All Time Low’s cover of ‘Love Me Like You Do’ by Ellie Goulding.

Okay quick thing: Y’all know “melk” and “pellow” is an Elise thing and not a Laura thing right?

i cant believe my job is paying me to do pixel characters for a game

i’ve never done pixel art before I’M TRYING…

I had a dream last night that I met/hooked up with a Colin O’Donoghue ”lookalike" (aka they were identical).

He did his impression of Colin and I asked him if he could do Hook, and he laughed and was like, “No, I can only do Colin.”


yesterday at work i was holding my phone about to text my boyfriend something when my coworker and i started having a heated discussion over superheroes and i guess i accidentally hit the voice record button on my phone or something but long story short my boyfriend got sent a recording of me yelling “BUT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT BATMAN

naps are definitely part of ace training

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Do you know any stony fics where there are accidental situations like 'oh fuck i accidentally sleep walked into your bed' or 'shit i woke up cuddling with you' or any other stuff like that. Thanks and have a great day ❤

Hi love ♥ Thanks honey, I hope everything’s going awesome for you! I know a few fics where they kiss/sleep together/cuddle accidentally, so here you go:

These are all the ones I remember at the moment, but as I find more I’ll add them to this post. Also I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I saw this ask in the morning but today wasn’t my day so I’m so so sorry.

shonjikari replied to your photo:*coughs and shyly advises some followers to…

lmao I just got sent this too and i’m laughing at how different our answers are lmfao.

i’m gonna be 100% honest with you rn… i actually forgot all about marco… i just feel like he isn’t super important to me (although i still read some fics with him in it including some jeanmarco as a side ship… i also tend to write it a bit but yeah, marco isn’t my #1 and i’m not a huge fan of him either lmao)

As for Nile… That is something you can blame Gaby for as well. My whole Erenile thing sparked from my love of ropeplaying Nile and now I’m hooked on both of them, lol.

Idk about eremin. I read fics with it (usually as a pair with eren and levi or fearthekeira’s fics specifically) though. never really hooked me. it is cute though

erwin is…  i don’t think i should even say anymore about erwin. he makes me uncomfortable but i do kinda like him? certainly don’t hate him but i don’t worship the ground he walks on or anything like that.

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I'm not really sure what that means. Does being from a Mexican household mean you can never leave? Are they gonna come after you or something?

Moving out while being bad terms with your family is really bad. Like REALLY BAD. In most cases, you end up being kinda… idk “blacklisted” in the family? Like moving out is a huge deal where my family comes from. I’ve mentioned moving out before and they always flip out because they swear I’m too young. My parents are really strict, so that has a lot to do with it as well…. It sounds extreme, but that’s the household I grew up in.