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why do you want him to be gay so bad? how could it not occur to you that he's bi unless you just think he's lying whenever he talks about being attracted to girls or you're just purposely ignoring anything that doesn't fit? also, he said the entire she is album is about a guy in love with a girl, so that kind of implies the "you" he's singing to in all those songs is that girl, doesn't it? white tshirt is just a poetic version of "i like low maintenance tshirt and jeans girls" tbh. typical dude.

a. it has “occurred to me” that he might be bi/pan. that ask was referring to my own interpretation, my own opinion because of my personal head canon of his sexuality. so I addressed it keeping my own opinions in mind. when someone comes into my ask box, i assume they want my opinion, not the entire realm of possibility. i added the edit as a way of saying “this may not be my personal interpretation but this is something else to keep in mind if you’re someone who thinks jjong is straight because he writes songs about women.”

b. korea isn’t a place where homosexuality is very accepted, so he’s not going to say anything other than “girlfriend” when talking about previous/current relationships. there’s no way he’s the only idol who isn’t straight, but there’s not really any female idol using girlfriend or any male idol using boyfriend to refer to their relationships. not to mention there are lots of closeted people who might use girlfriend rather than boyfriend or vis versa?? It’s a thing closeted people do if they’re not out to who they’re talking to?? so no I don’t think jjong is lying and I’m not accusing him of lying, it’s just a change he might be making or have been making since he’s not out. could all these girlfriends still actually be girlfriends??? sure!!! my head canon might be wrong but, considering the behavior of people who aren’t out, i do think it’s possible that he’s just changing the word.

c. yes the she is album is about a guy falling in love with a girl, but he didn’t write the songs all together. jonghyun said he wrote all of the songs anywhere from three years to six months before the album was released. he wasn’t thinking of them as telling a certain story, but decided to arrange them so that it would tell a consecutive story in the album itself. the progression of the album, the fact it tells a consecutive story heavily implies that the person mentioned in the song is a woman. but the song itself isn’t expressly about a woman. again, he wrote the songs over a period of years, and compiled them together in a way that can easily be interpreted as one consecutive story. it still might be about a woman, sure, but it might not be too.


thank you everyone for sharing your opinions with me!! it’s always really interesting to me to see what other people think, and in this case it seems that everyone pretty much agrees that he tian never had feelings for jian yi, which is kinda comforting for me because i think that most of the time, but then i get doubts that maybe im not looking at the whole situation obejectively since i love he tian/guan shan so much (also there’s always that one chapter that throws me for a loop), so this was a nice reassurance.

thank you so much again to all of you!!


Hey so I’ve got most of sevens photos , can someone tell me which three I’m missing and/or how to get them ?? Please ?