Why Would You Do That? || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: could you do a jughead oneshot where betty and jughead decided to just be friends and jughead gets a girlfriend in the serpents and she’s actually really sweet and caring towards juggy and he asks her to meet him at pops so she can meet the gang but she walks in and hears them trash talking her to jug and says that she doesn’t know him like they do and when she runs out he chases her into the parking lot, you can choose the ending but fluff please!! thanks sm!! <3

Warning(s): N/A

Word Count:

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“Jug, are sure about this girl?“ Archie sat back in the booth at Pop’s with his arm loosely draped around Veronica’s shoulder. He, Veronica, and Betty were waiting to meet this mystery girl that had seemingly stolen Jughead’s heart.

“I’ve told you before-“

“She’s perfect for you. Listen Juggie,“ the raven haired boy turned to meet the bright blue eyes of Betty Cooper, the girl who had his heart just two months ago, “I know it’s not necessarily my place to say this but she’s not right for you. She’s a serpent. She’s dangerous.”

“What if all she’s doing is playing you? You’re FP’s son and he was the leader of the Southside Serpents. You are a valuable card to have in that game so what if that’s all she wants? The title of being the girlfriend to Jughead Jones, the son of FP Jones,” Veronica reasoned. Jughead sighed, not believing anything they said.

How could the sweet and caring girl with (Y/H/C) and beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes play him? You didn’t know who he was when you two met.


You went the serpent’s bar with your brother when your parents were out of town doing some business. It wasn’t your first time at the bar but it was the first time you found some enjoyable company when your brother left to go play pool.

“Nice beanie,“ you stood behind a back you didn’t recognize. He turned around to reveal a boy around your age with attractive features.

“Thanks. Nice scarf,“ you chuckled at his return of a compliment.

“Is that seat taken?“

“It’s all yours,“ he smirked and gestured at the seat with his arm out.

“What’s your name, beanie boy?“ the laugh that drifted from your lips filled his ears and seemingly cleared his mind from the thoughts circulating in it.

“Jughead. What’s your name, mystery girl?“

“(Y/N). Jughead’s an interesting name,“ from there sparked your relationship. It was you who had seemingly repaired his heart and made him hope that there was some good in the world that was meant for him. You went with him to visit his dad and it was the first time you knew why people made a big deal of you dating him.

“Why are you so shocked that he’s my dad?“ Jughead wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you close to him.

“I didn’t know he was your dad,“ he looked at you to see your curious eyes shining up at him.


“It just never crossed my mind as a possibility. Especially since you’re a lot quieter than him and you’re better company,” Jughead laughed while you smiled brightly at him.

~End of Flashback~

“You guys don’t know her. Why are you suddenly trying to control who I’m dating and who makes me happy? And, Betty, in case you forgot, I’m a serpent too. I’m the son of the leader of the Southside Serpents. According to your logic, I’m dangerous too,” his words left his mouth a lot harsher than he meant for them to be but he couldn’t bring himself to care. They couldn’t even bring themselves to give (Y/N) the benefit of the doubt.

“But you’re not like them, Jug. You’re different,“ Veronica added.

“So is (Y/N) but none of you are giving her a chance.“

“Jughead, calm down,“ Archie’s tone was calm despite the situation.

“Juggie, you’re different from them. She’s one of them and has probably been one her entire life. She’s more dangerous than you if she’s been around more of them than you. We don’t know what she’s like or what she’ll do especially since her leader is behind bars,“ during Betty’s speech, no one noticed the (Y/H//C) girl walk in heading towards their table.

“If that’s what you all think, I might as well leave,“ Jughead jumped up and tried to grab your hand, just narrowly missed it as you walked out of Pop’s.

“Good,“ Betty’s bitter tone made Jughead face her with shock and anger all across his face.

“Why would you do that?“ Jughead ran out hoping to catch you before you left. Luckily, you were standing outside pulling your phone out of your pocket to cal your brother, “I was worried that you left.“

“I’m getting ready to. Your friends don’t seem to really want me around,“ he saw through your smile and wrapped you in a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry about them. They’re usually not that bad, i promise. They’re just-“

“Worried about the fact that I’m a serpent,“ you sighed while tightening your hold on him.

“Yeah but let me make it up to you. How about we go back to my dad’s trailer and have a movie marathon? Your pick and we can have all your favorite snacks and drinks there too,“ you both pulled away to look at each other, thoroughly enjoying the moonlight’s enhancement of each other’s features.

