One Year: A Gaston Story (Chapter Six)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. When an old beggar woman appears at his side, she heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth, and the town’s memories of him, come to an end.

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When Vayle first spotted Anne and Gaston sitting side-by-side at this romantic spot on the hill, her first instinct was to intrude on their cheerful moment together, but she knew from experience that patience always brought forth better results. She didn’t only desire to return her daughter to their cottage, there was more substance to her plan than that. The old woman wished nothing more than to ruin her daughter’s life, she wanted the young girl to fear life without her mother, and so if it meant waiting for the opportune moment to seize her, then she would wait. All good things take time, after all.

Vayle sneered at the sight of Gaston and Anne…How naive could her daughter be? She had never left the cottage grounds until recently and her sheltered upbringing made her too trustworthy, at least that’s what Vayle had hoped. It would be simple to break her heart, the old woman thought, as Gaston and Anne rose from their seated positions. The remnants of the evening sunset now stained the earth around them with a navy tint as nightfall quickly swept across the little town. Vayle soundlessly descended into the shadows as Gaston and Anne strolled by, now deep in conversation about hunting.

She snickered at her daughter’s animated expressions, wide-eyed at Gaston while she rambled in recollection of their target practice from earlier in the day. It was clear that stronger feelings were present, at least for Anne. Vayle could read her daughter like a book, she had molded her into the young girl she had always planned for her to be…with some slight exceptions. Although rebellious and hard-headed, there was one thing Anne couldn’t cope with, and that was betrayal. Vayle was the only person she had ever known, and if her newfound friendships in Villeneuve were somehow removed from her life, young Anne would be lost…The end results had to be crucial, permanent, for such an elaborate plan, and Vayle instantly accepted that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill Gaston or use her witchcraft to keep Anne safe. The corrupt wheels in the woman’s head were spinning with a flood of ideas as she stalked their path back to the quaint village.

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The Best of Friends Pt 2

Summary: Jim Kirk x Reader - Y/N’s life was a little messed up, she didn’t share it, not even with Kirk, her best friend. Now she’s been hurt… will she have the chance to explain things to him???

Y/N: your name | Y/L/N: your last name | Y/N/N: your nickname

Word Count: 2268

A/N: so this was only gonna be a two parter, buuuuuuut  now its getting an epilogue, cause I’m a wordy bitch ;). Anyway… thanks again to the FABULOUS @writingwithadinosaur… Drea, you are one of my all time favorite people!

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Humans have always feared the unknown, that’s why they search, experiment, travel. Ultimately, human fear of the unknown was the reason you were in space, as a part of Starfleet, exploring the universe. It was also the reason you and Jim were arguing.

You weren’t sure what had tripped him, but within seconds of entering the transporter room, he’d snapped at you; called you your rank instead of your name, and told you off. You were glad the transporter made it possible to hide the tears forming in your eyes. Not that you hadn’t expected your friendship with Jim to end eventually, but knowing, wouldn’t stop it from hurting.

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Do you see EddEddy as a friendship, a relationship, or both? Why?

I approach EddEddy in the present mainly as best friends, but I mean, what’s a good relationship without a basis in friendship?  I’m normally averse to how romance is written, so I would still be able to enjoy the story if it was just about extremely codependent friends with loose boundaries, and I think ambiguity is key in keeping it believable for their ages and the harsh context they live in.  But there’s just so much blatant shipteasing peppered into the show’s visuals and dialogue that I can’t pretend it doesn’t feel just as likely, perhaps MORE likely, that the story was building a bridge to EddEddy as a relationship.  The movie ends up being about getting Edd and Eddy to see the depth in themselves and each other, so there’s never been a more likely time for them to rethink their connection (easily the most bonded pair in the show by the end) and/or start discovering new things about themselves.

I don’t mean that to sound like they could only be friends during the series, though, they’ve always had a flirty element to their dynamic. I guess I think of it as a “we don’t realize these are crushes yet” stage of their lives, with that confusion adding color to their struggle to communicate, but that by BPS enough time has passed for them to be on the precipice of accepting it.

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Do you see a genuine friendship between felicity and laurel? In the show, it just seemed to be forced and there to prop up L.

Um, no. 

They were comrades in arms. They didn’t spend evenings talking over popcorn, movies and music, didn’t go out for food, didn’t talk on the phone or online…

They valued each other and cared about each other, but, friends? 


What How to Train Your Dragon Says About Friendship

NOTE: This is not a spoiler-free analysis.

