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When you’re in love with one of your band members #Yoonkook

Then you find out that the other members are in love with him too 

But it’s fine bc you’re secretly dating

WE can sEE your hand TaE

“Guys, shut up, the sun is talking”- Jhope

“One day I’ll buy a big ass snake and put it in your room…wait did I say it out loud..”- Yoongi

(Thinking) when will Jungkookie love me back..

This is how all Koreans solve their serious problems

Daamn dat jibooty tho/Yoongi 2k16

Taking a cool pic with the squad 

Joonie hinting for the Wings album & comeback

Yoongi hinting for the “Not today” mv 

Daamn dat sugabooti tho/Jimin 2k16

When you see a flying cockroach

When you “accidentally” open the door on one of your members while they’re in the shower (yes I’m talking about what Hobi said in their last RUN episode)

The iconic dance move in Baepsae ;)

There’s always that one kid that goes all out and starts free-styling when you actually have a choreography (jk it’s not even funny)

Look at how smol Suga is ^^ 

Hobi re-acting his passport pic lol he’s still kyut tho

“Ay gurrl, you know annyonghasaeyo?”

Hinting for “Not today” mv again

This is how BTS turn up. Seriously someone please safe Hobi..

Everyone’s dancing and Tae is just admiring himself in the mirror. I don’t blame him tho

When you haven’t seen your bff in a long time

“Come to daddy” -Jin, when he sees food after a long day..(lol he looks a bit scary)

BTS turning up pt.3

When Hobi sees a snakeu

Monie doesn’t know gravity pt.2

When you start contemplating your entire life in the middle of a body-roll

Every squad has a hoe that can’t really twerk but does it anyway and anywhere and the squad hypes her up bc why not

-Who’s the most annoying coconut-head maknae?

Hobi running away from the snakeu

Why does it look like Namjoon is about to kill Hobi…

“If you can’t touch their ass, just kick it” - Kim Taehyung 2k16

Now here’s smth extra for Jimin stans

…do you see the difference between Suga’s and Jimin’s legs lol

-Who loves Jungkook the most?


Do you see any difference between these two gifs, other than the colors and the pixels ? Well, one is made with Flipnote Studio on my Nintendo DSi, and the other one is made with TVPaint.

 I just wanted to post the same animation but with two different programs, to show you guys that an idea can be expressed and understandable through many mediums ! I could draw this in traditional too if I wanted. But why am I posting this ?

 A few days ago, I received a message from a professional animator, telling me that I was wasting my time animating on “that sh*tty program” and that I will “never find a job or earn money” if I continued working like this. It was brutal, and awfully judgemental, especially coming from someone who shares (or is supposed to, at least) the same passion for animation as me. 

 He also told me that he will never follow me or like any of my animations because of the program I use. So, well … I just replied that his behavior was beyond childish, and absolutely unprofessional. I said, “You don’t see the potential of the animations I share there with many people, I put all of my love on them, I work hard and I enjoy making them. Yeah I’m not gaining any money from that hard work, so what? Do you think everybody on the internet shares their work only for profit?”

 I took some time to think about it. It hurt me a little but then I remembered that so many of you follow me, give me great feedback, and heartwarming comments, even if I don’t draw on the BEST programs ever! I mean, just because someone draws on Paint Tool SAI instead of Photoshop, it doesn’t mean that their art sucks!  

 I learned a lot with Flipnote Studio and thats why I still use it to animate, and you can see that I can animate with many colors too (I wanted to show you later as a surprise but well, now you know) and I will be able to teach you things about TVPaint if you want now. Remember, my friends: an artist is someone who has the capacity to share emotions and messages through the art they are creating; no matter what medium or program you use for it, if it’s understandable you’re doing it right! 

 I hope this will help some of you who are working on less well-known programs and had some jerk telling them that it was bad. I’m glad to see that young animators, artists & people who are not creators at all saw the hard work in my animations, and pushed me up ! I love you all, and I will continue to work hard for you, to share my huge passion of animation with you and make you smile as always ! Merci tout le monde !

Zimbits AU where your world is black and white until you hear your soulmate laugh


Jack knows his parents’ story off by heart.

Bob had been on the ice at an away game. The crowd was screaming; it was overtime. Things had been a bit tense. 

And then Bob had put a puck in the net of the opposition and that was it. The disappointed home audience had fallen into a quiet grumble after some polite clapping. Many hands were slapped on Bob’s back as the team skated towards the edge of the ice. Bob had been just about to leave the rink, and then-

A laugh. A snorting, wonderful laugh, and his world filled with color.

He had frozen where he stood, ears caught on the sound of that laugh and the voice that followed.

“I told you, didn’t I? No one’s got it like Bad Bobby Z!”

