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Im a sucker for daddy ace and daddy sabo.. Could you do them reacting to there daughters wanting to be whitebeard and dragon for Halloween? ^_^



  • Ace would happily love, smooch his girl and take her to his old man, who take her in his big hands too and laugh almost crying from this cuteness
  • Whitebeard suggests that she might as well carry his actual weapon instead of a plastic one for Halloween purposes
  • Ace’s voice of reason his crewmates have to interfere because that is a dumbass idea
  • But anyway Ace would totally support that costume idea, I mean he already cosplayed as WB himself one time after all ;D


  • *dies from overloaded cuteness*
  • takes his little girl, hugs her and smooches her, here Ace and Sabo are one and the same
  • Dragon of course thinks it’s cute that his granddaughter wants to be him for Halloween but…like…why?
  • He asks her if she can handle the pain of the tattoo needle and Sabo is just freaking

The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) An Unexpected Journey (2012)

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Ok ok ok so I just realized u did the Evie Frey/Emily Kaldwin doodle and I AM SO HERE FOR THAT bc I just can't deal with assassins with sharp jaw lines and side parted hair and magnificent eyebrows and with tWO ladies like that?! 😩😩👌👌👌please take my sinful thirsty body from this world roman


Watching the signs break.

Aries : they won’t want you to see it, they hate showing weakness, but you’ll notice that their breaking point is close if you watch carefully, they will lose their proud posture, their grin will fade and their eyes are looking down instead of staring danger straight in the face. When this sign breaks you will be ripped to shreds by seeing this warrior fall, it is utterly heart breaking.
Taurus : it’s like watching a building being demolished, something so steady and strong that is brought down. When they break there is a sense of hopelessness because if they couldn’t stand against it what chance do you have?
Gemini : it scares you and upsets you because they’re not supposed to cry, you need their smile back and you’ll feel lost without their ever present optimism.
Cancer : it is a tsunami of emotion, when these people break it is like seeing every bad thing that’s ever happened cave in on them at once. I don’t know how you’ll ever help them to their feet again.
Leo: what is worse then watching a lion die? This majestic beast that has been brought to their knees is a sorry sight. When they snap you want to look away because how can you watch something so powerful crack?
Virgo: there won’t be much of a show when these people break, but they have this resignation about them that will break your heart, it is much worse than tears or screaming, the fact that they are just accepting the pain.
Libra: chances are you will never see it happening. They will fool you into thinking they are fine and then one day the light in their eyes will be out and the endless love in their hearts will have run out. They do not want you to worry though, so the fake smile will be there and they’ll put up their mask hoping you want notice the cracks. Look closely though, they can never quite hide what they feel.
Scorpio: the most sorrowful sight you will ever see. They have such intense emotions and if they break they will be completely engulfed by it, the best you can do is help them surface from their minds every once in a while.
Sagittarius : it’s like seeing a dog with a limp, you can’t help but pity them because all they want to do is run and be free but now their stuck and forced to face their feelings, they will get angry at their own emotions and will lose themselves in their minds where they will run away from the harsh reality.
Capricorn : they will be quiet about it and make no fuss, but be aware these signs do not typically show their feelings to just anyone so they’re probably hurting more then you think, just be there to catch them when they fall.
Aquarius : it’s like watching your dad cry, you want to look away but at the same time you want to understand what could’ve caused this. But more then anything you’ll want it to stop.
Pisces : they remind me of a baby crying, it’s just pure and unrestricted sadness that takes over every fibre of their being, they will find no more solace in their dreams and will shut down completely. A sorry sight indeed


Please don’t let anything happen to him.

People ask me why I ship certain ships.

Maybe it was because they made me laugh 

Or made me cry 

Or maybe they were just so perfect for each other that I couldn’t help it

But most of all, I ship them because they taught me 




to truly 


and care 

for someone 

more than 

you do 

for yourself.

             “ True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.” -Ricardo Montalban  


He’s a whole new form of life.

Authors are Real People

The authors you think are so “big” that they have become celebrities– they’re real people. They have real lives and real pain, just like you do. Please remember this when you interact with authors either in real life or online.

When authors see a nasty review, they cry real tears. They remember nasty reviews, too, so if you ever meet an author who you have reamed in public, don’t expect to be greeted kindly. It’s not because the author is rude. It’s because you hurt them, and they are a human being with feelings.

When you imagine that life changes suddenly with publication, think again. Authors still have to wake up every morning, make their own breakfast, and do the laundry. No author I know of has au pairs, live-in housekeepers, or other staff. Some–the very biggest–have assistants to deal with fan mail or organizing appearances. They don’t have live-in masseuses and they don’t have anyone who writes for them. They really don’t. All those words they have to put on the page themselves.