The relationship between Hiccup and Toothless is strong, and it is one that fans seem to universally adore.  For a good reason.  It is absolutely gravitating and powerful.  People love watching two broken individuals find one another and bond over their paralleled hurts.  People love watching the silliness between Hiccup and Toothless at the start of How to Train Your Dragon 2 when they wrestle on the ground and tease one another.  People love watching the devotion between Hiccup and Toothless when they risk themselves to save the other.  You really do see a best friendship, and it is glorious to watch.

What I find the most amazing about their friendship, though, is not just the upsides to it.  Instead, I absolutely love how sturdy the friendship is.  Sure, we see many rock solid, incredible, heartwarming friendships throughout movies and books and television shows and comics.  But what I mean about “sturdy” is not just that they remain solidly close throughout the DreamWorks franchise.  What I mean is that they remain solidly close even after trials, which, between most other individuals, would have completely fractured the relationship.

For Hiccup and Toothless were the direct cause of the biggest hurts in each other’s life. 

They isolated each other from their kind.

They caused each other’s physical disabilities.

They both tried to kill each other.

And yet they are wholly and truly 100% best friends. 

It’s not just the friendship that’s powerful.  It’s the friendship that endures through the pain.

The Downed Dragon

First, the simple fact Hiccup and Toothless were able to bond at all is incredible.  Hiccup was the one who downed and injured Toothless, the one who disabled Toothless and made the dragon incapable of flight.  As Gobber said, “A downed dragon is a dead dragon.”  Flight was an essential facet to dragon life, and Hiccup took that away from Toothless.  That’s huge. 

You might ask if Toothless knew Hiccup were the one that shot him down and broke his tail.  Oh yes, I am quite sure he did.  Dragons have a great sense of smell, and I’m sure the bolas Hiccup shot smelled just like Hiccup.  Secondly, after Hiccup shot Toothless down, he approached the dragon with a knife and the clear intent to kill Toothless.  So even if Toothless somehow didn’t connect the smell from his ropes with Hiccup, a boy standing up with a sharp blade yelling at him is a very obvious indication of hostility.  Toothless knew who inflicted this pain on him.  Hiccup should have been an enemy.  Period.

And of course Toothless did not open up to Hiccup immediately.  He was suspicious, growled a lot, and opened up only very slowly.  But the fact he ever took to trusting Hiccup at all is incredible in and of itself.  Not only that, but he started opening up even before Hiccup started fixing his tail.

Would you become friends with someone if you first met them holding a knife up to your chest?  People aren’t so willing to say, “I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding,” with something like that.  People are more likely to say, “I’m not so stupid to take a risk.  That person’s dangerous.  I’m staying away.”

So.  It’s pretty amazing this friendship started at all given it all began with a serious physical injury.

You’re Not a Viking. You’re Not My Son.

I also want to point out that, like Hiccup, Toothless appeared to be a bit of an outcast or anomaly in the Berk dragon world.  Hiccup’s narration at the beginning of the first movie makes it clear that the Night Fury never stole any food – the only species, so far as we know, to act in such a manner.  This made Toothless just as strange to the other dragons as Hiccup would have been to the other Vikings.  Not to mention he was the only one of his species on Berk, so far as we know.  Toothless might have been trying to “fit in” with the other dragons by firing plasma blasts and aiding the food raids, but he was not fully a part of the dragons.

Still, once Toothless was trapped in the cove, he was completely cut off from the other dragons.  He could not mingle with the others.  He was cast aside, injured, and alone.  Because of Hiccup.

And Hiccup’s friendship with Toothless threw him completely out of the Hooligan tribe as well.  He was always an outcast, too, but it was only after the Kill Ring incident that he was told by his own father and chief of the tribe, “You’re not a Viking.  You’re not my son.”  His friendship with Toothless got him disowned.  (And got Toothless captured by the Vikings!).

You can tell Hiccup realizes that his friendship with Toothless landed him here in full isolation.  As he confides to Astrid, he says it would have been better if he had been able “to kill that dragon” back when he first saw him.  Even then, though, we know that Hiccup still feels a great heart for Toothless, and that he never wants to do anything except save his friend.  Which is exactly what he does.

The two of them may have caused each other’s isolation, but they only use that as a point to understand each other, not tear each other apart.

Peg Leg

The movie does not show exactly how Hiccup lost his leg.  I believe I read somewhere that a fan was able to talk to some key figures from the production of How to Train Your Dragon and asked what happened.  Their answer was that Toothless, in the attempt to save Hiccup, grabbed onto his leg with his mouth and ripped it.  Even if that rumor is not true (quite possibly isn’t, knowing the internet), the hypothesis that Toothless is the direct cause of Hiccup’s leg loss is pretty plausible anyway.  Hiccup is falling head-first into the inferno, so his feet are the closest thing to Toothless’ grasp.  And while Toothless does wrap his wings around Hiccup, it appears that based on the timing of Toothless’ wing flap, his wings would have been far away rather than close to Hiccup as they approached the fire.  So Toothless would not have grabbed Hiccup with his wings first, but with his mouth.

