• NT people:oh sweetie! what you're feeling happens to everyone! we all have those moments! you just have to learn how to meditate and do yoga and eat properly! you're just like everyone else.
  • me:*talks about my symptoms*
  • NT people:hey look, ok, that's something you should keep to yourself. no one needs to know your personal business?? you should really be careful who you say these things to you should just talk about that with your psychiatrist...
September Plan

Apparently I feel inspired and capable in September (see 2014 and 2013 goals). In fact, September 2012 was the start of my monthly plans. In Happier at Home, Gretchen Rubin talks about the beginning of the school year feeling just like a new year. That’s August for me, which tends to be my weakest month. By September, I guess I feel more on top of things (or tired of barely eking out a life).

  • Yoga: studio + online studio

I’m still aiming to hit the yoga studio three times a week, and the new fall schedule is going to make it easier (an earlier class Thursday evenings, a Sunday morning class that isn’t heated, etc.). I’m also participating in the 30 Day Yoga-Unchallenge from Sacred Sangha. It’s 10 to 25 minutes of yoga a day. It’s totally free if you’re interested, so sign up here and do it with me!

So my plan is to do yoga every day in September (eek). This will require doubling up on yoga classes, either doing a restorative Sacred Sangha class after a studio class or multiple Sacred Sangha videos on non-studio days.

  • #septemberdaysofgoodstuff

I’ve been a part of a Facebook group for Fat Girl, PhD’s 30 Days of Good Stuff for the last two years, and after you guys they are my favorite online cheering section. To jump-start the fall, one person suggested a member-inspired 30 Days to give us a push into the colder months (well, not in Arizona) and give Katie a break.

  • Sleep Sleep Sleep

My district is doing a “sleep challenge” through our insurance called Sleep-Well: starting September 14, commit to three weeks of 7 to 9 hours a night. Is this a problem for me? No, because my minimum requirement is 8.5 hours, so going to bed late still puts me ahead of the curve. (Okay, I confess, I signed up because you get a free blanket.)

In any case I’m going to track my sleep with SleepBot, and E and I agreed to stop Netflixing around 7:30 (6:30 my time until DST ends) and stay away from screens after. To help us with this, we’re using Forest, an app that uses trees and guilt to discourage wasteful screen time.

  • Learn the ashtanga opening and closing chants

My led primary class is my favorite studio class each week, and we’ve been doing the opening and closing chants as call and response because there’s been a lot of newbie ashtangis. Oh, wait, that’s an excuse because I’ve been doing ashtanga for five years and still don’t know it by heart! Seems about time I learned it.

Year Goals

  • Les Miserables Jean I
  • $250.00 loan payment
  • $500.00 net addition to savings

(Unless something miraculous happens, I’m not going to make my original savings goal. Moving and nesting cost more than I expected. But I’m not throwing in the towel, just trying to save as much as I can for these last four months. I’m adjusting to new pay periods–my checks are smaller, but I get paid more often, so I have to make new habits for pay day.)

  • Gratitude journal every day

(I was really bad about this in August–I let an entire week go by before I went back. Bad, Bethany. Do it every night, you silly goose.)

  • 18 yoga / meditation practices

anonymous asked:

I really just want to say thank you! You've really inspired me to do yoga, now I can't imagine life without it! Yoga has really got me past some bad days, and it sounds cheesy, but you've really helped me become a much happier, better person! Xxx

This just made my day!! XOXO Love 

meridiandreams asked:

Um, that's Kerry's leg. And I'm not saying that I actually laid down and assumed the position 😜 since she just has about an inch and a half over me. But if my non Pilates, not doing yoga butt can get my leg up, then Kerry sure as hell can as well.

I’m pretty sure I could do it too! Just wouldn’t look quite as good doing it! 😊

Brand New Yoga Flow now live. Be sure to do this flow with me and have a blessed day :) You’ll feel good afterwards promise :) I’m also using my new #yogamat from @liforme. Be sure to visit their website and buy yours today!

