David Bowie themed questions!!
  • 1. What's your favorite song?
  • 2. Favorite era?
  • 3. Favorite costume?
  • 4. Favorite album?
  • 5. Does Lazarus make you cry?
  • 6. What song made you cry before he passed away?
  • 7. Favorite movie?
  • 8. Favorite tour?
  • 9. Ever seen him live? If so, what tour?
  • 10. Do you think Angie is insane?
  • 11. How many albums do you have on vinyl?
  • 12. What albums are they from the previous question?
  • 13. Opinions on the Bohawk?
  • 14. How did you find out about him?
  • 15. Favorite quote?
  • 16. The song that applies best to your life?
  • 17. First song you heard?
  • 18. Opinions on The Laughing Gnome?
  • 19. Do you know the lyrics in the background of Dead Man Walking?
  • 20. Do you have any album memorized with the songs in order?
  • 21. Did you skip work/school the day you found out he died?
  • 22. Has he ever saved you from yourself?
  • 23. Did you ever use BowieNet?
  • 24. Do you use song/lyric references a lot?
  • 25. Do you have any Bowie magazine/books/vintage magazines? And if so, which one(s)?
  • 26. Do you know any extremely random fun facts about him?
  • 27. Has he ever made you laugh uncontrollably?
  • 28. Do you fall asleep to his music? Which songs?
  • 29. Would you consider him as your best friend that you never met?
  • 30. What's your favorite hairstyle?

Do you ever think about how The Clone Wars was essentially started by Sidious?

I mean, sure, he wasn’t the one with his finger on the button, but he laid it out for everyone to play into his hands. He read out the circumstances and figured what were the right conditions to really push people into a war.

And when the war began, it was never about who won or lost. Whether it was the Republic or the Separatists, he didn’t care about either or them. It was about playing both sides and using up their resources.

It was about turning people against each other. Dismantling the Jedi Order. Working from the inside and corrupting everything. Weakening them.

All the while, keeping the visage of the good Chancellor Palpatine. 

Someone the public was more than happy to allow to come into absolute power when the chaos that was Order 66 was initiated.

why am i little upset about how easily people are forgetting enzo – and bamon// bonkai shippers are suddenly throwing more confetti than usual you may ask ????


enzo just died in the recent episode. i however, was not expecting that. MY HEART IS STILL BROKEN I DONT THINK I’LL EVER RECOVER. out of respect for our angel i think its a little !!!! FUCKING INSANE that people would push aside such an amazing character like that.

do u see this child

all i’m saying is enzo st john didnt deserve to die— and he simply dOESNT DESERVE TO BE SHITTED ON !!!! 

though… i respect other ships I GET IT. BUT no need to be mean to this lil bean. thank u …. catch me next week for another rant about this horrid show called tvd

anonymous asked:

I need to get this off my chest. My heart still aches after 2 years of not seeing this one guy. We didn't even date. I don't even know if he ever liked me. He never said it. But the way he looked at me made me nervous, like the feeling you get before you descend on a roller coaster— thrilled anticipation for what was about to happen. I don't think of him often but when I do kick myself bc its been 2 stinking years and it feels like freaking love. Is that even possible??! Gosh I feel insane.

do you know who the guy is? if so then just send him a text or something saying like “hey, we haven’t in a long time. how you doin’?” it doesn’t hurt to try. If you really think that he could have some sort of feelings then go and try to have at least a friendship with him at the beginning. First you’ll take your mind off that douche and move on with your life. If you think that maybe it’s love why not try to see what’s out there? It doesn’t hurt to try and at least you’ll have some answers after 2 god damn years!

On Bo Burnham's Make Happy

You know, everyone is posting about how what. was so funny and Make Happy is suddenly insanely sad (and dismissing Words Words Words all together but that’s not my point). But honestly, I don’t see how you couldn’t tell from the beginning there was always something slightly off. Since Words Words Words, he didn’t ever seem to enjoy all the fame he had been getting or all the performing he had been doing. In what., he mentions his problems with fame in “We Think we Know You”. In Words Words Words, he wrote “Art is dead” that pretty much explained his views on performance art even then. He wasn’t always “just funny”. He has his own genre, he is so introspective in his music and comedy specials from Day 1 and I think it’s odd that suddenly some fans are only just noticing this now. He’s a human, and unlike so many other comedians or celebrities he’s not just going to pretend everything is alright for his fans, he’s going to be himself. A lot of people freaked out when he had alluded to taking a break from all of this, but I think it’s a good thing for him. I’m proud of him for making this decision even though it must’ve been so, so, hard to do so. He has made so many people very happy as well as getting them through rough patches of their own lives. Now it’s time for him to get through a rough patch in his own life. If that means leaving this behind him for a while, so be it. I know he said in Make Happy not to stick by him if we aren’t being entertained anymore, but I definitely think he needs support. Not nagging and whining about him coming back and doing more specials. I know he hates the term, “I love you” from fans, so I won’t say I love Bo. But I will say Bo is an artistic genius, and I wish him the best in whatever he does in his life. I know he and his work have made me happy.

