunities! Here are some places to volunteer:

  • Hospital
  • Your own schools/nearby schools
  • Fairs/carnivals
  • Libraries
  • City events (downtown)
  • Retirement home
  • Zoos/aquariums
  • And many more, ask any of your local places if you can volunteer!

Also, clubs are super important! Here are some easy/fun clubs for those busy bees to join:

  • Environment club; ayyyy - I’m in that
  • Gay-straight alliance
  • Free the children
  • Student government
  • Debate team
  • Drama council
  • Robotics

10. Should you get a job?

My parents and I have different views on this and after a lot of talking about it, I’m comfortable with my position. I don’t think getting a part time job before senior year is beneficial. Yes, you learn the value of money and dealing with others but work schedules tend to be unpredictable, and so much of that time working can be spent bettering yourself and your academic standing. Also, I put volunteering before working because volunteering is a selfless act and universities are more impressed by the selfless amount of hours you put in versus a job you have. However, summer jobs are excellent and also really good to put on university applications! Work during the summer and (in my opinion) once you’ve applied to university because from that point onwards, it’s about maintaining your grades. If you feel you can’t do it, quit your job. If you can work towards a scholarship, you’d save more money than you’d make having a job.

11. Study Music!!!!

Studying while listening to music is a big debate. It works for some, is awful for others; but I personally prefer doing one or the other depending on the subject. You need to find your own music balance - here’s mine:

Music: subjects like history, geography, biology, and law

Music: subjects like math, physics, chemistry, English

Here is a playlist of study music with vocals and here is a playlist of instrumental study music; I hope you all like it!

Well, that concludes my grossly long post. To those who actually read the whole thing, wow thanks! I hope it was helpful :)

Lay's Impatience *Drabble*

14. “Take. It. Off.”

29. “Come over here and make me.”

Yixing had been eyeing you all night.

“Do you like what you see?” You asked him as you walked past, a slight tease in your voice.

He turned to face you. “I was just wondering something. Is that shirt new?”

You looked down at your shirt and back to Yixing. It was a simple T-shirt that you had worn hundreds of times and you knew that he had to have recognized it.

“What are you talking about silly? You know this shirt.”

“No…I don’t know it. Come closer and let me see it better.”

You took two steps back.

“No” You breathed your voice going soft, your eyes searching his for his true meaning.

“Take. It. Off” he commanded, his voice firm and strong, causing a shudder to roll through your entire body.

You tried to feign resistance.

 “Come over here and make me.“ You challenged throwing your shoulders back and readying your stance.

You didn’t have to tell him twice.

He quickly crossed the room to you in two long strides and you almost melted when he whispered in your ear.

“That’s not the only thing that I want you to take off…”

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I don’t like how some art teachers will categorically bash drawing from references as opposed to drawing from a model, as if we had actual 3D vision or something.

that’s a piece of 2D reference :

that’s how our eyes see :

that’s your brain on drugs :

that’s what 3D vision looks like :

I can’t show you 3D vision because our eyes can’t do seeing in 3D.

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do you have any speculations on what is going on in that pic alex_josselyn posted on insta yesterday? quite a few people say it looks like eme kneeling in the frame, there are also some candles and a cross you'd see in church, you can see some of the pinkish/blue glass paneling we have seen at the institute, there seem to be some sort of runes/marks in the circles on the wall but they look very unfamiliar to me. I just love hearing your ideas and speculations haha (:

Emeraude is definitely there in training gear, and it either looks like she may be opening the floor up (the way Alec accesses his safe on the Operations floor), or that is a foot and someone is lying down on the floor beside her after having been thrown down (there looks to be a mat, which may indicate a stunt). it’s a tough one, because the monitors (which may be showing film from other parts of the scene) don’t show a second body. But hey, if this is a training room, I’m pleased. Looks pretty damn close to the one I always imagined!

Smut Alert!!! (only warning you are getting)

OKAY, just wanna see if i totally suck at this and if i do, i’ll stick to the angsty stuff that i write and am known for.. and yes am probably overthinking this)

Totally unbeated because feeling a little brave, with a bottle of wine under my belt haha!!! @littlegreenplasticsoldier you know this piece of advice…. and will apologise in advance for the mess this is.

