Unknown: (grab his nose or boop it?)

Yoosung: What are you d– oh!

definitely boop it

  • Victor episode 7: *kisses Yuuri* It was the only way I could surprise you more than you surprised me.
  • Yuuri episode 10: *gets Victor an engagement ring* I couldn't think of anything better.
  • One of them in the future probably: *adopts two kids and Yurio* It was the best idea I had.

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Hi! I was wondering if we pre-order the zine, do we also get other freebies other than the postcard? :')) Lol my mom is mad bc the shipping is sm but gahhh I can't wait for the zine! Ty to you and Victoria for this art zine!! 💓

Yeah! I have a lot of different freebies to give for the pre-orders like, stickers, postcards or prints or bookmarks 
Some of you guys who didn’t receive the transparent card in my previous sales, will be getting that too.
BUT! the transparent card only has like a limited amount left so I can only give it to the first 40 pre-orders!

it will be given in RANDOM so you won’t get all the freebies, just maybe 2-3 from the selection of things below :D
/tbh there are more but I can’t fit everything in here//
(so pre-order the phanzine now to get some of these free gifts!!!)

There is this cool person with this amazing blog that you always wanted to befriend - but you never had the guts to actually tell them? 

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The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has been out for less than 12 hours and I get on Tumblr to see endless posts of people complaining about Tony Stark, a post comparing Tony Stark fans to Donald Trump supporters, and anonymous hate mail in my inbox because I’m excited about Tony being in Spider-Man.

Like honestly let us like what we like guys, I’m so tired of this fandom. It’s okay if you don’t like Tony Stark, you don’t have to, but please stop trying to bring down and hate on the people who do. It’s like some people think we’re genuinely fundamentally bad people for liking a specific fictional character, and I don’t get it.

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So my university has stress therapy dogs in the library from time to time during the exam season. Some guy got so offended that he wrote a giant letter about how universities have become giant hug boxes etc. How do you get that offended over dogs?

Maybe he needs his own safe space, where people just constantly punch him and make him into a real man™


Old transman Reinhardt

Absolutely nobody so much as suspects that he is until one day during the Beach Episode every group needs

Lúcio is shy about his top scars and is a little embarrased to show them off and then Reinhardt

“FEAR NOT COMRADE” *rips off shirt* “I TOO HAVE THE SAME BATTLE SCARS! LET US EMBRACE THE TROPHIES OF OUR WON BATTLES TOGETHER!” bonus if he does a Ginyu style pose while flexing

Basically give me OverEnthusiastically Supportive TransGrandpa Reinhardt being a wonderful role model for the kids

i dont understand why english ppl just cant dub or sub work in foreign languages….we translate your shit everywhere else why cant YOU dub work you enjoy instead of making your own version imagine how much cooler this world would be if foreign actors were known in english countries because their ORIGINAL work was shown

lana is such an angel………..

art trade with @heyoitskris! hope you like!!

It’s the last month of the year and even when 2016 hasn’t been the best year ever I did had good times and most of them were only possible because I have very good amazing probably the best ppl around me and I’m very thankful for having them in my life!! So I decided I should do smth to let them know how important they are for me and how much they’ve contributed to my life, specially this year. More than a normal Follow Forever, this is a “Thank You For Being Here” thing promoted by the loud kid aka me. (PS: thanks Dona for the amazing adorable graphic <3)

@tiffanysbff – vanessa, remember when we skyped for the first time? Cause I dont think I’ll ever forget that. We’ve been talking for amost two years now and back then I already knew how beautiful you are - and the fact you are by far one of the most amazing person I ever got to know in my life just made you look even prettier to my yes, inside and out, but when I saw you that day I can pretty much say I fell in love for you skdfjgllj you are my best friend and every time we talk you make me love you more for so many different reasons. Thank you for being with me through this year, I’ll make sure this will be just one more from a lot yet to come. We make a beautiful garden, my sun.

