Ways to make your morning positive.🌸

How you start your morning affect you whole day so start your day the right way.
So here are some things you can do in a morning to have a lovely and positive day.

~ Wake up early in the morning so you have plenty of time and you are not in a rush.
~ Dink Tea so your body can relax.
~  Do Yoga or Meditation. Trust me your body will be thankful for it.
~ Write down what you are greatful for.
~ Make yourself breakfast that your body will feel amazing after.
~ Read a book or watch inspirational videos to give you inspiration for the day.
~ Read out loud positive affirmations.
~ Put on outfit that you feel amazing and confident in.
Now you are ready for your day with positive energy and peaceful mindset. 🌸🌻
Just keep on smiling. ~ Manja. ♡ 💛

You're joking (Grayson Dolan)

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“hey guys what’s up? It’s Ethan, Grayson and y/n and today Grayson is getting his wisdom teeth removed!” Ethan said into the camera.

I laughed at Grayson who had a nervous look on his face.

“you’ll be fine babe it’s not that bad.” I said squeezing his hand.

“I really want to know what you’ll be like after.” Ethan said zooming the camera in on Grayson’s face.

“well Ethan it’s not like your going to get the whole freaking thing on camera!” Grayson laughed smacking the camera out of his twins hand.

“any commentary to add girl gross enough to date my brother?” Ethan laughed pointing the camera at me.

“yes just that you’re a pain in my butt.” I laughed giving Gray a high five.

“Grayson Dolan.” The nurse called.

I could tell Grayson was still pretty nervous.

“you’ll be fine.” I said giving him a hug.

He leaned down and softly put his lips on mine. It was a short yet sweet kiss.

“UGGGH DO YOU PEOPLE SEE WHAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH!” Ethan groaned making his signature cringe face.

Grayson flicked him off before following the nurse back to the room. Ethan shut the camera off for awhile since the surgery took a little while.

“oh my gosh I have a great idea.” Ethan said turning to me.

“oh no what?” I asked him laughing.

“we’re going to prank Grayson in his delusional state and make him believe you’re my girlfriend and not his” Ethan said turning on the camera to get it for the video. 

“Ethan that isn’t very nice, your poor brother.” I said laughing as he started to tell the camera his idea.

“no it’s not nice but it will be extremely funny so we’re doing it.” Ethan said running a hand through the hair that was sticking out of his hat.

I laughed returning back to my magazine while we waited for the nurse to come get us. After awhile the nurse came out telling us Grayson was awake and doing well.

“I’m so excited.” Ethan said turning on the camera.

We walked in and Grayson looked higher than a kite. I started to giggle making him smile.

“what’s up bud?” Ethan said.

“hey dawg.” Gray mumbles.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his facial expressions.

“Hi.” He says smiling at me.

I wave hi to him still laughing.

“can I roll down my sleeve? it’s kinda chilly.” Gray asked the nurse making both Ethan and I laugh.

Grayson brings his feet together on the chair.

“what are you doing?” I asked standing beside him.

“i’m doing yoga.” He mumbles.

“yoga oh really?” I ask him laughing.

“come do yoga with me?” He says grabbing my hand.

“but Gray why would she do yoga with you when she’s my girlfriend?” Ethan asked taking my hand from Grayson and holding it in his own.

“what nuh uh.” Grayson says looking at us.

“yeah bro don’t you remember, you introduced us.” Ethan said putting his arm around me.

“you’re joking.” Gray says reaching towards me.

“I’m not am I y/n?” Ethan says kissing my cheek.

I laugh and put my arms around Ethan’s neck and nuzzling him.

“we’re totally in love.” I said to Gray.

“awwh.” Grayson says pouting.

The doctor told us we could take him home so I got on one side of Gray and Ethan got the other. We took him to the car but he was staring at me the whole time making me laugh.

“you’re really pretty.” Grayson said smiling.

“thank you.” I said laughing at him.

“Ethan your girlfriend is pretty. You have pretty hair can I touch it?” Gray asks reaching up and touching my hair.