You straddled his hips, hands running over his stomach. Leaning forward you kissed a trail up and towards his lips. Seeing his smiling face, you kissed him, sucking his bottom lip into your mouth. When he groaned it spurred you on, giving you the confidence to try something else.

Running your tongue back down his body, stopping to kiss his belly button, you started to nip at his hipbones whilst trying to undo his belt. 

Easing his jeans and underwear down, your hand found his hardness, moving into a position you would be comfortable in, you took his cock into your mouth savoring the flavour of saltiness of pre-cum on your tongue.

Yep i know i suck at this, just tying something different….

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Hello guys!

As  you can see, I reblogged a post that had nothing to do with the theme of this Tumblr, a movie review. I am going to do this from time to time because those movie reviews are made by my boyfriend. He really loves movies and making reviews and I want to help him by showing you guys what he wrote.

So yeah, from time to time you will see that kind of a reblog. Don’t worry, I won’t overdo it.

I hope you guys won’t mind it that much.



((I’m sorry ok These are so lazy what even is anatomy or colors or effort to google refs))

Here we see a wild kuroo in his natural habitat, being a stalker. We also see three hot dudes laughing about the thirsty office workers

This AU is called the 90s Diet Coke AU. It was created by @pussycat-scribbles and if you haven’t seen it yet- you’ve got some catching up to do, my friend.

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What can you provide me with that will reassured me that Ziam is very well real as Larry is?

Nothing. That’s not my job. And I don’t personally believe that someone telling you something is real is a good foundation for belief. I believe that Ziam is real based on my own two eyes and things that I’ve read and looked into. I’ve blogged a bit about it so if you want to see what I’ve had to say you can check it out here: but I’m not running some kind of Ziam (or Larry) conversion campaign. I just write about what I see and if you agree, cool, if you don’t, fine. You do you, boo. x

Actually my problem with Tristan’s writing which is actually worse then Zig’s is they rarely have had Tristan have the light bulb go off and be like oh yeah slut shaming is wrong, oh I am being biophobic ,oh I shouldn’t pressure Zoe to come out during this really difficult time. Like that just never happens. Its okay imo for characters to do and say problematic stuff, its not okay for the writers to never have them lean from it. BUT the reason Tristan is never given the opportunity to learn from some of his actions is he is mostly doing this stuff in other people’s POV plots. So similar to Zig calling Hunter a psycho in Hunter’s POV moment, we never see Zig go oh that guy had a gun I shouldn’t have done that. Instead you get Hunter as a victim going oh my brother does really love me what was I about to do? POV is so important and changes the way we see the character at times. I talked about this before how Zig and Maya in their own POV plots are so likable to me, outside their POV they’re kinda obnoxious and come off as jerks at times. So Its actually interesting that in our own stories we’re the heroes but in other peoples ( or in this case characters ) POV we maybe aren’t as likable. A good example is Hunter/Maya, from Hunters POV he was the victim, he felt attacked by Maya and the feminist and was clearly mentally ill. From Maya’s she was being threatened by Hunter who just didn’t care and thought she deserved it, he’s not sympathetic but then in his POV plot he becomes sympathetic when you see him struggle with his mental illness. But anyway my point is Tristan does a bulk of problematic stuff he never learns from in Zoe, Maya, or Miles plots, there for he doesn’t get that this is my lesson moment and I learned from it. And that is because he’s a neglected character.

AoS Advent Calendar: 28 Days to Go!

Only 28 days until the hiatus is over, you guys! To tide you over, @agl03 and I are doing a countdown with a gift for us to open each day leading up to the premiere. Please continue to send us what you are most excited to see in season four, and if anyone out there wants to contribute with gifs, drabble, fic, etc., let us know! Everyone is welcome to participate.  

28 days until …

Those three little words!   [Prompt by me :) ] Click below to open your gift!

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Could you please do a Got7 react to you naked like you were getting dressed but your just his crush if that doesnt make you uncomfortable please

So I take it they catch you naked? xD

Thanks for adding the “uncomfortable” part at the end!



Him: *gasp* “Oh my god. I’m so sorry, Y/N!”



