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Good afternoon Jess, Firstly I would just like to take the time to say, your biology notes are just simply exquisite. They should be in some sort of gallery somewhere, the London Portrait Gallery springs to my mind! How long do they take to do? And may I may so cheeky as to ask for a little advice. At this moment in time, I am struggling of how to revise for psychology. Any ideas you may have to assit me on this? Thank you very for your time. xx


thank you so much with regards to my biology notes! they took me a long time - I would say about 4 hours woops! but this includes re-reading through all of my notes, dealing with a wasp in the kitchen, my dog being sick and then writing them! if I was at my desk in my room this would have taken me about 2 hours. 

I find psychology the easiest of my subjects to revise for as thing’s stick really well for some reason! I have bullet pointed 5 things which I find so useful when it comes to revising psychology:

  1. After class, re-writing notes up neatly for my folder - this gives me a chance to use my textbook, my own notes that I have taken before class and my notes from the class to form some extensive notes for my folder.
  2. Flashcards! - i don’t know if you have visited my blog before but I am a massive advocate for flashcards! I condense the AO1 points (descriptive points on the theory side) to one flashcard and then the AO3 (evaluation points) to another flashcard and then memorise them and it really helps just to know the key basic facts instead of all the gibberish the textbook throws at me. 
  3. Summary questions - I have some summary questions at the end of every theory/topic thing so when I have gone over my work a few times, I do these without looking at my notes and see if I have done okay!
  4. essay plans or writing out the essay - to begin with I will probably do an essay plan and then write the essay using the book for guidance if I need it. after a while I try to remake essay plans and write essays without the book to ensure I remember it all! sometimes when I first try this I do forget points and maybe get lower marks than what I would normally get but the more I do it the more the marks build up and therefore the more I remember (if that makes sense?!)
  5. peer teaching/watching videos - I know that watching videos and practicing with friends are two completely different things, but the main thing that links them together is the fact that someone else is teaching you and you listen/take notes. it can be fun with friends but try not to mess around! videos can be a great way to hear more people’s perspectives on the theory and hearing different ways of someone teaching something often deepens your understanding! it can be really helpful to have more than one version of something because you can then explain it in multiple ways, and not just the way the textbook tells you.

I hope these helped! if you need more help with psychology revision, you can always check my posts as I often post my psychology work (its all I seem to do!) and you can ask me more questions if you are unsure!

I have a post called ‘how to study as you go’ which can be found here, and i have mentioned some of the things in this list already but there are some more things on here that I find helpful!


- I have renamed my Dollfie Dream. Her new name is Lilly and she shall be the cutest thing in the world to me

- I cannot afford college because I do not have residency in this state //internal screams//

- I have no idea how to track my Etsy purchase (I have ordered Lilly some clothes so that she won’t be naked forever), but my friend Eugenio “Ravioli” (Ruspoli) told me that it’s in customs at the moment because they read Chinese and I do not so a big thank you to them ❤

- I had a minor nervous breakdown because I didn’t know how long Volks International took to ship off their dolls and I never read any of their info thingies, so I made the irrational conclusion that they had taken my money and run

- Lilly will be here on Monday or Tuesday, because I figured out how to track packages and got my “your item(s) have been shipped” email for Lilly on the 10th; she passed through customs (San Francisco ISC facility) today at 12:05 pm (California Time)

- I have a job at Dairy Queen!! I’m starting Monday!!

- I’m getting my ID card this Wednesday so I can open an account at my Grandma’s bank (because Wells Fargo was nailing me with fees even though they said my first two months were free and because it would be easier on my grandma and her car if we just went to the closer bank instead of all the way into town to Wells Fargo)

Those are my updates!! Love you guys!!!

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Hi! I really love your edits and stuff and I was wondering where/how you get the inspiration for them? I have been making edits for a week or so but I have a really hard time getting ideas. Do you have any recommendations for that? Thanks!

hi!! omg thank you so much!! i’m so sorry it took me so long to respond!

i’m super glad you’re making edits and if you’re comfortable you should totally tag me in them when you post them :) but i 100% feel you with the inspiration thing, so i’ll try to give you what tips i have!

for (somewhat) ongoing inspiration:

  • do an edit series - get to know me meme, abc’s of marvel/other franchise, character posters/aesthetics, stuff like that! if you want to get started on one, here’s the list that i’m working off of for mine. i’m going gifsets, but i’ve also seen photosets, aesthetics, etc, so you can really do anything!
  • use your favorite songs/quotes - see if any of them remind you of a particular character/pairing/scene. here’s an example where i did that!
  • offer blogrates to people for sending you ideas - i did this when i first downloaded photoshop, and pretty much any edit of mine that has “for [random url]” as the caption (ie, this one) came from those
  • do a url graphic giveaway - i did this when i needed some inspiration and it really helped me out :)

what i do when i’m stuck/not interested in any of the above:

  • google “[actor name] gallery,” search through the first or second link to find photos i like, find a quote from the actor that i think matches the photo, apply a b&w psd, and post. see here for an example!
  • rewatch my favorite movies and see if i can find anything that would be good for one of those simple two-gif edits (like this)

i hope that helps!!! if you have any more questions please let me know!!