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I l-love the way you draw things! Especially Horror Sans~ I just w-want to squeeze him into my bosom and take care of hiiiim~ <3

OMG, SOOOO FUNNY YOU SAY THAT- because I freakin love doodling my heart out for Horror Sans HHHH <3 HE’S JUST SO FREAKY OMG! Thing is, I doodled him so much, SOOOO MUCH, like, undoubtedly at least hundreds of doodles by now, that he’s evolved into an entirely different character. X’DDD ALLOW ME TO KIDNAP YOUR SIGHT SPHERES & SHOW YA HIS JOURNEY FROM HORROR SANS FANART, TO CHINESE-FOOD-WHORE-COSMOPOLITAN-LOVING-WANNABE-THUG-HOPELESS-ROMANTIC:

^*his collection of Tupac outfits BWHAHAHAH*^

he’s been dubbed Dre. After Dr. Dre. ohno ( /u\) 

As ya can see, he started as a joke when @kaweii and I felt like taking a breather from some other characters to dick around with one’s we’ve always wanted to draw for a while; (Horror & Fresh) AND WOWOW WELL I JUST COULDN’T STOP. 

COMING FULL CIRCLE- He may not have been safely huggable before, but now he’s just begging to be snuggled.

  • Marinette:*playing Mystic Messenger* See Alya? This boy is the cutest one!
  • Adrien:*overhearing the conversation* Oh, who are girls talking about?
  • Marinette:*flustered* Oh,'s this dating sim app...where you try to get guys to like you...I'm trying to get this boy to date me right now...*shows Adrien the app*
  • Adrien:*sees Yoosung* Oh wow, he looks a lot like me!
  • Marinette:*screams internally*
  • Alya:*stares into the camera like she's on the office*

Hello!! It’s been a really long time since I’ve made one of these and I honestly can’t believe this blog has come this far……are you guys ok??? Are you really sure you want to be following this mess (aka me)??? I feel super honoured guys, thank you so so so much!! I know I don’t update as much anymore and don’t make many graphics either since life has been hectic, but now I will work hard to be more active!! I really appreciate everyone following me and putting up with….ya know….all my complaints and excited ramblings and what not and you have no idea how much it means to me to have such supporting and positive followers, it really makes everything so much more enjoyable!! 

And here’s a list of some lovely people that I follow and highly recommend!! Please check them out!! I wanna say thank you to you guys for making my dash look beautiful and for being awesome!! Thanks again everyone!! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

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Okay so many of you have probably already seen this post around :) as i said, alba and i thought about selling kpop and anime buttons/pins and we started designing some of them (we also took requests from that post’s replies). We are working on a tumblr and twitter account where we will be posting our designed buttons and selling them, so stay tuned if you’re interested on them! :) Here are the results of some of our ideas and original designs, hope you guys like them! (Don’t forget to help us out by reblogging this post and message us if you want a particular group/anime button, thank you!)


Here you go @millin21

I know I said I wasn’t doing the face challenge (and I’m not) but millin has drawn so many wonderful things for my AU, that I wanted to draw something for millin.

So thank you, millin!

(Plus when millin requested this I forgot to write that I wasn’t doing it XD)

This was so fun! I wish I had more time to do more of these!

Anyway, hahaha look at these dorks!
The faces looked like they went together so I drew it all In one pic.
I kinda pictured in my head, Tang Shen and Splinter acting like a couple or cheesy in love or something and that’s why they all are making those faces XD

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I'm probably totally off but am I the only one who thinks the child's head wound looks like a bullet wound? Like what sort of walking dead stuff is happening on the surface?

New theory. Something perhaps a little undead bit the child’s arm while they were running away from said undead thing on the mountain. This is when they got infected, ceased being fully human, and why they’re now so defensive about their arm. Whoever they were with shot them to put them out of their misery, and dumped the body in case it woke up. Unfortunately, they dumped it in the most magical place on earth.
But that’s just a theory.

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Do you think J would support H while she's giving birth like holding her hand, talking her through it and stuff like?

Of course :)

His form of encouraging words would probably not be “normal”, but Harley would know J isn’t going to respond to the situation like your average person lol

Harley is his Queen and if she’s in the process of giving birth to his future heir, I would think J would definitely be assisting her :)

Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  • Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  • 27th September 2016

The team discuss Harry’s Another Man magazine cover, or as some might say, him singlehandedly saving the magazine industry.

Alternatively titled: ⬜⬜⬜👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻

[non-bts related] I photographed a wedding this past weekend on my day off. It was at a vineyard and the reception took place in a barn. The sun was setting and the people were starting to calm down a little as the reception was soon coming to an end. I walked by and saw the sun hitting this and I fell in love. People thought I was weird for taking a moment to appreciate it instead of gluing myself to the couple. I don’t even care. It was totally worth it.

So we know they went on a date to an Italian restaurant which did not end with them kissing but did end up with Serena + lots of wine:

imagine Serena being giggly and drunk and frisky and Bernie using every ounce of will to not kiss her and put her in a cab home



And it turns out that I (and a couple more people) smelled something weird around that time, something chemical or like burning plastic, which leads me to conclude with no scientific evidence that I CAN SMELL THE AURORA

hey there tumblr, sorry I’ve been MIA for so long


as part of that afk (good news instead of bad for once, whee!) I went to an actual writer’s convention on sunday

and it was awesome and motivating and fun

(and ILU @lunamax1214, not that this is news, but she came too and we had such a good time and wow I’m way more good at being sociable than I remembered? though that might be because /surrounded by writers/ so an obvious in to get started chatting, but still it was nice … they had a Jr. version of the con too, a series of panels for people in high school, so I saw a bunch of bb!writers also being awesome which is inspiring as well, isn’t it?)

and I know a lot more than I thought I did, re: editing/marketing/stuff writers have to do which isn’t actually the writing/etc. which was validating/encouraging if also a little terrifying because that means I have no excuse not to be doing some of it

(and the state level RWA chapter meets on the WRONG SIDE OF BALTIMORE I am not surprised stupid state but hey it’s not really THAT FAR and I should probably go look into that :P)

but it did make me realize I need to let a lot of my old WIPs go (it’s been years at this point, right?) and kind of give myself a new slate

but it’s HARD to let go

so I’m tempted to a do a series of posts about them, thoughts and bullet points or whatever, just to sort of get them out of the mess that is my brain to clear room for the next plan

ie: The Theia & Leandra DA2 story I’m never going to finish

The Adelaide/Sebastian DA2 epilogue I’m never going to write

the DAI epilogue INGTW


(would that be entertaining to people not me? I just don’t know anymore)

I also need to make myself a really good gigantic random-prompt list, but that’s for later this week, I have too much other stuff to do today


It’s nice to see you all again, my darlings. Even if my entire dash is blacklisted Critical Role atm because I’m only on episode 38 or something, I’m sorry this week is so stressful for you all. *hugs*