Transformation Tuesday! The first picture was 3 days after I ran a half marathon (think lots of cardio). The second is after 3 months of lifting!


this made me sweat 10/10 recommend 

…don’t watch me.

It’s for science, Levi! Science.

it’s probably already been done six ways to sunday by now, but i wanted to take my stab at yoga!levi inspired by this most excellent post. (ps, if you haven’t started following theicarustheory yet, rethink your life choices and start following her immediately, because her art is incredible and these snk documentaries are the actual cutest.)


Usually before and after pictures are of people losing weight, but for me the 50+ pounds I’ve gained over the past 4 years are a personal triumph. Recovering from an eating disorder is a long road, but I’ve learned to value my life and my body and now I’m the healthiest (physically and mentally) I’ve ever been. I used to blackout after jogging half a mile, but just this passed weekend I hiked 12 miles without issue. Seeing all the incredible things my body can do through yoga, trail running, and rugby has really helped me finally love myself no matter what size.

reminders for next month (july)

start doing yoga everyday and regain my flexibility

join a pilates class and go a few times a week

detox; body, mind and soul

go for a long walk in nature every weekend

no social media on sundays

do cute pampery shit on sundays; hot essential detox oil baths w/ epsom salts, homemade tea blends, paint my nails etc

read a new book every week

go for sunrise walks every morning

go to bed early 

Watch on

Do Yoga With Me: Post-run Yoga Sequence

I actually can’t believe that I haven’t shared this yoga routine from Do Yoga With Me on The Hungry Runner yet! It perfectly targets all of the major leg muscles used when running, and the first IT Band stretch in the beginning… the best! If you run a lot, you need this yoga routine NOW. No, not later. NOW!