What are you gonna do with an armchair??

I fucking hate you so much.  xD

I don’t understand.  … other than Grumpy sim / Evil sim.

Alina went and gave her mom the business right back.

This entire family is dysfunctional.  They’re all Evil.

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Do you have your own OC?

Well, I think my Jack the Ripper is my own OC. Since Ubisoft never published ‘the real face’ of Jack, so I create him. I have some theory why my Jack is looks like what you see in my art now.

The piece of article above is a screenshot from Wikipedia and The blue marks is the reason why I create my Jack was like this :

This art I create about May 2016, with the info from Ubisoft, Jack was much young from Jacob (40) so I added some character base on his worst past like uncompromising, avengeful, cocky, and introvert, but because he really love his mother much, I suspect he actually really caring and loves a woman instead. His worst past make him change turn him in to cold blooded killer :

Thank you for asking, anon. Hope this will answer you… :)

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I'm crying I just showed my mom that screenshot of Naegi talking to Kaede and she went ":) oh that's what's-his-name" mooooooom,,,,, she didn't remember Hajime's name either rip

“Moooom, how many time’s do I have to tell you, it’s Naeggy. Because forget cinnamon rolls, he is a precious EGG. And the other guy’s name is Hajimemes. You know, cause he lives for the dank MEMES.”


Do you know what the big Episode 10 reveal puts into context?

Yurio’s initial reaction to Yuuri’s Eros program.

I always wondered why Yurio was so quick to concede, especially when he saw Viktor’s reaction to Yuuri’s skating. And now we know. Because Yurio was there at the banquet hall and saw them flirting with each other. He knew that Viktor was already weak to Yuuri’s eros charm anyway. (I’ll add screenshots when I’m not on mobile)

Yes, Yuri on Ice is actually as gay as you think.

I need to say something to the skeptics out there, the ones who are annoyed with YoI, the ones who believe it’s yaoi trash.

Yuri on Ice is quite literally revolutionary so far. It is a big deal. We’re not screaming over some spineless fanservice or some homoerotic subtext. You’ve probably seen the screenshots and gifs out of context and thought, ‘wow, that looks pretty gay.’

No, you do not understand. It is gay

This is an anime that is not labeled as yaoi- meaning, it is not basic, heteronormative fanservice intended for women with problematic themes. It is not shounen-ai, where it simply teases the watcher for hints of homosexuality but never actually goes through with any of it.

Of course, there is fanservice- butt shots, body shots, what have you- that is skillfully placed in with the rest of the story.

But so far, this show is not queerbaiting.

So far, only three episodes in, Yuri on Ice has been smashing anime stereotypes one after another. 

This is unlike we’ve seen in Sports anime. This is almost comparable to No. 6; an anime with a solid, well-done plot that so happens to have a gay romance rather than a straight one. However, Yuri on Ice isn’t just that. There is no doubt this show is one about sexual awakening. That much was painfully clear throughout episode 3. 

Not only is it unique that this show is about sexual awakening, but it is between two men. It is very real, very blatant, and not made fun of. It is not a joke. It is not a facade to draw the fangirls in. This is real. 

The amount of proof for this is outstanding. The ending song is a great example, from the lyrics to the pictures shown.

‘You’re so beautiful tonight
I was simply entranced
Even the hourglass was
C’mon and take my breath away’ 

And, as pointed out in previous posts, the act of combing one’s hair is an intimate act between lovers in Japan. That was focused on in the ending sequence of instagram posts.

In episode 3 alone, there was the significant dialogue of Yuri as he skated about how he found his eros in embracing his femininity. That was not made fun of in any way- it was accepted as the right thing, and Yuri felt more comfortable being ‘the woman seducing the playboy,’ the playboy being Victor. If you had any doubt about who the playboy was, Victor’s whistle was a skillful and clever way to give that away all too obviously.

If you haven’t watched Yuri on Ice yet because you believe it’s all fanservice, because you think it is like Free, or Hibike! Euphonium- you are wrong. Both of those shows, while absolutely beautiful and I personally enjoy them both, are constantly skirting around homosexuality. They do everything to imply romantic attraction, but do not actually take the next step. They tease, but don’t give. And this show is not like Haikyuu or any other sports anime, where you can easily see the bonds in the show as platonic or romantic (depending on how you want to think about it).

No, this show is gay, whether you like it or not. You can deny many anime of being gay, as being something only the fangirls are seeing for their shipping desires, but you cannot deny this one. 

This is representation, and by god, I hope this show continues to do what it’s doing. If nothing comes of Victor and Yuri’s relationship, this show will still make history as the biggest queerbaiting flop ever seen. And, if it continues to do as amazingly as it is, by god will it be hard to beat.

risky asks

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

2. screenshot the tabs you have open

3. the last text you sent to someone?

