So I finished Gravity Falls again today and after watching it and reading the Journal I have a bunch of headcanons that I’m going to share.

You could say I’m pulling a Pines here by doing so but what the heck. This will have spoilers though. 

If you want to hear more about my headcanons, let me know ok?

More is under the read more thing.

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i gotta know: out of all the Batsons, who do u think is the most Meme-tastic™? personally, i think it's Tim bc lord knows how much time that boy spends on the internet, but I can also see Jason dabbing in every family photo for the shits and giggles

Honestly, it could be a tie between Tim, Steph, and Babs.

Think about it. Tim is….Tim. I love the kid but he is actually confirmed meme trash in comics. I shit you not.

Steph omg my sun and stars. She’s the fabbest ever but omg her taste in memes insane. Like all of us, she hates the Facebook mom minion memes and lives for shitposting.

I would marry Babs in a heartbeat I’m not even kidding. I love her. But also she’s a total computer whiz so you can’t tell me that she doesn’t have an extensive knowledge of memes. I bet she can predict memes.

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On the anon meme thing: I think you're amazing and absurdly creative and extremely sensitive and observant. Truth be told, if I had the chance, I would invite you for a cup of coffee so we could sit outside and talk about Spader and lizzington and whatever.

Why does this have to be on anon again??? 

These are like the nicest things that have ever been said to me?? 

Do you understand how much I’d like to sit outside with coffee and fangirl about Spader and Lizzington???  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?!

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Your writing is to the point, you don't need to waffle on and on with flowery descriptions and things because the words you do chose are perfect, and needn't be expanded on. Your characterizations are great and I feel like you could write about the most mundane topic and still make it enjoyable. You're seriously one of my favorite writers and I think you're ever so talented! and you're an especially incredible porn writer <3 Everything you write is insanely hot.

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idk about characterization, but i can say i spend WAY TOO much time trying to find the right words, it’s weird and amazing how word connotations really make or break a story 

ah thanks so much! :D

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Hi! I just wanted to say that your art is amazing and you're insanely talented! I also wanted to ask if you were ever thinking about doing more art of your Miraculous and SU crossover? Those designs were killer!

First off thank you!!! You’re so sweet and I love you. /////

Secondly, I would love to draw more of the crossover! The only problem I have is artblock. I’m not sure what I should draw. But I am always up for suggestions!