do you long to visit the low cal calzone zone? do you cry every night over the beauty of parks and recreation? then join the calzone squad, where we kick ass(ets), eat calzones, and freak out about the awesomeness of ben wyatt!

we’re looking for:

  • friendly, active people who love parks & recreation and food

what you get:

  • a place to fangirl over the beauty that is parks and recreation
  • somewhere to post photos of food
  • support, advice, promos, and friends!!

Day 2 | Romance or Religion : Solas


“We had sex every morning…”

Why did you do that to me? *crying*

melianella asked:

for 5 characters meme: Vincent Nightray, Shindou Hikaru, Mashima Taichi, Legna and Howl

!!i take back all my previous complaints, the last one was easy in comparison *wails*

1. mashima taichi

2. shindou hikaru*

3. vincent nightray

4. howl

5. legna

*le gasp, second place! i know, i’m shocked myself /o\ but to be honest, though i would rank hikago higher than chihayafuru, it’s akira that i care most about in hikago, and probably taichi among the main trio in chihayafuru… hard choices were made!!

Moon Kitten

With your absence, each second is anchored with a feeling of detachment from reality and sadness. A smile far more luminous than infinite suns and a laugh dictating bliss, how could I not cry without these? You are far above that of angels or queens, no words can illustrate the grace of color you bring to my gray world. Absolute apathy disciplined each day before my homecoming to you. I love you, I hope you sleep each night dreaming of ecerything that brings you joy and your days are filled with happiness. It’s 5:30 AM, not a single minute has passed that hasn’t included you within my thoughts. You prepare and accomplish everything for me, I do not deserve somone as divine as you, however I will hold on with all my might. You have shattered the endless walls I erected after the bitter events of mu past and somehow charmed my heart while I locked it at the bottom of a bottomless abyss. No words provide enough detail to describe my appetite, devotion, and lust for you. All I can manage to say is I love you, but with those words I bring the pwoer of a tsunami, I move mountains and erupt dormant volcanoes. I would live through all the pain I have endured in my life each hour if each ending I was awarded a moment to speak with you again. I am losing focus as my eyelids start to close on their own, my hands are moving slower and the bed chants my name. Even without your presence in this rant, it is so hard to walk away. I am always with you. I love you, my moon kitten.

anonymous asked:

I really love this guy but I pushed him into the arms of another girl because I know he'd be happier with her because he cheated on me with her and the way they treated eachother was amazing but I love him so much and he tells me that he loves me too. And I don't know what to do cause I cry every night.

My love, you don’t even deserve a guy who cheated on you. It’s wrong and it never ends up good. I know loving someone who won’t understand sucks. It really really sucks, but I want you to be happy. Slowly try to move on and think about other things. It’s hard, but I know you can do it. He’s not worth your tears ❤️❤️

I’d kill to hear Daesung sing live.