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Seven new years resolution headcanons?

I made my own physical list for seven because i love him with a firey passion as red as his hair

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How would the skaters fair with an s/o who's a competitive show jumper? Like they raise and train horses competitively for competition? Sorry if it's vague this is my first time doing this ;3; I'm always too shy...

((You didn’t specify which ones, so I’ll do the main three))


-Finds it amazing

-Adores watching s/o because they look so beautiful when they’re riding horses

-And elegant as well

-Begs s/o to to teach him

-Probably falls while the horse is astride (I think it’s called astride in English…?)


-His biggest concern is s/o falling off the horse

-I mean, did you read the statistics on injuries??

-His heart stops every time s/o jumps

-He does, however, like helping them take care of the horses

-But there’s no way he’s getting one one thankyouverymuch


-He really likes horse riding as a sport, so he’s happy that s/o does it

-Always comes to their competitions (with his best disguise, of course)

-Buys s/o shirts with horses on them

-When he’s helping s/o with the horses, they often bite his hair (it reminds them of straw)

-So he starts wearing it in a bun when he’s in the stable

when Beatrice keeps trying to convince you magic is real

when Battler just won’t accept that magic exists

when no one will tell you the truth about the events of Rokkenjima 1986

You’re right, I moved on. But you’re also the one who left me, you didn’t want me. I loved you, I fought for you. I still do, but I was so tired of crying every night. Feeling my constellations and the stars you gave me fall through my tears. So I got off my ass and did something about it. Being with you taught me a lot. It taught me not to be with you.
—  confessions i should say

do you ever cry because haley james scott got a tattoo of nathan’s jersey number at the tender age of 16 because she loved him so much? she went and got a freaking tattoo!!! tutor girl got a tattoo for a boy she was just dating at the time, even before they exchanged ‘I love you’s’. at 16 she was so in love she didn’t even care if they weren’t going to last, she just wanted to remember forever of how she was feeling, of how much she loved that person in such little time, even if they weren’t meant to be. haley james scott has been in love with nathan scott since she was 16 and i think that’s beautiful.