So I can’t stop rewatching this video of Link (GMM, not Zelda) gagging on/rejecting terrible “food” while cackling and can’t help feeling like a terrible person, but as I watched I realized:

No one

can enjoy

Link’s suffering

more than

Rhett McLaughlin

does it break anyone else’s heart when Katy stands in the sidelines after Shawn buys Maya new clothes and she just says to Topanga “I stopped hoping for any glory long ago”? It just shreds me to pieces to see the look on her face when she says that. She’s so under appreciated by most people, it’s crazy. She works her butt off to provide for Maya and people complain she couldn’t give her a perfect childhood like Riley’s but you know what? I bet Maya was never hungry, she always had a roof over her head and other material things she really needed ‘cause Katy Hart is an amazon warrior who would do anything for her daughter. Even if she had to work long, exhausting hours and almost never got to see her kid. She did it for Maya. She LOVES Maya. So much. So please stop labeling this beautiful, strong woman as a “bad mother”.

Okay so!!

SOOO many of you liked my little voltron SU AU and yall have so many ideas that i wanna draw NOW but i have to SLEEP because im a human being 😂. So just that my askbox wont overflow over night im just gonna write some stuff ill hopefully get to tomorrow and so you wont have to ask multiple times: 

  • Klarnet jailbreak episode thingie 
  • mOAR fusions (especially with Shiro) 
  • Can Lance sing????? Can he DANCE??? very important, first priority tomorrow. 
  • fight aftermath (when lance wakes up basically and also how did shiro and keith not wake up when lance unpoofed???? we’ll see i guess.. or probably not) 
  • Klarnet first time fusion reaction/aftermath (the “hit the diamond” comic was kinda sorta supposed to be their first time fusion, but we didnt really get to see what happened afterwards. So maybe ill do something for that!) 
  • their gems shattering!?!? am i really gonna get to that? heck yes i am.

2 b continued.. tomorrow ..

EDIT: More ideas:

  • The Answer dancing in the forest scene 
  • Allura as steven (so im guessing Rose Quartz?) except she’s super old (10 000 years) and is far more experienced than the rest of the team. She, alongside Pearl Coran (lol), was bubbled away during the war and then lost and eventually forgotten, until they were found by the team. 
    • her goal is to teach them about fusion and help them fuse into Galaxite (aka voltron (@dummieez came up with that idea)) to protect the universe from *mermaidman voice* EEEVIIILLLLLLL

~Time Set - Sebastian was 8, and you were 6..~

Sitting in the adventure playground of your’s and Sebastian’s local park, nestled in the Clubhouse, which was now yours and his reliable Spaceship, was probably your favourite past time. The older boy next door, with the bright blue eyes, had taken you under his wing, and you were dubbed his Co-Pilot. 

Sebastian: You see, Y/N? That’s why we need to land on Mars!

Y/N: We can find everything! And see everything!

Sebastian: You know what? I’ll take you to the moon one day, Y/N.

Y/N: Oh my gosh, really? We can do that.

Sebastian: Hey! I’m the older one! It’s my Job! 

Y/N: Thank you Sebby!

Sebastian: Now settle down Pilot. We’ve got to land the ship before it spins out of orbit!

Y/N: Yes Sir!

~Time Set - Present Day~

It had been a while, Since you and Sebastian had been this close. After running back from his latest film, and kissing you, confessing his love, and you returning. He had finally some time off from filming, and the two of you were on the rooftop, watching stars, and drinking hot chocolate.

Sebastian: I always said I take you there. I wish I did.

Y/N: Seb, we were kids. Even if we couldn’t go, we had the best adventures as children.

Sebastian: But the Adventures stopped…

Y/N: You had work. I had a life. It dosen’t mean they don’t still exist. 

Sebastian: Do you remember when we crash landed on the moon? And you insisted on making moon cakes?

Y/N: And you told me if I took my helmet off, my head would explode?

Sebastian: *Laughs and Leans closer to you.* You know, even if I can’t take you to the moon, I will always love you there and back.


