more naruto/ah crossover sketchies yayyy

okay so one headcanon of mine is that ray really wants to be in the ANBU when he’s older because its where all the elite ninjas are and lets be honest here, ray’s the best ninja out of team lads okay. so one day during training, ANBU ryan stops by to chat with geoff and ray immediately becomes starstruck because hOLY SHIT AN ACTUAL ANBU MEMBER WOw //////

white people are so disgusting and whenever they have the audacity to call other races dirty it’s so funny because like!!! do you have any idea how many people you’ve historically killed because you refuse to stop throwing your shit on the street. like, do you know how long it took european societies to learn the basics of washing themselves DECADES after everyone else did. do you even realize that you’re so unsanitary because even now with the full scientific knowledge that wiping your ass with toilet paper is unsanitary and leads to bacterial infection you still do it and even try and make laws saying you shouldn’t have to wash your hands like….. that makes me gag i’m so glad no one in my family was ever white i wish you guys actually knew your history like 87% of it is “we caused a major disease because we refused to wash ourselves” and the rest is “my teeth are rotting because i don’t know how to brush but i still think i’m the superior race :)" 

Hi everyone! So I hit 2k a couple of days ago, which is unbelievable to me. I’ve made so many amazing friends here and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you all for being so amazing and supportive! I wanted to write notes for so many of you but this would have turned into a 10,000 word sapfest so let it suffice to say that I love you guys a lot.

mess squad: chaitroye sotroye nutella-plus-ranchdressing woosivan hyellohoakley lookingfortronler whatstroyler sparkleoakley coomphan  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you guys you mean so much to me and I love you all.

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I HAVE DONE IT. Do you have any idea how long I have been attempting to make a flamey border? But I have finally done it! I am the flame master! Ahahahahaha!!

Seriously though, I am so happy with this. This is a commission for xredriverx, who gave me the Quenya (which is Fëanor’s our deeds shall be remembered until the end of time quote) and requested a firey border. She was a really great help with advice for the border, so it’s partly due to her that this looks so good!

The colours used are DMC 310, 742, 743 and 4124 (Bonfire) and overall, including charting, probably took around 6 hours to finish.

chase the night away; david/billie RPF

A/N: This is a very long overdue birthday present for thebadddestwolf, and my first time writing RPF in quite a few months. Hopefully I’ve still got it! (Lyrics and title come from “Run” by Elenowen.)
Summary: David and Billie getting ready for the National TV Awards (c’mon, you all know the one). A bit of a behind the scenes. Inspired by this, and this.
Rating: T
Words: 1,186

“Honestly, Bil, how much longer can you –“ David is cut short by Billie coming out of her bathroom, and they both freeze.

They speak in unison, “Well, you’ll have to change.” 

Billie’s eyes narrow, “Do you have any idea how long it took me to pick out this dress? I’m not changing!”

“We can’t go out like this!” David retorts, motioning to his black-on-black suit and her black dress. 

Billie sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. David feels momentarily guilty, but tries to brush it away. They’ve both been on edge lately, the tension between them simmering to an almost unbearable level. That, coupled with the stress that is the week leading to an awards show, he is not sure that their friendship is going to survive this (which is silly, and he knows he’s being dramatic, but being around her feels different lately, and he doesn’t know why).

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{Insert Title Here}

Em looked over to Dean with her arms folded across her chest as she spoke, “Do you really expect me to believe any of that? Really Dean? Do you have any idea how long you’ve been gone?” She took a step back as he tried to move closer to her. “Do you really expect me to go weak in my knees when you do that smirk of yours that gets me all the time?” She asked, swallowing thickly as a tear rolled down her cheek. “To run into your arms and cry?” She wanted to. She really did. “I should hate you right now.” She choked out.

scumbag-solas  asked:

Do you have any idea how long it took me to realize you changed urls? Like literally I didn't realize it until the arrested development/mass effect gifset came back across my dash and I read the tags. I've been sitting here like "who is this person teagannnn" because I couldn't remember following anyone with this url lmao.

Hahaha!! Sorry for the confusion!
But yes! Nix-Shiva = Iifa-Tree