4. do you have a nsfw blog?

5. i dare you to _____ 

6. screenshot the first page of your search history

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story

8. how often do you take showers?

9.  what was your first blog URL?

10. if you draw or write, show some of your really old work

REALLY risky asks (watch out!!! super Risky)

1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

3. whats your favorite color?

4. if you have pets, what are their names?

5. do you like a warm bed or a cold bed?

6. whats a really good memory you have?

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?

9. do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase?

10. whats something thats made you laugh recently?


“Chibi Kenma is a clever, psychic setter. It can easily pick up on other Pokemon’s movements and just as quickly decipher a new play of attack with its sharp eyes and even sharper mind. However, this Pokemon is weak when it comes to video games because it loves to play.”

Pokemon Trainer Kenma and Chibi Kenma!
↳ Happy Birthday Marissa @kenmasan(〜^∇^)〜


I was asked a while ago if I could make visual references for Awakening tome effects to go along with my tome project, so I compiled a whole bunch of screenshots of every tome in the game and matched them with each cover! These should be helpful if you ever want to draw characters casting a specific spell or if you’re just curious about what all the tomes actually do when you use them!

The covers for all the tomes are here as well, but you can find higher quality ones in my original master post of the tome project here. You can see the details and writing on each much better. Additionally, just for fun, I decided to make this the complete tome essentials post and include a written description of how each spell looks (in case the picture isn’t enough to visualize) as well as in-game information about each and every one!

Everything else is all under the cut in order of how they appear on this post! Sorry about it being so super long!

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You know those “who am I,” “what am I going to do with my life,” “idk what job I want” moments when you question your entire existence and future haha?

Well i literally have those every day, and it stresses me out, but recently I saw this Good.Co app on my dash where you basically take these quick scientifically-backed personality quizzes,  and it gives you all this awesome feedback like your hidden strengths/weaknesses and what jobs (even specific companies) match best with you!

I was kinda skeptical about it’s accuracy, but mine’s pretty spot on, and the app store reviews (screenshot below) seem to say the same. Let me know what you think of your results! 

You should at least check out the app here to see if it interests you :)

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Hi everyone! Don’t worry, this isn’t another app masterpost with a huge list of useful apps you can try out. It’s been done many times before and there are many great posts which you should definitely check out!

Instead, I’ve tried to give you a short list of rated productivity apps which I’ve personally used at one point in my life and what I used them for. I’m a type of person that’ll always rather use apps over a hand written planner.

P.S. The screenshots are from the app store since some of these apps I don’t use any more and those that I do use contain some personal information :) Let’s get started!

#1 Habitica:
App store rating: 4.5/5★
Personal rating: 4.5/5★

This is one of the apps I use the most. It makes productivity really fun. It could be described as a simplistic RPG game that makes your habits, dailies and to dos a quest. You can start a party and invite members, join challenges and help other people. There are also guilds that discuss a certain topic which you can join. It is very “community oriented” and I’ve met quite a few people on this app. As you can see, it is very customizable and you can edit your avatar any way you like!

Pros: A huge community of very helpful and lovely people! All of my habits, to dos and daily tasks are systematically organised and at one place.

Cons: The quests may become really repetitive sometimes. There is also no widget for android phones which makes me “forget” about the app sometimes if I don’t turn on the notifications. A calendar overview could also be great.

What I use it for: General to do list/Habit Tracker

android + iOS

#2 Google Calendar:
App store rating: 4.1/5★
Personal rating: 4.5/5★

Okay so this one is pretty common and widely used, but as I said, here I will give you an overview of the apps that helped me in my productivity. It is nicely designed and you can sync it with your other google apps.

Pros: Well designed with nice widgets, widely used with a PC online version.

Cons: If the weekly overview suits you the best, it may seem kind of cramped. Sometimes it feels like they made the app just for tablets or phones with huge screens.

What I use it for: Tracking events, exams, important dates, birthdays, etc.

android + iOS

#3 7 Weeks
App store rating: 4.3/5★
Personal rating: 4/5★

7 Weeks is a very minimalistic habit tracker with a simple calendar option. You can customize your colour theme and add multiple habits you wish to track. For every habit you can find available stats and simply track your progress by clicking on a current date and selecting if you have completed your daily goal or you have skipped it.

Pros: Very minimalistic and encouraging when you have the overall view of your progress.

Cons: Not really useful for anything rather than habit tracking and not really providing any external motivation. Some habits don’t really need to be done daily in order to become your daily routine, nor do you always have time for it.

What I used it for: I used this app to prepare for my German Goethe exam, since I had to practice daily in order to gain a good comprehension of the language.