- Did he ever tell you what that “S” means?
- The House of El.
- Yes, but, it also stands for a Kryptonian phrase, our family motto. “El mayarah.” It means “Stronger together”. You say people will see me the way they see Superman one day, but I don’t want to be a hero like him. My cousin, he’s so used to going it alone, he doesn’t know any other way. But I do. I see it now. You, Winn, my sister, Ms. Grant even, you’ve all showed me that. James, part of being your own man is knowing when to accept help.

Dudes it is a fine balance of giving your significant other time for themselves, free to go do life as they need and then wanting to be with them 24/7 knowing you can’t.

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Ooohhh! What about Mccree, Junkrat, Hanzo and Genji reacting to their s/o accidentally finding the ring they bought before they had a chance to propose? Maybe they like walk in and see them with it.

Uuuh, good one <3

McCree: He’d say something like, “Yeah, so I was going to ask you to marry me. What do you say?”, and then give you are really cute and irresistible smirk. Once you said yes, he’d say “You kinda ruined the surprise though”, but he’d still be beaming with joy. 

Junkrat: He’d be like “Oy, you wasn’t suppose to see that”, but be super bummed out that the surprise would ruined. But he’d just say fuck it in the moment, get down on one knee and just improvise. Then he’d say that he actually had planned that there should be fireworks. 

Hanzo: He’d be annoyed at himself for leaving it somewhere where you could find it. Then he’d explain how he had a whole day planned out, but this would have to do instead, and he’d get on one knee and ask you to marry him in the most breathtaking way. 

Genji: Poor little xbox panics. Definitely a blushing mess under the mask. He’d fight his urge to stutter, he’d take your hand and then get on one knee. He probably already had a speech ready, so he’d go with that. There’s no way to describe the joy he feels once you say yes. 


Screenshots from DO YOU SLEEP?| Reading Your Comments #96! :D

I say this every time Jack uploads a new Reading Your Comments video but seriously I love these videos. :D 
They’re my favorite videos to screenshot Jack in and I just love watching these videos and seeing his answers to the comments he chooses for these videos. Plus you just never know what you’re going to get from these videos because they’re always different and I love seeing Jack interact with the community like this. :) 

Actually a comment in this video made me think about something. This is going to sound stupid but I kind of have the same amount passion for these posts as Jack does for youtube. I know they’re not the same at all and it’s kind of weird that I’m super dedicated to making posts about one person everyday who I don’t actually know. But whatever I’m not a “normal” person anyway. xD 
I started making these posts about Jack because I just wanted to talk to him and give back to him in someway and show him that his videos had meant so much to me. But it’s turned into a thing that makes me feel productive and something that I have so much fun doing every single day. I have way too much spare time in real life just due to the circumstances my life is in right now and this has given me something to do with all the free time I have and honestly I look forward to watching Jack’s videos and making these posts about them. This is my weird awkward way of interacting with Jack and showing him that I support his content everyday and it’s also my way of spreading positivity to other people by talking about someone who inspired me to change my life for the better. Seriously I love making these posts everyday it’s so much fun and I’m so passionate about it. ^_^


I was tagged by @min-hoseok and @jigukeu (thanks lovelies ❤). Choosing top 8 pics were the hardest thing ever. I was sitting and thinking what pics I should choose for 3 days lol. But yeah here they are,my fav pics of my angel.

