me for the 5 minutes after doing yoga or meditating: turns out im normal and theres nothing wrong with me

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Do Yoga With Me: Post-run Yoga Sequence

I actually can’t believe that I haven’t shared this yoga routine from Do Yoga With Me on The Hungry Runner yet! It perfectly targets all of the major leg muscles used when running, and the first IT Band stretch in the beginning… the best! If you run a lot, you need this yoga routine NOW. No, not later. NOW!

I'm consistent anyway...
  • 5/19: 144.2 
  • 5/21: 144.2
  • 5/22: 144.2
  • 5/23: 144.2
  • 5/24: 144.2
  • 5/25: 144.2

Hopefully with a little more exercise and some better eating choices I should see some changes in that number sometime soon. Last night my legs were still tight and my back was hurting just a little bit so I decided to check out some of the links that you kind tumblrs gave me and I found the one below. It felt great to stretch a little before bed. I feel a lot better this morning. Happy Aloha Friday again!!

Spent my Friday afternoon doing ashtanga yoga~just me and two incredibly inspiring teachers in a studio with no air conditioning in 100 degree weather + humidity. I’ve never felt so detoxed😂 So soooo grateful for this place (at The Yoga Shala Slatington)

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How to Practice Yoga on a Budget

Do Yoga With Me is a great site that features many different types of full length yoga classes that range from 20-60 minutes.

Bloom Yoga only has a few videos so far, but Terry’s full-length Yin Yoga class (50 min.) remains to be one of my favorites. His approach to yoga is more traditional featuring a holistic approach that draws from traditions such as Buddhism, Indian Yogic Science, Christianity, Scientific Inquiry, Mythology, Psychology, and others

Do You Yoga offers a 30 day challenge that’s perfect for beginners. Their videos feature introductions to sun salutations and advance poses such as the Crow Pose.They also feature a blog on their website that hosts fun yet helpful yoga tips.

Do Yoga With Me, Day 1

I’m away! I’ve started! Some say that the first day is always the hardest. I can see where they’re coming from; facing this blog again after months of inactivity, for example, was very hard. Hard enough that I was actually supposed to do it at the beginning of the week and kept putting it off and ignoring it. But you know what else they say: better (four days) late than never!

Kinda sums me up, really…

OK, shush brain!

I am in a good place mentally and feel very positive and…together. (It’s an achievement in itself, people, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.)

My first day of yoga-ing went well. I felt very relaxed and capable and in control. It was good. The meditation at the end kinda got a bit skewiffy because Angus tried to join in, but he’s a rabbit and probably thought I was dead on the floor so no one can really blame him.

The session was only twenty minutes long, which I was grateful for, as I was really trying to focus on my breathing and the poses and what the lady was saying and where the bunnies were and I don’t think I could have focused for much longer.

Now I’m going to make myself some food, listen to some awesome music while cooking, dance around a little (i.e. burn a few calories), do some tidying up (again with the calories) and then thatrandomspot is coming over to finish a jigsaw (not so much with the calories…)

It’s all good, people. It’s good.

I’m good…

I’m good.

Gotta Get rid of the tightness: Started a yoga practice to help deal with my tighness issues which directly affects my plantar fasciitis, flat feet and runner’s knees (I know, I am all kinds on wonderful in the what’s not working department). So I discovered all kinds of wonderful on the internets! A friend told me about do yoga with me which in turn led me to youtube which also led me to Yoga with Adriene. Both sites are all kinds of awesome and my muscles seem loser. I probably need more and a more serious session but so far I am enjoying the practice despite my size. Some moves are not as easy being on the big side but I do what I can.

A little #flashbackfriday to when I worked at The Yoga Mat, the studio that made me find my love and passion for yoga. I had just had my reconstructive surgery on my breasts and yoga helped me recover when I couldn’t do much else. This studio was truly a godsend and I’m always sad that it closed. But now I’m at @kulayogalifestyle which is owned by a former student and all the old teachers and students are there! And now I teach there! Life has a way of working out in the end ❤️ #me #fozzi

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Crazy About You

“Okay, now bend down as far as you can,” Kym urged, holding back a laugh. She watched as Robert bent at the waist, his fingertips about three feet from his toes. She giggled and he folded his arms, pouting.

“You’re making fun of me.”

“I would never! But I am surprised that you still can’t touch your toes. After all I’ve taught you!”

“Kymmie, you have taught me a lot. But touching my toes isn’t something that I think I’ll ever master, and I’m not really sure why I’ll ever need to do it. Why do you want me to do yoga so badly? Did I do something wrong? Are you trying to punish me? How can I make it up to you?”