#4 Get Shit Done!
App store rating: 4.3/5★
Personal rating: 3.5/5★

If Shia Labeuf were an app, it’d be this one. It basically let’s you set a time limited goal and let’s you choose the amount of breaks you want to have for that chosen time. Very useful for when you need that psychological push to stop slacking and be productive.

Pros: Actually makes you get shit done.

Cons: Might not be for everyone. The whole app is very task-oriented which has a very limited use.

What I used it for: Studying for boring subjects for which I have zero motivation.


#5 My Study Life
App store rating: 4.2/5★
Personal rating: 4/5★

Honestly this might be one of the best apps I have ever used for school organisation. It has a really nice overview of your exams, classes, tasks and daily lists, as well as a calendar mode and a detailed description of every class and school assignment. It is nicely structured and helps you keep track of important things. The pros and cons of this app really depend on the way you separate your general tasks with your school obligations.

Pros: Only suitable for school/college things.

Cons: Only suitable for school/college things. No widget available.

What I use it for: Organising my studying in high school. I’ll probably use it in college as well.

android + iOS

4 more useful apps I used to boost my productivity:

Focus: Very useful for getting stuff done, but gets old over time (android / iOS)

Brain Focus Productivity Timer: A version of pomodoro, but with nicer stats and a very responsive development team that actually reads your reviews!  (android + iOS version of a similar app)

Mastery: Well designed habit tracker with numerous ways to organise and categorise your habits, but goes by the false 10,000 hour myth which can discourage you if you are trying your best, and still not getting perfect. (Not everyone works the same way!) (android + similar iOS app)

Loop Habit Tracker: Nicely organised with great widgets. Not very useful for anything rather than, well, habit tracking. (android + similar iOS app)

The gems have come so far! I keep saying this, but I’ve also just marathoned Season One with a friend and everything strikes me so much.

“Yeah, what’s up Ste-man?”

“I don’t want you touching broken plates!”

“Don’t forget these!”

(Worries without immediately drawing weapons)

(Still thinks the best course of action is poofing her, based off Rose’s many many unsuccessful attempts to heal corrupted gems. But also thinks of Steven’s feelings this time around and doesn’t do it immediately. Notice how Amethyst hesitated before drawing her whip.)

(Falls prey to puppy dog eyes)

(Comes in without charging or immediately attacking)

Pearl: Don’t make fun [of the centipeetles]!

(Cared about Steven’s whereabouts enough to follow him his way)


ive almost never actually been able to get around to doing screenshot redraws, but for this episode i just had too!! words cannot even describe how much i love this episode and what it means to me. there were about 500 times i had to just pause and take several moments to just take it in lol!! bless you rebecca sugar you are doing gods work

Client: The site isn’t working!

Me: It seems fine on my end. Have you looked at those screenshots I made for you to explain the process?

Client: I’m looking at them now, and they’re not helpful at all.

Me: Well what’s the problem exactly?

Client: I’m pressing the buttons and they’re not doing anything!

Me: Well that’s weird. Wait. Are you looking at the browser right now?

Client: I don’t understand.

Me: Are you clicking on the buttons IN the screenshots?

Client: Yeah! They’re not working!

I Need Help

I am in dire need of help. A hacker got into my account and stole all of the money i had AND THEN SOME. as you can see from the screenshot, i am -3,042.65. i found it the morning of 7/11 and i’ve been pondering what to do. i already have to contact the police about it but it will not bring my money back. all of my money is fucking gone. all that i worked for is gone. i didn’t want to ask for money but right now my mom is in need of money. she cannot work anymore and i havent found a job yet. we barely have any food right now and i have two other siblings. TWO YOUNGER SIBLINGS THAT NEED TO EAT MORE THAN I DO. i can go without eating for a while. i’m fine. but what i am worried about is my sickly mother and my two younger siblings. i was literally tempted to sell my body for money just so my siblings can eat. i hate asking for help but can you PLEASE help me? a dollar in my paypal account is something to me. it’s connected to my bank account so i can just send it right on through there to put me back in the positives. How can you help? 

One, you can donate to my paypal which is under the email You can donate as much as you want. a dollar will get me closer to the positives. anything helps.

Two, you can commission me! I do art and such! 
What I draw: Homestuck, Some undertale, OCs, Overwatch, Anime
What I cannot draw: Backgrounds, Furries (just not good at them), NSFW (to an extent), Extreme Gore

Sketches: $5 (extra people are $2 each) (examples: x/x/x/x)
Colored Sketches: $6 (extra people $2 each) ( examples: x/x/x)
Bust Colored Drawing: $8 (extra people $2 each) ( examples: x/x/ x / x )
Full colored drawing $15 (extra people $3 each) (examples: x / x / x / )

Three, if you cannot do any of these, you can reblog this post and spread the news around and get other people who can. Anything helps. 

This isn’t just for me, this is for my family so we can eat another day. Please help me.