Ethan reached up and smacked Grayson’s hand away earning a glare from Gray. We finally got him in the car and I crawled beside him and helped him buckle his seat belt.

“you’re so nice.” Grayson said putting his hand on my cheek.

I laughed sitting beside him and buckling my seat belt as well.

“why am I single?” Grayson asks.

Ethan starts busting up laughing from the front seat.

“awe Gray.” I said putting my hand on his.

“Ethan has a girlfriend and I don’t mom why am I single?” Grayson asks leaning up to talk to his mom.

“I don’t know, why are you single?” His mom asks playing along.

“nobody thinks i'mmmmmmmmmm good enough.” He says frowning.

Ethan was still laughing getting all of this on camera but I couldn’t anymore, he looked so sad.

“Gray we were just kidding, i’m all yours.” I said grabbing his hand and kissing it.

“you’re joking?” He said again the gauze almost falling out of his mouth.

“no jokes. I love you and only you.” I said trying not to laugh at his mouth hanging wide open.

“oh yeah prove it, kiss me.” He said leaning over to me.

“Gray I can’t you just got your wisdom teeth out.” I said pushing his shoulder.

“then you’re lying.” He said spitting his gauze out.

I leaned over and very lightly kissed his lips.

“woooooo. suck it Ethan. I have a girlfriend.” Grayson said taking out his phone to take a picture of us.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the adorable boy I loved.

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*Tease* (Part Four)

NSFW obviously. Tony/Steve this time. Yoga and mirrors and sweat. Steve gets a little frisky.


Enjoy :)


Steve was working out. Again, of course, because Bucky was gone out on a scouting mission, and Tony always threatened to drop Steve’s “all American ass” for some “winter booty” if Steve slacked on his squats.

So Steve had done his squats. And his inverted sit ups because Tony liked his abs. And now he was doing push ups, partly because they were easy, partly because he knew Tony liked to watch and Tony was due in the gym for his daily yoga session with Natasha.

Sure enough, within five minutes Natasha had walked into the gym, followed closely by Tony who was lugging his favorite old school stereo over his shoulder and laughing at something Nat said.

Then he looked over and saw Steve doing push ups and tilted his head in interest before sending Steve one of those slow smiles that always made him weak.

“Hey Babe.” Tony jogged over and bent down to press a lingering kiss to Steve’s lips. “You look great. You gonna be around for a little bit?”

“Got a few sets on the weights to do.” Steve said, standing up and wrapping an arm around Tony to kiss him longer. “I’ll be around.”

“Oh good.” Tony’s eyes were sparkling and he stood on his toes to kiss Steve again. “Bucky’s gone so maybe you and I can spend some time—”

“Tony!” Natasha called. “Get your nam-ass-te over here!”

“I love you.” Tony whispered against Steve’s lips and Steve sighed a little.

“I love you too, honey.”

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The Neighbor (High School AU Jonghyun)

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Type: Angst Fluff

You had a decently large crush on the neighbor boy. The senior heartthrob was a sought after male. He was good looking, friendly, a genius, and all around amazing guy. You did notice he was a bit of a ladies man though. But somehow you were able to look passed that and still think he’s a really amazing man. You had watched more than a few girls in his room thanks to the fact he never closed his blinds. You two rarely spoke though, sometimes if you two looked up at the same time you would send one another waves. Maybe a few words when your parents would chat with one another like neighbors. A sweet smile every now and again when you passed in the hallway nothing serious.

Jonghyun would watch you more than you thought. He would lean back in his desk seat and watch you do yoga or dance. He even watched you change before. You had underwear and a bra on but he was enjoying it. He was the typical horny teenaged boy. Jonghyun never seen boys in your room or anything which he found weird because he thought you were a very pretty girl. 

But back to the ladies man thing. A few times when you would look through the window you would see Jonghyun and some girl from your school. You would always closed the window and turn your music up after the first time, you heard the overly loud preppy girl Sam Mira and her moans were stuck in your head even until now. You wondered if his parents knew what he did but you were sure he was an angel when they were around.


