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This is for the mentally ill people who stay mentally ill. The ones that medication doesn’t work for, or who medication only alleviates some of their symptoms, or medication makes your symptoms more managable but only just so, just enough that everything is still hard, that you can see the difference between what you can do and what other people can

this is for the people whose doctor said “this is as good as it’s going to get”

who diligently take their meds every day knowing that this is as healthy as they will ever be and get up and face the world anyway

i am so so proud of you

long time no see DR… 

some doodles i made….

i still want to draw more of them …

Some people will never ‘get you’. Do not spend eternity asking why. People will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul.
—  Dodinsky, In the Garden of Thoughts

Go put on your clothes, gotta look good while we decompose.


Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

So I, like the rest of the world, have a lot of feelings about Yuri on Ice!!! episode 7 and also a lot of thoughts, and I’ve been sitting here going, man, I sure wish I could share my thoughts with people. And then I sat here going, “Well…you do have an anime blog…this is a thing that could be done…” and then going, “oh, no, I can’t do that, that’s just crazy talk.”

You see, I have a slightly different interpretation of the whole, “Victor failed as a coach” aspect of that episode. And I kinda kept waiting for other people to offer up my interpretation for me, but so far I haven’t noticed that, so through great reluctance and many cowardly tears, I have decided to do the thing.

First of all, I’m not here to start a fight. I’m not arguing with anyone or saying anyone is wrong, I just had a different reading of how that went down, so I thought I would share that opinion. But if you don’t agree with me, that’s completely fine! I am incredibly respectful of the other interpretations, I want to stress that. My opinions are my own and I’m just sharing them in a collegial way. Picture, if you will, me ducking in, speaking, and ducking back out again to hide under my bed.

So here’s my reading:

I’ve seen the argument that Victor messed up and said the wrong thing, but the thing is? Victor didn’t mess up, he did exactly what he planned on doing.

He knew this was going to hurt Yuuri, he counted on it hurting Yuuri. He said what he did precisely because he knew it was going to be very upsetting for Yuuri. (He doesn’t mean it—he admits he didn’t mean it, and Yuuri knows he didn’t mean it, and I even sorta suspect he said it believing that Yuuri would know he didn’t mean it.)

This face and this realization:

This face is not the face of someone going, “Oh crap, I fucked up and said the wrong thing.”

This is the face of someone going, “Oh crap, I thought I could handle hurting you, and it turns out I can’t.

I even sorta feel like his whole, incredibly awkward attempts to comfort Yuuri is him panicking, “I can’t go through with my original plan!!! How do I fix this?!?!”

And the thing about Victor’s deliberate plan?

It works.

Here’s the thing: I’m a crier. I cry all the time, about everything. Any time I have a serious discussion with someone I care about, I will start crying. At this point in my life, I just start these discussions with, “I will cry, please ignore those tears when they occur and continue discussing things with me as a rational human being.” Emotional stress crying is the worst and I hate it.

But what I can say with this as my resume is that, when you’re an emotional stress crier? It actually helps. About 85% of the time you do actually feel better, calmer, and ready to Do The Thing.

Even other professional coaches who have presumably known Yuuri for awhile remark on the fact that it works:

So for Victor’s plan, was it a nice plan? No, no it was not. He pretty much went, “Well, I don’t know how to make Yuuri feel better, so let’s make Yuuri feel worse and see what happens.” Which is kind of a dick move.

Was it the best plan? No, it definitely was not. Yuuri flat out tells him what the best plan would have been: for Victor to be there and believe in him.

(And honestly, I hear a lot about Victor’s egotistic nature and how he’s brimming with confidence, but to me I think it’s incredibly telling that it never even occurred to him that all he had to do was be himself and be there for Yuuri. I feel like it sort of speaks volumes about his own insecurities that his reaction was, “You mean I didn’t have to do anything? I just had to be me?”)

But was it an effective plan? Well, arguably, yes. Victor had a plan, deliberately carried out the plan, and in the end, the plan worked.

I think this episode showed that Victor is inexperienced as a coach, but by no means did he fail as one, and I don’t even think he messed up, really. He didn’t try the best method, but his method still worked.

Anyway, that’s it! Those are my thoughts! Again, feel free to disagree. I’m going to duck away now and hide under the bed. And probably cry. ‘Cuz you know. That’s how I roll.


I am not a veterinarian. I am not a biologist. I am not a dentist.

I am, however, a comparative anatomy enthousiast and I would love to show you all some of the more interesting dog skulls I have collected.

Above is the skull of an adult male Laekenois. This is a nice example of plain old ‘good, healthy teeth’. You can look at this one to compare the others I’m about to show you with. All teeth are strong, free of plaque, straight,… 

This is the skull of an adult female Siberian Husky. She too still has all of her teeth, no signs of decay and no plaque. But do you notice something different…? See the way her upper canines are worn down…? That’s quite common amongst dogs who have spent a lot of time chewing or pulling on metal bars or wires. Mostly seen in bored or anxious dogs who live in runs or cages.

This is an extreme case of tooth attrition. This is an old shepherd mix. Its teeth are worn down to a very severe degree. The upper front teeth are missing and the bone had already healed. The canines and lower front teeth are almost completely gone. Discoloration and plaque deposits have affected the other teeth. (Stage 3 and 4 of periodontal disease; which could have been prevented)This is the result of a combination of being an excessive chewer and old age.

Awww, time for puppy teeth! This is an Alaskan Malamute pup. This little one is still lacking several premolars and it appears to have a small underbite (which basically means the lower front teeth stick out in front of the upper front teeth) but this can all still change as it would have grown into adulthood and lost its puppy teeth. No reason to worry.

Speaking of an underbite… This is the skull of an adult Pomeranian. They aren’t generally known to have underbites but it can happen. Especially in breeds who have a very reduced snout length. What’s more interesting in this skull is that the third upper premolar (the third tooth from the canine) has turned a full 90° as it grew. There simply isn’t enough space for all the teeth to sit as they are supposed to and, in many small dogs, these overlapping teeth can cause a lot of plaque buildup in the long run.

This old, male Poodle Mix has (as you can clearly see) quite a few missing teeth and porous gums. This is, however, not uncommon. Especially in smaller breeds. The teeth themselves still appeared to be in good condition. Not discolored or infected. Some dental care would have been needed but it would not appear the dog would have been in any major discomfort or pain, despite the way this skull looks. 

This poor old female Beagle had some major dental issues. Her upper molar and a premolar are missing but the bone has already healed, suggesting she lost those teeth a while back. Her lower molar was severely infected, as well as her upper canine. She was diagnosed with osteomylitis, a painful infection and inflammation of the bone marrow and passed away before the treatment was complete. 

Another old dog. This Miniature Poodle also suffered from osteomylitis. He had the same amount of plaque as the beagle but the teeth were still less affected by the disease. Note how the upper hind most molar is ready to fall out at any moment.

That’s all for now!
Hopefully this post has been a little bit educational for some!


(Edit: The last photo was missing. Added it in.)