“I would love that,“ he leaned down and kissed you softly before pulling his arms away to grab your hand, enjoying the idea of spending an entire night with you there to keep him company.

I hope you like it


You’re My Favorite Superhero!

Request: Hey, could i request a Peter x reader where the reader is an avenger and this is kinda before he “becomes” an avenger. But anyways he sorta has a “celebrity” crush on her and when he meets her, he just fanboys. Sorry if that is confusing i just thought of it and was like, you would nail it. Also super fluffy cause why not. So yeah I love your account btw.


Hi! Can you please do a peter x reader, where she is Wanda’s sister. And she has similar powers?

Warnings: None.

A/N: I decided to combine these two requests, I hope that’s okay! Y/S/N = Your Superhero Name. Oh and Pietro’s alive.


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“Whoa.” Peter remarked as he watched the Avengers on the news. Then you came into the scene, using your powers to hold up a building. “As you can see here, Y/N Maximoff was the reason for the survival of these students.” The man on the TV rambled.

Peter was completely star-struck, and it was just through the TV.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door. He jumped slightly, the sound pulling him back into reality.

He paused the TV, but before he could respond the door opened anyway. He had been expecting to see Aunt May with a plate full of a new cookie recipe, but he saw something completely different.

“Mr Stark?!” Peter sat up straighter.

“Peter,” Tony greeted him, sitting down on Peter’s bed. “I- don’t want to do this, but…” He hesitated.

Peter swallowed hard, nodding Tony onward.

“It looks like we’re gonna need you on the team.” He stated quickly.

“Seriously?!” Peter scoffed happily.

“That is, unless you have other things.. Like- Homework.” Tony said, half kidding. He didn’t want to see Peter getting hurt, and he also didn’t want Peter to embarrass him in front of the press.

“No no! I’m definitely in!!” He beamed.

“Alright I’ll pick ya’ up after school tomorrow, we have things to discuss at the tower.” He reached his hand out to Peter’s.

“Alright!” Peter shook his hand eagerly.

“Y-you can let go now.” Tony smirked after Peter had spent at least ten seconds shaking his hand.

“Right.” Peter blushed.


“Hey Pietro!” You looked up from your phone.

“Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own?” You tried to contain yourself without bursting out and laughing before you had even finished the punch-lone of your own joke.

“I don’t know, why?”

“Because it was TWO-TIRED!!” You laughed hysterically.

He shook his head at you and smiled.

“Y/N, Pietro, Wanda! I have someone I’d like you to meet!” Tony interrupted you.
You turned around and saw Tony standing there, with his hand on a boy’s shoulder.

“This is Peter Parker.” He smirked. He must have seen you blushing, you were blushing at the mere sight of him, boy was he cute.

“Y-You’re Y/S/N!” He lunged forward and launched his hand at you.

You giggled and shook his hand before pulling him into a hug.

“You’re like- my favorite superhero of all time!!” He breathed quickly.

“Thanks,” You blushed.

Tony leaned into Peter’s ear; “Don’t hyperventilate kid.”

“I’m good, I’m good, it’s good…”

“Well, Peter. I guess I’ll have to give you the tour.” You smiled.

Wanda and Pietro looked at each-other and raised their eyebrows.

“Sure!” Peter blushed.



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Do you have any headcanons for Connor or Jared when they fight with someone dear to them? Your blog makes the world brighter. 💛

thank you hun!


•He gets angry easily, so he would pick a fight without knowing then it would suddenly spiral, and he’s honestly shOoK. He didn’t really have any bad intentions but it just happened.

•He does throw around the “I hate you,” phrase a lot, even if he doesn’t mean it. It breaks you when he says that to you when fighting.

•He leaves to go smoke pot to try to calm down. If he comes back, he’ll be absolutely silent and immediately go to his room.

•He won’t talk to you unless you confront him and he’ll most likely only talk in one word sentences.

•He’ll try to help you solve the problem if he really wants to. If he doesn’t, you have to give him time or it’ll be incredibly hard to fix anything.

•If he sees you cry, he’ll immediately regret anything he had said to you and try to apologize, which you’ll probably take and forgive him.

•If he’s really mad, he’ll start saying really harsh words and start cussing. Then, the best day, he won’t remember what he had said and almost cry because he doesn’t want to lose anything with you or you thinking of him as emotionally abusive. He’ll go out and get flowers and chocolates, you know, the cliche things, and bring them to you. He’ll try to do his best to fix it if he thinks it’s truly his fault.

•He would never think about laying a single hand on you. He’ll do that to a person who deserves it, and that person isn’t you.


