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((Souls Inferno)) Natsu at the end when he's like "do you want me to stay" are you tRYING TO MAKE ME CRy? It's his sweet and concerned side because he will notice things but doesn't always comment on them he isn't oblivious oh, bless you Chrissy you are a gift to this world

yeS I AM ACTUALLY!! And omg no one’s ever said that to me before thank you :00 you’re a gift to this world too!!

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Bonnie I just wanted to say I'm loving your Boston AU story. And I hope you update soon. But why oh why did you have to put Jamie in jail in the last chapter? Why did Frank want to see his scars? And what did you do to his gorgeous locks? I'm picturing them as short as they were when he was being whipped by BJR in season 1 @ age 19? When is he going back to Claire? Are they ever going back to 1748? I need to know!!!

Hello dear! Thanks so much for dropping some love! So glad you’re enjoying the story! 

-Jamie in jail because…you know…angst :) 

-Why did Frank want to see the scars? Stay tuned for that to be addressed in part four

-Jamie’s locks– I totally agree that Jamie with short hair at first thought makes me want to cry, but he needed to look respectable in the 1950s. And besides…

                    ….it isna too terribly bad, aye? :) :) :) **fans self**

-When will he find Claire?  In good time. :)

-Are they going back to 1748? NOPE NOPE NOPE! uhuh, nope!

Thanks again for reading! 

See, look at these strapping 50s blokes with their short hair. Jamie will not tapdance, though. That I can promise 

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I have some more if you want them, but for now… Here you go! Remember when hot topic was having the really big sale that said if you fill up a backpack full of crap you can get it for 25% off? Because I do and I just thought of this.

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I’d do the same tbh

Also Keith’s shorts  and shirt 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀

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I'm listening to a person claiming "they tried their best!" is an excuse for child abuse and siting Beta Bro Strider as an example. H e l p m e.

Oh my god I love Bro as much as the next fucker, but seriously?

My mother “did the best she could” but that didn’t make hitting me all the time and screaming at me until I was a crying pile of bones unable to even look at her without flinching any fucking better.


It’s okay to like shitty characters you goddamn fucks, but you need to suck it the fuck up and admit you like them in spite of, or because of, how shitty they are. Don’t just erase their garbage.

Erasing their garbage proves, unequivocally, that I cannot trust you, because if that’s how you prioritize abusers in no-risk fictional situations, then I know exactly what you’ll do if I ever come to you with stories of child abuse:

You will leave a child to fucking die.

Suck it up, grow up, and acknowledge that abuse is bad, regardless of the emotional or psychological factors behind it.

do you ever just. become overwhelmed with love and affection for your fave character because they mean so much to you. they symbolise so much. they mean the world to you. you’ve seen them go through some of the darkest and most challenging moments of their life and you have watched them grow and develop into the being they are today.

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Do you ever just think about how Ransom basically like.... Lowkey Adopted Bitty and then cry because honestly

Ye s, I know. I love my them and their relationship so much. Like? It was destiny. Ransom saw how Bitty made that first pie appear and he was like “This is my frog now. He is small and he can’t check yet, but he’s still good.” He always makes sure he has Bitty’s back and sets him up on dates and! They go get pumpkin spice lattes together! They have a secret handshake for it! I love my sons! 

do you ever start crying because you love someone so much and you just start thinking about how much you love them and it gets overwhelming because same

I'm someone who suffers from...

(This is being posted not only to inform everyone of what I have, but to show that no one is ever alone with this illness. I do apologize for my rant, or if this may offend you. That is not my intention.)

Recently i’ve received hate messages and asks that were pretty brutal. Because of them, it triggered an anxiety attack that felt absolutely horrific. Probably one of the worst that i’ve had in a long time…

For someone like me, it isn’t (and hasn’t) been easy to cope with… And here is why…

At the end of everyday tears run down my face, as to say ‘hey, you’ve made it through another shitty day’… Knowing that another one is to follow. Depression and anxiety are what I suffer from.

I’ve been asked plenty of times why I am the way I am and it’s truly hard for me to explain when I can’t fully understand myself. I don’t always know why I’m anxious… I’m being attacked by something I can’t escape from, it’s not a choice, I didn’t choose my mental illness… It chose me. I can tell you that all of the logic in the world won’t keep my heart from beating out of my chest. Those that are simple tasks can be overwhelming, and even having a simple conversation can be scary for me. I know that those of you that I talk to may not even notice that I suffer from this. It is totally possible to have social anxiety and be a raging extrovert. I also may look and sound ok on the outside but deep on the inside my anxiety is wreaking havoc.

