ok so do you ever just think about how insanely similar juliet and daniel are??? i mean srsly:

  • before coming to the island they’re both nervous, fragile, sensitive, miserable wrecks (i cry)
  • they were both manipulated - daniel by his mother into living the life she wanted him to live and juliet by her ex husband with her research etc
  • they’re both major intellectuals and both Dr.™
  • they both conduct ground breaking research in their own fields and are successful in them - daniel successfully time traveling and juliet successfully creating pregnancies where there shouldn’t be pregnancies
  • they were both frowned upon for their research so both had to conduct it in secret
  • they are both recruited to the island at their lowest points for research purposes, both by one time leaders of the others
  • they both die by trying to detonate the hydrogen bomb - daniel dying because he stormed the others camps wanting them to tell him where the bomb was and juliet dying by actually detonating the bomb