It was his turn to let out a laugh and he did, with gusto. His voice boomed so loud it had seemed to reverberate around the arena, every head swiveling to the source of the noise.

Every time he told that story, Bob swore blind he heard his soulmate’s gasp in the ensuing silence. Alicia would roll her eyes fondly, stating that she did not gasp, thank you very much, and that the dreadful nickname she’d called him had been popular among hockey fans at the time. 

Whatever the truth, they’d introduced themselves moments later and were married within the year. It was like that, with soulmates. Instantaneous.

Jack’s not heard that story since before the Draft. He knows people think if he’d found his soulmate before- before, he wouldn’t have done it. But people tend to over romanticize things out of habit. In the end, soulmates and laughter and colors had very little to do with how he ended up here.

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“Say it again?”

“‘Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.’”

“I still don’t get it. Yoda always told us that Sith thrive on anger. Anger leads to hate -”

“It is not about hate, master Jedi. That is something we use. It is not about anger, that is a tool. It is not about fear, that is a mechanism for survival.

It is about passion. It is about strength. It is about survival against all odds. Deny the Sith those things and we cease to be Sith. Deny us anger and hate and fear, and we simply lose useful tools to survive and thrive. Do you see the difference?” 

Twelfth in a series of pictures of Maul being happy and/or content with a variety of characters as is his right. I am ALL ABOUT Maul and Kanan bonding over gaining a little mutual understanding, instead of the fuckery of terrible interpersonal interactions that canon seems to think passes as ‘character development’.

Transgender bathroom segregation? We have been there before.

You know all those anti-transgender bathroom bills, where their supporters will force trans people to use the bathroom of their assigned gender, while expressing concern for women and children? We have been there before. 

What history tells us is that people who hate use segregation in public places to harass, humiliate and control those they consider inferior. 

This is not about protecting women and children. This is about protecting an oppressive way of life.

Here are some pictures from the segregated American South and Apartheid South Africa. Do you see the difference between what the haters did then and what they do now?

Exactly! Trans women and trans men do not even get their own segregated restrooms. They are to stay at home, in their closets.

Anyone who supports the anti-trans bathroom bills are committing a crime against humanity, in the same way the racist of the southern states and South Africa did when these posters were put up.


I am not a veterinarian. I am not a biologist. I am not a dentist.

I am, however, a comparative anatomy enthousiast and I would love to show you all some of the more interesting dog skulls I have collected.

Above is the skull of an adult male Laekenois. This is a nice example of plain old ‘good, healthy teeth’. You can look at this one to compare the others I’m about to show you with. All teeth are strong, free of plaque, straight,… 

This is the skull of an adult female Siberian Husky. She too still has all of her teeth, no signs of decay and no plaque. But do you notice something different…? See the way her upper canines are worn down…? That’s quite common amongst dogs who have spent a lot of time chewing or pulling on metal bars or wires. Mostly seen in bored or anxious dogs who live in runs or cages.

This is an extreme case of tooth attrition. This is an old shepherd mix. Its teeth are worn down to a very severe degree. The upper front teeth are missing and the bone had already healed. The canines and lower front teeth are almost completely gone. Discoloration and plaque deposits have affected the other teeth. (Stage 3 and 4 of periodontal disease; which could have been prevented)This is the result of a combination of being an excessive chewer and old age.

Awww, time for puppy teeth! This is an Alaskan Malamute pup. This little one is still lacking several premolars and it appears to have a small underbite (which basically means the lower front teeth stick out in front of the upper front teeth) but this can all still change as it would have grown into adulthood and lost its puppy teeth. No reason to worry.

Speaking of an underbite… This is the skull of an adult Pomeranian. They aren’t generally known to have underbites but it can happen. Especially in breeds who have a very reduced snout length. What’s more interesting in this skull is that the third upper premolar (the third tooth from the canine) has turned a full 90° as it grew. There simply isn’t enough space for all the teeth to sit as they are supposed to and, in many small dogs, these overlapping teeth can cause a lot of plaque buildup in the long run.

This old, male Poodle Mix has (as you can clearly see) quite a few missing teeth and porous gums. This is, however, not uncommon. Especially in smaller breeds. The teeth themselves still appeared to be in good condition. Not discolored or infected. Some dental care would have been needed but it would not appear the dog would have been in any major discomfort or pain, despite the way this skull looks. 

This poor old female Beagle had some major dental issues. Her upper molar and a premolar are missing but the bone has already healed, suggesting she lost those teeth a while back. Her lower molar was severely infected, as well as her upper canine. She was diagnosed with osteomylitis, a painful infection and inflammation of the bone marrow and passed away before the treatment was complete. 

