Genji: It is not too late to change your course, brother.


  • me: yeah i have a chronic illness, so there isnt really any way to cure my-
  • someone: okay but
  • me: no
  • someone: have u ever
  • me: fuck no dont do it
  • someone: tried
  • me: dont say the thing dont you fuckin dare
  • someone: yoga?
  • me: ...fuck, fuck, why? why did you do it

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Your pearl in yoga pants gives me life tbh. Do you think you can draw pearl in yoga pants on a yoga mat doing some stretches? Possibly bending over to touch her toes? ;) that would be some great perspective.

Yoga Pearl is a good Pearl



I believe I just finished burning a bridge with a client. She sent me eight photos of people doing yoga with this request:

Client: Hey! I need you to edit these photos so that they’re more “original.” Do you have any ideas?

I’m pretty sure I know what she meant by “more original”; the images she sent all had watermarks and, with a google image search, I was able to find the original artist.  

I want the kind of romance that’s chill, where we can hold hand and kiss wherever cause we’re so comfortable with each other, to go to Trevor Hall concerts, and dance to reggie, someone who will smoke in flannels with me on a back porch, someone who smells like incense and eats oatmeal, someone who will try yoga and do cute poses with me and let me take photos of them, someone that isn’t afraid to have a conversation with me about anything. I want to be loved and for someone to hold me. 


I love yoga! I love everything about it. I love the way it feels when I’m doing it. I love the way I feel after I’ve done it. I love how it keeps me mentally sane and physically in good shape- not just visually but healthy on the inside too.
My body is strong and mobile, and although I am still young (ish!) I know that as long as I keep doing yoga, it will keep me young.
It’s a lifelong practice, the best form of exercise to maintain. When practiced mindfully you can nurture your body through trauma or injuries. And instead of wearing your body out like running, weights or many forms of exercise, the whole point of yoga is that it’s caring, keeping your body in good knick so that it lasts you a lot longer.
So for those of you who don’t do yoga already- you should. And for those of you who do do yoga already - you should do more!
And that’s all I have to say about that!
#yoga #yogapractice #motivation (at Monton Village)

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  • me the night before: i'm gonna wake up early and make some green tea and do yoga before starting a day full of studying and productivity!
  • me in the morning: *wakes up at 1pm and makes a huge cup of coffee with a shit ton of sugar before descending into my dark basement to play video games for 4 hours straight*

Hey guys, NEW video is up!!

Love yourself up and do some yoga! Flow along with me to bring movement into your day, melt into some deep stretches, and feel rejuvenated. As always, happy yoga-ing :)