@sooyyoung - asdfghjkl joana, my little joaninha, I swear I could spend the rest of my day only telling you how much I love you and how important you are to me, but I gotta do my best to someone who has only given me her best since the beginning. Jo, you’re truly one of the best things snsd has given me and you are one of the ppl I know I can count on anytime and for everything. I dont think you have an idea about how much you’ve helped through these years and I’m glad words are not enough to express how thankful I am for having you in my life cause that pushes me to always do my best for you. Please know you have your huge special place in my very tiny heart. I love you, thanks for being a constant presence of the light in my life.

@taeyeohn -  dona, I know you’re not the type to say that three-word-sentence every time but you cry when I dont send you hearts when I go to sleep lmao You probably dont know but girl, I’m grateful for having your cute ass around, you’re the one tru person I can always talk about taeyeon, it doesnt matter if it’s 2am or lunch time and that’s one of the best things ever, tbh we always end up crying over how much we love her, it doesn’t matter the topic, we can be talking about pineapples but her name will come up. I love how you’re always making me laugh and how you make fun of me and my gf but when you need help with girls and relationships you always come at me, I srsly love that lmfao. You’re my favorite fisherman and I’m still so honored for being the fisherman’s friend, ppl are jealous of me, you know? I love you and how you say you dont like cats but cant avoid them, I’ll be always here to help you with girls, animals and someday, who know, we’re gonna eat the thing chipmunks eat together (that was still one of the cuttest things you’ve ever told me)

@ayoshidae -  natata curupira el natcho aka natalia, the greatest. I still remember when a very excited kid suddenly direct messaged me screaming about taeyeon’s why teaser pics and at some moment you were like ‘let me cut this shit, I’ve seen you talking in portuguese here some times’ and started talking in portuguese with me, I knew back then that that was the beginning of a very interesting and amazing friendship and I was damn right. Since then we remained the same but we keep on getting better at supporting each other and making each other laugh, for real I’ll never forget that night where both of us seemed to be the craziest we ever were lmfao we just couldn’t stop laughing and I still have those audios saved, I listen to them whenever I’m feeling down and they always make me crack up hahaha Natcho I love you, you are such a beautiful human being, my favorite pokemon and my one and only curupira. I hope you let me be your one and only caipora for a very very long time <3

@bangsojin – I simply love whenever I’m chilling and I see a notification on my phone coming from “mariana banana” cause I know I’m either going to scream about beautiful cats or go crazy about how beautiful are the places you take pics of, for real, some of the most beautiful pics I’ve seen in my life were taken by you, my forever source for wallpaper pics of adorable cute animals. I love how we are always planning things, even if we are not going to make them at all or any time soon lmao talking with you is always a time where I can chill and just enjoy things and I really appreciate you for giving me times like these :’) Please, tell Lara I’m her biggest fan and that I’m sending her a hug just like I’m sending one for you  too <33

@panda-yul – well well well if it’s not the ultimate meme maker of this website and probably whole internet!!! Jokes aside, gaby, I’m just very glad our paths crossed some day in this life, before you I didnt know what tagging someone in stuff really meant and after you started tagging me in stuff it was like a whole new world was offered to me and now I’m a tagger trash (if this even exists lol). The one true person I can srsly talk about apink !!!! You have a very special spot in my heart also pls send Pandi a very warm hug, she can be a brat but she’s the cutest brat in the neighborhood :’)

@yoonsicyul – MY FLOWER!!!!! I know I’ve said this before but, jasmin, your name is truly so beautiful and it just screams the truth cause you’re indeed a flower, delicate and beautiful and chances of smelling good are high!! I cant quite remember how we started talking but it’s always so good to talk to you and your random letters always make me laugh fkghjlkfghjdlkfj I cant help but imagine you’re falling from your chair or smth like that lol forgive me <3 You were indeed one of the best gifts life has given me this year, I’ll make sure to give you all the chocolate you want everyday!!! Also I love you and frodo aka the cutest dog to ever exist on finland 💕

@jungmaomao - *inserts here some pic of a very delicious food you can’t have* lmao I just really like sharing food pics with you and I loved that night you sent me videos of a very beautiful cat and also of a shiba, I started wanting a shiba on that day and I blame you. You and Joana need to watch out on the overuse of the eyes emoji, that’s gonna drive me crazy some day.