Another old dog. This Miniature Poodle also suffered from osteomylitis. He had the same amount of plaque as the beagle but the teeth were still less affected by the disease. Note how the upper hind most molar is ready to fall out at any moment.

That’s all for now!
Hopefully this post has been a little bit educational for some!


(Edit: The last photo was missing. Added it in.)

Profiles in Choice: Volume 2

School choice is an illusion.  It is not a universal possibility. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take into account far more variables than they are currently considering.

You know what makes it possible for some students to choose schools outside of their immediate districted area and makes it impossible for others? Transportation.

Some students have cars.

Some students have parents who can drop them off and pick them up.

Some students can afford to Uber or Lyft to and from school every day.

And some students do not have money for the bus.

Do you see the difference?

Some cities have free transportation to and from school for students. I salute the excellent people who worked so hard to make this a reality. But far too many still do not. So, students have to pay, walk, or be transported. Spoiler alert: this really limits their choices.

At my school there is a charming brother and sister pair who used to ride to school on matching bikes every day. But one day the brother messed up his tire en route. Without the money to fix the problem, he has had to stop riding for the past couple of months. Now they take turns on one skateboard and one bicycle. She is older, so sometimes he holds onto her shoulder and she pulls him. They are tardy with increased regularity. I called their mother, a caring, hard-working woman. You know what she told me? “Yeah, I worry a lot about them out on the roads, too.”

You know what she doesn’t have? Another choice. She can’t drive them; she has to work instead, in order to be able to continue to feed them. So this is how it is for now.

One girl in my speech class has a protective father. He does not like her getting home by herself after dark. So, this good man picks her up every day. When he gets out of work. Sometimes as late as 7 p.m. At least she can get her homework done.

“Ms. S, can you lend me a dollar for the bus?” is almost as common a question in my room as, “What are we doing today?” or, “What page are we on?”

Many of my students can’t afford even a reduced price bus pass. I imagine for Mrs. DeVos and her friends this doesn’t seem like such a common occurrence. To them it is probably unimaginable. But she probably never had to go without eating so that her children could eat either, as one of my student’s “Personal Hero Speech”  revealed had been the case in her family.

Mrs. DeVos probably never had to spend a chunk of her minimum wage salary on splitting Ubers with her three friends just to get to school in the morning, or walk over a mile in the rain just to get back home. Mrs. DeVos probably does not understand that not everyone can just make a choice and a magic money fairy appears to make that choice a reality.

Ms. DeVos only knows that, “…public schools are not succeeding. In fact, let’s be clear, in many cases, they are failing.”

And she also knows she is just the right choice to ride in and change all that.

Warm Me Up ch. 37

This one is shorter but that’s because it was not only hard to write, but I was also listening to some painful songs. I could read over it or elaborate without opening my own can of worms so…. Mediocrity will have to do for this one. Sorry, but thank you for reading. 

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 36


It had been a restless night. As Nico slept, Will would hear sudden shuddering breaths- the aftermath of crying so much before falling asleep. Will struggled to wrap his mind around all the pain Nico faced. He didn’t want to let him go even when Nico groaned and tried to pull away in his sleep because it was hot and he was sweaty. Will couldn’t sleep well. Not after hearing everything Nico had lived through.

“Thank you for saving me.” Those had been the last words Nico uttered before falling into his fitful sleep. As if it had been because of Will that Nico overcame everything. As if Will had been the one picking him up each time something happened. As if Will had been the one to keep him alive this long.

Nico had no idea how strong he was. He had no concept of the strength he held in himself. The resilience. Will knew that not everyone would’ve made it to college in Nico’s circumstances. He knew that not everyone would’ve been able to live on their own. He knew that not everyone would’ve been able to make it through such a toxic environment. But Nico had.

Nico had pushed through, and he was here, in the same bed as Will, breathing, rosy-cheeked. Sleeping, he looked younger. Not at peace, not completely. There was still a furrow in his eyebrows and a slight frown in his parted lips. But he didn’t look like a 19 year-old who had grown up almost completely alone and all too quickly. He looked smaller, more vulnerable.

Will wondered vaguely how many people had woken up to Nico. How many people had slept beside him and seen the same sleeping face? Then he wondered if any of them appreciated and loved the sight as much as Will did. He wondered if any of them looked at Nico with the amount of wonder Will felt. If any of them had any idea how incredibly strong Nico was.

Something told him nobody ever had.

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Oh for the love of god can people let go of Killing Stalking already. 

Yes, it depicts an abusive relationship. It’s abusive. It’s bad. Stalking, hurting and murdering people is bad. Nobody is disagreeing with this. Literally nobody. It’s supposed to be bad. Even if the characters have some sort of twisted romantic feelings going on, it is not a romance and it has never pretended to be. 