Authors have family problems. Their children/spouses/parents/siblings aren’t perfect and they have to deal with all of that on a regular basis, in addition to being an author. While you are complaining about the ending of their last book, remember that author may be dealing with a suicidal child or a parent with Alzheimer’s or a sibling in rehab for the sixth time.

Author’s families don’t suddenly love them more because they were published. Most of the time, their families don’t care even one little bit about publication. And possibly, that’s the way it should be. But it means that authors aren’t treated like royalty regularly. They may have stains on their clothes and they buy off the clearance rack. They like a kind word like anyone else.

Published authors deal with all of the same fears that unpublished authors do, and most of them are magnified by a factor of ten. The fear of the blank page, the fear of not meeting publisher/editor/agent/audience expectations, the fear of embarrassing yourself. These fears can be absolutely crippling. They can prevent the books you want to read from being written at all. I guarantee you, the author in question is a lot more upset about this than you are, no matter how much you love their books.

When you figure that you can get an illegal download of an author’s next book, you are hurting their bottom line enough that they might not get to write the book after that in the series. Telling an author they can self-publish doesn’t really help, either. They may or may not want to learn how to do that, be able to afford the upfront costs involved in self-publishing. And if they weren’t making money off books because people were downloading illegally before, why should that change if they self-publish?

The amount of money you think authors are making, divide by a factor of about a hundred. That’s how much they’re really making. And they have to pay a lot of expenses out of that you aren’t even thinking about. Agent fees, the cost of office space, the copies of their own book they bought in hopes it would be worth it, a tax accountant, travel expenses, cost of membership in organizations that your business pays for you, cell phone bills, and on and on.

When you are thinking about selling the ARC you scored on ebay, remember that the author made no money on that book. Authors typically make about $1 on the sale of a hardback (possibly $2, depending on terms and the price you pay). For a paperback, the cost per book is less than 50 cents most of the time. Scholastic book sales may sound like a great thing, but authors sometimes make less than 5 cents per copy there. It’s a great deal for you, but consider the author, as well. B&N and amazon sales often mean the author makes a lot less, as well.

Authors sometimes have a day job and sometimes don’t have a day job. If they have a day job, they are fitting in writing around the time that normal people simply relax and watch television. If they don’t have a day job, they are constantly worried about money.

Authors don’t get paid on the same time schedule that you do. Normally, they see royalty checks once every six months. They may get an advance once every other year–if they are lucky. Many books go out of print these days within a year or so. This means that authors don’t know how much they will make and often have to assume they won’t make anything more than the advance.

When you ask an author to make an appearance for free–because you are selling their books or are allowing them to promote themselves–imagine if you had to make free appearances for your job. Maybe you do it and maybe you don’t, because you have to to keep it. But how happy are you about it?

When you make fun of an author’s appearance (particularly a female author), be aware that this person looks at herself in the mirror every day and hates what she sees. She knows already that she doesn’t look like a model. That’s why she went into a profession that was supposed to allow her to stay invisible. She isn’t invulnerable to criticism and her feelings are hurt. She may decide never to do an appearance again. She may decide never to write again.

Authors whose books are made into TV shows or movies likely do not get any say in the adaptation. Complaining to them is not only hurtful, but useless. They also probably didn’t get as much money as you think. Hollywood treats writers terribly for the most part.

Authors are real people, just like you. They are good at some things and bad at some things. They got into the writing gig because they are good at writing. They may be bad at a lot of other things, including meeting strangers in large numbers, speaking to a crowd or a small group, making small talk, doing their own taxes, selling their own books and figuring out the change you’re supposed to get from a $20 bill, eating well, exercising, dancing, playing with small children (even if they are children’s authors), or smiling.

do you ever think about how great it would be if James and Lily had lived and Harry grew up with his parents and knew about magic from a young age and made magical friends before he went to Hogwarts? do you ever think about how he’d excitedly write back to his mum and dad about how he was sorted into Gryffindor just like them? how he’d get his Hogsmeade permission slip signed and go off with Ron and Hermione without a single hitch? how he’d tell his parents that maybe, just maybe he sorta has a teeny tiny crush on Ginny Weasley and James would smirk because it’s always the redheads, and Lily would smile and reassure Harry because if James could woo Lily, then anything was possible when it came to matters of love? how James would cry at Harry’s wedding, how Lily would cry when she found out she was going to be a grandmother, all three times? how Harry would actually grow up knowing how Padfoot and Moony were, instead of two strangers he only just met before they were cruelly taken from him? how Harry would’ve had such and amazing life, and he would’ve grown up loved and loving, if it weren’t for that damned Peter Pettigrew?

because I do. and it hurts. a lot

do you ever think about RBB and just remember that they do this for us? like, they don’t have to do this. it costs them a lot of time and money (and probably even gets them in trouble sometimes) and we are literally the only reason for them to do this. and they do, because they care.