Here it is, PART 1 to my Voltron Indian AU art series, starting with Indian Princess (Rajkumari in Hindi) Allura.

Each part comes with a bollywood song, so please   LISTEN TO THIS FOR THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
– I love this song (and danced to it in a performance) because it captures an ethereal feeling in the music and beat, perfect for Allura to do a native classical dance to in her castle/cosmic space while manipulating the stars.

Also my piece can be interpreted as SHALLURA, because the lyrics of the song translated are “Beloved, detangle my hair locks / The dot on my forehead is spread…Correct it with your hands / Fulfilled to the heart / This fulfillment feels good in my heart.” You can imagine it like you wish :) 

I am really ecstatic with how this came out, though making a ‘quality’ gif with the big Allura above killed me. Damn tumblr size constraints Plus, wasn’t it about time I made an Indian Allura? I’m gonna roll with this idea. More to come soon! 

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$300 In Debt

My sister got dismissed from Aeropostale earlier today (she helped finalized their designs) because Aeropostale is bankrupt and lost their battle in court. My sister was going to help my family and I pay back people owed money to for housing and was expected to later this week but then of course found out she was fired. My sister is also engaged and is set to get married in early 2017 and wants to put all the money she has right now towards her wedding. I hope you can help donate anything if at all so thank you very much God bless you ! Thank u

Jinyoung: I’d like to promote with my real name from now on.

JYP: That’s fine. Junior wasn’t all that great anyways.

Jaebum: I’d also like to promote with my real—

JYP: Keep it JB. Your name hits too close to Jay Park.

YoungK: I’d like to promote as YoungK. *happy af cause he actually likes his stage name*

JYP: That’s great, Brian.

Doodle of secret dragon prince/princess, Yadira @imperfekct

do you ever just stop and look at calvin’s twitter and just think to yourself,

“these are all things he thought of in his head. he literally typed this out as he was saying it in his mind. he was probably smiling like an IDIOT too when he was typing that stupid meme tweet. he also probably furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration when he typed out that sony vegas crashed AGAIN. he maybe giggled too when he made that other joke tweet. maybe he had the biggest cheesiest smile on his face when was was tweeting a thank you to the person that sent him artwork.” 

he’s definitely full of eMoTiOnS

novaio  asked:

Hey, I'm acearo (romance repulsed) and i was looking through your blog and i kind of thought that expressing your disgust about romance would kind of accidentally insult some people. Especially people really happy and in a relationship? Bashing that would seriously suck, especially if its something that makes them happy. I don't know, I just thought the 'expressing that repulsion is okay' kind of seemed iffy to me. Anyways I love your blog and all, that little thing was just bothering me.

okay so, i understand your concern and i appreciate that you’re not saying this in an attacking manner.

but the thing is, romance is literally everywhere. it is literally shoved down our throats every. living. second. romance is the number one focus in movies, tv shows, books, every form of entertainment and media. even in things where romance is 100% unnecessary and unimportant, it’s still added because society believes that romance should be your priority in life. society literally tells us that we need romance in our lives, or else there’s no point. if we don’t have romantic partners, society sees us as worthless, boring, abnormal.

at the end of the day, the amount of people complaining about romance is nothing compared to all the people that praise romance. couples are always going to be much more praised than shunned for their romance (obviously this mostly applies to straight couples, but you get my point).

unless society acknowledges our existence and decides to respect us, romance is always going to be considered the number one goal in life. because of everything that society has taught me, the idea that i need to find romance to be happy is deeply ingrained into me. and that just makes my repulsion worse. this is so harmful for me. it affects me every second, every minute, every hour, every day of my life. there is literally not a single day that goes by when i don’t see or hear about romance. i’m not even going to tell you just how much stress this gives me, and how horribly it affects my mental health.

when i express my disgust/discomfort about romance, i’m not trying to shun couples for being happy. i’m not trying to say that their love is gross and ugly. i would never outright tell a couple that they’re disgusting for showing pda, of course that would be wrong and downright rude.

when i complain about romance, i’m complaining about everyone and everything shoving it down my throat nonstop. i’m complaining about couples that purposely show pda to make the people around them uncomfortable, because they think it’s funny to mock people who have serious repulsion and trauma over romance. the people who have anxiety and panic attacks over romance.

i know there are many people like me, which is why i created this blog in the first place. it’s supposed to be a safe space for us to express our dislike for romance without having to explode in front of the actual romance. i made this blog so that people who have kept it bottled in for so long can finally let it out. i made this blog so that people who felt broken or disgusting for their repulsion could feel like they are okay, and that there’s nothing wrong with them.

if you don’t want to express your romance repulsion, that’s fine, but let the rest of us that do have this space. it’s one of the only things we have. there is romance scattered everywhere else, and we have literally no escape from it. don’t take this away from us too.

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Girl saitama

I think the pink bow is a bit too much

Stevie: (posts a thoughtfully captioned Instagram pic of her and her gf for their 5th anniversary)

A few commenters: is she gay

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Shit APH Australia Does #38

Think about how his PM has been in office for so much longer than expected, then realise that it’s been less than a year

Knowledgeburns’ Stand By Me Post

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