Yes, it’s labeled BL. No, even though BL is short for Boys Love, it doesn’t stand for “happy gay romantic relationships”. It literally just means gay content. If a comic has two dudes kissing or having sex, it’s BL, regardless of if they love each other or if they’re victim and abuser. Yaoi is Japanese term, coined by fans. It has the same meaning. I know it’s confusing.

Yes, fiction affects reality.
No, fiction won’t force you to commit any crimes you weren’t already okay with doing. The vast majority of human population know the difference between fiction and reality - if they didn’t, fiction wouldn’t be a thing. At all.

Comparing KS to Twilight or whatever is completely pointless because one is a niched, R rated webcomic that, while popular, has a couple of thousand readers at most– and the other is a mainstream Hollywood production (ie seen by millions upon millions of people allover the world) that features a very questionable relationship but is marketed as the Ultimate Love Story, and aimed at young girls in their teens (so, not 18+).
It’s not the same, not even slightly. (Same goes for comparisons with 50SOG, Jaws, Fight Club, Matrix– seriously, do you really not see the difference between these huge blockbuster movies and a Korean webcomic?) 

Yes, there are straight girls who fetishize gay men. Yes, it’s gross.
No, they should not project their ships onto real life people. But no, they’re not a majority. They exist in literally every fucking fandom and they’re usually aged between 13 and 15. It’s awful, but it’s a phase they grow out of. We should help them out of that phase rather than bullying them and telling them to kill themselves– I can’t believe this has to be said. (And honestly, some of you are just attacking young women because you see them as easy targets, because you get a reaction, because they might step back out of fear– unlike big corporations or movie studios who are actually normalizing problematic behavior.)

Also, jesus christ stop assuming that everyone who doesn’t share your worldview is a “gross cishet girl”. Not just because it reeks of misogyny, but because fandom clearly has a shitton of LGBTQ+ people, and a lot of them do enjoy content you deem unacceptable.
Stop erasing their identities and their very real presence just because it’s easier to hate “the straights” than accept that there are people within the community that don’t see your pov. Stop treating them like traitors and just realize that people are different.

Yes, some people ship to cope. Some people create to cope. No, they don’t need to “do it in private”, they should be allowed to do it however they please as long as it’s tagged appropriately. A lot of people read to cope, a lot of people can’t create for themselves, a lot of people feel alone and isolated and broken- don’t try to take that away from them while simultaneously saying you’re fighting for the victims. 

And yes, even if it’s not to cope, people can ship whatever fucking fictional pairing they want. It’s fandom. It’s fiction. You’re not their therapist, you are not their parent, you are most likely not even their friend. Nobody owes you an essay on why they ship it, nobody has to tell their life story in order to be allowed to draw cartoon characters kissing or getting it on. Using fictional characters for sexual gratification is NOT automatically fetishizing an entire group of people; the purpose of fictional characters is to be consumed by its fans, in whatever way they see fit. Because they’re not real. 

If people try to make their shipping about you, specifically, that’s horrible and you’re entitled to your anger. But any gay character in a comic isn’t you.

It has nothing to do with you.

anonymous asked:

Pretty stupid to make morrigan black because she isn't in canon. Making light skinned characters black is as bad as making black character light skinned. But I understand that your kinda people just cant understand it.

Aw, hey there buddy. You know, I was wondering how long it would take anyone to notice that I’d turned anon back on. It turns out the answer, if I recall properly, is about two months. And that was actually a pretty pleasant two months, projecting the illusion of being amenable to anon messages without actually having to read any.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume “your kinda people” can indeed understand this concept, so, let’s talk about this. Here are the unmistakably black companions in canon:

Isabela, Vivienne

I’m not going to list all the nonblack or white companions. Just go ahead and look at a wiki or something if you’ve somehow forgotten. There’s vastly more than two.

Now, the thing about Morrigan and Cole is that they are Chasind whether they have light or dark skin. They are Chasind whether or not they are white-passing. Their visual design does not change the fact that they are Chasind. They just are. The text is pretty unmistakable, and it requires only the most superficial of readings to understand this concept.

So MINOR Chasind NPCs, the sort of character you will only see for a couple of minutes per game, look like this:

Whereas MAJOR Chasind NPCs, the sort of character you can spend tens of hours getting to know, look like this:

HMMMMMMMM. Do you see that there is a difference here? That’s a double standard - it’s fine establishing visually that the Chasind are black… until it comes time that they want to have a major character you’re actually supposed to interact with on a regular basis and hopefully come to care about. Then that goes right out the window in favor of the palest fuckers you will lay eyes on. This is a damn insult to the series’ dark skinned fans. But, nevertheless, one black companion per game seems to be the hard upper limit the devs are willing to tolerate.

So to repeat your own words back to you: is it “bad [to make] a black character light skinned”?