Him: “I did not expect to see this when I walked in.”



Him: “I like what I see.”



Him: *gif*



Him: “OH! Sorry! I’m just… I uh… I’m not looking! I’ll leave and let you uh… finish.”



Him: “Well… This is awkward.”



Him: “Oh crap, sorry! You’re really cute though.”



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Do you know where I can read Captive Prince? I want to read it online or something for free to see if I like it or not and I would go to my local library but they don't have it

hmmm you could always request them to get it at your library, otherwise try getting a free sample on Amazon! They usually post a couple chapters and it’s a really good way to see if you’ll like it, it’s what I did for that series! :)

There’s a reason Israeli forces have been at the forefront of a ton of military advancements and tactics advancements and it’s not luck but because they’re especially obsessed with it and you can see it in the way IDF guys talk about their work, you can see it in the designs they put forth that are constantly trying to push the bounds of what they can do, and all this for CQB, for shooting at extremely close ranges because this is the kind of shooting they are most likely to do. I just watched a video on room clearing techniques where this IDF bastard goes on about how “terrorists don’t care if they die because of the virgins.” They’re obsessed with this- it’s mechanics. All this against people with crude arms- they have no training to outpace, no advanced arms, no question of whether they’ll be outgunned or outmaneuvered in a meaningful sense that the entire IDF is at any real danger from Palestinians. It’s absurd.

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I'm so tired for the need of lgbt+ specific shows when we're in an age where we should be getting representation in mainstream media instead of sticking us into a bubble so that the straights don't have to 'endure' it

yeah and then straight people be like “i cant relate bc im straight” so like??? do you think just everyone relates to straight couples like?? no. and then they get mad when lgbt people see themselves in their precious “straight” characters and want to see them in a relationship with someone of the same sex. but like what are we supposed to do? if we cant get real lgbt+ rep obviously we have to make our own and whats even worse is when we get actually rep they think they can take it away like @ straight people you dont own every character ffs

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i just wanted to say, thank you so much for being so ready to defend chara and frisk. the fact that people can still act so entitled to gendering nb characters is really disheartening, but it makes me happy to see good people like you standing up against that. protect nb characters 2k16

gosh, thank u!! honestly i’m like..really just riding off the support of other, more vocal people regarding all this. it’s encouraging to see others vocalizing how what’s happening is wrong, and while there’s not much i can do aside from be angry with my opinions on the internet, i’m glad that my occasional discourse fixation is something that helps people feel better ouob

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what do you think of percy, thalia, nico, jason and hazel relationship as cousins? any headcanons?

I don’t think they really see themselves as cousins and I can’t really see that affecting their relationships to one another tbh :/

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Hi! Odd question: what do you think the appeal/draw to star wars is for people who claim are "tired of the skywalkers"? I just feel like if I personally couldn't stand the main protagonists of the story it would be unpalatable to me...

Honestly? I think a lot of people got so used to how the EU stories eventually branched out to focus on other characters and situations that it was a bit jarring to see the focus snap back to the Skywalkers for the new canon. They forgot that the movies, at the core, were about the Skywalker family. They want to see more situations and more stories, which is all well and good! That’s what the spin-off films will be for! But the trilogy films are still about the Skywalkers, and those people need to accept that.

Although for others, I do think it’s telling how people are totally fine with Kylo being a Skywalker, and back when Rey S*olo was the leading team in the Great Parentage Debate, no one seemed to complain, but suddenly it’s a HUGE issue now that Rey’s dad is most likely Luke. I wonder why that is. 

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What do you think about Jon and Ygritte?

In general, I don’t mind the pairing. Personally, I don’t see it as my OTP, but I’m alright with it. (More okay with Jon x Ygritte that Jon x Sansa ..) 

I did like how Ygritte teased Jon, and there was development to the relationship. I was sad to see her killed off and I wish I could’ve seen more of the character but in GOT everyone you love dies so… I kind of knew it was going to happen at some point.

Overall, I like it. Not my OTP for Game Of Thrones but not the worst pairing. :) And, I totally don’t think it’s not my OTP because I ship me and Jon- no, no, nope… not that…