I tag @taegiboo @yoonmin-vhope @ughjeon and @pinkbtsme

  • It’s okay to be sad - don’t be ashamed, please don’t hide the feeling. Sometimes just crying and letting everything out will make you feel so much better. You have to remember we are all human and sadness is an emotion all of us experience. Please don’t ignore the feeling. Do not and I mean it, DO NOT feel obligated to always be happy. 
  •  Be patient - I know it must be frustrating to not see things go your way. But trust me when I say, these things take time. Be patient and as you continue to live on you will see progress.
  • MARKS DO NOT DEFINE YOU - I can not stress this enough. Whatever you get on that test, exam, assignment,etc. please know that doesn’t make you a failure. Those marks just test you on how well you memorized something. 
  • Tell yourself you’re beautiful - Why? Because you are beautiful and sometimes you have to constantly remind yourself because we all forget these things sometimes. 
  • Quality over quantity - It should never matter how many friends you have, what matters is having true friends that you know are 100% there for you. Its better having one best friend you can trust with anything than having endless amount of friends that could easily replace you. 
  • Do what makes you happy - Whatever it is. Do it. Don’t let anyone take your happiness away from you. If it makes you happy, you should never be ashamed of it. 
  • You are not alone - What your going through right now may seem so tough and you feel like you can no longer handle the pain, but let me tell you. You are not alone. You are loved and there is someone always there for you. I’M HERE FOR YOU. ily. 
  • Get rid of anything negative - Don’t even be hesitant. If you know its giving you bad vibes and negatively impacting you, GET RID OF IT. You deserve happiness and all that negativity is not worth it. 
  • It’s okay to take a break - Don’t feel obligated to always be engaging in things. Everyone has a limit. This is also good to get rid of stress from work or school. Don’t always push yourself, let yourself hang loose. The reputation that you always worry about? It shouldn’t matter. Trust me. 
  • Just be yourself - This may seem like one of the most basic things to say, but honestly, be yourself. Who cares what other people think? You were born to be yourself and not anyone else, so treasure it. You are you and there is only you. 
  • Smile - Don’t be afraid to show it. You have a beautiful smile and you should let the world know.
  • Don’t give up - they’ll be days, maybe weeks, maybe months, maybe years where you’ll feel like the world is crashing on you, but trust me when I say, it’ll get better. I’m not saying that every single day will be great, we will all go through bad days, but it’s the good days that we look forward to. As many bad days you have, they’ll always good days to make up for it. So if you feel like giving up, just remember, you shouldn’t miss out the wonderful experiences that were meant for you.
  • You are precious, you are loved, you are worth everything in this world - Don’t forget it. Let that sink in. 
Blanche Headcanon
  • So Blanche totally has a god complex.
  • Hear me out.
  • She’s just won another battle and a reporter is hoping for a quick interview. He asks:“How do you stay so focused? What motivates you?”
  • She doesn’t say a word.
  • Candela glances over, sees she’s stuck, wraps up her bragging to some other reporter and just walks up to her. Puts her hand on her shoulder. Grins. “Hey! Bar? You won, so I’m buying.”
  • She leads Blanche away. The reporter, if they were really observant, might see a tear starting to build up in Blanche’s eye as she remembers.
  • -----------
  • Blanche is maybe eleven years old. She’s a tough trainer and aiming to be a gym leader some day. She loves swimming, and water pokemon.
  • None of that matters right now.
  • She’s standing in front of a tower of bellowing flame with an apartment building somewhere inside. She’s charred, covered in soot, clothes smouldering. Eighteen water-types lie around her in varying states of exhaustion and injury.
  • There’s nothing more she can do.
  • A firefighter places a hand on her shoulder, kneels in front of her.
  • “You did good,” they say. “Reckless, dangerous... but good.”
  • But they’re wrong.
  • Their voice, the roaring of the fire, the creaking of timber, all fizzes away into background static. Only one sound remains.
  • A woman, screaming in grief. Her baby, still in the building. The furthest from the doorway.
  • Blanche’s pokemon had driven themselves almost to death just getting the others out. They had to stay, rest, recover, live.
  • She did not.
  • She snarls, musters every last ounce of strength, surges forward.
  • There’s still a firefighter in the way. They grab her arm, stop her dead in her tracks.
  • The fight goes out of her. She collapses, screaming in anger.
  • ----------