As he pleaded and pouted for a way out of his promise to do yoga with her, she made her way over to him, snaking her arms around his waist and laughing. She patted his butt and smirked, drawing her face closer to his.

“It’s not that hard, you know. If you just try, and stop complaining.”

Robert’s eyes widened as he pulled Kym into him.

“Oh, so now I’m not trying and complaining? Well, I’d love to see you go on a run with me. Then we’d see who was complaining.”

Kym faked an offended expression and playfully slapped him on the chest.

“I wouldn’t complain if you asked me as sweetly as I asked you to do yoga.”

“Oh you wouldn’t? Kym, you hate running. Didn’t you say to me once, ‘Whoever thinks it’s fun to just take off running for no reason is crazy.’”

“I may have said that. And I still think you’re crazy.”

“Crazy about you.”

Kym sighed as she ran her fingers through his tousled hair, wrapping her arms around his neck. He got her every time.

“How do you always do that?” she asked, smiling.

He interlaced his fingers behind her back as he leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Do what?” he whispered.

“Turn any moment into a sweet one.”

“Well Kymmie, it’s easy with you. Even with all of your crazy yoga, you’re still the most wonderful woman on earth.”

She laughed as he pulled her into him, holding her tightly as their laughter filled the room. As they pulled away he placed his hands on either side of her face and looked at her. It was almost as if it was he was seeing her for the first time. He kissed her intensely until their need for air was too great. As they pulled away, Kym softly placed a hand on his face.

“Baby, what was that for?”

“I’m not sure. Just one of those moments.”

“What moments.”

“The ones where I just get overwhelmed by you. I’m so lucky.”

“I’m the lucky one.”

“How about we make a deal and say that we’re both lucky.”

“I like the sound of that. You’re good at making deals. And Robert?” she asked, lacing her fingers with his and turning toward the door.

“Yes baby?”

“Let’s go on that run.”

“What?” he asked, his eyes and smile growing bigger by the second.

“You did yoga with me, so I’ll go run with you. But I’m not making any promises to last over a mile.”

He scooped her up and twirled her around the room, covering her in a million kisses. As he sat her down, he placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Kymmie, are you sure?  You don’t have to.”

“I’m sure. It’s already worth it to see that stupid smile on your face.”

She laughed as she slapped his chest and they headed out the door.

“Baby,” Kym shouted, out of breath and behind Robert by a few yards.

He stopped and turned around to find a doubled-over Kym looking up at him. He wanted to laugh, but she was just so cute he couldn’t. He made his way over to her and kneeled down in front of her.

“Kymmie, I don’t want to say I told you so, but–”

“Say it. It’s true. Running is stupid,” she pouted, falling back on the sand.

They had decided to run along Venice Beach, and had just neared the entrance to the shore. Kym was in shape, but not for running. She was sweaty, hot, out of breath, and sort of wished she wouldn’t have agreed to do this. Robert scooted to her side and placed a hand on her knee.

“Baby are you okay? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so worn out.”

“Robert, I want you to listen to me very closely. I. Hate. Running.

With that Robert laughed loudly, resting his head on her shoulder. She folded her arms and pouted, and it only caused him to laugh more.

“I’m sorry baby, I really am. We can stop. What can I do? Oh!

Before he could finish his thoughts, he darted up and towards the water. Kym sat there confused as she watched him pull off his shirt and dip it in the water. He ran back to her and held it out.

“Here. Wrap this around your neck. It’ll help cool you off.”

“I don’t think that’ll work baby.”

“Why not?”

“Well, because you just took your shirt off. So it’s definitely getting hotter,” she said with a wink and a smirk.

He held out his hands and pulled her up and into him. She ran her hands up his chest and threw his rolled up shirt behind his neck as they both tried to conceal the smiles on their faces. She used the shirt to pull him into her and kissed him.

“Well,” he said as he raised his eyebrows, “if running makes you do that, we need to come all the time!”

“We don’t have to torture ourselves for me to kiss you. But I’ll admit, you look very sexy like this.”

“Oh, I’ve got it Kymmie.”


“Yeah. I’ll let you drop me off to run from now on, and then I’ll call you to come pick me up. And I promise to take my shirt off every time before I get in the car.”

Kym laughed loudly and grabbed his hand.

“You’re a mess, you know?”

“I know. But don’t you love me?”

“I adore you. Like you said before. I’m crazy about you.”

Robert threw his arm around her shoulders as they began to walk back to the car. Kym intertwined her fingers with his, and the cool silver of their rings touched between their fingers. They both knew that these days were what their marriage would be about: give and take, compromise, fun, laughter and love. And with each day, they knew that they would continue to be crazy about each other.