•He is the definition of passive aggressive. He would make really passive aggressive or mean comments to you. His behavior would change rapidly and his comments are most likely about what he’s mad at.

•If you ask about it, he’ll deny it with a snide remark. You’ll have to guess what is bothering him and once you get it, he’ll say it like it was obvious in the first place.

•Honestly, he doesn’t know how to deal with his problems because he’s just a natural joking guy. He isn’t used to people actually listening to him, too? People at camp didn’t really care.

•He angry cries and honestly, it’s so alarming to you. He’ll just start crying because he doesn’t know how to handle it and gets so frustrated and all you can do is hug him.

•He’ll try to work out what is angering him but sometimes he just can’t, he either will start crying or start panicking. You understand and give him time and space.

•You guys always work it out, no doubt. Your relationship is too strong to lose.

•If he gets really angry, he’ll shout something, and run out quick. He doesn’t want you to see him crying or just in his state.

Surprise Meeting

Anonymous request: Can you please do a Spencer x reader where they’re secretly dating and the team meet her because she is his emergency contact when he gets hurt on a case?

A/N: Hi guys- first of all, quick reminder- I don’t stick to strictly canon for these, and I write the team I know best. It’s not the team that currently serves on the BAU, and it’s all subject to change. 

I know, my posts are random and I’m the least dependable with this, but I got this request a while back and I felt like writing it today. Things are kind of crazy in my life right now and this takes the edge off a little- thanks for reading, and feel free to send in requests. 

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, and rolled over with a groan to see an unknown number flashing on my screen. 

As I reached for my phone, I took in the time. It was after three in the morning. My partially sleep-muddled mind struggled to work quickly enough to figure out what was happening. As if on autopilot, I answered the phone and put it to my ear. 


“Hi, I’m looking for (Y/N)?” said the unfamiliar voice on the other line. 

“This is (Y/N),” I replied. “Is there something wrong?” 

“I’m calling on behalf of Dr. Spencer Reid, I believe you’re his emergency contact?” 

At her words, I was completely awake. Spencer had told me he wouldn’t be home until the morning or early afternoon. The case had been on the verge of coming apart, and when I had last talked to Spencer before I went to sleep, he had been sure that they were very close to catching the unsub. My mind was whirling as I told the lady on the phone that I was on my way. 

As I drove myself to the hospital, I couldn’t stop thinking about Spencer and running my mind through the possibilities of all the things that could be wrong. As I stopped at a red light, I wished that I had asked her for more information. The short drive to the hospital seemed longer than ever before that night, and when I finally arrived, my heart was hammering. 

I walked in and immediately caught sight of Spencer’s team. I knew them from photographs and his stories, but he hadn’t been ready for me to meet them yet. I didn’t mind, but I supposed Spencer didn’t have much choice in the matter now. I approached them and they stared at me in confusion. 

“I’m (Y/N),” I said. “I’m- I’m Spencer’s girlfriend.” 

“Girlfriend?” echoed a thin blond woman whose arms were crossed over her chest. She had dried blood on her hands, and my heart lurched as it crossed my mind that that blood was Spencer’s blood. 

“Yes,” I said after a moment. “I know, this is a shock to all of you. He was going to tell you, but he wasn’t ready yet. I got a call a few minutes ago about him being hurt. I’m his emergency contact.” 

“You are?” The older Italian man who I assumed was Rossi, asked. I nodded my head. 

“How long have you guys been together?” asked a light-skinned black man that Spencer had told me a lot about- Derek Morgan. 

“It’s been six months, officially. We’d been talking for another six before that, so almost a year altogether,” I replied. “Look, I know this is sudden for you guys, but we can do the small talk later. Where’s Spencer? Is he okay?” 

They all glanced at each other, and then a woman with dark hair stepped forward, extending her hand to me. 

“Emily Prentiss,” she said. “Spencer was stabbed during a takedown. Last we heard, he was being treated and he should be okay, but that was-” 

She didn’t have a chance to finish, because a nurse walked up to all of us. 

“Who’s here for Spencer Reid?” she asked. I stepped forward. 

“I’m his emergency contact, he’s my boyfriend. But this,” I added gesturing to the group behind me, “is his team at the FBI. We’re all here for Spencer.” I got several grateful looks from the agents behind me. 

“Is he okay?” I asked. The nurse nodded and I felt a rush of relief flood through my body. 

“He’s going to be just fine,” she said. “He’s awake and asking for whomever is here.” 