  • Blanche doesn’t really smile after that. She’s so driven that her parents send her to a counselor, but the counselor can’t get through to her. Her grades soar, her fighting technique surpasses every one of her peers until she’s fighting trainers twice her age and not even breaking sweat. She establishes a nation-wide firefighting initiative, providing training, materials and sleeping quarters to new trainers in exchange for their Water-types’ help with fires that break out. After a couple of years she expands the initiative to all accidents and disasters, human and natural. “Team Mystic”, named by the press for the short-spoken, cryptic nature of Blanche and many of its officers, is a well-oiled machine capable of quelling earthquakes, dispelling hurricanes, evacuating civilians and rebuilding afterwards.
  • And she still can’t ever forgive herself.
  • ----------
  • Blanche vs. Candela is an impressive battle. Blanche is formidable and her Empoleon is an exceptional brawler, exploiting every opening that Candela’s Combusken leaves - but then when Combusken is nearly down and out, Candela’s righteous fury motivates it to evolve to Blaziken mid-battle. Candela snatches a narrow victory on the back of Blaziken’s vastly more aggressive combat style.
  • Blanche:“Congratulations on your victory.”
  • Candela:“Oh yes! Crushed! God it feels good to be King.”
  • Blanche:“ won’t happen again.”
  • And Blanche just smirks and leaves, an outraged Candela in her wake.
  • But true to her word, it doesn’t. Blanche trounces Candela in four battles in a row, and Candela can’t take it any more. She corners Blanche after a battle and they have a thunderous row:
  • Candela:“How? How are you doing it? Every damn time! I had a solid type advantage in two of those battles and you still destroyed me!”
  • Blanche:“I learned.”
  • Candela:“What, in one fight? And what can you learn from spontaneous evolution? It’s not like it happened in any of the other four!”
  • Blanche:“Not from that fight. From the others. Famous person like you, there are always videos of your battles.”
  • Candela:“Wait. You, like, watched me on Youtube? But there’s loads of videos out there. And it’s only been a couple of weeks. How many did you watch?”
  • Blanche:“Yes.”
  • Candela:*goes pale* “You watched every single one?”
  • Blanche:“How else would I learn how to crush you?”
  • Candela:...
  • Blanche:“I like you like this.”
  • Candela:...
  • Blanche:“Speechless.” *smirks*
  • Candela:“...why would you even do that? Have you got nothing better to do with your evenings than watch me beating people up?”
  • Blanche:“Every obstacle must be surmounted.”
  • Candela:“God, are you even human? What the hell is your motivation?”
  • Blanche:...
  • Candela:...
  • Blanche:...
  • Candela:“I, um... are you okay? You’ve got, like... nicotine stains around your eyes and I swear they weren’t there a moment ago...”
  • Blanche:...
  • Candela:“And that’s a tear. Okay. I’m going to hug you now.”
  • Blanche:... *slowly succumbing to the grief, that strange kind of silent crying where all you can hear is her tortured breathing*
  • Candela:“Hey now, come on, it’s okay...”
  • Blanche:... *voice all reedy* “No, it’s not...”
  • Candela:“I’m really sorry I don’t know how to deal with this... I’m just going to keep hugging you and hope I’m doing the right thing, okay?”
  • Blanche:... “Please stop crying...”
  • Candela:...
  • Blanche:*descending further into outright sobbing* “I can’t... I can’t save him. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry...”
  • Candela:“...who are you talking to?”
  • Blanche:*flinches, cowers* “Please no please no please no...”
  • Candela:“I... still don’t know what to do. But there’s a couch over there. I’m going to walk us over to it. Okay?”
  • Blanche:*manages to nod, hissing against her tears*
  • *time passes*
  • Candela:*on her phone* Hey. Won’t be there today. You guys know the standard exercises. Give them an hour of sparring to make up for it.
  • *time passes*
  • Blanche:*starts to wipe her eyes with her coat-tails*
  • Candela:*digs through pockets; hands over pack of tissues*
  • Blanche:“...Thanks.”
  • Candela:“Are you okay?”
  • Blanche:“...No, probably not. I’m sorry about that. Most of the time it’s just a memory. Sometimes... more. I can usually keep a handle on it. Thank you for looking after me. You didn’t have to stay here just for this...”
  • Candela:“What’s usually just a memory?”
  • Blanche:“ were supposed to take that as your cue to leave...”
  • Candela:“No chance. You just want to be in pain alone at the moment. Doesn’t feel to me like that’s a good idea.”
  • Blanche:*sighs* “I guess I can’t bluff you after all.”
  • Candela:“No chance. Now come on. You’re getting crushed under that burden. Another pair of shoulders should help, right? Especially with guns like these!” *dramatically poses; kisses her own bicep*
  • Blanche:*accidentally snorts with laughter* “Dork.”
  • Candela:“Yeah, maybe. But seriously.”
  • Blanche:“Alright, alright...”