If you've ever been in love...

You’ll understand how the person is the only thing you think about.
You’ll get what I mean when I say you miss them a lot when they haven’t talked to you.
How your mood suddenly changes when they say something nice about your back.
How your day is made when you find out they’ve thought about you.
How when things don’t go well, you’ll literally have a breakdown.
How you notice how they do every little thing.
How you’re always thinking you’re not good enough for them no matter how messed up they are.

do you ever just think about how ginny almost gave up baseball for her mom and acceptance but changed her mind when she discovered her mom cheating on her dad

do you ever just think about how ginny choose her mom and trusted her mom to guide her through her dad’s shit storm of insanity that would have erupted at leaving baseball behind but felt utterly betrayed by her mom when she went home to tell her

do you ever just think about how ginny baker, sixteen and smiling and happy, cut class to go home and tell her mom and she walked in on the one thing that destroyed her live 

do you ever just sit and think about how tatiana plays all of these clones but like they’re all so different and it’s impossible that the same girl who plays sarah can also play cosima or like the same girl who plays helena also plays rachel like it’s a huge mind fuck how insanely good she is at what she does

I saw your face
and I instantly started forming poems about the way your eyes relaxed when you smiled
and how they seemed to invite in
my entire existence.
I do not believe in soul mates (or maybe even love)
But I find myself wanting to know every thing about you
I want to know how the dark makes you feel
And if you’ve ever been in love,
or so far out that the lack of oxygen it’s given you in its absence is suffocating.
You’re the first person I haven’t wanted to save (but I don’t think I would mind joining you.)
—  You make me insane -hg

Ever since 3x10 all I can think about it how mushy and romantic Callie is with Brandon and it kills me because it’s the complete opposite of how she is as a character.
Idk, I can really see Callie being the one in 3b struggling with this whole delimma the most. I know they are both in love and love eachother so much, but yo, I think Callie is like in, in love w/ him…. you know?

Do you ever think about how truly heartbreaking Sirius Black’s story is?

Do you ever think Snape probably knew he was innocent and said nothing out of spite?

Do you ever think about Sirius arriving to the Potters’ , the people who had become his family, only to find them dead?

Do you ever think about how the story said ‘Black was insane when they found him’ and realized he probably did loose his mind after seeing James dead, betrayed by the same friend he suggested to protect him and Lily?

Do you ever think about how there probably were Deatheaters in Azkaban who congratulated him and said they 'always knew’ he was one of them?

Do you ever think about the visions the Dementors must have showed him all those years? James’ body, Lily’s body, Harry’s body?

Do you ever think how everyone was confident Black had 'an obsession with Harry’ because he probably talked about him in his sleep all the time and desperately searched information about him in the news or other inmates?

Do you ever think about how Remus, the only friend he had left in the world, believed he was responsible for James and Lily’s deaths for years?

Do you ever wonder what he felt when he saw Harry for the first time that night in his dog form? He was too far to see his mother’s eyes, and to him it was the living breathing image of his best friend?

Because I do.


Literally it’s not even midnight yet but I was too excited to wait two hours to post it, so here it is now.

Happy freaking birthday, Kevin Oluwole Olusola, you sweet child o’ mine!

It’s not everyday your little man turns 27!

Kevin. Where do I even begin other than talking about what an upstanding human being you are and how you seem to excel in everything you do. I don’t think I’ve ever known a person with a work ethic quite like yours; it’s insane how hard you work. And I feel like all that hard work has paid off because where are ü now (by Pentatonix on iTunes) and look at all the amazing things you’ve been given: fame, fortune, new long lasting friendships, once in a lifetime opportunities, wisdom, etc. And you deserve every last bit of it, and more so don’t you dare ever say that you aren’t as talented as the others and that you have to “compensate” because, pardon my French, that’s complete b*llshit. You are literally just as talented as the others and Pentatonix would not be what it is today without you; in fact, there would not even be a Pentatonix (scary thought, I know)! Keep working hard and continue to put your heart and soul into everything you say and do and the results will always pay off in the end.

We love you, KO!

Do you ever think about how good Steven Universe and Gravity Fall’s writing is that they literally had their biggest plot twists in front of us the entire time but they were still able to keep enough uncertainty in the show that we were all still blindsided when our headcanons actually became canon. Cause I think about that a lot

do you ever watch your tour videos over and over again and think about how insanely magical and amazing and perfect in every way possible the 1989 tour is and how cute Taylor is and how good she is at her job and how she literally doesn’t seem real sometimes because she’s too wonderful for words to describe? cause same