We all followed her down several hallways to a door with the numbers 724 on it. She opened the door and then stepped back. Spencer was reclining in the bed, and he looked up as we entered. 

“Spence!” I breathed. I rushed to stand next to him and threaded my fingers through his hair. “Hey, love, are you okay?” I asked. With him right there in front of me, I wasn’t even thinking about the people who’d filed in behind me. 

“(Y/N),” he said softly, with one of those small smiles of his that never failed to make my heart melt. “Don’t worry, I’m okay.” 

“Spencer, you scared me half to death,” I sighed. 

“I’m sorry,” he said with a little smile. He glanced past me to the rest of the BAU. 

“Hi, guys,” he said to them. They chorused hello’s back at him and he glanced between us. 

“I guess you guys met,” he said, sounding slightly sheepish. There was a pause, but then Morgan stepped up beside me, grinning. 

“I don’t know why you would have kept this one a secret, Reid, she is way too pretty for you,” he said. Spencer grinned back at him and took my hand. 

“Maybe that’s why I kept her a secret,” he joked. 

Surrounded by all the people who love Spencer, I couldn’t help but feel doubly grateful that not only was my Spencer safe and sound, but also that, despite the circumstances, I’d gotten to meet the rest of his family. 

Ask For It

Drarry, 2.8k words, Explicit

Angst; Pining; Unrequited Love; PWP; EWE; Open Ended (potential sequel)

Read Ask For It on AO3

Draco couldn’t help but laugh. “I thought that maybe this time…”

Harry’s hands curved around Draco’s arse and squeezed gently. “I have spanked you until you cried. I have had my tongue in your arse. I wore lipstick and let you fuck my face. What can be so shocking that you’re going to get shy on me now?” Harry teased.


Saw your face                                                                                             Heard your name                                                                                                 Gotta get with you
Girls like girls like boys do

Song req @merry567 (x)

The Light in the Dark

Context: Bella introduces you to Jacob who takes to you immediately. When he founds out about your dark secret, he does what he can to make it better. 

Request: Anonymous.
*idk if this is triggering to you or not but if it is than you can just ignore the request. I wouldn’t wanna cross the line with anyone* So like could you do a Jacob Black x shy reader where Bella introduces Jacob to you and you guys hit it off despite reader’s shyness + at some point he imprints but the reader lives with an abusive father and Jacob get suspicious when he sees some bruises and follows you home and loses his cool on your father and saves the day??? Have a nice day <333

Warnings: Abusive context. Might be triggering.

You had never met someone who could emanate such an aura as Jacob Black had done, and you had just met him. Bella, your cousin, had invited you to go to La Push for the day since the weather was going to be beautiful and her boyfriend was going hiking with his family. You decided to tag along because it beat sitting at home and you wanted nothing more than to get away from there. Your pants made it almost unbearable for you to enjoy the day though.

Jacob took to you like a leech, following you around, asking questions and flirting with you. You didn’t know how to handle this because usually people avoid you and your shy nature made it hard for you to make friends but you didn’t mind his presence. You were enjoying his presence as much as he enjoyed yours.

It was getting close to sunset and you knew that you needed to be home soon or you were sure to get it. You said by to Jacob, exchanging numbers with him before taking off back to your house. Bella dropped you off and said she would see you at school on Monday.

It had been a couple weeks since you had gone to La Push and hung out with Jacob, but you guys talked endlessly. He called you every night to tell you about his day and then would talk to you about ridiculous things until you had fallen asleep.

One night, your father came home drunk and unhappy which was a common occurrence especially after a long day. You quickly told Jacob that you had to go and he hesitantly said okay before you hung up. You made your way down the stairs where your father was throwing around his shoes and keys.

“Where the hell are you, Y/N?” He yelled before you came into sight. You flinched back as he lunged for you, grabbing onto you and throwing you onto the floor.

“How many damn times do I have to tell you to clean this house before I get home from work?” He stumbled towards you again, picking you up by your arms.

“But papa, I did clean today..” You tried to say before his hand came across your face. You fell again to the floor.

“Don’t you dare talk back to me, young lady.” He yelled again. “You’re gonna learn to respect your elders.”

That night, was one of the worst nights you had ever experienced.

The next day at school, your long sleeve t-shirt and pants covered the bruises and scratches from the night before. You styled your hair to hide the bruise that shadowed the side of your face, keeping your head low all day so that no one could see it.

By the end of the day, you felt drained thinking about going back to your home and dealing with your dad. As you walked out of the school, you noticed a familiar face and felt your heart jump out of your chest.