@klmhyoyeon – teresa, *asks for a gay movie recommendation* *coments smth about a gay movie* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lmao what can I do? I guess we just have very interesting topics hahaha Even when we dont talk very oftenly I would just like you to know that I really appreciate you for being around and that every time I see smth hyoyeon related I cant help but think of you lkasjhgdl (ps: I rly love your ig posts!!) (ps2: seeing a post on your blog was what made me wanna watch the handmaiden so I guess I owe you a big one!!!!)

@kraistallize – you keep saying it’s nothing special but I do love when you send me vids of you playing guitar so I would like to ask you to not stop skdjhfafk you probably cant really see the change you did in my life back  when you told me some words months ago but I’ll be forever grateful for what you’ve told me, thank you. You’re a very sweet potato who likes to wonder about a lot of things and I really like having you around even when you ask me to watch videos of weird guys I cant find funny lmfao Jokes aside I’m truly happy for having your trust on me, I promise I’ll do my best to never let you down. PS: someday we’re gonna have all the ear piercings we want *crosses fingers*

@knapp-shappey – you whose eyes are the best thing to get lost on!! I’m so happy we started talking totally randomly someday in our lives!!! I dont know if I ever mentioned how I rly like your name so I’m doing it now dflkjhgsl it reminds me of a cake we have here in my country called caçarola so you’re always reminding me of sweet things :’) ily cause I can srsly tag you in everything and the same goes for you and we just really enjoy whatever that is. Thank you for happening in my life 💙

@snowfany – ALEX WE ARE ALWAYS TALKING IN CAPS AND I FIND IT SO FUNNY CAUSE IT LOOKS WE ARE ALWAYS SOO EXCITED even when uni has been slowly destroying us since I can’t even remember when lmao I still can’t believe we are talking again after so long and how it looks like we never really stopped hahaha You’re such a kind person I really wish you all the best for 2017 and the many more years yet to come (plus you’re going to make a lot of money and you will be buying all those albums and traveling the whole world)

@taecutie – I still cant believe I’m friends with the shiniest British cookie in this world, I feel so honored!!! It’s always a pleasure to talk about jennie kim with you and I simply love how you’re the best at initiating conversations, youy just go and send me “hello I love jennie kim” and that’s how we end up talking till late through the night. I’m sending Lumox a very warm hug right now, make sure to deliver it to him, ok? I’ll be checking. Keep yourself warm as well, I dont wanna see you cold again, you’re a cookie, cookies are good when they are warm :’) I dont know if I make it clear enough but I love you and I really appreciate having you in my life to talk about soft cheeks and pillows eheheh. Also: idk how you do it but you make perv sounds like a wonderful word and I love that

@stankpopgirls – hannah, ofc I couldnt let you out of this, even tho we’ve been talking since not long ago the amount of things we share in common keeps on surprising me day by day. I still remember when you tagged me in a cheng xiao post so I sent you a msg thanking you cause I was truly so touched by that and since then we havent stopped talking. You’re sweet and you can always count on me for anythinhg you need, it’s a pleasure to be your older sister <3

@h-yperbolicparaboloid – I wont live enough to thank you for teaching me all the things you’ve taught me but I would like to let you know that I havent found someone with such a beautiful personality like yours, you’re genuine and lovely and I wish you all the best this next year 💜

And I couldn’t end this without mentioning some more mutuals who are always putting some very high quality content on my dash and bearing my loud self around, I hope you have a very wonderful and peaceful next year and that you can fulfill yourself and make some dreams come true!!! (in alphabetical order:)

@candyeon@choisullis, @choiswimming@dearsantae@fany@gfsejeong@hyoyu@imgay4momo@interes-taeng@jihyoleader-nim@jihyo-s@jinglejoy@lisixnthus, @mngmeiqi@nabongsgf@neversvmmer, @santaes@satzulicious@snsdsp@sunmiah@wheeparam