For those who may not understand, here are a list of my depression and anxiety ‘secrets’… And I know I’m not the only one who goes through these…

*I’m not being ridiculous or dramatic.
*You can’t just stop worrying, there is no “on” or “off” switch.
*It’s real, i’m not overreacting.
*Anxiety and depression are not the same thing.
*It’s you against yourself.
*It doesn’t go away overnight.
*It makes life hard but we learn to cope eventually.
*No matter how irrational I sound, it’s real to me.
*Yes, there is medication… But that is only to numb the pain… Not take it away completely.
*Therapy doesn’t always work.
*It feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders; you feel suffocated.
*Crying is your body’s way of saying that it is tired and hurting…

These are constant things I and many others go through. Even though there is no cure, just treatments… We need someone to be compassionate towards us… Not look at us like we are crazy. Depression and anxiety [ARE] illnesses. If you suffer from it too, know that you aren’t alone. I hope that this will resonate with some of you, and hopefully put a light on an important/common illness.

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I'm a Taurus and sometimes my family thinks of me as heartless because if they do me wrong and then come forward and apologize, I have absolutely no sympathy and don't care if they're crying at my feet. I'm also Aqua dominant and I didn't know which of these placements influenced this more?

it’s probably because your dominant modality is (most likely) fixed and once people cross and upset you, you have no problem not accepting an apology and holding what they did to them until you decide to let it go.. if you ever do

Day 11:

I’m finding it weird how the smallest things remind me of you. Like I find a cute picture of a puppy that I want and I go to show you but you’re not here.

I think about the way you used to kiss me and I start crying because there’s so many feelings attached to those memories. And I would give anything for them to not be memories anymore but be reality instead!

None of the words I used to say ‘I love you’ ever felt good enough. I wanted bigger, better words to express how deeply I loved you.

I still do love you.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you.

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Hey, I'm sorry for this but I'm really stressed out because my parents have talked about me getting married in future after unit and everything and I don't want to get married and it's difficult to deal with because my cousins are getting married and everyone is saying how amazing it is and how 'it's our duty to get married and have a family' and I'm crying because no I don't want to get married and I'm so stressed out about this because /everyone tells me that/

Don’t ever be sorry!! We are here for you; you can come to us any time you need to.

I know it’s hard right now, and your family has no place imposing that on you. You don’t have to get married, and you most certainly do not owe them that. Not in the slightest. They should not be imposing their own wants onto you.

I’m so sorry that no-one’s listening to your own wishes. We’re here for you okay? Your life is your own.

Do you ever just fall in love with somebody who you know isn’t good for you?

But not like the type where “Oh she’s out of my league”, but the type where not only they don’t like you but they are abusive towards you?

But you still put up with the abuse because you still love them deep down inside but you know it’s killing you at the same time?

To the point where it’s so bad that even when you try to cut them off, two months later you’re on the floor internally screaming and crying wanting to throw your arms around them and tell them how much they mean to you?

But knowing also that if you did that, they would most likely throw you on the ground and start belittling you to death?

Do you ever just read theories throughout the girl meets world ships to see people’s thoughts? Then you sit there and think over them and laugh because their just theories that probably aren’t right. But somewhere deep in your heart you either want to cry or scream because those theories might be true and lead to your ship being endgame or never happening 😊😊😊😊😊

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°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° and (o^^o)♪

I already did these for wizzy but I could do another SI if that’s ok?? yea let’s do that.

°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °- infodump about one of your special interests!

Ok so. Martial Arts. Specifically Tae Kwon Do. I haven’t done it in years but it’s still. I love it, it’s one of the only sports I can really understand and get into so yea. Anyway, Have you ever tried to teach lil 8yo kids how to do their self defense?? It’s literally so. It’s so fun/stressful. They’re all so small and have no idea what’ they’re doing and all you wanna do is laugh but also cry b/c i have to teach them and that’s stressful. BUT OK Literally hook kicks can die because they’re so hard for me to do. Just let me keep doing my running jump side kicks. Side kicks are a blessing I love them. Also when you’re in a horse stance, make sure your feet are NOT out like a ducks, or point inward. Just have them straight, and your knee’s bent, it’s the best way to keep balance. Also while in a front stance, dO NOT have your knee go past your toes. God you’re gonna blow out your knee if you keep doing that. also TURN THE BACK OF YOUR FOOT WHILE DOING A SIDE KICK OR A ROUND HOUSE I AM SO. goodness. Also I feel ashamed right now cause I cannot remember the name of my favorite block i;m trying to google it but gosh darn it i cant remember. KEEP YOUR HANDS UP you’re gonna get kicked in the face if you don’t holy cow. You know blocks, you gotta keep your hands UP SO YOU CAN USE SAID BLOCKS i swear. hand on the hip kids, don’t dangle that thing around. Punching bags are not toys they weigh like 100lbs please do NOT


(o^^o)♪- name 5 things you love about your special interest!

Let’d do the last of us oh boy.

  1. It’s a linear story THANK GOD i hate multiple ending video games oops.
  2. Acting is so good. No other game that i’ve played has really lived up to it’s cinematic and in-game acting tbh. It feels so natural every single tim god bless.
  3. It can actually happen? Like very very low chance but. Cordycepts are a real thing. This like, COULD happen and that adds a whole new layer of horror to this game.
  4. Music. Goddamn that music track is so good.
  5. The story y’all know. It’s so good. Perfect characters, i love them & their flaws. Ellie is gay and I love her. Thank you Neil Druckmann.