Jacob was sitting on his bike in pants and a black shirt that hugged his frame. He looked up and smiled as he watched you walk out but it waivered slightly.

“Hey there beautiful. Thought I’d give you a ride home since our conversation was cut short last night.” He said, taking your hand and pulling you into a hug. You felt butterflies as the warmth of his skin soaked into you. You pulled back and looked towards the ground, blushing. He reached up and moved your hair behind your ear and you both froze.

“What’s that?” He asked, his hand still lingering behind your ear.

“I…it’s…it’s nothing. I just fell yesterday as I was going down the stairs.” You tried to cover your face back up again but he stopped you, this time pulling your sleeves up. Bruises covered almost every inch.

You winced as his fingers lightly trailed over them. “That son of a bitch.” He said as he looked at your body. “Is there more?” He asked. You looked at him with tears brimming your eyes before you nodded. The furious look that over took him scared you more than your father did. He hopped on his bike, roaring it to life before kissing your forehead.

“Catch a ride with Bella, and I’ll follow you home.” He said. Bella was waiting for you by her truck. As you walked up, she hopped in and started the engine.

“Hey, I was thinking of having you and Uncle Greg over tonight for dinner. How does that sound?” She asked. “Dad needs a little family TLC.”

“Sure. Sounds great. I could use some help on the lab we did today as well.” You said trying to change the subject. She knew that Jacob was following her and she knew that your dad could get a little handsy when he drank. She even tried talking to your Uncle Charlie about it too but it never really turned out great, just worse for you.

You and Bella talked about little things to break the silence on the ride home. She dropped you off and you watched as Jacob pulled up.

“Where is he?” He asked as he came towards you.

“Inside.” You said as you looked over to confirm his car was there.

Before you could protest, he had taken off towards the front door. You felt a ripple of fear as you saw him open the door and storm in. Guess you forgot to lock it before you left this morning.

The commotion that came from inside scared you beyond reason. You felt your body take off into a run as you feared Jacob getting hurt. Your father used to box when you were younger and the thought of Jacob with bruises made your heart hurt.

You ran through the front door and into the living room where Jacob had your father pinned to the ground.

“How dare you lay your hands on your own child as if she was useless.” He yelled landing a fist to your dad’s face. “You have no right to beat on her just because you can. If I ever see her with bruises again, I will come back and I will give you twice the amount of pain you put her in.” Jacob stood up from him and walked over to you, his knuckles cracked and bleeding.

“Go pack up some of your stuff. I’m taking you to Bella’s.” He said before ushering you upstairs to your room. You quickly threw things into a bag and stood in front of the mirror shaking. Jacob came in behind you, making you jump. “Sorry.” He said as he wrapped his arms around you. “Let’s go.”

On your way out, you passed by your father, who was still on the floor, but instead he was in a fetal position and you could hear him crying.

Bella was shocked to see you standing on her doorstep. She quickly ushered you both inside before calling for Charlie. Jacob explained as best as he could about what happened and why he did what he did. Charlie listened to everything before walking up to you and asking to see the bruises. You showed him the ones on your arms before moving to your legs and stomach. Jacob pulled your hair back from your face to show the one that contoured your cheek.

Bella took photos for legal reasons and Jacob held your hand the entire time. You didn’t know how exhausted you were until you had woken up next to Jacob who you had cuddled up to on the couch. He was fast asleep and you were both covered with a blanket. You looked over to see Charlie sitting in his chair, watching TV.

“Hey there sleepy head.” He said, smiling at you as soon as he noticed you had waken.

“Hey.” You said groggily.

“I talked to your dad earlier. And I told him that there were officers on their way to arrest him for child abuse.” Charlie rubbed his hands over his face before leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees. “I’m sorry that we never did anything about this until now.”

You felt tears falling down your cheeks. “Thank you.” You said. Charlie got up and kissed your forehead before turning the tv off and heading to bed.

You looked over to see the still sleeping Jacob cuddled up close to you. You continued to cry as you felt an overwhelming of love flow through your body. Jacob shifted in his sleep and woke up, hands searching for you. As soon as he found you, he snuggled further into you, kissing your collarbone and falling back to sleep.

There was something about the situation, though as awful as it was, that you were thankful for everything.