Another note is simply a mouth would have been more solid at grabbing someone than wings, and while dragons’ wings are strong (Valka can walk on top of them), I’m sure there would be more control and surety to grabbing Hiccup by the mouth than the wings.

There are alternate explanations to how Hiccup might have lost his leg – maybe when Toothless wrapped his wings around Hiccup, he didn’t wrap anything around Hiccup’s left leg, and thus it was burned away – but I do feel like there is a decent case at least that Toothless played a direct role in Hiccup losing his leg.

Hiccup would have been unconscious when this happened, but if his leg were initially mangled instead of neatly cut off, there would have been a clear way to know that Toothless’s catch – while it ultimately saved his life – also meant that he lost his leg and almost lost his life, too.  And regardless of how he lost his leg, this never would have happened had he not met Toothless and learned the location of the Red Death’s nest.

I feel like there’s no surprise that Hiccup feels no animosity toward Toothless toward this, regardless of how he lost his leg.  Toothless saved his life and there were no ill intentions in this incident at all.  Still, it means that Hiccup and Toothless have a painful parallel in their relationship – Toothless’ missing tail is at the cause of Hiccup, and Hiccup’s missing leg is somewhat at least at the cause of Toothless.  And someone else might easily have looked at Toothless and said, “It would have been better if I’d never met you, because then I never would have lost my leg.”  But Hiccup and Toothless didn’t do that.  They use their injuries as a way to understand each other and become even closer as best friends.

The two of them are best friends because they both have gone through many of the same circumstances.  It’s what makes the bond so close and so plausible to viewers.  But it’s also amazing to think that many of these pains were caused or exacerbated by the other member in the friendship, and yet they still managed to hold close and relate to one another.

You Would Never Hurt Him.  You Would Never Hurt Me.

The How to Train Your Dragon movies are a wonderful arc in the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless.  The first movie is about the rising friendship.  The second is about the friendship at its height.  Five years later, Hiccup and Toothless are incredibly close, leaps and bounds even from how they were in the first movie.

However, it is in this movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2, that we see the friendship closest to breaking. 

Hiccup’s immediate reaction to Stoick’s death is to sob into his father’s arm.  He doesn’t even notice Toothless around until the dragon is incredibly close, and then he reacts explosively, chasing Toothless away and emotionally shouting out, “Get away from him!”  And thus creates a painful rift in their friendship during a scene that is more than painful enough already.

We can always say, “Toothless didn’t mean to do it, so of course they can still be friends,” but thinking about my own personal experience, intentionality doesn’t have to be a justification for why friendships should remain solid or break apart.  For instance, if someone unintentionally but frequently hurts their friend, perhaps that relationship should end.  That pain should be avoided.  Emotional abuse does not even have to be considered intentional in order for it to occur.  And something so serious as your best friend killing your father – regardless of whether or not it was fully “intentional” – is still something to seriously consider before claiming that the friendship should continue.  Someone killing your father is not something that is easily forgivable. 

Would you be able to do that?

Even if you could forgive someone for point-blank killing your father in front of your face, would you feel so inclined to hang out with them again anytime soon?

Would you care so much about your father’s killer minutes after the death happened, that when you saw him taken away by Drago, your immediate shouts would be of concern?

Only minutes after Stoick’s death, and Hiccup showed he still cared and loved Toothless.  Even at that point, he thought primarily about Toothless’ safety over Toothless’ role in the nightmare.


Of course the rift continues.  It’s painful, it’s obvious, it’s not immediately closed, and the pain of two best friends who have serious problems to address is horribly potent.  When Hiccup approaches Toothless a second time, he is incredibly scared.  He might be saying, “You’re my best friend,” and urging Toothless to come back to him, but Hiccup’s eyes are wide with terror and his voice is cracking with fear.  Hiccup still doubts that his friendship with Toothless can continue in the face of Stoick’s death and the Bewilderbeast’s continuing control.  He might even be scared that Toothless will kill him then and there.  After all, Hiccup might be trying to do all he can to save Toothless and save this friendship, but it takes two people to keep a friendship going.

So when Toothless escapes from the Bewilderbeast’s control, Hiccup is shocked and ecstatic.  It means that he has not lost Toothless.  That this relationship will last beyond the aftermath.

There were serious doubts in Hiccup’s mind about whether or not he and Toothless would still be friends after this incident.  The thing was, they both worked together in order to keep the friendship.  Even in the face of tragedy, the two of them worked together to be each other’s support.

