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IF the rumours I heard through the entertainment industry grapevine are true Briana in London means this will all be coming to an end soon. However Louis wont be betrayed in the best light which has Simon written all over it. Briana is suppose to end Douis, and Danielle in turn is suppose to end BG.


Happy Star Wars everybody!

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Do you not believe in polyamory?

I don’t. but if someone were to say they do, I wouldn’t tell them not to feel that way because if they like more than one person at a time, it’s on them and who am I to judge or say that they can’t. it’s just I personally don’t believe in it and I’ve never come across a situation where I like more than 1 person at the same time 

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Omg I saw your Digimon/Steven Universe au and I love it! But I have a question. What made you choose Leomon? Wouldn't SaberLeomon look more like Lion?

It wouldn’t be fair if our heroes have strong Digis at the start of the adventure! For sure Steven will archive the Chou Shinka and make Leomon evolve into SaberLeomon so don’t worry about it, I believe in my son UwU also thanks! I’m so glad this AU is getting such a good response!

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Do you believe the rumors that Harry went to Toronto after the tour do be with Meghan for like 2 days? Since he has an engagement on the 7 in London

It seems to be quite true to me.

I guess I’ll take the time now to go ahead and comment on the situation once since I have other messages about it in my inbox and I don’t want it to be a long, drawn-out conversation. I always try to look at things from both perspectives and then come up with my own opinion so this is just that - my opinion.

KP saying one thing and then Harry doing another doesn’t look the best, especially since they’ve been criticized for lying in the past. I don’t hold it against them for saying he was going back to London weeks ago as that’s what seemed to be the original plan, but IF they did tell press that he was flying back to London after they knew he had changed plans then that’s not good judgement and it should have been handled better.

As for who pays for what… it’s said that Harry paid for his own ticket so that’s not a problem and as long as the pre-paid flight back to London was either refunded or reimbursed by Harry, the only other problem I see is that “the cost of diverting at least one police protection officer to Toronto to guard him will be met by the taxpayer”? For that, he’s going to get criticized and probably rightfully so. He could have just flown back to London and waited to go to TO later, but he apparently chose to go from Barbados after the tour. That’s a decision that he had every right to make imo since the tour was over and he had the time before his next engagement, but it’s also a decision that he’s going to face backlash for because it does involve taxpayer money. It’s not the royal scandal of the year, but the criticisms are understandable.

In case nobody’s told you today, you’re worthy. You’re valid. I’m glad you exist

Okay so you know that trope in fics where after Harry comes out, Ron asks him if he ever looked at him that way? Usually his response is relief but like, what if it wasn’t? What if it went like…

Ron: What do you mean you’ve never?
Harry: Well, you’re like my brother. It would be too weird.
Ron: Not even once?
Harry: Nope.
Ron: But you’ve thought about Malfoy?
Harry: Um, recently, yeah.
Ron: I’m gonna need a 20 inch essay on what Malfoy has that i don’t.
Harry: It’s not like that! Hermione, help me out here.
Ron: Is it the hair?
Hermione: I doubt that’s it, he used to like Ginny. Maybe it’s more about posture.
Harry: *hitting his head to the desk and groaning*
Ron: I’m taller than he is Harry and he’s a bit skinny to be honest. I have more bulk, you know? Wait, where are you going? I’m a bloody catch, come back!
Hermione, snickering: There there, Ronald. I know you are.

If you enjoy it, it’s not a waste of time.

Remember, there's a difference between giving up and taking a break.

Bucky teaching Steve to dance is one of my favourite things ;-;