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Headcanons of being close to all of the batfam but dating Damian or Jason (you can choose) and being kidnaped? Tysm

So instead of headcanons, my pal @lonesomelittleangel wrote this piece for me, which was very nice of them to do seeing as I don’t do x reader type things
Waking up in pitch black feeling ropes cut into your wrists was not your ideal way of spending Saturday night the weekend before finals. Never the less, there you were. A cool piece of metal stuck to your legs where your shorts didn’t reach. The air around you was filled with the sound of other people breathing and… was that beeping? About three feet away from you was something beeping. Counting down, red numbers cut through the darkness. Oh great: a bomb. It only took a few seconds for you to realize thay struggling did nothing for you. That timer was on three minutes. Didn’t this just get better and better?
“Joker you son of a bitch!”
/There/ he is. Gunshots ensued and judging by the lack of maniacal laughter, Joker was long gone and the love of your life was busy blowing holes in his henchmen. Two minutes left now. “Come on baby,” you groaned. Light assaulted your eyes as the two back doors of a large truck opened. Two people sat on either side of you, restrained and unconscious, but you weren’t paying attention to them. The strong arms of a hero with a helmet pulled you from the truck as Nightwing and Batman retrieved the others. The bomb was just a sound in the distance as Jason set you down. His fingers ran through your hair softly before cautiously cutting the rope from around your wrist.
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he whispered before chapped lips met yours

Rooftop Night // Jughead Jones Smut (ish)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader

Requested: Yes and I’m so so sorry that you had to wait for so long, hope you’ll like it xo

Warning: kissing, cursing, makeout session going on also

Plot: You and Jughead are friends. One night when you’re at his place things get heated, but you’re on your period. What will happen?

A/N: You know you can stil´l request me and I promise I’ll write it faster, but I was so busy with graduating and parties with my friends that I just didn’t have time, but now I do. Enjoy x

Originally posted by colexlili

I do not own that gif !

I wake up to my phone buzzing. I got a text from Jughead.

Juggie: Please come over, I’m so bored !

I smile at my phone and check the time. It’s 10 minutes past midnight.

Me: My parents won’t let me.. :(

You respond and see him typing.

Juggie: Just don’t tell them, sneak out

Me: You know they’re going to kill me if they find out

Juggie: No they won’t , ‘cause they won’t find out

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Another “humans are weird aliens” post

X- “Jxar, you HAVE to be careful around human offspring. Watch what you do and say. If you can avoid them entirely, do it.”

J- “Wait, why?”

X- “Humans don’t have instincts. Of any kind. At all.”

J- “W… what? How? How do they have society!? How do they build!? How do they communicate!?!?”

X- “They manually teach their younglings everything. It takes decades. And they’re extremely susceptible at young ages, they learn and adopt whatever behavior they are surrounded by. No single adult of their species knows the whole of their knowledge; they become experts in specific topics instead and sometimes know absolutely nothing about a different topic!”

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1p Greece headcannons please!

♥  Type: Possessive

♥  Seems carefree and laid back, but you’d be surprised to see him starting a fight, because SOMEONE *looks at hospital bed*

…Couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

♥  May God forbid Turkey from ever going near you, because he is simply just a big NO. Greece will literally beat Turkey up if he goes as far as touching you.


I don’t know much about Greece, so I can’t write as many headcanons as I usually do.

♥  Art by: Sabi

    ♥  X

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my summer holiday this year is 20 weeks from may until october (high school ends early/uni starts late) and it's driving me mad very slowly

That is so long! Have you thought about volunteering/getting a job somewhere or doing an online course on sites like Skillshare, Lynda, or Coursera? It might just give you something engaging to do rather than spending time watching TV or doing mindless things x

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Hello! Can you do a D'artangan x reader with the prompt "how could you?"

Originally posted by goodywishes

“How could you?” The moment you stepped from the carriage you walked through the Musketeer garrison your face strange to every single one except for D’Artagnan who turned at your voice, shock filling his body at the sight of you.


“You left. You promised you’d come back to Gascony or write! You were my friend! We didn’t know if you were alive!” The anger you felt was beyond measure, he had left and he had broken his promises. You had been left wondering if your childhood friend was even alive or if he’d been killed in the streets of Paris.


“You’re not sorry. Look at you! You’re not sorry, how many times did you think of me? Think of all your friends in Gascony? Once? Twice? If that?” 

He was silent as you watched the guilt fill him. He had forgotten all about you, your friend had given little care to think after you or the others. “I only came to give you this.” You threw the letter at him, one you were asked to deliver when a friend found you were moving to Paris. 

You turned on your heel and left. He was nothing to you now. He had left and he had lied and now he could reap the consequences. Not you.