You woke up the next morning and climbed out of bed. You walked over to your bed and opened the window peering out. You checked to see if your mom and dad working in the yard and noticed that Jonghyun’s parents were gone. You knew that meant he had a girl over. “Woah” you say out loud, Jonghyun tugged his underwear on and turned. His butt was even toned. His hair was wet and messy as you were guessing he finished showering moments ago. Only moments later you saw a girl, you two were decent friends and you even told her how you had a crush on him. Seong Hyeran. You two had even walked passed Jonghyun together so you were sure he knew she was your friend. You made eye contact with Jonghyun who looked surprised “Y/N? You live next to him?” Hyeran asked in shock as you simply shut the window and closed the blinds. 

“What’s wrong?” Jonghyun asked “um I can’t tell you” Hyeran says as she grabbed her clothing “she won’t talk to me again” she mumbles “why?” he asks annoyed. Hyeran simply got dressed and rushed out of his room and out of his house. He glanced back over to your window and saw that the blinds were still closed. He made a sound as he pulled his pants up “what’s wrong?” he asked himself as he finished getting dressed.


Jonghyun stared out the window to still see that your blinds were closed. All weekend they had been shut. He didn’t hear your music or anything. “Must be some girlcode or something. Don’t bang the neighbor or something” he mumbled to himself missing an obvious reason why you would be mad at him and your friend. He sighed and spun around in his seat pulling his phone out. He was attempted to distract himself but the question started dancing through his head again. He pulled up your profile on his phone and clicked the chat option. 

‘Hey’ he sent as he then tapped his fingers on his desk as he watched that his message was read. He smiled he saw the dots pop up ‘why are you messaging me?’ it said as he quickly typed back ‘I wanted to know why you were so mad’ he then glanced out his window to see that you had peaked out slightly but then it stopped. ‘I don’t want to tell you and I don’t have to’ you typed back as he could pick up on the rudeness of it all. ‘Did I do something wrong?’ he sent ‘being a player mainly’ you sent back as his eyes opened. ‘Hyeran is the one I am more mad at. I just can’t look at you’ you tell him. ‘Why can’t you look at me?’ he messaged as he couldn’t get an answer ‘Y/N?’ he messaged again and realized that you didn’t want to talk to him anymore.


Jonghyun leaned against the brick wall of the school, his eyes were dancing around as he looked for you but just hasn’t been able to see you. When he finally saw you, he saw you with a guy. Choi Minho. He was making you laugh and smile “hey man” Minho says as you two went to walk passed but Jonghyun caught your arm “if I’m a player he’s a manwhore” “dude” Minho says as you rip your arm away from his grip before walking in “she’s helping me with my math” he says simply as Jonghyun scoffed. “Yeah you gonna get in her pants?” he asked Minho who shrugged “she told me she does yoga. You know some of those poses double as sex positions. If she offers I’m down but I don’t force girls” Minho tells him as he pats his friend’s shoulder and he heads in.


“Why is she mad at me?” Jonghyun asked as he grabbed Hyeran’s arm “are you really that dumb?” she asked him. “What do you mean?” he asked “she’s jealous idiot” she hissed. “What?” he asked as his eyes went wide. “She has the hot guy next door situation. You don’t think she’s blind right?” she told him. “She likes me” he states as he smirks “she likes me” he repeats “she’s jealous because her friend slept with me. Wait, damn. You knew?” he asked as she shifted “that’s low. And you knew she liked me. You’re a bad friend” he says “shut up. You sleep with anyone who shakes her ass at you” she says “damn. I might like sex but I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that to my friend” he told her as he smiled “bye” he then spoke going off to find you. 


Your heard a knock on the door as you got up from your bed and you rushed over to the door. You opened it to see Jonghyun there. “You’ve been jealous” he states as you knob of the door. “Do you do the yoga for me? To see you?” he continued “it relieves stress” you say rolling your eyes. “Dancing around in your underwear?” he then asked, your face changed “do you just watch me?” you asked him as he smiled. “You’re interesting. I like seeing you when I’m bored” he said as he came into the home. He closed the door behind him as his back pressed against it. “You’re cute you know?” he whispered as he grabbed your arms tugging you into him “I’m not sleeping with you” you tell him. “I never said I would sleep with you” he told you as he rocked the two of you. 