So often in this world I see friendships break apart because of significant (or even insignificant) injuries to the other party.  And that is totally understandable.  We avoid the pain.  Don’t want it to happen again and take precautions, preventions.  But Hiccup and Toothless have injured each other far, far, beyond what has destroyed other friendships.  And I think that’s an important take-away for everyone.

For anything can break a friendship.  And friendship can withstand through anything.  It is not about what happens in a relationship that determines whether or not it will survive – it depends on how the two people in that relationship work together to combat the problems that arise.  If the two individuals in that relationship both work on building a bridge, they can withstand any trial.  Even if that trial is the death of a father at the cause of said best friend.

(And Hiccup probably has nightmares about it.  About Toothless shooting that plasma blast.  Maybe at Stoick.  Maybe a horrible twist where it’s Astrid or someone else he loves.  And then he wakes up in the morning and says hello to his best friend.  Just throwing that out there.)

Hiccup and Toothless never seem to question whether or not the good outweighs the bad in their relationship.  There’s no question there.  There’s only a focus on the positives.  Rather than pointing out how they have injured one another, they focus on the blessings that their bond has brought them, the good experiences that their friendship has given them, and they fight to keep that going.  And because of that, the two of them can withstand everything and comfort one another even for the pains they have caused each other.

In many cases, their friendship landed them in painful situations that they would not have experienced had they never met each other.  In a few of those significant cases, they were very closely linked – sometimes even the direct cause – of those hurts.

This friendship is beautiful because of its laughter and its sacrifice.  All the joys and the tears.  All the adventures they have together.  But what takes my breath away the most is this undying loyalty.

This unconditional love.

tumblr loves talking about slytherin/hufflepuff friendships but what about ravenclaw/gryffindor friendships

  • just imagine
  • ‘we really should study..’
  • ‘but..?’
  • ‘they’re are better more interesting things to do!’
  • do you see the struggle starting already
  • this friendship is completely ignoring curfew
  • because fuck rules
  • and also rebellion for the stupidest things
  • like 
  • ‘you know what we should do?’
  • ‘use pencils instead quills because quills are fucking stupid’
  • and also lots of swearing
  • like excessive swearing because they don’t have filters
  • lot’s of detentions together for breaking literally all the school rules in like a time span of a week
  • because nothing will stop the two of them from exploring every nook and cranny in the castle and fighting anything that moves
  • so much debating
  • about e v e r y t h i n g
  • laughing at their bad grades together 
  • just gryffindor/ravenclaw friendships 

no, but don’t you see?

elsa has lived her whole life thinking she’s the only one like this, told to conceal, not to feel, to not let it show because her powers are dangerous. she’s shut herself away from her sister, because isolation is better than ever hurting anna. 

she’s suffered through depression and loneliness, because she believes it has to be this way. 

and emma has shut people out because any attempts at opening up has always been met with betrayal. and she’s learned to mask her emotions too, because it’s highly likely that as a child, she was prone to magic outbursts, which explains why as one of the most sought out adoption candidates, she never had a home.

neither one has ever had a friend who isn’t family. neither one has ever had someone who understands exactly what it feels like to have all this swirling power, to be thought powerful when in reality they are completely helpless to control it, to have been given something they never asked for. 

do you see why this friendship is so important? also will cry when 4a ends and elsa has to be ‘put back on the shelf’

but do you see???


The following contains spoilers, and strong language because I’m sick of this needless hate towards Joss Whedon and the movie.

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What buildup do you see between lucaya that isn't friendship?

auggie’s story after reading the comic book. is that not significant? it’s not going to be added in for no reason, c'mon now lol. lucas particularly giving maya a flower for no reason in the earlier episodes of season 1. so lucas can give maya flowers platonically and for no reason at all, yet he can’t ask riley out on a dance, beside that, give HER flowers during said nonexistent ask? he shows maya more effort than he does anyone and it’s funny as hell if you’re too blinded by Riley’s feelings to see that. and might I add that he particularly only told maya he cares about her happiness? no that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for the rest of the gang to be happy, but why was it emphasized that he cares about hers? why did they make it a big moment? they don’t need to do that if it’s strictly platonic. why did zay narrate their moment if it was strictly friendship? is he going to narrate every friendship lucas has? if he is, why hasn’t he done farkle with lucas? and why did the entire class vote them best couple and why did they call them fire? what was the point of that? for nothing? and don’t say it’s the cause of Riley’s problem in yearbook and why she became morotia, bc it was already stated she became emo because of what SHE was voted for, the couple vote irrelevant to the episode’s conflict. these little things are constant, and they’re there for a reason. get real. lol