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Watch on

Do Yoga With Me: Post-run Yoga Sequence

I actually can’t believe that I haven’t shared this yoga routine from Do Yoga With Me on The Hungry Runner yet! It perfectly targets all of the major leg muscles used when running, and the first IT Band stretch in the beginning… the best! If you run a lot, you need this yoga routine NOW. No, not later. NOW!

I'm consistent anyway...
  • 5/19: 144.2 
  • 5/21: 144.2
  • 5/22: 144.2
  • 5/23: 144.2
  • 5/24: 144.2
  • 5/25: 144.2

Hopefully with a little more exercise and some better eating choices I should see some changes in that number sometime soon. Last night my legs were still tight and my back was hurting just a little bit so I decided to check out some of the links that you kind tumblrs gave me and I found the one below. It felt great to stretch a little before bed. I feel a lot better this morning. Happy Aloha Friday again!!

I’ve been getting a lot of asks about my morning yoga and how I do it each day, so I figured I would just take a video and show you guys. My back was needing stretching more so than usual so normally I do that later in my practice, also it differs everyday. This would be the minimum I would do in the morning (I feared my phone battery would be full and cut me off) so enjoy a very sped up video of me doing yoga (also so sorry about the sun angle, that was not intended!)

How to Practice Yoga on a Budget

Do Yoga With Me is a great site that features many different types of full length yoga classes that range from 20-60 minutes.

Bloom Yoga only has a few videos so far, but Terry’s full-length Yin Yoga class (50 min.) remains to be one of my favorites. His approach to yoga is more traditional featuring a holistic approach that draws from traditions such as Buddhism, Indian Yogic Science, Christianity, Scientific Inquiry, Mythology, Psychology, and others

Do You Yoga offers a 30 day challenge that’s perfect for beginners. Their videos feature introductions to sun salutations and advance poses such as the Crow Pose.They also feature a blog on their website that hosts fun yet helpful yoga tips.

Yoga Rec & Positive Body Stuff

I am really liking the way my body looks today. There’s nothing really specific, I just felt good when I looked in the mirror?

Except for my perpetually pulled leg muscle. I’m going to do some runner’s yoga later to try to stretch and relax it. There’s a great website with free yoga programs that I highly recommend. You can choose a program by length and difficulty. (

Do Yoga With Me, Day 1

I’m away! I’ve started! Some say that the first day is always the hardest. I can see where they’re coming from; facing this blog again after months of inactivity, for example, was very hard. Hard enough that I was actually supposed to do it at the beginning of the week and kept putting it off and ignoring it. But you know what else they say: better (four days) late than never!

Kinda sums me up, really…

OK, shush brain!

I am in a good place mentally and feel very positive and…together. (It’s an achievement in itself, people, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.)

My first day of yoga-ing went well. I felt very relaxed and capable and in control. It was good. The meditation at the end kinda got a bit skewiffy because Angus tried to join in, but he’s a rabbit and probably thought I was dead on the floor so no one can really blame him.

The session was only twenty minutes long, which I was grateful for, as I was really trying to focus on my breathing and the poses and what the lady was saying and where the bunnies were and I don’t think I could have focused for much longer.

Now I’m going to make myself some food, listen to some awesome music while cooking, dance around a little (i.e. burn a few calories), do some tidying up (again with the calories) and then thatrandomspot is coming over to finish a jigsaw (not so much with the calories…)

It’s all good, people. It’s good.

I’m good…

I’m good.

My body doesn’t always crave strong handstands and picturesque arm balances.
More often than not, my body craves the sweet release of hip openers, the gentle stretch of a child’s pose, or a familiar downward facing dog.
More than anything, my body desires patience and love from me.
It may not always be eye-catching and Instagram worthy, but it’s these sweet and personal moments between my mind and body on this mat that keep me coming back for more again and again.
My body speaks to me - and I listen.
Do you? (at The Yoga Loft at Rockaby Farms)