I live alone with no steady source of income. I had a job in check, but it didn’t work out and won’t be getting a paycheck. I have my pets to feed as well as myself. So, I decided to reopen my commissions, with better/steady prices. I will try to do them as soon as I can. They will be under the cut below:

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IT’S BIRTHDAY TIME AGAIN AND I’M USING THE SAME GRAPHIC!!! Sometimes I wonder how I still trick people into thinking I’m any decent when I recycle anything I possibly ever can. ANYWAY as all you classics nerds know, Wednesday is PAY DAY and it’s also the IDES OF MARCH. Which means it’s MY MOTHAFUCKIN BIRTHDAY!!!!!. I’ll be twenty-four years young and probably crying because I just love Caesar so much. Anway, it’s giveaway time again. Rules and prizes below.

THE PRIZE: one person will will a grand prize and two others will win a second prize. GRAND PRIZE is an icon pack of an FC of your choice: I’ll either edit the icons up myself, or make a batch of base icons for you to do with what you will. If you’re like me and have a PSD you use but are almost deliriously lazy, you can send your PSD and I’ll make icons in your style as well. Grand prize also includes me PAYING FOR A CUSTOM DOMAIN. This means instead of using that shenanigans, I’ll get you your own dot com. still open and you’ve always wanted that? I’ll get it for you. Domain stuff usually lasts for like two years or so, so you’ll get your use out of that. And then a PROMO made by me as well. It’s one hell of a package made for the discerning RPer. 

Two other people will receive either an ICON PACK or a PROMO: their choice. If they want neither, I can just make a graphic for a character of their choice or shower them with effusive praise. Whatever they want. 


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  • Bring a knife to the Theatre
  • Bury Caesar, don’t praise him. 
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                               ENDS ON THE EQUINOX

TF2 Demoman Icon Pack

Beneath the cut are 50 or so TF2 Demoman icons from various Valve videos.  The icons are all made and edited by me, and you can edit the icons as much as you want, but if you’re using any of them, please like or reblog this post.

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You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

For Bri

wolfgangmunch  asked:

you're my very favorite cc creator! thank you for the psd for your lowtop converse :) i'm sorry if this is, like, a weird question, but do you keep psds for other things that you recolor too? i really love recoloring things, but sometimes i'm mediocre (at best) when it comes to cutting around things and i hate ending up with those terrible blurry lines on things. your cuts are always so neat!!

Thank you so much, and yes, I keep PSDs for most items! I’m sure there are some items I’ve forgotten to keep, or if it was a really simple recolor sometimes I don’t bother. But everyone is more than welcome to ask about anything and I’ll see if I still have it! 

I would upload the whole lot, but my earlier recolors are a bit messy, and I’d want to try and label my layers before sharing them, to make things easier for anyone using them. I think I have about 120 PSDs saved, so I’d rather just tidy up the ones I know people want, lol!