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You know want I so badly want. Something that the show itself failed to do. I want Lexa with scars. In canon they showed her with no scars what so ever on her back, on her arms, or on her face. She's the commander of 12 clans, she has fought in battles, and wars both by sword and by hand. You seriously can't tell me that she has escaped it all without a single mark. I want to see her with battle wounds. (1/?)

And let’s be honest, Lexa had to have gotten into some kind of trouble when she was a child. What kind of punishments did she endure. Did they scar her. Why does she have no scars. I also really want a fic where Lexa survives, of course, and her and Clarke are laying in bed and Lexa actually HAS scars

and I want Clarke to run her fingers over them. I want her to ask and I want Lexa to open up to Clarke and tell her of the times she fell out of the tree. And was cut by a limb. Of the time Anya connected with her nose and broke and cut it. Of the time when she was 10 or 11 & she sasses the Heda so she was tied up & whipped. The scars of the conclave and how she barely escaped death in the final round of it. 

How she was challenged by grown men when she became Heda because they doubted her strength and she suffered slashes from men twice her size but she defeated them and proved her strength. How she’s been cut and punched and bruised in wars and how she always denied the help and treatment until she made sure her Warriors were okay and safe. I want Clarke to be able to see all of Lexa and I want her to kiss them and tell her she’s safe and for Lexa to wipe her tears as she cries for.


1) i’ve definitely read a fic like this, i’d have to find it

2) i agreeeeeeeeee, it would make so much more sense for her to have scars than not to??? and I personally always imagine her with some. I guess it was probably an aesthetic choice to have her not have them, or just like… a matter of convenience. 

I just got back from watching Ghostbusters again and I really just gotta talk about my girl holtzmann some.

SO we all know that girls’ got swagger. But if you watch her facial expressions you can kind of see that all that humor and swagger and silly antics is something of a front. In the quiet moments she’s often in the back, watching the others, seeing what they’re doing and following lead. Her introduction is zany and over the top but as you get to know her, there’s a real sort of awesome vulnerability that shines through and an openness with her emotion that is hella awesome. From excited at the rock concert to be doing awesome ghostbusting things (waving at the ghost when it busts in, staring at the proton pack in excitement when it actually works, slight twinge of nervousness on the stage before getting caught up in the catching of a ghost moment and ‘holy crap they are cheering for us’ to genuine fear when the giant battle starts, to the speech she gives and finally, when new york is lit up with “We love Ghostbusters” in various forms, she tears up and hugs abby.

Kate McKinnon might not’ve actually had a lot of lines in this.. but holy heck did her emotional range steal the show for me and as we have all learned- her quirky mannerisms and way of coping with not being sure with things with antics struck a cord with a lot of fans and that’s hella cool. 

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What would make STARISH and QN upset? I hope thats not too vague :)

Nah, you good!

Natsuki: Seeing peaceful people or animals that can’t depend themselves being harmed. (He’ll without hesitation)

Tokiya: Cheaters (Romantically, sure but I mean generally. Hard work goes a long a long way.)

Cecil: Being used.

Ren: Catching the blame for things out of his control.

Otoya: Being told he can’t/won’t do something. (being doubted)

Syo: Seeing people getting bullied for things they have no control over. 

Masato: Feeling as though his freedom is being threatened.

Reiji: Being wrongfully accused of something.

Ranmaru: Getting betrayed.

Ai: Being lied to for any reason.

Camus: Getting rushed.

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All you do is reblog posts with like 500k+ notes. I don't see much of a personal element to your blog

I reblog what I find funny so yeah some probably have more than 500K although in the last 20 post 3 of them are 500K+ and 2 are actually my own posts I have made so I think there is a personal element it’s just hard to see because of how much I reblog haha