Ok just stop and read this right now

You are important.

You are beautiful.

You are worth it.

If someone says to you, “You are worthless”, look them in the eyes and say “You’re wrong.”

You are strong.

There is a reason to keep living.

If you hate life, show it who’s boss, and keep fighting till the end.

You can do it.

I know you can.

Whoever you are, know that I and many others believe in you.

Keep going, summoner.

I got your back! :)

INTP Problem: Just... FEELINGS

Fe Person: *Thinks INTP dislikes them*

INTP: *Doesn’t dislike them; simply prefers to keep a straight face*

INTP: *Tries to convince Fe Person that they don’t dislike them by using logic*

Fe Person: *Isn’t convinced*

INTP: *Tries to use Fe to communicate better*

INTP: *Ends up sounding fake / forced*

Fe Person: *Is beginning to think that INTP dislikes them more than they originally thought because INTP doesn’t even sound emotionally passionate about the situation*

INTP: *Is logically passionate about the situation because Fe Person should know the truth – that INTP does not, in fact, dislike them*

INTP: *Makes the situation worse by trying to make it better*


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anonymous asked:

Hello. I've always had images of people in my head that I've wanted to make real, but whenever I try it ends horribly. I have no natural talent. Where do you suggest someone like myself start, if they wanted to one day draw people and human anatomy? Thanks in advance.

Hi! I think the biggest thing I have to say first is: Keep trying! As with any skill, you get better with persistent practice. 

In your case, I suggest practicing drawing portraits, doing life drawing, studying anatomy, and studying clothing, fabric, and objects people interact with. You can draw from photos or have people you know pose for you, and when you’re not drawing study these things with yours eyes in your daily life and notice how they work.

And don’t expect noticeable improvement right away. Chances are you’re not going to be satisfied with a lot of your results early on, and it’s ok to be bad at first- everyone is! Improvement only happens after you practice, and often this means a whole lot of it.

FIFA 15 -- USA vs. JPN

4 years, my friends. 4 years of waiting. 4 years of changes. The players aren’t the same. The team isn’t the same. The coaches aren’t the same. But we’re still the USA. The time is now. BRING IT HOME, LADIES. Your country is behind you! 

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The signs as Steven Universe songs

Aries: Like a Comet

Taurus: Do It For Him/Her

Gemini: Steven and the Crystal Gems

Cancer: Steven’s Lament (I Don’t Want That For You)

Leo: Stronger Than You

Virgo: Giant Woman

Libra: Love Like You

Scorpio: Strong In The Real Way

Sagittarius: Be Wherever You Are

Capricorn: What Can I Do For You

Aquarius: We Are the Crystal Gems

Pisces: Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

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Happy birthday to our resident puppy overlord, Hugh Dancy!

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Blow out the candles and make a wish…

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… And then bring it in.

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