He smiled “at least for now” he laughs as he bumps his nose against yours. “For now I’ll just settle for your lips” he whispered kissing your lips lightly. He felt something it didn’t feel before when he kissed other girls. Something more than someone who wanted his body for a moment. He pulled back looking you in the eyes. He kissed you again as he missed the feeling even if it was only gone for a few seconds “your lips are addicting” he cooed as he kissed you again. 

“Why are you naked?” Natasha asked, taking a sip from her water bottle. She didn’t sound judgmental, just curious, unlike everyone else in the stupid tower, and he appreciated it. “Can I be naked?”

“You can be naked if you want to be,” Tony said, raising a leg above his head.

If Natasha was attracted to him, it would be a very enticing position. “Do you always do yoga naked?”

“Bruce makes me wear pants,” Tony replied, tail swishing at the thought. “I agree to it because Bruce won’t let me do yoga with him if I’m naked.”

“I want to be naked,” Natasha decided, then frowned. “…I wish I didn’t have boobs.”

Tony peeked up at her from beneath an arm. “You can take your pants and underwear off. I’d say that’s what Pepper does when she works out but she always wears clothes because she doesn’t like people looking at her butt.”

“Well, it is pretty cute,” Natasha mused. “Has anyone else come in?”

“Clint, and he pretended he was gonna rut me, but I threatened to kick him in the balls if he did,” Tony replied, shrugging. He hummed thoughtfully. “…He can rut me, but not in the gym.”

Natasha heard someone choke behind her and did not turn. “What, you’d actually fuck Clint?”

“I mean, he’s got some nice muscles. And no one has my ass locked down currently.” He hummed thoughtfully. “I know he’s just playing but if he wants to dick me into next week, that’s fine too.”

“I’ll dick you into next week!” Steve blurted out, and then, “Why are you naked?”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being naked,” Bucky added hurriedly, eyes flicking over his body to take it all in. “You’ve got a very beautiful body.”

Tony lifted his other leg so all of his weight was resting on his forearms and elbows, looking at the two wolves upside-down. “One, you may definitely dick me into next week. Two, I am naked because I want to be and I am in the privacy of my own home, which is all the reason I need. Three, I know there’s nothing wrong with being naked. Fourth, and finally, yes, I do have a very beautiful body. You may look upon it. I don’t mind.”

Natasha covered her mouth to muffle her laughs, because Steve and Bucky were definitely taking him up on the offer, looking him up and down. “I’m gonna get naked,” she decided, tugging her pants down. “But leave my sports bra on.”

“That’s the way to do it,” Tony agreed. He leered at Steve and Bucky, but it was hard to tell because he was upside down. “You guys gonna get naked, too?”

Steve dazedly began pulling his pants down. Bucky squawked and slapped his hands away. “Steve, we’re gonna spar!”

“I can spar without pants,” Steve said, before he realized what he was saying and blushed tomato red.

“Bucky’s probably got the right idea,” Tony admitted, a little disappointed. “You shouldn’t spar naked.”

“Truly a shame,” Natasha said, smirking, as she moved into the same position Tony was in. She was glad she left her sports bra on. “Maybe next time.”

Steve and Bucky looked at Tony’s body longingly as they shuffled past him to the mats designated for sparring. “Yeah…”

“I just got you laid; I just want you to appreciate that,” Natasha informed the feline.

Tony hummed thoughtfully. “…I helped.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t know they were there,” the fox replied. “I did. I just steered the conversation.”

“What I’m hearing is you want me to give you the blow-by-blow of how Steve and Bucky fuck me into the mattress.”

Natasha raised an eyebrow. “You guys going to make it to the mattress?”

“God willing, no.”

“Then no, I don’t need to know about your sex-capades.”

Tony shrugged. “Your loss.”