• Pathologist:*enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock:*examining a body*
  • Pathologist:*rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock:*still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist:*sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock:*rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist:*frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock:*smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist:...
  • Pathologist:*confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock:*looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly:*enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock:*steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist:...

heartofadeadman  asked:

You asked for SilverFlint prompts? I know this is probably a pretty common thing to write about when it comes to silverflint but I could never get enought of it - Flint meeting 'Captain Flint', Silver's new best, feathered friend, for the first time, please?

“What the hell is that.”

“Ah, Captain, have you finally grown bored of your juvenile attempts to ignore me?” Silver grinned as Flint kicked his cabin door shut behind him.

“I’ve not been ignoring you,” Flint scowled, though at the bird rather than Silver. “And you didn’t answer my question.”

“Ah right, you’ve just been avoiding me for four days. Honestly James I’ve been in your cabin every night, where have you even been sleeping?”

“I’ve not been – oh for fuck sake just tell me why you have a brightly coloured bird perched on your shoulder.” Flint was all but massaging his temples, it was nice to know that even after all this time Silver still had an uncanny ability to annoy him.

“Well, as you would know if you hadn’t been ignoring me, this is a parrot.” Silver explained, his metal leg thudding on the wooden floor as he approached Flint, shifting the bird to his hand and holding him out to Flint, who eyed it suspiciously. “Really James it’s only a bird not an English conspirator.”

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Looks like the tired Dialga is letting his small girlfriend do his hair.

She seems to be taking this too seriously.

He seems to be muttering about their to-do list for today and, boy, does it seem extensive…

answer 11, ask 11, tag 11

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ps. this is totally optional, do it if you want, don’t do it if you want. it’s up to you.

1. What’s the worst book you’ve ever read? 

hopeless by colleen hoover is absolute shit. the main girl, sky, is a pretentious, slut-shaming assface and her main love interest, holder (wtf even is his name), is an manipulative, violent stalker (basically the next-gen christian grey). the plot is basically sky and holder holding hands and frolicking through a flower meadow one second then threatening murder and giving each other black eyes the next. but guess what? it gets better. turns out, sky was sexually abused as a kid and having sex with holden, her boyfriend with really big muscles (she really emphasizes that throughout the book), magically "cured” her of her trauma (so, i guess all you need to fix all your problems is a controlling jerk who has really big muscles??)

2. If you could change your name, what name would you choose?

august. it just sounds cool, i think. 

3. Favorite animal?


4. What’s the last book you gave 5 stars?

the sky is everywhere by jandy nelson.

5. Dream career?

uhhh idk. i actually have no idea what i want to do with my life. i’m sort of just floating aimlessly in a void of existential crisis pondering about the fragility of a mortal life and how i’m probably going to end up working at mcdonalds bc i have no motivation at all. 

6. What language(s) do you want to learn?

japanese bc im anime trash and i like sushi

7. What crazy color would you dye your hair?

i dont think this counts as crazy but i think it would be cool to dye my hair turqiouse at the tips

8. The sun or the moon?


9. Do you believe in soulmates?

ahahaahhahahaha no. 

10. Favorite eye color?


11. Favorite Disney movie?

toy story 3

my questions:

1. what’s your hogwarts house? which house do you want to be in?

2. if you had to let one person look through everything on your phone/computer/ipad (whatever you keep the most stuff on) who would it be and why?

3. what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done today?

4. you are given one chance to redesign the world (you can change anything), what do you do?

5. do you believe in magic?

6. what’s the best thing you’ve done today?

7. kanye west or donald trump for president?

8. what’s the nicest thing you’ve done for someone?

9. who’s someone you envy and why?

10. what’s your favorite drink?

11. if i gave you the chance to be immortal, would you take it? why?


You know, women don’t riot.

I figured I would post this video I took from the Phoenix, AZ (September 10th, 2016) show because I haven’t seen it anywhere and it’s probably the best thing to happen to me during this entire show.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind