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TLDR: Grayson is an 18 years old and has admitted to purposely manipulating a 12 year old (who will not be named), stalking that twelve year old, cheating on nearly all of his partners including his current one, and admitting to abusing someone. He openly admits to not only stalking the 12 year but also other people, calling himself a “creepy stalker.”  There is also evidence of him misgendering someone. 

tw: drugs, transphobia, stalking. 

If you have anything on Grayson that you want me to add, go here. this isn’t an anonymous callout and I’ve mentioned my name in it but do not talk to me about it on my main blog please and thank you. 

3 people want their names to be censored so I will be using the names Xander and Mio instead, as well as just [redacted] for one of them.

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Birthday - A Timeline EMP Journey ;)

So… John never knew when Sherlock’s birthday was? Do we believe that fact?

Let’s, for a moment, suppose that this is 2015… and they met in 2010.

That means for 2011, 2012 and 2014 John had no idea when Sherlock’s birthday was. However… if they did meet Irene in 2011 then at least for 2012, Irene would have texted ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sherlock???

And there was never anything from Mycroft that could have suggested Sherlock’s birthday. Like come on John, you’re gonna trust a text from Irene here?

But I’m gonna go onto another layer. I’m gonna delve into the timeline problem and… EMP. Under the cut we go!

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another victim of miel towacity’s manipulation

please read this it’s fucked up and i want this to come to light. i want people to know about this 

this is will, miel towacity’s ex. i don’t have a tumblr, so someone is posting this for me. this will be written in my (will’s) pov

just today actually, another person messaged me privately about their toxic relationship with miel. they want to remain completely anonymous so i’m going to name them “C” (this has no correlation with their actual name it’s a random letter)

warnings for manipulation, suicide, hospitalization 

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anonymous asked:

hello omg, i know you must be swamped w requests and stuff and i'm sorry to bother you but!!!!! the snapchat headcanons were so cute im fucking dead aaaa. would you writing some for oikawa, kageyama and hinata please? thank you, lana!! ur super lovely!

Aw, thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked them because I really enjoyed writing them. <3

Oikawa Tooru:

  • Sends you hundreds of selfies with snapchat filters, but you can’t really be mad because he looks so good??? 
  • He always asks you which filter looks better on him before he adds them to his story, but that’s not even a question because he always looks good.
  • At least once a day there’s a video of him messing with Iwaizumi before getting slapped in the head with a volleyball. It  may not have been fun for him, but it was entertaining for you.
  • When he leaves for a training camp our out-of-town game, he always sends you a pouty face with a caption that says, “Missing you”. He’s just cute like that.
  • On another note, he loves fluster you with the app. Sending you pictures without shirts on and risque poses will do the trick. What, no you didn’t screenshot all of them.

Kageyama Tobio:

  • Kags, why is it so hard for you to keep your damn hand steady when taking a picture??? You’d be cute but I can’t tell because it’s blurry af.
  • Will send you selfies on occasion only because you asked, otherwise he wouldn’t. It’s just that he feels awkward when taking a picture of himself.
  • Thought he was taking a picture when Hinata popped up in the background to photobomb the picture. Turns out it was a video because his face instantly morphs into a raging monster while he calls the red-head a dumbass.
  • There was one time where you used the dog filter with him and he thought it was the cutest thing ever. It’s now his lock screen. <3
  • If you send him a picture with your hand forming half of a heart shape, he’ll send the other half, but he’ll be blushing. He can’t handle your cuteness.

Hinata Shoyou:

  • Snapchats you all day long! His story ends up being really long and takes forever to load, but it’s pretty entertain to watch. Especially during volleyball practice when the team acts a fool.
  • Likes to send you good morning/night snaps like “Morning sunshine! Make sure to eat a good breakfast!” or “Good night. Don’t stay up too late.”
  • That being said though, he’s the one who snaps you at three in the morning??? Like tf Hinata, why are you up? The sun doesn’t rise until 8 am???
  • Sometimes when he pisses off Kageyama, he’ll record himself while he’s running away from the setter while being all melodramatic and saying, “____, I just wanted to say if I don’t make it out of this alive, I love you.” He’s such a dork.

anonymous asked:

What do you do to make your screenshots looks so detailed and good quality?

I was going to say “topaz clean + sharpening” but when I compared the original to the topaz + sharpened version, I didn’t notice much of a difference. I think it comes down to the in game settings. Mine are set to ultra. The actions I use are listed in my faq 

The main difference in the edited version compared to the edited version would have to be the increased contrast and brightness.

rebelsoulsims  asked:

What tricks do you use to capture your screenshots? The screenshot of your sim holding hands I think personally is beautiful :)

hi!!! thank you so much, i appreciate it <333 i don’t do much to be honest, i usually just play around with different angles, depending on what i’m trying to capture!! I’m probably not the person you should ask about things like these, but i guess my tip would be to try to work with different camera angles, so if you, for example, usually take pictures from a normal view (eye level), maybe try a high or a low view instead, just to kinda spice it up??? or if you’re trying to take pictures of a conversation, maybe try using a reverse shot or an over the shoulder shot! Just, try every angle possible bc that’s what i tend to do, even though some of them might not be very flattering :’-) But I hope this was somewhat helpful and thank you for popping in <333

anonymous asked:

I confronted Kato about your blog post asking her when she would come clean to her fans and tell us the truth and apologize for her deception. She proceeded to tell me that everything you wrote was a lie and not one part of it was true. She said you were just some jealous mentally unstable person that she didn't even know. Guess she forgot about all those pics she posted of you two together. SMH. I guess now is the time you should release that proof you have.

Is it truth time? Sigh alright here it goes. 

For the record, it is her decision about whether or not to come clean about the truth. She doesn’t have to, because it’s not conducive to her business. She doesn’t care if you know about her real life, because she doesn’t care about *you*. Even acknowledging my post to her fans will only draw attention to it. I assure you I am not mentally unstable, and it sucks to know that a woman would gaslight another woman and write off an entire relationship as “crazy” or “jealous”… I in no way envy her life. 

But for those who still care about this ordeal, here are some fun snippets of our time together.

Here is the post this is in reference to, for those who are joining us just now: [Post was deleted by me months later, but here is someone’s repost:] Not the ORIGINAL post of course, since she paid her lawyer to take it down, and she’ll likely have him try to take this one down too. Still waiting for Tumblr to get back to me about the DMCA put back claim.

EDIT: I have removed any photos that i didn’t take myself, to prevent another DMCA issue. Many of them can be found online in other sources if you google “ophylia and kato.” 

Here it goes:

Here is us together during the shoot for my music video. I also took the photo of her below. Neither have been photoshopped, just tons of makeup.

Here is a screenshot of her fetlife account last year when she was my “mistress”. On facebook we had our status as “in an open relationship” but it only showed up on my profile, she had it hidden on hers. 

Here is when I taught her how to knit. She made a little rectangle! This was in her living room right before I left the first time I visited. No photoshop.

Some photos I took of her husband and us walking in the woods in Oregon, and viewing Mt. Hood. That’s Rion, aka Max, aka Dr. Steel. 

Her husband Rion on the same chaise lounge we did our photoshoot, and that she’s used for many others. 

They took me to the snow the first time I went up there, so here is an unedited shot from that day. The next time I went up we saw even more snow.

This is some of her edited shots of our first and second time in the snow, and me opening presents for xmas at their home. (removed to prevent DMCA issue) 

Of course, here is the music video we shot… This 100% belongs to me, as I composed the song/wrote it, and hired a paid special effects artist to edit some of it. [music video removed from youtube, but if you google “reincarnation michion kato” there are some weird russian websites that have it up.]

Here is Kate’s blog post where she blatantly denies photoshopping. But you can see proof above of course.

What else do you want? Emails? Screenshots of text messages? Someone told me those are too easy to fake/photoshop, and while i assure you i know nothing about how to make stuff like that, I have hours of conversations worth reading about our relationship.